Thursday, August 17, 2017


The blackberries are ripe and these two boys decided we needed to pick some when we were outside this morning. They are both rather picky when it comes to eating, so blackberries for a morning snack was a great idea!

We stayed indoors while Aubrie had her usual 3 hour nap, and Jeffrey was very patient. All he wanted to do when everyone was sleeping was go back outside and ride his bike. So when we finally got back out just after 3 o'clock, he was very happy. Who thinks that it's funny that I used to care for these guys Moms when they were little?! History definitely has a way of repeating itself. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Back at the water park

Well, that was a fun way to spend four and a half hours. And we probably could have stayed longer if we didn't decide that Shay needed to go home for a nap, and we were running out of food. Ever since we've been home just before 3 o'clock I keep offering everybody snacks, but they keep declining.  I figured they would be hungry, but they all munched on pretzels all the way back, so maybe they weren't as hungry as I thought they would be. 

My niece met me and all the friends enjoyed playing with one another. 

These two are best friends. And as they sat there on their towels playing with a few water balloons in a bucket, I thought that they are looking very grown up. 

Isaac appreciated all the snacks. All I packed were banana muffins, yogurt, veggie chips and pretzels but it certainly kept everyone happy while we were out.

Jade is very bendy. She was doing cartwheels and Fara was trying very hard to copy her. It didn't take long before Jade was doing cartwheels and Fara lost interest. Lol. 

Hmmm. Jade is going to 8 next week and Mila was 5 in February. One girl is very tall for her age!

Save on Foods came by and handed out free ice cream to the kids and water to the adults. This happened a few weeks ago too, at a different park. We felt very lucky!

The sun finally arrived after noon, but it still wasn't very crowded. We all had a splendid time at the water park!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Two-two year olds

It's a quiet day at Daycare today and we met friends at the park this morning. And now I have two little boys who are fast asleep. They played in the sand for most of their morning and came home very dirty, which means they had a lot of fun!

We haven't been to this particular park all Summer and they loved their time there. 

This particular two year old fell asleep in the van just before noon and is still sound asleep. He transferred into his bed really well, and as much as I wanted to wash him before I put him down, I resisted the urge and let him sleep. He sure loves the sand!

Happy little two year old!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Good to be back

My staycation was fun, but I was happy to be back at work this morning. I like normalcy, I like routine and I really missed my kids. 

Miracle #3 has headed off camping this week with her family.  Miracle #2 was camping with his family last week near Whistler. I feel badly for anyone who was camping last week because of all the smoke in the air as it's as clear as can be this week. Although I cannot guarantee that there is no smoke where #2 has headed, it's a lot cooler and they are all going to have fun. 

Jade is with me this week because #3 is away and I already don't want to give her back. She is so helpful and agreeable.  And she absolutely LOVES the little ones. She is so excited because #3 is getting 3 new babies in the next few months because some of her older ones are leaving. I'm getting Preston's little sister in a couple of months too, as she is almost one. Gosh, that year went by fast! 

She wanted to give Aubrie her bottle and Aubrie was more than happy to let her. She's looking a little bit tired and went to bed right after this and slept for just over three hours. Thanks Jade!

And she was more than happy to read to the two year olds while I was cleaning up the lunch dishes too. I have an extra two year old and an extra four year old for five days this month because their grandparents who usually take care of them have gone on a holiday to Ontario. Preston doesn't look too happy, but he knew it was soon to be naptime and I think he was anticipating. He doesn't really like to go for a nap right now, but he needs the quiet time even if he doesn't sleep. He needed to sleep today, even if it was for only an hour as he was up at 4:30 am. 

She's reading Pete the Cat while Russell is pretending to read The Pout Pout Fish. These are two very favourite stories at this house!

Sweet little Aubrie is 15 months already.  She only comes one day a week...although this week it is two days.....and she is such a serious little girl. 

And she is so mellow and so content. 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Engagement party

Our niece got engaged last month and her friends had a party for her and her fiancĂ© today. It was a surprise party, and they got her good. They were both very surprised. 

She adores Harry Potter and so that was the theme. I remember seeing a couple of the movies years ago, and I have also read all of the books. I would have to re-read them to remember all the props in this cute little photo-op. But the brick wall, the shopping cart, the owl and the 9 3/4 are all relevant to the Harry Potter theme.  

They got engaged at Universal Studios on the 17th of July. In front of the Harry Potter ride. She was extremely shocked and they have it all on video because they were with his family. 

Beautiful ring! We are all looking forward to celebrating in 2019!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Some more pictures

It's been a very lazy day. I had my hair cut and coloured at 9, came home and went to the Farmers Market and to the grocery store. Our cupboards were bare and after a week of not cooking, it was time to replenish the food. We had lunch and then went and did a couple of errands. Hubby picked up Vietnamese food for dinner and I went to church while he he stayed home and did some yard work. I'm tired, but I'm sure that it is probably the medication that is helping with that. 

Here are some more fun pictures from our outing on Wednesday.  

Yes, there really were other children here, but you would never know it from any of the photos. 

They were both in awe when they first arrived. They didn't know where do go first. 

She was a happy little grocery shopper. 

So was she!

Playing and pretending.  They both do it very well.....they have great imaginations. 

In the ice cream parlour. Making ice cream cones to sell and to eat.

She loved this tv camera. It's cute that she was trying to see her sister who was pretending to be a newscaster. 

Sharing a news story with her viewers. Actually, she was looking at herself in one of the screens. They all love to watch themselves on tv!

From the other day

The last two days have been rather mundane. I woke up with a toothache yesterday and ended up going to the dentist because it hurt so badly. I've never had a toothache before and it was throbbing.  Turns out that it was abscessed and I need a root canal. I was prescribed Amoxicillin which I have been taking for just over 24 hours. It's helping but it still really hurts, so I'm not talking very much and not eating a whole lot either. We've gotten a few chores done and I had my hair cut this morning so I'm still keeping busy. The smoke gave way to some blue sky and clouds this morning and I never thought I would be so excited to see the mountains. It's still a bit smokey, but it looks and feels sooooooo much nicer.

I have been spending a fair bit of time on my iPad and was looking at pictures of our fun days with the blessings. Here are a few more from Kidtropolis.......we sure enjoyed our day. 

This is in the Veterinarian's office. 

They both went into the Doctor's office and headed in different directions. 

I love watching her play. She's always thinking.....always talking. 

They went into the post office and sorted mail. 

But Baby went back to the Doctor's office.

And she played with the computer at Boston Pizza.  

They loved making pizza in the big open oven.  Which is exactly how pizza is supposed to be made!

I sat at this little table for quite awhile and she made me several pizzas. Don't you love how her utensils all made it onto the pizza too? And her funny little three year old smile is so cute!  Her t-shirt says that she is little but fierce....which is a very true statement. 

It wasn't very crowded, which made it even more fun. The blessings could do whatever they wanted for however long they wanted. I have a lot more pictures from our day.......I may need to make another blogpost later.