Friday, June 29, 2007

Looking Forward to Seattle

So, it's been a good week! Things are calming down at Daycare, there aren't any places we have to be at a certain time and and the children are enjoying their playtime. I went to State of the Franchise at GM Place on Tuesday night. It's a special evening for Canucks season ticket holders and C and I had a wonderful time. Every time we go, the Orca Bay staff always put a nice little spread, and a nice question and answer with Dave Nonis and whoever else might be kicking about, always someone in upper management. It was very entertaining.

Last night we went to Metrotown for dinner and we also shopped, and shopped and shopped. We took an 11 year old and a 14 year old with us and they are very good at shopping. So are we, and Hubby, Miracle #4 and I had lots of fun with our girls.

We played a lot of dress-up and games today and the children spent a lot of the day laughing and giggling. Went out for dinner at Swiss Chalet, did a few errands and that was as exciting as our Friday night got. I did some laundry, cleaned up a little, and I am very excited to go to Seattle tomorrow. Hubby and I have BlueJays/Mariners tickets and we are staying overnight so we can do some sight-seeing and shopping, so it is going to be a great weekend!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Having fun at Daycare

We had our last day of Music today......we had lots of fun........and now we are off for the summer. The children danced, jumped, sang and laughed.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekends fly by too!

We just got back from Coquitlam...... we left to go at 3:00 and ended up at Montana's for dinner as our shopping excursion just got longer and longer. Hubby has been looking for a combination DVD/VHS machine for quite some time now and because he is on holidays this week, he really did need a project because we aren't leaving town until Saturday. He has wanted to put some of the old hockey memories from tape to disc and up until today, he didn't have a machine to use. We do now! After traveling to Best Buy and Future Shop, where we struck out once again, Miracle #4 suggested London Drugs, and we finally found what we were looking for. Lots of little stops along the way, (I got a new white hoodie) but at least we did achieve our task!!! Guess what we are doing tonight? Actually, I am cleaning up and doing some laundry, but the men in this house have new toys to play with.

Yesterday was a wonderful day!! We went to GM Place first thing in the morning and missed the 9 am opening of the Canucks Equipment sale by minutes.......all the right-handed sticks were already gone, but there were lots and lots of left-handed ones. I really didn't realize how few of our Canucks shot right until yesterday, but we really weren't going to for sticks anyways. We weren't really going for anything except entertainment as I just love a good sale.!! Shirts for $1, that was a good deal......too bad they were ripped or had marks on them. We did pick up a few things for birthdays and Christmas; they were more than $1 but still a good bang for your buck...........and I did get a new white Canucks hoodie!! We went to Pacific Centre to check out the new Holt Renfrew and it was fun to look. Manolo's were a mere $695 and they weren't even that nice. Not a good deal!! I had yummy Pad Thai for lunch while I observed Hubby eating Quiznos at the Food Fair and then we went to The Bay and Sears and he got some new clothes. Went to Chapters (where I found some more very good deals), and we walked down Robson Street for a bit when it stopped raining, and then home via Port Coquitlam and Mostly Music. We weren't home for very long, and then Miracle #1 arrived and we went back to Port Coquitlam for a 10th birthday party. Arrived home just after 10 and was all tucked in by 11:00.

Today was church and a bit of visiting, then off to shop and spend time with the men that I live with. All in all, a very productive weekend!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Another week goes flying by

Well, I know that yesterday was the longest day of the year, but it sure seems like the days are going by faster and faster. Went to watch my niece dance in Surrey on Monday night, it was our date night on Tuesday, we had company on Wednesday, appointments and a softball game yesterday, and we had dinner plans tonight. Even I am feeling the weariness of life, and it's making me feel rather old. Or is that just mature? I have been talking to several people this week and it's probably just because it is June. School's out next week, some children are already out this week, there has been softball wind-ups, pre-school grads, dance recitals, school concerts and assemblies, and I do believe that everyone is done. I have always loved summer holidays as we finally don't have to play "Beat the Clock" all day. I feel like I am always looking at my watch, and as of next week, we won't have to any more. For 2 months.......2 glorious months.......of relaxing, and playing and eating lunch at noon instead of 11:30 and having snacks when we feel like it instead of "Quick, lets have our snack so we can get to our next pick-up or activity." Lazy park days, reading and painting, and picnics and water play.........all part of having some fun, and friends and having no specific schedule. Hooray, hooray!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In Loving Memory.....

