Saturday, February 17, 2018

Positive Thoughts

It's been a wonderful Friday evening and Saturday so far. Hubby and I joined some very old (literally and figuratively) friends from the late 80's and most of the 90's at the Legion last night. Now just going into the Legion makes us old....especially because everyone in there is at least 60+.  I am quite sure that I was the youngest person in the room and probably one of about five of us who were not retired. We met my old Cub and Scout leaders there which we have been doing for the past fifteen or more years. We haven't always met at the Legion, but the last three or four years have been there. I'm sure it's because someone has a membership now that we/they are all old enough. But it was the third Friday in February which is officially Thinking Day in Scouting.....which is our annual Friday evening that we come together and share memories......but mostly we eat, drink and be merry. Hubby used to stay home, but it's been a couples night for awhile now and he always enjoys seeing all the friends as much as I do. We all spent an incredible lot of time together when our boys were Beavers, Cubs and Scouts and we all hold special places in our hearts for each other. The group is getting smaller and smaller.....which is really sad because most of the friends have passed away.....a few have moved away, but the majority have died. And our memories are just nearer and dearer. Yes, they really were "the good old days."  

I was up early this morning and managed to pick up all the toys and get a bit of paperwork done before Hubby arose around 8:30. It snowed/slushed during the night and it was dark and dismal for most of the morning.....but we managed to get some laundry done and some household chores complete before heading out to the bank and Costco. I feel bad for Grandson who had a lacrosse practice from 10 to 11 because it was so cold and wet, but then the sun has arrived and stuck around for most of the day. Hubby and I picked up Tim Hortons new turkey clubs for lunch (he had heard from his work friends that they are real turkey breast and they were right) and then we came home and watched a PVR'd TV movie from last week. We have caught up on all of our Valentine's Day movies but we still have 6 Christmas movies that I refuse to delete.  We both really like romantic comedies....they entertain us. And one day there will be nothing on, (which is pretty much every weekend) and we will have something on reserve. 

It's almost time for me to put the stuffed peppers into the oven that we picked up at Costco and go to Grandson's hockey game, so I will leave everyone with all this positivity on this sunny cold Saturday afternoon.  

I love her!

Beauty and I were having a conversation a few weeks ago. We were walking back to my van after we had dropped Mason, Grandson, Sweetheart and Taylor off at school and we were heading to our Monday morning Gym Time. It kind of went like this:

Me: Everyone is going to work. Does your Mommy work?
Beauty: Yes
Me: What does Mommy do?
Beauty: She fixes tables
Me: Really? Does Daddy work?
Beauty: Yes, he helps Mommy fix tables
I was giggling at this point.....and I asked her: Are you sure?  Doesn't Daddy leave every day and go to work?
Beauty: No, he stays home with Mommy and helps Mommy fix tables.

By this time we had gotten to the van and she was getting into her car seat and the conversation was pretty much done. I thought it was very interesting that she didn't think her Daddy left the house to go to work. He does. She's usually awake every morning when he leaves around 7 but he comes home for lunch every day. So in her way of thinking, he's there. And he's there to sometimes pick her up or even drop her off at I really love that she thinks he helps Mommy fix tables for a living.

I asked #3 about that and she really had to think about it, but she says that just after Christmas they were making the dining room table smaller and she asked SIL to come and help her. So there you have it. Out of the mouths of babes.

She is three years and seven months old. She weighs 35 pounds and is 39 and a half inches tall. She wears Size 4 in clothes and fits Size 10 in shoes. She measures a Size 11 but because her feet are so skinny, she needs a Size 10. I have started to buy her Size 5 in clothes but she is swimming in them.....even though I know she's going to grow. One day. She still fits a lot of Size 3's. I say that she is itty bitty but she really isn' a matter of fact most people think she is quite tall, but to me she's itty truth, she is very average in size.  

She dressed herself yesterday and had no idea that it was Chinese New Years. I love how independent and determined that she is. She's very strong-willed and has the most compassionate and caring heart. She's also very affectionate and gives it her all when she hugs. She's learned to love going to pre-school and is a little sponge. She has known her colours since she was a toddler and is just starting to be very interested in her letters. She especially loves the letter P and can print it quite legibly. She sings me songs that she learns and tells me that she doesn't cry any more when she gets dropped off at school. She speaks about Olivia more than anyone else.

