Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Cooperating Children

Music Class went extremely well today. Everyone cooperated and everyone had fun. It's been months since this has happened and I think that I was the happiest of all!

This is my little group who I take to Music every Tuesday morning. Aren't they sweet?

Shelby just learned how to walk a couple of weeks ago. She's 17 months old and no one is as pleased as me that I don't have to carry or hold her during the entire class any more. 

This is an action song and they they are giving themselves a hug. Well, some of them are, and some of them are a beat behind their instructions. And Shelby is walking all over. Just because she can. 

"And curl up like a ladybug....."

"Touch your ears and touch your nose......" I was so proud of these guys today!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Team of the week

Grandson and his baseball team are in their end of season tournament, and have won their first two games. They got chocolate bars yesterday from the local Hyundai dealership because they were also one of the teams of the week. Their coach also received Coach of the Year in the Mosquito division.....so it was a pretty great day for this team!  They had also just had an intense game in the blazing heat where they beat the other team 13-12. They went into the last inning leading 12-5.....and it was very exciting!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Closing Day, continued......

We went back to the sports field for Pretty Girl's game at 1 o'clock.  The day started out warm and just got hotter as the day progressed. I managed to use sunscreen but I forgot to do my neck. I may or may not be a little bit pink. Oops. 

Pretty Girl played 1st base in her first inning too!

And she hit the ball way out to center field. It was awesome!

The team started out with two boys on it....but one stopped coming about half way through the season. They all had a fun game this afternoon.  

Pretty Girl is Number 10......here is the team waiting to receive their medals. 

Team picture. There were a bunch of happy kids on their last day of the season. 

Showing me her medal!

And with her favourite coach!  Great job DIL and the Heat!

Closing Day

It's Closing Day for softball today and we started it out with a 9 am game for Sweetheart. She had a super game, where she fielded well and hit well. It's always so bittersweet when the season ends because all of the girls play their hearts out. And they have come so far in just a few short months. 

She played first base for the first inning. 

And if you look really close you can see the ball that she hit between her and the pitcher. I love the look on her face....

The sun was in a bad spot when they were handing out medals. But you can see the fun bouncy castle in the background!

Waiting for their medals. Sweetheart is wearing Number 5. 

Another softball season has come to an end. Way to go Batgirls!

She's so proud to get a medal!

Her Daddy was one of her coaches!

Friday, June 15, 2018

At the park

We went to the playground this morning and we were inundated by 20 small children who had come to play from the school daycare. Sweet Pea didn't mind one bit and just kept on playing while my other little ones were overwhelmed. So we headed off to play in the "forest", which is where we always end up on most days anyway.

We go to the playground a lot......if the weather is nice, we have been walking to the school or a neighborhood park. The children love it, but a good old fashioned stump is a lot of fun too. 

My little poser is way too cute. She insisted that I take her picture!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

So cute!

We took Sweetheart to her track and field practice tonight......she has been going since the middle of May and is really enjoying herself. But like her Daddy says, "What kid doesn't like running, jumping and throwing things?" Lol. 

She has softball on Mondays and Wednesdays and she has Track on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She's still dancing on Tuesdays too, so she's a very busy girl!

When we arrived at the track she headed off into stations for the hour. I liked that she wore her hoodie over her track t-shirt because she was easy to see. 

Listening to her coach. Yes, she seems to really enjoy the social time, but she really pays attention too. 

I loved this station. Their coach took them for a little run around the park. Hubby and I were marveling at how well used all the fields were tonight. There was a baseball game at one field while a practice was going on at another. There was a soccer practice, a cheerleading practice and box lacrosse practices being held while the entire track was being used by the Track and Field club; and a dozen or more walkers and runners. Lots of dog walkers too. It was a happening place on a Thursday evening!

Look at how Sweetheart is concentrating on running. She's so precious. 

This was fun to watch, just because it was almost at the end and she was so focused. 

Coach said 'high knees' and she definitely had high knees.  I think that she did really well!