Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hot Date~Hot Days

So we did it again......and it sounds like we will do it again and again. Hubby and I decided that it was well worth the health benefits to go back and have a infrared sauna. It's going to be our regular date, once a week for the next 9 weeks. Kinda fun, rather amusing as it is something new to look forward to......we always lose pounds every time we go and it is a really easy way to let them melt away......and they literally melt, I can see them!

It's been very hot the last couple of days. The children aren't sleeping very well, according to their parents. They sure sleep well when they are here, I have to wake them all up as they would sleep the whole afternoon away if I let them. Today we had 3 awake and 3 asleep, and those 3 awake waited very impatiently to go outside and play with our new parachute this afternoon. They played all morning at the park, but they still wanted to go right back out, as soon as lunch was done, and quiet time was done. We did, but not without waking all the little guys up at 3:30.

Went back to the States yesterday. This one day off a week has become way too much fun. Started the morning visiting a friend and bringing her some tea, then I had breakfast with another friend at a great new health food bar in town, went to my chiro appt and then off to Bellingham with friends and Miracle #4. We were headed down to get some Ariel bedding for 3 year old O, and after finding everything we needed in the very first store, we probably could have headed home. But no, that wouldn't have been much fun at all.......and we all know that days off are all about the fun. Everyone got new shoes, (OK, mine were really just flip-flops) we had some lunch, and had a great time in Target, Kohl's, and Wal-mart. Now we all just want to go back, because 6 hours flew by way too quickly. We stopped at Costco on the way home, came home to my freezing air-conditioned house, watched the end of the hockey game, did a few chores and fell into bed by 10. I even slept 5 hours, which for me is a feat all in itself. Maybe I should go to the States every day.........

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Reminiscing, reflection and rainbows

So as usual, it has been a wonderful couple of days. The children and I always have such fun together......yesterday was Gymnastics and today was Music. We've clapped and jumped and sang and danced, but of course the children always have more wiggles in them. I do too, that's why we all relate so well.

I have also spent some time with friends and family. Last night, Miracle #1 cooked a fabulous dinner for all of us in her great house-sitting house in Langley. Marinated salmon, potatoes and carrots in parmesan, garlic and basil; steamed asparagus, and spinach waldorf salad. She topped us off with a dessert of lemon cheesecake and we were all suitably impressed. We watched a bit of the Detroit/Anaheim game and now I have decided that I really need HDtv and a big screen. Hockey will never be the same on our 'little' 36" flatscreen. We also watched a cd display of Miracle #3's trip to Vegas and a wonderful time was had by all. Weddings are so beautiful!! And they all looked sooooo hot, in more ways than one.

After reflecting on the last few days and reliving the moments every chance that I get, I am reminded so often of how blessed that I am. I have so much going on in my life and am so thankful for all the people, and the children, and especially our children, and my husband. "Our God is an awesome God" keeps replaying over and over in my head and I am reminded of a very special outing last May when I was blessed to go and see Maya Angelou at The Orpheum. She is truly an inspiration, and is a very phenomenal woman. She talked about rainbows, and how the people in our lives are our rainbows in our clouds, they give us hope. God talks of rainbows in the book of Genesis, and he gave Noah a rainbow to give him hope. And that is why, to this day, there are rainbows to remind us of hope and promise. I love rainbows and all of my people in my life who are my rainbows. Thank-you to all of you, for being the rainbows in my clouds........

Monday, May 28, 2007


Majesty, Worship His Majesty........And we did it well!! Burnett Fellowship is 70 years old and last night they had a party like no other. We listened to the stories from one charter member who was actually a part of the history in 1937. There was a fabulous skit by Judy D and Pastor Paul. Oh, how we laughed!! Every decade was represented by a person who lived in the 30's through to the present. We sang songs that represented every era of music, which was absolutely spectacular. Hubby, Miracle #2 and I were loving all the music as it brought back such memories. The hymns, the gospel, the rock and roll, and right up to the praise and worship of this decade, we were rockin' to the beat. We even did the actions, and to this little Baptist girl brought up in the 60's, that is a rarity. A wonderful night of clelebration, fellowship and fun!! Absolutely phenomenal, I think those are the words that Pastor Derrick used, and he is so very, very right. God, you are an awesome God!!

