Saturday, January 20, 2018

Joshua 1:9

This was my bible verse that popped up on Instagram just before I went into surgery on Thursday. I think I will keep it for the week.....hmmm, maybe even for the next couple of months.

I am so blessed!

I have the very best family and the very best friends. Not to mention that I work for very considerate caring people. 

These beautiful flowers are from Tammy, Steve and family.

These tulips are from one of the families who I take care of their daughter. can sure tell that they are mother and daughter!

Grandson's team tied their game 1-1 this morning and it was end to end. Their goalie won player of the game. Miracle #3 and I watched from above as there wasn't a whole lot of seating at ice level. We had a gaggle of little girls with us, there were six little sisters of team players colouring and playing Lego with each other in the nice warm glassed in area. We could see really well from up there but we noticed when we cheered that we were very loud!  Lol.

We found a bear, which means we needed to take a picture!

Look at how nice it was at noon. The rain started soon thereafter. 

The second game was really good too, but it was another loss. The score was only 0-1 but Grandson was so disappointed in himself. He played so hard out there, and so did most of his teammates. As his Grandma, I just saw all of the positive aspects and I was thoroughly entertained! It was a really well run tournament....all of the boys and girls got black hoodies and the teams were given pizza at their dinner time games. I just love being a hockey Grandma! And on a side note, a lot of the hockey families brought their bathing suits today and made use of that spectacular pool in between games. Grandson, Sweetheart and Beauty were so happy!

Hockey tournament

Grandson is in a hockey tournament this weekend and we went out for dinner before his game. Thank-you to T and C for a wonderful dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory last night. I've been so spoiled with meals in the last few days....DIL had the most delicious shepherds pie, Caesar salad and apple crisp waiting for us on Thursday when we arrived home from the hospital, and a few friends have brought over things as well. I don't think we will have to cook all week. But I digress. 

Isn't this an amazing pool complex?  Beauty and I were wandering around the Sports and Leisure Center before her brother's game and we came upon this beautiful pool. She was so awestruck and the only way that I was able to pull her away was to tell her that we needed to go back and tell her Mommy about it. And she was so cute when she told me that her Mommy would say, "Wow Paige!"  She never stops talking and asking questions. Even at dinner she wanted to know who the creepy guy in the picture was on the wall.....and she made up a story about maybe that was Beast (didn't look one bit like him) and the stained glass windows and pictures all had roses on them so that meant that Belle and Beast had come to visit. She ate most of her chicken strips but I don't know how she really does when all she does is talk. 

There is this glassed in walkway to go watch swimming lessons at the pool. I'm sure that it is also used for swim meets too.

It was really hard to pull her away. She really enjoyed looking at all the pools and hot tubs. She asked a few questions but I think she might have even stopped talking for a couple of minutes while she took it all in.  

Grandson's team lost to Semiahmoo in the last two minutes of the game. It was tied 1-1 when the other team scored with 1:37 to go in the third period, but it should have been 2-2. Grandson scored in the second period and the referees didn't see it so it didn't count. Controversial goal, even when they are 9 and was a hard fought excellent game, that's the main thing. 

She's spends a lot of time at hockey games, still smiling at 8:40 pm!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Rainy Friday

Lukas was sick today (sore throat and didn't sleep all night) so he and Shelby didn't come to Daycare. And Hubby was in charge all day today anyway......even though I was home, I was taking it easy because I had surgery yesterday. I'm fine....and I am almost ready to share my experience....just not yet. I have had a lot of company today but in between all the people, I was able to enjoy my little ones.

He's almost three, and he makes me smile all day long. He was very attached to Hubby today and called him Uncle. 

These two played pretty good together but they had a few disagreements too.  It's almost easier to have more than two children when running a daycare. 

I love their matching outfits. They tell me that they are from Nana and Papa....and I think that they have very good taste when it comes to dressing our blessings. 

Finn needed to come and get his picture taken too!


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