Of my Mom. It's been a whole year. I still remember the day like it was yesterday. I remember where I was, what I was doing and what happened next. It was a day like no other. It was a day that my mom went to Heaven. She's Home now, out of pain, out of suffering and living with Jesus.
She taught me soooooo much!! I was fortunate to have my mom for 46 years. Not everyone can say that.........she was a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a sister-in-law, an aunt, a great-aunt, a great-great-aunt, a niece, a cousin and a friend. She taught me how to love, with all my heart, and with all my soul. I think she taught me well. She was the best she could be, with what she had to work with. I shared her with my Dad and 3 sisters, and she had unique and individual relationships with all of us. She had 9 beautiful grandchildren, who were the lights of her life. Everyone always says that grandchildren make being a parent all worthwhile. My mom exemplified that. She loved being a mom, and most of all she loved being a grandma. They were her treasures, and I know that she was so, so proud of all of us. For she loved us, and she was my mom.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Two in May, and one in June. We are at the Giants/Medicine Hat game on May 8th, and we are at The Keg on June 15th.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Joyce and Jack celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last night and a good time was had by all!! About 35 family and friends gathered at Carnoustie Golf Course and we shared a lovely barbecued steak dinner buffet with all the fixin's. 50 years!!! That seems like a long time, but after speeches and reminiscing, it didn't sound like a long time. They are such a close knit family, full of great stories and happy remembrances. It was wonderful for us, as we don't see these people very often, but they are cousins of Hubby's late father. So there were lots of fun people there, lots of 40/50 somethings and several 60/70 somethings as well. We had one token teenager, one 28 year old and one 38 year old, but the general populus was over 50. We had a wonderful evening, and all promised to get together sooner than later. Here's to hoping that it will really happen!

Today is Father's Day. It actually promises to be a very quiet day, just the way Hubby likes them. We will have church and Fireside Kids........we are teaching about Noah's Ark, which is my very, very favourite children's bible story.........and then we are free (although I do believe I have to make a trip into Coquitlam in there) until the miracles come and make their dad his schnitzel dinner, and after that we are all going to see Oceans 13. I am looking very forward to our day!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Heart of the the Matter....

"Fostering Social-Emotional Health in Early Childhood". That was the name of the workshop that I attended on Wednesday was very, very boring and I left early. I have not been to a class like that in a very long time, where the speaker actually read out every slide and never put any thought or effort into the actual teaching of the material. It could have been very good, but it wasn't. The presenter was a university professor and I feel very sorry for her students.........I wonder what they actually she was extremely dry and uninteresting. However, The Fox's Reach was very, very interesting, and my friends and I made the best of what started out not-so-fun and ended up pretty darn great!!

We finished our Father's Day gifts yesterday, all the children were very pleased with their footprints, and we had lots of fun making them. I had my physio appointment last night and was formally dismissed. I am making great progress and doing very well. Sooooooo, I only go back if I am having any problems, and being as I can't foresee any of those; I guess I don't have to ever go back. Kinda sad, as I really like my physiotherapist, but it's all very good. After I finished my appointment, I went to watch J play softball. She informed me on Sunday that I hadn't been out to see any of her games this year and I had come to see her sister more than once. I always say that I only like to watch ball when it is warm outside, and it actually seemed fairly warm yesterday. It wasn't........I froze.........and I also forgot how long the games are when they aren't in a timed tournament. We left the ballpark at 8:45, and I thought we should go for ice cream, but we ended up at Starbucks for hot chocolate instead. And it is June!!!

Today, Miracle #4 turned 22. Wow!! How did that happen so fast? We went to The Keg for a very, very yummy lobster dinner and it was delicious. He got a free dessert because it is his birthday......gone are the days of embarrassing Happy Birthday moments where the whole staff comes and puts you on display. He did get a sparkler in his cake and we all was very quiet and low-key as he has to work at 5am tomorrow. We just watched a funny Hugh Grant movie and now it is time to go to bed. Even I am tired tonight and that doesn't happen very often.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Busy days!

