Thursday, October 19, 2017

The baby

Sweet Pea really likes our baby who has been hanging out for the past week and a bit.  It took a couple of days to get into our groove, but she's a very complacent baby. 

I always forget how much babies sleep.  And this baby slept two or three times a day. It's always 3-4 hours in the day, and it just depended on how long her naps were each time is what dictated how many times she slept. If she slept for one hour at a time, it was a three nap day. If she slept for a two hour stretch, then it was a two nap day. 

Every day was different, depending on her schedule. And now her Grandma is home from her cruise, so she is back to two days a week as long as I can get another temporary placement. Because my new licensing officer had never met me or been to my house, she would only grant me a two week placement.  She asked me to re-apply once I had finished two weeks, just to see how well she fit in. She fit in just fine, so now it's back to doing more paperwork. My favourite!  Not!

Shelby was done with pictures, but it's so sweet of Sweet Pea!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The pumpkin patch

After we visited with chickens, played in the sand and ventured into a couple of mazes yesterday, we finally made it to the pumpkin patch. Which really is just a whole bunch of pumpkins lying in a field. We got there just as one school field trip was leaving and just before another was arriving. It was perfect timing, as we had the whole field to ourselves. 

Sweet Pea loved the little plastic house.

The slide was a little bit wet so she came back down the steps. 

She really enjoyed playing on the tractor. 

So did Finn!

They played and used their imaginations.

The breeze makes it look like they were actually moving.

I loved how she thought it was important to pretend to press the gas pedals so that she could pretend to move. 

These two little children had a marvelous morning out. I even bought them hotdogs for lunch because I knew that Finn needed to go home and have a nap, but we were having so much fun that none of us wanted to leave. 

We stopped on the way out so we could have one more peek at the chickens. We really appreciated the was even warm. 


I love this little nursery that is just across the river from me. The best part is all of the free activities.  We left with a few little gourds for the children to play with, but that's because the $5 hayride can be credited towards anything in the store. They are both 3-and-under, so it was only my hayride that cost any money. But then again, not really. 

Sweet Pea really enjoyed playing in the hay maze. 

"C'mon Grandma, follow me."

And then she followed Finn.

This was a favourite place for Finn.  They both really liked it but he actually had to be coaxed to go outside to check out the other activities. Sweet Pea was excited to go find more fun activities whereas he was being a typical two year old boy who wanted to dig in the sand. 

We found a "cedar maze."

It was a bit muddy but we were all wearing our rubber boots. 

I love her determined little face.

We wandered around in here for 15 minutes or more. They never did find the exit, but it was lots of fun trying. We eventually went out the entrance and headed over to play in the pumpkin patch. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Morning out

We went to Port Kells Nursery this morning. 

We were very spontaneous as it was pouring when went into Music Class, and it had stopped by the time we came out. Lukas and Preston were sick, and all I had were two children so we headed across the bridge. Sweet Pea loved the chickens!

She kept saying, "Hello Chickaletta!" She's from the Paw Patrol show if anyone is wondering. 

Finn was much more apprehensive. He liked them but was more cautious. 

See how she gets right down as close as she can, while he is a couple of steps back. She would have stayed there all morning. 

Looking and talking to the chickens. It doesn't really take much to entertain a two and a three year old. 

The chickens kept coming over and listening to Sweet Pea. I think that they liked her as much as she liked them!


Disneyland pics

Three weeks ago today, we were at Disneyland.  It was so hot!  I just got back from taking Mason to school and it's raining so hard sideways that we are all soaking wet. The wind blew Sweet Pea and Finn over because they were both carrying umbrellas. I miss the sunshine. And Hubby says he didn't think he would ever say it, but he misses the heat. The heat felt better on his back. 

Toontown with Baby on our first day at Disneyland. We were exploring and actually looking for shade. That's how hot it was!

SIL took some selfies on Splashdown Mountain. Grandson said that this was his favourite ride. 

He still didn't even know what was coming as this was at the very beginning. It really is a fun ride!  Especially in the sunshine. 

Here's the best part of the entire ride.....and as you can see, we all had an amazing time!

Jungle cruise!  The little girls loved it!

Monday, October 16, 2017

A few weeks ago

Our California vacation is becoming a distant memory so it was nice to go over to #3's house this morning and look at some pictures that SIL took. I only had Finn this morning so he enjoyed his social time. And I enjoyed my visit with #3.......I know that I see her all the time but we really don't have a lot of chances to actually talk. Always so many was so nice as we were able to have a conversation. 

Sweetheart and Grandson were very excited to go an airplane.  It's been almost 5 years for both of them, and they don't really remember.  It was a very uneventful flight.....which is the best kind!

Here's Baby being Baby. She was excited too but there was no way she was going to let anyone know. In all fairness, it really was naptime.......and of course, she didn't nap. 

It was so fun to experience the blessings first sight of Downtown Disney and the Lego store. They really were so excited and happy!

Everything is so much bigger in the States. I know we have a Lego store at Guildford, but it really does pale in comparison. Hubby and I were there on Friday night and I really was surprised at how much smaller it was. Didn't really think so until I had the two to actually compare. 

Sweetheart was so excited to find all of the Lego friends. These were all outside the store, we hadn't even made it in as we were on our way to California Adventure on the first day. 

We all loved Carsland.  It was my very favourite part of the whole park. 

The weekend

Well, that weekend went by incredibly fast!  They usually do, but this last one just seems to have gone by faster than others.  We went out for dinner and shopping on Friday night with Miracle #4. We went to one of our favourite toy stores and he was impressed.  He even sat down with a couple of Star Wars characters so I could take his picture.