And the Vancouver Giants won the Memorial Cup!! They beat the Medicine Hat Tigers in a very hard fought battle, the final score was 3-1 and it was a tremendous game with tremendous effort by both teams. Pastor Brad and I were discussing how we were yelling at the TV set at more than one point through the course of the afternoon. Quite amazing what a hockey game can do to us, isn't it?

Hubby and I were very pleased with the Vistas Run, as a good time was had by all. We were involved in organizing the Childrens Run and I believe that we had a very happy group of children running 1 km and enjoying their victories. They were so cute, those kids, running at top speed and coming through the finish line like they had run a marathon.

And through the day of celebration and victories, Hubby was able to get half of the power washing accomplished and I was able to get some errands done. It was a very, very good day!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Super Saturday

Saturday was was Friday night. Three comments about Friday night at the Run for was very entertaining. 1) The couple on the seawall were very funny. They were locked in a rather serious embrace, attemping to enjoy a little romance and a little wine, while overlooking the lights of Vancouver. As Hubby and I walked by, they looked up at us and asked, "How many more people are in this race?" We chuckled and told them at least a few more hundred and we kept on walking. Boy, did they ever choose the wrong night for a romantic night in Stanley Park!! 2) I think all of the lower mainland were involved in Grad this weekend, as I lost count after 12, as that is how many limos I saw go by. It was fun to see all the dresses and tuxedoes.......and they all looked so lovely. Alot of them got out to take pictures against the backdrop of our beautiful city. 3) And this is not really a comment about the Run, but as we dropped Miracle #1 off, there was quite a bit of commotion in the underground parking at Linen's and Things. There must have been at least 20 young men involved in a roller hockey game, just having the time of their lives at 11 pm on a Friday night. Fun times!

Saturday started out with breakfast at the White Spot. My very good friend C called on Friday and asked if she could make an appt to see me. I don't really think that I am as hard to find as most people say I am, but I do know that busy women always find friends who are just as busy as they are. It's hard to connect, just because we have conflicting schedules. C and I have been friends for many, many years. We had our children when we were young and now her baby is 20 today and we were wondering where the years all went. We are rather proud of ourselves that we managed to raise 7 children to adulthood between the 2 of us, but it is really bittersweet. We really miss those yesteryears......and it goes by way too fast.

I met Hubby at the ball park as another good friend had phoned on Friday and asked if we could do her a favour and take little J to softball, as she had to work. Well, little J isn't really so little, she is 11, but because we have taken care of her since she was a baby, she is still little to me. She is actually my god-daughter, so that makes her extra special, but you know, all the children are very special. J just comes with extra responsibility as I have to make sure she knows who Jesus is..........After J's practice, we managed to hit a neighbourhood garage sale, pick up Miracle #4 and head into Coquitlam for Police Day. That's where we dropped off J to be with her mom, but not without perusing the booths and having a hamburger lunch made especially for us by the Cops for Cancer team.

Came home, managed to get a few of the little chores done, and then it was off to another set of very good friend's house, whose sons were having a surprise 25th wedding anniversary party for them. Oh so fun!! S and I are another couple who had their children young, we actually were neighbours in the eighties and I took care of their children in the nineties, and now here we are 25 years later. Been reminiscing a lot this weekend. It was so fun to see all of the families, and we all get together and it doesn't feel like we are any older than our twenty-something children, but if they are all the ages that they are, I guess that means that we are all a whole lot older. Life really does go by way too fast.......and yet I remember those days that it seemed to go by way too slow. Remember when we wondered if we would ever make it, if we would ever get to the next stage, if the children would ever not wear diapers, or would feed themselves or they would finally just get into the car on their own, and not need assistance. When we were living it, I never wanted to rush it away, but it is so natural to want to get to the next stage of development. According to my uncle who is in his 70's, he tells me that the years between my age and his age go by even faster, so if that is really true, I have a whole lot of living to do. Hubby and I are off to the Vistas Run this morning so there is no time like the present. Not much grass is going to grow under my feet........

