Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

11 lbs. 13 ozs.

So our little guy weighed 11 lbs, 13 ozs. on Friday. #3 took him up to the Health Unit and he was wearing a clean diaper, but that is 2 lbs in 3 weeks. He is doing really well!

Our new carpet came on Friday and that was fun........all the little children couldn't go downstairs, but they were most impressed with the 2 new rooms. So am I. I sure missed my computer though. I knew that I depended on it, but being without it for 52 hours was not fun. I only missed the email and my Scrabulous games, but it is surprising how dependent I am on this silly machine. I actually think that I like it better than tv, no, I know that I like it better than tv.

Life continues to be busy. The miracles were all here for dinner on Thursday.........we put them to work moving furniture out of the den, and watched some hockey. I finally got some clothes to wear to the wedding, but had to go buy some accessories yesterday. The carpet layers came on Friday and wreaked havoc with my downstairs, but it was certainly worth the chaos. #3 and Baby came for the day, ended up calling T, and they all came for dinner. I got to enjoy Baby while she and her dad painted the is now a lovely sage green and it looks really great. The painters came last week and painted the family room a really nice cocoa brown, so everything is looking clean and fresh for the wedding. It's less than 2 weeks away!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where is Spring?

Okay, is it just me, or does anyone else think that it is really cold for the end of April? The children and I have been out every day this week, and they are surviving much better than me, but I am absolutely freezing. It sort of started on Saturday when we woke up to a 62 degree house........I immediately got right back into my bed with my lovely down comforter. But Hubby braved the chillyness, and tried to figure out why the heat was not on. I finally did get up and turned on both fireplaces, as it was taking awhile. It turned out to be from the workmen who were in our house on Friday.........they turned the main switch off, and it is on a time sensor to come back on after five minutes of time delay. They didn't wait and we ended up with no heat. Oh well, at least by afternoon, the house was back to normal.

The carpet guy phoned today and we are getting our new carpet on Friday........Hurray!!! It will all be done before M and L's wedding and that makes me very, very happy. We did decide to get new carpet in our den too, as once they are here, it would be nice to get it done. It's the room that is right beside the front door and it is 20 years old and looks it. I am still working on getting the den and foyer painted too, but we will see. Snowball just keeps on rolling!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

16 Days Later

A lot has happened in the last few days. Baby is already 16 days old and that sure went by so much faster than the 16 days previous to his birth. I had this past week off, and we had soooo much fun, and I had lots of cuddles. The first few days, #3 and I were busy with planning L's bridal shower, which I think was a very big success on Thursday night. She sure got a lot of beautiful things........makes you wonder why we don't have 10yr anniversary showers.........20 years.........whatever. It sure is fun to get together with the ladies and have some good laughs.

I finally went out to try on dresses for the wedding. It's only 20 days away after all! Found a few things that I need to go back and try on again as I was a bit rushed, but I do believe I will find a dress. I was so hoping that I could shed some of this winter weight.........I have always had thyroid issues and this time I just relaxed and got quite content with my boring little life.......meanwhile, gained almost 30 lbs in the last 6 months. Not very happy about it, but I have been eating well, sleeping well, and just being a very happy, relaxed person. I must not have been that concerned or I would have worked harder to shed, but it is harder to do, the older I get.

Went to another shower for L yesterday, and that was very fun too. She scored again and got more great stuff. And now we are on the homestretch, she told me at church today that the favours are done..............I know there must be stuff to do, but I keep forgetting. I am so overwhelmed by all the love in my heart these days, that the forgetful hormones are working overtime. I think my biggest concern right now is purchasing clothes to wear and then I will be done. There are 2 showers for #3 and Baby coming up, so I was able to get him some wedding clothes, but I just need to do me........oh and #3 will need a dress too, but she keeps changing her shape, so doesn't really want to get one yet. Men are so easy, their suits are off to the dry cleaners and no one cares if they are wearing the same thing as the last wedding. No one even notices........dark suits, new shirt and tie.......tada, done!! Oh well, I still think it is fun to be a girl!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fun Times

Well, I have a couple of pictures that were taken in the last couple of days, but the blogger is not being very cooperative in uploading them, so I can't put them on right now. Apologies to anyone who actually still reads this. I think that most people I know have gone to the preference of Facebook as it is much more interactive.......but I still like blogging better.