I think that she is the most un-oriental looking of any of our granddaughters. She has light brown hair and the biggest medium brown eyes. And I think it's great that she fits this little dress that used to be Jade's. She has decided that she likes her hair to be braided every day. When I called them her Elsa braids she immediately corrected me and told me that they were Anna braids. Yes, that is my girl...every other little girls wants to be like Elsa, but she chooses Anna. Always one to not be like anyone else. I just love her to the moon and back again!

Sweet little booty. With Anna braids. 

When I was sleeping

Canada won two more medals on Day 8 of the Winter Olympics. We are now half-way through and we are on pace to break our medal count of 25 in Sochi in 2014. Yay Canada!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Afternoon at the park

The only way that I could convince Beauty that we had to leave the indoor playground this morning was to promise her that we could go to the outdoor playground later in the day. She insisted that we needed to go and get her sister after we picked up Sweet Pea's sister from school. We had the extra seatbelt because Lukas was still sick so I was happy to accommodate.  

The cousins and sisters had lots of fun together. They loved swinging on the swings together while Sweet Pea and Finn explored, and Shelby sat in the stroller so she she drink her bottle.

Pretty Girl is growing up way too fast....they all are, but I have really noticed my eldest granddaughter maturing at an alarming rate. She is very helpful and thoughtful, and was very happy to push her cousin on the swing. 

Shelby would sit in the swing but she did not like it one bit when I tried to make her go back and forth. 

See?  She was none too pleased. But if I stopped it, she would stop crying immediately. Funny little 13 month old. Watch, in a few months she will probably love it, but she sure didn't enjoy it today. 

They all enjoyed their time together a lot. Can you see the five little children playing? Shelby was with me in the stroller as she loves the stroller. I often wonder when she will walk but it sure doesn't look like it will be very soon. She has zero interest. 

Those clouds look very ominous  but they didn't rain on us at all. It was a bit chilly but oh so fun!

Finn and all of my granddaughters....they are all so precious. 

Hugs and high fives

We spent a little bit of our morning at the indoor playground that we affectionately call 'the germ factory.'  It was very crowded with lots of noisy boys and we really didn't stay too long. 

We were there long enough to have a snack and some play time before coming home and washing our hands with lots of soap and water. None of these guys put their fingers in their mouths.....and they are getting they don't seem to get absolutely everything that's out there any more. I hope I don't jinx it by making a comment. 

Sweet Pea loves the feel of Beauty's shiny dress. She's so funny!  And Beauty was very tolerant of being touched....but she did tell her to stop after the third or fourth time. It was a hand-me-down from Jade and I just love it! She got a couple of comments from people at McDonald's this morning. She's probably the most un-Asian looking child but in all's only 12.5%.

I love these sweet little the moon and back again!

Gong Xi Fat Cai

Today is Chinese New Year's.  It's a different day every year and other than saying Gong Hay Fat Choy to the children and explaining a little bit about being Chinese, we don't do much. I have made Chinese food and given out loonies in red envelopes in previous years but not every year. I couldn't find red envelopes this year.....not that I tried really the children received chocolate coins in their treat bags yesterday.  We never acknowledged the day when I was young but my Dad did give out a few red envelopes to my miracles a long time ago. He explained that red envelopes are given to the unmarried and when he was a boy he received lots of red envelopes, usually filled with $2 bills and sometimes $50 bills because red is a lucky colour. The Chinese have a lot of superstitions and good luck/bad luck traditions and it sounds like it was better than Christmas if you were living in the Chinese community. Jade brought me a red envelope with a toonie in it and we chatted a little bit about her Chinese customs because she is half-Chinese like me. Sounds like they don't do too much either to celebrate.  But like all cultures, it's fun to educate and remember.....I only have 4 children attending Daycare today and we will continue where we left off yesterday. Gong Xi Fat Cai!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

National Flag Day

Today is National Flag Day of Canada. Yes, it really is....and because the Winter Olympics are underway in Korea, we have seen our flag a lot lately. It always makes me smile and beam with pride when an athlete wins a medal and our flag is raised. 

"Our flag is respected around the world as a symbol of freedom, democracy and tolerance.  It also represents strength, determination and resilience."

I am so proud to be Canadian. I think that SIL says it best when he tells his children that they won the lottery.....because we live in Canada!  It's so true.