Sunday, April 22, 2018

The cast

I already know that lots more pictures will appear on Facebook in the next week, but here is the one that showed up last night. The costumes and the talent are truly amazing, and we all enjoyed ourselves so much! Pretty Girl is in the second row on the far left.....she was so happy and proud!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Show time!

Pretty Girl was in Seussical the Musical tonight. 

She was absolutely perfect. 

She loves to pose. 

And she was so excited to perform!

She was part of the jungle ensemble and she has such stage presence!

She's a beautiful little girl who has a passion for musical theatre!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

This is funny!

We've had some okay days, but it is still pretty cold and rainy. Baseball/softball began at the beginning of the month and Pretty Girl has been rained out of every single game. I know that April showers bring May flowers, but this is getting a bit ridiculous. 

Friday, April 6, 2018

It's Spring!

Two little cousins found a yard full of dandelions to pick this afternoon. Simple pleasures.....and I guess that means it's officially warm enough to be called Spring. 

I always forget how much enjoyment that children get by picking weeds off of a lawn. Look at how engrossed these two are!

Sweetheart decided that she needed to join in as well.  And there were lots to go around!

It kept them very busy and very pleased with themselves. It really doesn't take much to keep children happy.  

They gave me lots of flowers to take home.  But first they needed to show them off. Do note the dandelion behind Sweetheart's right's just the way that she thinks. 

We came to our neighborhood and picked up petals off of the sidewalk. 

I love this tree that grows across the street from our house. 

Posing!  Oh, how they make my heart smile!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Like a play-off game!

When I was invited to go to tonight's hockey game a few weeks ago, I had no idea that the Sedin twins were going to retire and this would be their last game ever at Rogers Arena. No one knew, because they announced it on Monday morning. 

We sat in club was pretty awesome!  I had never sat in club seats for a hockey game, so that was a treat all by itself.  And the fact that we were given the tickets and the whole evening cost me $15 for parking was pretty amazing too!

Daniel who is #22 scored the tying goal in the 2nd period at 33 seconds. His brother Henrik is #33, and he assisted with #23.  Daniel also scored the winning goal at 2:33 of overtime, again assisted by #23 and #33.  These two goals that he scored tonight were his 22nd and 23rd goals of the season. I find numbers fascinating and no, I don't believe in numerology, but this was kind of cool. The Arizona Coyotes stayed to shake hands with the twins before exiting the ice, and that was pretty cool too!

The Sedin twins are a class act. They have been in the league for 17 years, so I have watched them a lot over the years. This game felt like a play-off game....the crowd was super pumped up and there was lots of standing and cheering.  

The twins made several skates around the ice to salute their fans. Not gonna lie, Vancouver is really going to miss them!

It was so much fun!  Corinna even took a couple of selfies, which I really don't like, but I love the memory. We had the most amazing evening out!


This little girl entertained herself for over an hour last night at her sister's ball game. She started out with an umbrella, mittens and a hat, but she ended up without any of them. She was just so happy....and it was very wet and very cold.  She collected leaves, dug in the dirt with a stick and found an ugly bug/grub to watch. She makes me smile!

Happy Birthday