Friday, May 25, 2007

I married a homewrecker

I am so sad......the crows nest has been totally smashed to smithereens. The children and I, as well as Monica, were quite entertained yesterday, by a couple of crows building a nest in a cherry tree in my front yard. They worked all day to get a lot accomplished, and at one point dropped a branch that was over 3 feet long onto the driveway. Monica commented that it was rather dangerous to be out there. She had a point. Hubby came home and took out the tree pruners, and I even helped him by holding the ladder, and he wrecked their home. Like he said, if any of my clients or children were out there when the crows actually lived in it, then they would be very nasty to us, divebombing and cawing like they do. He is very right. Soooooooo, the partially built nest became a big bunch of branches and moss and mud in the driveway, and now I see today that they have started to build again. Great work ethic, those crows, but I know we will have to wreck it again later. It is just not safe.

We had a busy morning. A and O, and I went off to have muffins and juice at McD's, and then we went to Library Storytime. It was really cute today and the children laughed and participated and learned a new song. This is the last storytime for the spring, and we were very pleased to bring home our nametags. Off to pick up S from preschool, to the park, home for lunch; B and L have come, three little ones are napping and two have gone to watch Treehouse for their quiet time. Friday is usually an easy day as everyone seems to come early to pick up before their weekend.

I have a meeting tonight at Websters Corners to help set up the Vistas Run for Sunday, but some of the miracles and I are going to Run For Light at Stanley Park for 9:30. It's probably my very favorite fun run as it is only 4.3 km and we all snake around the seawall with glowsticks. It's short and fun, and I always can do it, even if I walk. It was actually the miracles very first experience to fun-running and they all love to run, so I'd like to believe that this is the one that inspired them. I still have the wonderful picture of Miracle #4, at eight years old, clinging to his glowstick, fast asleep in his new t-shirt at midnight, in 1993. It's very sweet.

The weekend is already promising to be busy and fun, just the way I like it.......lots of social events and activities, and somewhere in there I do believe we have to pressure wash the driveway, sidewalks and sundeck. You can all note that I said "WE" but when we do stuff like that, my job is to stay out of the way. Hmmmmm, I hear there's a shoe sale at Ronsons this weekend........

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Spring has Sprung......

And so did a leak under our kitchen sink!!! Not fun. It's all fixed now but we have the evidence to show for all the water all over the kitchen......the subfloor has lifted and I think we will need a new floor. The lino is 10 years old......we weren't really thinking of a new kitchen floor yet.......but I really do love all the new laminate in the flooring store. The good news is that our roof is not in need of repair as badly as we thought and we may be able to hold off for another season or two. That was the news that we heard just 3 hours after the kitchen was flooded.......funny how that works, hey?
We have started to do some major renos around here as the house is 19 years old and we desperately need some upkeep. New windows, new fence, new paint, both inside and out, looks like some new flooring, faucets and probably countertops and and tiling.......oh, it's really starting to feel a bit daunting. Hey, we don't need a roof..........yet!!

The last few days have been beautiful and sunny, it sure brings out the best in people, and especially the children. Tuesday was fun with Music and visitors, Anaheim beat Detroit and that was good!! Yesterday was my day off, I started the morning in New Westminster at the ophthalmologist for 7am. All was well, my retinas look great and I don't go back for another 6 months. Went out for breakfast at a friends' restaurant in Burnaby, hit the Mall at 9 and wasn't really planning on staying until 11:30, but the Disney Store was soooooooo fun. They had quite a sale going on, and I scored some awesome deals on toys/clothes. Met a friend at IKEA for lunch and some shelf shopping, then off to Coquitlam Centre for a few more chores that needed to get done. Made it home just in time to pick up some afterschoolers and to meet the plumber back at home to fix a couple of things that he didn't have the parts for the day before.......then it was dinner and an appointment; the Vancouver Giants game was on and they lost to the Medicine Hat Tigers. :( The phone rang alot last night and I had a few conversations with lots of different friends. I didn't even answer emails last night as I was a little tired at 11:30 when I finally fell into bed. Children will be arriving soon now, and we are off to the park. It's another gorgeous sunny day, so that usually means sunny dispositions.

UPDATE on CELL PHONE. I can answer it and call out.......I just haven't got a clue how to retrieve messages. Give me time......

