Sunday, July 22, 2007


Well, I have been rather negligent about blogging and I would love to say that I have been on a big adventure and have been too busy but that is not true. It is because of amino acid that my body has obviously been lacking for a good many years.......and it has been prescribed by my naturapath. I sleep!! I sleep alot!!! Eight full hours at night. It seems like a miracle, but Dr. Cobi committed herself to me almost 5 months ago and she said we were going to make it work and it does. However, this certainly does limit the amount of time I used to have. I eliminated almost 4 hours in my day. It's not that I don't have time to blog, but it seems like I don't have as much time as I used to.......I guess it is because I really don't.

The last couple of weeks have been busy, the weather was hot, and now it is not. It has rained and rained for almost a week, and it is rather dreary. I had a "Love Your Bag" purse party and that was very fun, I've been to see Ratatouille and that was very fun too. Managed to go see the PNE prize home and now I really do feel like I live in a hovel.....the home is really, really nice......I think that it would be very great to win it and have a summer home for awhile. I think we would sell it, but it still would be great to live in it for at least one season. The kitchen was magnificent!!! We went to Granville Island and had dinner at Sammy J had been a long time since we had done that and that was fun too. I am off to Whistler tomorrow to do some volunteering for Campus Crusade for Christ. Looking forward to a change of scenery, although I know that the weather will be sure to follow us. I don't even know what to pack as the sun could come out as quickly as it left and summer could jump right back at us. Good thing that they have stores at Whistler!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

The First Week

Well, the first week of summer holidays has come and gone. I took my van out of the garage twice.......just twice, and that was to go find a shady park on Thursday, and to go to another shady park yesterday. The children are just loving having free play. I know that I will have to start more structure this week as I am just waiting to hear the words, "I'm bored" but so far that' s not happening. We only have 3 rooms full of toys here, so it always amazes me that they do say it, but it certainly doesn't happen very often. My own children learned at a very early age that if they said they were bored that they immediately got put to they really didn't say it very often either. It's different at Daycare, lots of different rules, and of course it is a whole new generation too. I keep saying that it isn't the children that have changed in the last 30 years, just the parents.

We went to the Asian Street Market in Richmond last night!!! What a wonderful experience!! I had never been, and a friend had mentioned it awhile ago, so when he invited us.......Hubby, Miracle #4 and I jumped at the chance. I am such a people watcher, and it was so fun just to look in all the booths, as well as try some of the food choices that were offered. I wasn't brave enough to try the octopus dumplings or the grilled squid, but my sticky rice and chicken and tiger prawn skewers were very good. D's pork dumplings were very, very good too. #4 had the most interesting looking deep fried "doughnut" filled with peanut butter, but it came with all sorts of different fillings. We tried some bubble waffles, and it was just a really fun night. Can't wait to do it again, one other summer night.

Today is officially our chore and errand day, always seems to work out that way on a Saturday. I also want to stop in and watch some provincial softball........our little S has made it to the Bantam provincials and it is in Port Coquitlam so that is only 15 minutes away. Shopping to do, softball, banking, Miracle #1 is coming for dinner and church, and then we do have a 25th birthday to attend. Wow, the weekend is half way done and I haven't even really started yet!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Home Alone

So, just to let everyone know, I have been home alone all day!!! That is a feat all by itself, and I am rather proud. I spent a good part of my day on the computer getting paperwork completed, did a whole lot of program planning for the summer, and did some chores. Miracle #4 has arrived home from work and I cannot believe that I made it, without feeling the need to take off and get outside stuff accomplished. Because you see, me by myself is like an awkward blind date. I fidget, and go from task to task and never really complete a whole lot. I don't really feel like I completed very much, but I was just chatting to a friend and she reassured me that I really did get things accomplished, but it was all the things that I feel that I get done anyway. I am going through junk, and that takes time, and it isn't very fun, but it still needs to get done. I haven't felt very purposeful or productive today, but I know that I have really appreciated that in fact that I actually did it.........and didn't drive myself crazy. I also didn't turn on the radio or cd player, just to see if I could do it in silence. Just me and God, no one else, and it turned out ok. I do know now, and I always have..........I just don't like being alone.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Border Line ups and I-V accidents

This is the start of our 8 hour trip to stopping at the Malls or the Outlet Centers. We left our house at 10:30 arrived for a quick hotel check-in, and then off to the game. It was a long trip, and my wonderful husband didn't really complain, but the frustration of a three and a half hour wait at the border was only compounded by a huge accident just outside of Everett. We did a lot of bonding!! He was one very tired man.

Arriving at Safeco Field, after a 8 hour journey in the car............Was it worth it? YES!!!

We are watching the Mariners massacre the Blue Jays. We were fortunate to be put in the section with a lot of canadians. Lots of Go Blue Jays Go, and lots of canadian enthusiasm. I felt a little sorry for the couple sitting next to us as I think they were the only Seattle fans around. Mind you, they did win the game, so I guess that the last laugh was on us. PS. Hubby wants everyone to know that he was cheering for the Mariners all along!