The days are flying by!! Sunday was a day of rest and chores.....we went to church, and then actually hung out at home most of the day. Hubby is almost done the pressure washing (just half of the driveway is left to do) and I got caught up on some much needed organizing and book work. I have been procrastinating on doing some forms that needed to be finished up for Community Care Licensing, and I finally got them in a semblance of order. Still haven't turned them in, but at least they are on their way. Went to watch some bantam softball, and our S and her team won the championship for the weekend. It was very exciting, and then Miracle #4 took us out for dinner at Red Robin and that was a wonderful treat.

Monday was Gymnastics Day and we managed to get to the park too, so the children were very happy. Hubby and I had our Sauna Date and we came home to find Miracle #3 and her fiance here for a visit so that is always fun. Fiance has just completed all his Financial Advisor certification and licensing so he was helping Miracle #4 set up some of his stuff. They were also picking up some information about cars as they are having to buy a new one now that the little '94 Escort has decided to pack it in.

Tuesday is Music Day and all the little ones thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Shannon and I took 7 little guys to the park and we had a good visit before I took my brood home for lunch and she headed home herself. I was blessed with 3 very good friends dropping by in the afternoon, and the children and I had another music class at home later and we also started our Fathers Day crafts. Busy, busy, busy! I had my End of the Year dinner for ccrr at The Frogstone Grill, and a great time was had by all!!! I really do think they make the most tremendous guacamole, and I thoroughly enjoyed my chicken quesadilla. My fellow caregiver tried that on my recommendation and was very, very pleased. Today is another busy, fun day (I am actually working, as that is the way the schedule worked out!) and I have a Behaviour course tonight so today will go by fast as well.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Milestones, purses and rain

Well, we went to another graduation today, and it was very, very great!! C graduated from the first class of Samuel Robertson Technical School and it was really well done. Only an hour and half long and the school hosted a lovely dessert buffet afterwards. We were blessed to go to a private luncheon hosted by our graduate's family and it was superb. And our "little" C looked mighty fine in his tuxedo with bright blue shirt and accents. C and his family came into our lives when he was 4 and his sister was 9 months old. They needed one day a week daycare and I was more than able to help out. They were with me until C was 10 and L was 6, but we have always kept in touch. One of my favorite memories, and obviously theirs too, was tuna fish sandwiches, and butter sandwiches. C talked about how the trains had to couple and uncouple to do their job and he was only he is almost 17 and headed into a very fun evening on a boat cruise from downtown Vancouver, and then back to SRT for Dry Grad.

Miracle #1 and I met Monica and we had manicures and pedicures, and then we picked up Miracle #3 and went off to a Love Your Bag purse party!! Well, that was just way too much fun, and now I too am going to have Purse party on July 11th for all of you who would like to come. There was some really great purses, and I just couldn't choose just one. Bought a lovely off-white bag, but there was a green one, a yellow one, a black one, a brown one, a copper one, a turquoise one and a few red ones that were rather beautiful as well. Sooooo, I booked a party!! Anyone who is able to make it out on July 11th is more than welcome to house, at 7:00. The prices are really good too, anywhere from $15 to $60 was the average, but I of course especially loved the pumpkin coloured one for $225. I kept getting told that Eva Langoria had this specific purse, but until I look as cute as Eva Longoria, I just don't really see the point. There was a couple of fake Coach bags, and they were rather lovely too.

The rain is coming down really good, and we are all still standing by for Kanaka Creek to flood. Hubby and I decided to join the rest of all the looky-loos and had a little peek last night to see what all the hype is about. We drove by on the way home from S's softball game and the creek is very swollen, but so far, nothing has come overflowing. Lots of sandbagging going on, and that is good that everyone is being prepared. The Fraser is not near as high as expected, but we are all still watching it closely as well. I think that all of our prayers are working!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Shopping, Good-bye and Floodwatch