Monday, May 21, 2007

May Long Weekend

It was a lovely long weekend!!! And it sure went by fast......I started the day at 6:00am at the grocery store with my big list for dinner tonight......I was able to get all but two items so I was feeling very proud of myself. Came home, put everything away and then Hubby and I went off to one of the local schools to a Book Fair. The librarian and I had been playing telephone tag all weekend and so 8:00 on a Monday long weekend seemed like a very good time to both of us and we had great time. I bought some great books and she said that I probably put their percentage up to the next level and the school would receive more credit. Pleased that I could help......although I think Hubby shares the same passion for books as me. We sure picked up some great bargains.....(see Proverbs 31)

Came home and did the recycling, only to find out that the recycling depot was closed on the long and learn, what else is new? We went to see a friend who was selling some of her baby things and we helped her out by buying a couple of carseats, feeding trays and toddler toys. Again, we were just too pleased to be able to help her out.....and I know that the daycare children will be most happy with the new purchases. Went to the vegetable store and was able to phone my fantastic friend Monica,(she offered to come and cook for us and our friends) who changed the menu for tonight and we were able to get the last few things on the grocery list. I went out for lunch with my very good friend at a great restaurant on 224th St............came home to let Monica in to cook our feast for tonight and then Hubby and I went out to visit some friends. My little four year old had invited us to a tea party which was thoroughly wonderful in pink princess teacups.......she served apple juice and cookies and we had a lovely afternoon.

Came home just before the first of our guests arrived, and Monica and Miracle #4 had made the best taco dinner imaginable. Seven layer dip, salad, soft and hard shell tacos, and chips and dip, with the best lemon cake and mixed fruit for dessert. This has been 2 weekends in a row that someone has come to cook a feast in my kitchen and I am feeling very spoiled and loved. There were 14 of us altogether and it has a been a truly blessed day!!! Friends, family and lots of love and laughter.....what more could anyone every ask for????

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another Beautiful Day

Well, the Lewiston Mainiacs came into town with their stellar goalie and the Vancouver Giants beat them 2 to 1. It was an awesome game and I feel privileged to have been able to go. Thank-you to S and C, for allowing us to buy tickets from them and get great seats at a great price. I think I should buy more Giants tickets for next year.......the boys play like they want to be there. They skate, they pass, they move their feet on the power play.......very exciting to watch!! Matt Cooke was there from the Vancouver Canucks and he was sitting in his box with a whole bunch of kids. It was really cute to watch him show all the guys how to wave their towels when the Giants scored. They were all just looking at him rather dumbfoundedly.

Came home and hubby cooked dinner and is now cleaning up the kitchen and washing dishes. I went downstairs to do some laundry a little while ago and I haven't gone back up. SHH, don't tell him that I am missing and I really don't think he will notice. He has the tunes cranked up and is probably really enjoying least that is my story and I am sticking to it.

Yesterday started early, like they all do, and we got lots of chores and errands done. I had to take my sheets back to Winners as they came out of the package with a big tear in the top sheet. Now the old Joanne who didn't ever like to shop would have probably just done the return/exchange and left the store, but the new and improved Joanne browsed for awhile and came home with a new skirt, 3 new tops and 3 new pairs of shoes. Hubby got a new shirt, and also a book. Did some grocery shopping too, and a trip to Canadian Tire, to the bank and Zellers and we were fairly accomplished. Hubby started to scrub the outside of the house, while I did the inside, we went to church and then out to Red Robin with Miracle #1 and some friends.

Today I was a greeter at church, and then taught Fireside Kids, as it is called because it is part of Burnett's Camp Wannabe program. Three little 5 year olds showed up......I guess it's because of the long weekend and the crummy weather........I hope it isn't because they heard that we were their teachers......LOL. Anyway, the service was extremely long today and we literally flew out of the parking lot so that we could be at the Memorial Cup game by 1:30. We made it, and managed to slip into our seats right before the American national anthem. Another beautiful day.....

Friday, May 18, 2007

It's a beautiful day......

