Monday, March 19, 2018

Sleeping over

Sweetheart decided that we needed to have a sleepover tonight. After all, she's Spring Break. And so we did. Aren't they ever so precious?  I find it interesting to see which bed or beds they choose to sleep in. Usually it's a fight for the big bed, but not tonight. Beauty decided that she and I were sleeping in the little bed in the Lego room and her sister was in with the Polly Pockets. Sweetheart was more than happy to oblige and they have both been sound asleep since 8:30. 

Only one more day

Officially, it's only one more day of Winter!  Yay!  Realistically, there are sure to be some more cool and rainy days, but the worst is definitely behind us. My favourite season of the year is on its way and no one is happier than me about it. I hate Winter! And I know some are worse than others......this one has been not too bad and not too cold. Still didn't like it. And the first week of Spring Break wasn't too bad either, so I really need to stop griping. This weeks forecast doesn't look as good as last weeks, but that seems to change daily. Almost hourly.  

Sunday, March 18, 2018


Even though I don't like it when the time changes, I will admit that I am enjoying that the sun doesn't go down until 7:20 pm. It gives me more time to read....the natural light makes my eyes happy. I read another book this week that #3 lent me last weekend. I thought I might have time at Harrison, but we were way too busy to sit and relax. Even though I can honestly say that I felt relaxed while we were there, there just wasn't a lot of quiet time. There's been lots of time since we've been home though, and now I have started another one. 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Friday, March 16, 2018

Family time

Miracle #3 and SIL took a mid-week day off of work and headed to Science World on Wednesday. #3 emailed me a few pictures yesterday so that I could share. 

It was Beauty's first time there and she had a wonderful time. They all did....Science World is always so fun!

They are waiting for the Omnimax, and then they are lifting up a hippo. 

The second picture is taken at the new Wonder exhibit which is geared for 0-5 year olds. I haven't been to Science World for a decade or was always great when I went so many years ago, and it just gets better with each year that goes by. The blessings really liked the Ripleys Believe it or Not exhibit that is there right now. 

Looking pretty happy!

Thursday, March 15, 2018


These two sweet little toddlers are growing and changing every day. Now that they have been fairly healthy for the last couple of weeks it's fun to see their little personalities emerge. I could do without the foot stomping and the high pitched screams, but until they can talk and communicate a little better, it's very effective. 

I would have told you a month ago that Everly was the more easy-going of the two of them. Not so much any more. Shelby is way more complacent and very tolerant of letting her friend have it her way. 

The wagon was a very big hit today. Especially when I showed them that the door opens and closes. They would have been happy all afternoon getting in and out. In and out. In and out. 

Until I showed them that this little car does exactly the same thing. In she went and out she went. And when she was in it, then she would propel herself backwards using her feet. 

Everly can walk whereas Shelby can't. So as Everly was walking around the cul-de-sac, Shelby was quite happy to have a turn with the little car. She managed to back herself into a corner and was quite okay to just sit and watch the world go by. 

Gym time

We headed to the gym today because the church is closed on Mondays. The preschool teachers always let us in and they are on Spring Break, so we rescheduled for today.  Even though the sun is back, it was pretty cold at 9:30 so it was fun to have the nice warm gym to play in.

The sisters and brothers were happy that their siblings could join us. As usual, an hour flies by. 

Miracle #3 put in a lot of steps in this morning.  The children love getting pulled around on the scooters. First there was four children, and then there were five children. 

And at the very end, she was pulling seven children around and around the gym. This was while she was holding a toddler on her hip because little miss Sadie was having a major meltdown because she wanted up. 

It's been pretty quiet since we came home. Both #3 and I walked to the church this morning and the fresh air is wonderful. I fed two toddlers lunch while making lunch for the other three and I now have three out of five children sound asleep. Preston is resting on the couch while Sweet Pea plays dolls beside me and I need to go and get the kitchen cleaned up before every wakes up. Lukas brought his new bike today and he went to sleep with the promise that we would go outside after nap time. So far, Spring Break has been pretty good as far as the weather goes. I am thankful.