The last few days have flown by, and I really did plan on staying home last night to catch up on miscellaneous little duties, but alas, it was to no avail. I walked out the door at 8:30 am yesterday and although I was home for an hour between 5:30 and 6:30 pm, it was really just to unpack groceries and eat dinner. I did some errands in the morning and ended up at Winners, then went out for lunch at Pasta Polo with my friend Shannon, ended up at Coquitlam Centre to see Miracle #1 and shop for a couple of hours, did a Costco run, (I was able to get a lovely rotisserie chicken to go with the pasta that Miracle #4 had already cooked) and then back out shopping with Monica to Guildford. Came home to find out that the Anaheim Ducks managed to win the Stanley Cup without me....... and I also did discover that you have to charge up your cell phone in order for people to stay in touch with you, but that is a very minor detail. I got come really nice capri's at The Bay, 3 new pairs of shoes, an assortment of spring accessories, and I would have to call yesterday very productive, even though my house really still needs to be vaccuumed. Alas, a womans work is never done!! (Although Hubby usually does that job, and so does Miracle #4, but they were busy with little chores themselves, as well as watching the hockey game)

Tuesday was a very busy daycare day. Monica and I had such a terrific day with all of the little children. I decided to do more than one favour for more than one friend so we ended up with 13 children gracing our presence that day. They were never all here at the same time, and I do believe at capacity there were only 8 (shhh, don't tell Licensing), but it made for a very busy diaper changing, napping and eating snacks and lunch all day, reading books, playing games & singing day. I think that if I got a dollar for every diaper I changed on Tuesday, then I would have been able to take us out for a very nice dinner. As it was, we were invited out for chinese food with very good friends to say good-bye to Pastor Mike and his family who are leaving next week to go back to Ontario. Very bittersweet, as we will miss them very much, but they are off on a wonderful adventure and they will be going back home to their extended family. As sad as it is for us, it is very happy for them, and I am thanking God that they came into our lives. And with the help of blogging, email and now Facebook, they will still always be in touch. Moving far away, but never forgotten........

Miracle #1 and I went to see Shrek 3 on Monday night, after Hubby and I went to our weekly sauna date. It was good, always teaching us a life lesson; that Shrek, he is pretty good at that. The weather has changed from really really hot last week, to very cool and almost cold this week. Felt sorry for Miracle #4 yesterday as he had a 4:30 am start in the pouring rain at the golf course.........there was a shotgun start and he was very cold and damp, even with all of the raingear and polar fleece. Floodwatch is getting lots of press and for a very good reason, it is coming and it is coming soon. We are more than prepared for a few days of discomfort if we lose power or any of the roads close, but there are a lot of very panic stricken people hanging out in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows. The media is predicting Saturday, June 9th, so all we can do is wait, hope and pray. I still think we are preparing for the worst and expecting less. Let's just hope that I am right.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Fun in the Sun

Wow, time really does fly when you are having fun!!! Hubby has a sinus infection and that is not fun......but he is a very good sport about it and tries so hard to keep up. Doesn't always work, but he does get A for effort. He worked late on Thursday night as it was inventory, but it was only 5 extra hours, instead of the 9 like last year. Sounds like all the car/truck parts are counted and data entried for another year.....

I cleaned the house on Friday night and Hubby and I watched Little Miss Sunshine. Very good, and I recommend it highly. When I was off on my 7 weeks post-op, I tried many times to watch it and kept falling asleep, so it was nice to sit and enjoy the whole thing. The weekend flew by, there was a Grade 12 grad ceremonies, a trip to Squamish to see Thomas and his friends, one year old Nathan's BD party, church and Fireside Kids, a barbeque to cap off our Small Group Study for another season, and here it is, another Manic Monday. Actually, it isn't really very manic, there are four little children sleeping, and 2 almost-5-year olds playing with the princes and princesses.

The rain is back, (I am glad that we already have visited the park today) a matter of fact, we had a thunderstorm last night as it was very, very hot all weekend and now it has cooled down quite considerably. Floodwatch 2007 is counting down, and the rivers are very high. We aren't affected by the actual flooding where we live, but the power outages and road closures will affect us for sure. Hubby informs me that he is in the floodplain where he works so may not be able to work next week, if it really happens. Just so you know, he is very sad about that.......NOT! It is alarming a lot of people but I have been quite calm about it. There is really no point in worrying about something that I have absolutely no control over.

UPDATE on cell phone. I have now learned how to retrieve my messages, and have actually started to hand out the number to people. Many of my friends have entered their numbers into it, and it even rings occasionally. Most people still find me at home or by email though, as I am really not out as much as people think I am.