It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood........and no, I promise not to sing the rest of the song. Fred Rogers used to be one of favourite people, only because some of my miracles actually enjoyed his show "Mr. Rogers". My children grew up in the day of CBC tv, and I believe that PBS existed too. Childrens shows were on in the morning from 6 until noon and then they were done, they didn't watch tv again unless a Christmas special came on in the evening or some other holiday special. I think we had 13 channels, possibly 21 but I forget. We had a VCR machine, but didn't own very many matter of fact our very first VCR cost over $800 and it survived right into the late 90's. We bought it in 1983, at Eatons. Aren't I old? I read a Mr. Rogers book today, he hasn't changed a bit. I took it back to the library today too, so I promise not to mention him again.

It's been a fun last few days. I booked a trip to Vegas yesterday. I was bored. The children are way too quiet at quiet time and it doesn't take long to book a vacation online. I just didn't want to learn how to use my phone. It's still sitting in my purse......I actually turned it on and used it was kinda friend found the text message that they sent me from Telus welcoming to their world. Then I told her she could delete it. Found that rather empowering.

Anyway, Miracle #1 turns 30 in August and she really wants to go on a holiday. We were invited by friends/relatives to go to Vegas for 2-25th anniversaries, 1-50th anniversary and 1-21st birthday. So we threw in a 30th birthday, and we are set to go. Hubby is coming too, and it should be way too much fun!! We all love Vegas and are staying at the renovated Aladdin which is now called the Planet Hollywood Resort. Miracle #3 is in Vegas right now celebrating the wedding of a very good friend, I just know that they are having the time of their lives!!

Went to a Bullying workshop last night and it was very good, just extremely condensed. It's hard to teach a 3 day workshop in two and a half hours. The most important information that I received that there is no such thing as a bully in the 0 to 6 age group. Just a "behaviour of concern." I found that rather amusing......

I took Hubby to work today as we went to the first Memorial Cup round robin game tonight, and didn't want to have to bring 2 vehicles. The game started at 6 so there wasn't enough time for him to come home in between end of work and start of game. Great game!!!........and we beat the Plymouth Whalers in overtime 4-3. Made my Canucks look rather pathetic. Too bad, because I really do love my Vancouver Canucks. It's just that the Vancouver Giants are playing better than they did, in my opinion, and the price of a ticket is less than half. Great entertainment and our ticket also let us into the 54-40 concert too. We didn't go, but we could have! Lots of giveaways, interactive stuff and hockey memorabilia at the Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver should be very proud.......they have started the games in style.

The little guys and I had a very eventful Friday. We went out for muffins and juice, then to Library Storytime, to the park, to McDonalds for lunch and Shrek toys, naptime, and playtime. My friend M spent the day with us and we all had a such a great time. My little O and her are very good friends and M is teaching O how to be a princess (not that 3 year old O needed a whole lot of help).......she also taught her some great new expressions. It was very funny.

I am really looking forward to the long is promising to be action-packed. Hubby and I get to go back to see another hockey game on Sunday. It's going to be a beautiful day.....

Thursday, May 17, 2007


This is very exciting! I bought a cell phone. As I told the girl at Telus, I don't want any bells and whistles, I just want a basic phone, as I am very technology challenged. I mean I am the girl who just went to cordless telephone in 2004. Anyway, there is no such thing as a basic phone. It has a camera and a multitude of ring tones and it looks very pretty. I am afraid to touch it although Miracle #4 is most impressed. I have offered to trade him for his more basic model with the really nice phone number that I can remember, but he is still deciding. And until I actually learn how to use it, there is no point in giving out a number that is fairly useless at this point. So I will keep you all updated.

Everyone I know was telling me that I really need a cell phone......and I finally have to agree...... I need to be more reachable to the parents of the children in my daycare. And because one of my clients actually offered to pay for me to have one (I did decline) I thought that maybe they were right. After all, I have resisted for some time now. I had access to one most of last year, and it can really start to control your life. I think they can be rather rude and distracting, and I know that there must be some time of cell phone etiquette book out there that says you should turn it off when you are having lunch with a friend, or an appointment with a client, or when it is a personal call when you are working. Maybe it is just me but I am very particular when it comes to manners. Phones are an interruption......people run to answer them and yet when a child interrupts, they are told they are rude. So, here's to my new cell phone, and learning how to work it!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Day off

So, I know that I said that I was not going to blog every day, but it is a womans perogative to change her mind. I suddenly realized that I sound rather preachy in the last two posts and that is not my intention.

