Thursday, May 17, 2018

Our morning walk

It was a lovely morning for a little walk down to the end of the road to visit with the miniature horses. They haven't been out all Winter so it was a nice treat to see all seven of them.  The children were very impressed. 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy 7th Birthday!

Sweetheart is 7 years old today. She had to share her day with all of the moms this year as it is also Mother's Day!

She is growing up before our very eyes, and still loves to wear dresses. She is 50 inches tall and weighs 55 pounds. She fits a perfect Size 7 in clothing and measures Size 2 in shoes.  

She loved having candles in her ice cream tonight......although she kept telling me all evening that she isn't 7 until 9:38, because that's when she was born. She's very precise, has an amazing sense of humour and is quite witty.  I love how confident that she is, and doesn't really care what other people think.

All she kept requesting for her birthday whenever I asked was "Science" and "Dresses".  She was totally into her new science kit and especially loved the goggles and the gloves. 

She was a "Science Queen." I love her to the moon and back again!

Mother's Day

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Busy boy

Grandson started his day at a District Track Meet at 9 o'clock this morning. His first event was shot put, and then he ran hurdles. He did really well in both, coming in 4th and 3rd respectively. 

He was most concerned about the 600 meter race and he gave it his all, coming in 5th. This was his very first time competing and he was really fun to watch!

He had a 1 o'clock baseball game and his team won the gold medal. It was a beautiful afternoon to watch a ball game!

Thursday, May 10, 2018


The first day of baseball was on the 7th of April, and so Grandson is already half-way through his season. He and his team are playing in a local tournament this week, and he's always fun to watch. 

He's playing in Mosquito level this year so it's real pitching and base stealing. Makes it very entertaining.  He pitched two excellent innings and won MVP tonight.  He got a couple of good hits too, which got him to first base each time. 

He is a really good little ball player, and you can tell how much he loves to play. He's way too hard on himself, but that's his competitive side coming out. He's hit a couple of stand up doubles in some games, but he also walks and strikes out. He hits it more times than not though.
It was Coach Ryan's birthday today so there were cupcakes and goodies to be shared. Sweetheart and Beauty were very impressed with their chocolate cupcakes as the team gave one last cheer. 

I love how the little girls were joining in the fun after tonight's 6-5 win. Their brother is very patient with them. He always is. 

We all had lots of fun at the ball field tonight! And now they are in the finals on Saturday.  Yay Athletics!

Monday, May 7, 2018


Monday, April 30, 2018

Happy 8th Birthday!

Pretty Girl turned 8 years old today. She played softball tonight and we went to watch her play. She loves playing ball!

It was a Pro-D day today and she told me that she went to Guildford to go shopping.....and she had a wonderful day! Her favourite store is Justice and she got lots of new clothes. Sigh....she's growing up so fast! We just love her to the moon and back again!

Auntie Pat hosted a party last weekend for the two birthday girls. Gracie and Ella's birthdays are only five days apart. 

We walked down the road to visit the horses who live there. 

And the girls all enjoyed making s'mores after hot dogs and cake.