The last few days have been so great!! The Pacific Spirit run was phenomenal, and we helped register 2000 participants in 45 minutes. It was quite the adrenalin rush. I went to Bellis Fair on Sunday and bought some new clothes, some bedding and some towels. M and I had a blast and we honoured our moms as best as we were able. I know that my shopaholic mom would have been very, very proud!! I came home to the cleanest house in MR, and the miracles were making a feast for dinner. Chicken stuffed with asparagus, Rosemary potatoes with carrots, Asian salad, Spinach and strawberry salad, topped with angel food cake, strawberries and whipping cream for dessert. Very, very yummy!!

Monday was a day full of adventure and naughtiness, and I laugh now at all the behaviours of the little children. They all must have had very busy weekends, full of Mothers Day fun, because they were as entertaining as can be. Hissy fits, wrestling matches, tattling and balls being thrown on the roof were just part of their behaviours. Deliberate toiletting "accidents" were the icing on the cake and I can honestly say that I was happy to see 5:00 come......and of course traffic was bad so the late pick up was just to be expected, don't you think?

We had a late dinner, then off to the naturapath for Hubby and me. We are on a wellness program right now and this was our follow up to our 3 week MediClear cleanse. The appointment went really well and at the end, we ended up on a rather fun date. Dr. Cobi gave us a free trial in her infrared sauna. Nothing like sweating like crazy for a half an hour with the love of your life. Hubby was not impressed until he stepped on the scale the next morning and he had lost 4 pounds. I lost a pound and a half and it sounds like we will be going it was the easiest weight I have ever lost.....doing nothing but sitting and visiting and sweating and losing pounds. Not very glamourous, but after 28 years, we aren't always into the glamour any more.

Yesterday was a much easier work day, but also much busier. We went to Music Class, to a lovely park in Pitt Meadows, home for lunch, rest time, playtime and visiting. Miracle #3 popped by and she is off to Vegas on Thursday to attend a wedding. She is one of the bridesmaids and is very, very excited. My wonderful friend Shannon came to help with all the lifting of the toddlers as I am not allowed to lift over 20 pounds since my surgery in February. According to my surgeon. According to my physiotherapist and kineisiologist, that will remain to be seen. I am working very hard to prove my surgeon wrong. My massage therapist appt was cancelled due to illness, she has a sinus infection and couldn't work yesterday. So I know that Hubby was way more disappointed than me as he was really needing a massage, and I was only wanting one. Not to waste a free evening we went off to Superstore and did some much needed grocery shopping.....which is always a chore but it was very fun last night. We ran into an old work friend of Hubby's and his really cute 3 year old son named Max. It was quite fun to remininsce, and Max and I had a great little visit too. He wants to come and play on my new Diego bike. Wants to know if I have a Dora bike too. Went to Winners and bought some books and more bedding, came home, watched House, I cleaned up the play room, did some laundry, read some emails, and tended to my blog profile.

Today I am only working in the morning (I don't really think it is work to go play at CrazyCatz and have tea with fellow caregiver, but whatever...) and then the rest of the day is technically my day off, full of appointments and chores. I do have a lunch meeting to help plan the Vistas Run on May 27th. I will need to do another Costco shop as we only picked up a few things on the weekend and now we really do need cheese and meat and all the good stuff. I love Costco, and I'm sure they will have some new bargains since Saturday anyway. I need to go into Rainbow and clean out some things as I quit my job there at the beginning of May. I was asked to choose between Childrens Ministry and Daycare, so I decided to do the Childrens Ministry instead of the After School Daycare as my boss recognized that my passion is with 3 to 5 year olds. Now I am helping to teach the preschoolers every 2nd Sunday at 11 and Hubby and I are having a blast. Anywhere between 8 to 12 perfect little preschoolers that you would ever want to meet and it is way too awesome for words. And it is really just an extension of what I do at home daycare. I have figured out that is my very favourite age to take care of. As much as I love ALL the children, I don't really like them all. Not them personally, but their behaviours are way more challenging to me. I am off to a Bullying workshop tomorrow and hope to learn more about ways of dealing with this neverending problem in our world.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


So, I have promised my friend that I will blog today. I do want to let everyone know that I really don't plan on becoming a daily blogger. I like doing this, but I don't think I love it yet. The learning curve is much too steep. You see, I really don't like computers and/or paper. I like people. Computers do things that I don't do people but I am able to excuse and forgive them much easier. I tell alot of people that I hate computers, but I love what they do for me. So as it is right now, this is really nice way to keep in touch with people, they can catch up on my life if they choose to, or not, if they don't want to.
I have been accused lately of being too busy. Too busy? I don't know what that means, I don't think you can really ever be too busy. It's all about time management.....and I seem to be quite good at that. But then, I sleep less than most people and that gives me anywhere from 2 to 4 more hours a day to utilize. It's all what we choose to do with our time. And don't we all do the things we love way more than the things we don't love? I think so. I often wonder what my passions are, and then I keep changing my mind anyway, so just when I think I have it right, I change it up again.
I do know something that never changes and that is my passion for my husband and my children. And God. The pastor that married us so many, many years ago told us that we were to put God at the head of our house, then our spouse and then our children. We were supposed to date once a week and have an overnighter once a month. Well, at that time it seemed quite impossible, I think I even laughed at him. Who has the time and/or finances to accomplish that amazing feat? Well, now that I am so much older and wiser.......I believe that. It can be done. We just have to make it a hard as it is to do, make the people in your life matter. I try every day to do that, relationships are so important to me. And I screw up too, and I say I am sorry. And I forgive. And I try again. Isn't that what Jesus would want us to do? Like I tell all the children, Jesus is my best friend. And when in doubt, I always ask myself, what would Jesus do? And I try every day to get it right............and I think that Jesus is pleased that I am his friend.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day

Today is Mothers Day. I realized today that this is my 30th MD. It is also the first Mothers Day that my mother is not here, she is in heaven. I think that is going to be a hard day for a lot of people that I know, but I don't really expect it to be for me. I have given birth to 4 miracles. And they love me more than I could ever imagine. I do believe that God put me here on earth to be a mother......all I ever wanted to be in this world was a wife and a mother. I achieved this goal by the time I turned 20. And then I forgot to set any more goals, I happily went along taking care of my husband and my children. All was good. And then I turned 39. Wow! How did that happen so fast? Miracle #2 was graduating, and Miracle #3 was due to graduate the following year. What was I going to be when I grew up? It all seemed so simple when I was 16, and then 25 years later, it didn't seem so simple. It still isn't. But it sure can be fun!!
Today was a very fun day. I drove Miracle #4 to work for 5:30am, and then Hubby and I decided to go into Sears for their 7:00 opening to buy a new lawnmower. Great idea! Until we found the PR Bridge stuck open. Our 15 minute journey took us an hour, we got our $20 gift certificates and free gift and proceded to buy our very first gas lawn mower. We have always had we are really going out of our comfort zone. We also did some browsing and then some buying of shoes with our other $20, and it was all very fun. Came back to MR and went to chiro appt, did a few more chores, and then went to Cloverdale to watch some softball and have some lunch. We went to Lougheed Mall and to the Costco.....and then home to unload and have a little down time. Hubby cooked dinner after putting together lawn mower, and off we went to church for 6:30. This is where I learned about miracles. Pastor D is so good at preaching and as usual, was his usual entertaining self. The message was about Proverbs 31 and it was excellent. He even gave us permission to shop.....the bible tells us so. That is so great because M and I are going again today. It has sort of become one of my new passions......and we have such a good time. I lost my mom in June of 2006 and M lost her mom in September. We are going to volunteer at the Pacific Spirit Run and then we are off for breakfast and shopping. It's all good, the bible says so. My four miracles are cooking me a gourmet dinner tonight and I look forward to our evening of laughter and celebration. God is so good!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Harried, Harrassed & Hormonal


Harried, Harrassed, & Hormonal!

What the Hay, eh!? I love H's:

My last name, my love for my Honey (my Hubby), Hockey, Hot Air Balloons, Home Daycare, & Heaven (but not too Hasty on that, please Lord)

And Hallelujah!

My friends were giving me Heck (and Harrassing me) for not becoming a Blogger.


Here, it is!