My little grandson had his check-up with the Dr. today and he is very healthy. He got weighed and is averaging an ounce a day, as he now weighs 10 lbs. 7ozs. He measured 22 inches. #1 made a point of telling me that he is now as big as her brother (#2) was at birth. Not quite, but close. My babies were 8lbs. 6ozs, 10lbs. 1.5ozs, 8lbs. 13ozs, and 8lbs. 2ozs, respectively. The sizes of the heads are what really matter and the middle two both had 36cm heads...........which is a little bit bigger than Nolan's. I was fortunate that my very biggest baby was my second, and that was just an easier birth than my first. The last two were so easy that they didn't even hurt, and arrived very, very quickly. I was already in the hospital for both of them, or we would have been a story in the newspaper, just like the little guy that I was reading about yesterday. A lady gave birth to her second child enroute to hospital, from Coquitlam to Vancouver. Must have been a slow news day.

My time off with #3 is going by way too fast. Of course, it isn't helping that we have had construction/restoration people here too, so I have to deal with drywallers and painters before I can get out the door every morning. Yesterday, we had some company and then went about town, to The Birthplace, Haney Place Mall and to White Spot for lunch. Baby slept the entire 4 hours and we probably could have done a little more but it was his very first outing and we didn't want to push it. #3 was so excited to get out of the house, so she was going at a fairly good clip and we certainly didn't want her to pay for that later. She did a little, as she was a little sore. Nolan gave her her very first sleepless night, and in saying that, I just mean that he was up for 2 hours instead of going right back to sleep. If she wasn't having company again this morning, she could have had a bit of a sleep-in, but I woke her up with a TH coffee, we entertained an auntie and some cousins, and then headed off to Coquitlam to the Drs. We visited with my dad and he loved his new little great-grandson. Nolan slept through the entire visit and I just talked to #3 on the phone and he has just woken up to feed after four hours. She actually had to wake him. Such a good baby, and we love him so very, very much!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


How can anyone this little invoke so much love in our hearts? Here he is, freshly bathed, our wide-eyed wonder. God's perfect little miracle..........we love him soooooooo much. He is still a very content baby, sleeps for four hour intervals and is giving his mom and dad some really good rest. #3 can't believe how tired she is by the end of the day, but that's motherhood. Not only does she have the physical pain, there is a lot of emotional stuff that goes along with it. She worries, doesn't understand a lot of the first time mom issues that are so normal but seem way worse when you are sleep-deprived. I am feeling very privileged to be a grandma!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Well, our little boy is already 10 lbs. He surpassed his birthweight in 5 days. The public health nurse came for a visit and whatever Miracle #3 is doing, she is supposed to continue to do it. He's very contented and doing really well. His mommy is still a little sore, but has changed taking her painkillers to every 2 hours, alternating Tylenol and Advil and that is working much better.

Nolan is such a good baby........he eats and sleeps........sleeps and eats..........eats and sleeps.........and that's about it. Oh, he wakes up every now and again and shows us that his eyes might be blue. So hard to tell, but he is one week old today and that has been one fast week. I get to over every night for a cuddle.........and I get to bathe him too. He absolutely hates his bath, I know that will change but it's nice to hear that he can cry. He doesn't like to get his diaper changed either, he usually cries when that happens too. Sooooooo cute, and even though he is a big baby, he's really still quite little.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So, I have decided that is rather exhausting to become a grandma.........It isn't exhausting to be one, just to become one. As Miracle #2 mentioned though, our Friday was bipolar. We went from the highest of high of birth to the lowest of low of death. All within a couple of hours of one another, we brought a new life into this world and then we sent one out. As we sat in Red Robin at 8:30pm on Friday, Hubby mentioned that he was soooooo tired and yet felt like he hadn't really done anything. Baby was born at 8:15, we left the hospital at 9:15, went to the Catholic church for an hour and a half Mass, and then we went to the Baptist church for an hour long Celebration of Life with lunch reception. By the time we left at almost 3:00, I was pretty much delirious, I was so hyped up and was definitely time for a rest. I was too excited to sleep and we really needed to get back to the hospital to see our grandson, so that is what we did.

Happy, elated, sad, grief-stricken, excited, scared, relieved, euphoric, exhausted, tired, weary, ...........those are just a few of the emotions of the day.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our newest miracle!

This is our boy. He came into the world on April 4th, 2008 weighing 9lbs 13ozs. His head circumference was almost 36 cm, and he was almost 20 inches long. He was born at 8:15 in the morning. He arrived after 14 hours of labour, and we are very, very happy!

Miracle #3 was awesome. She lost her plug on April 3rd at about 11 am, but her contractions never really started until 6 pm. They were very erratic and so around 9:30 she and her friends went for a walk around the block........they had all gathered to watch the PPV Canucks/Oilers game at our house. I wasn't even here, I had gone to the game, trying to get my mind off of what was going on at home and tied to them all by cell phone.

Well, the walk did what it was supposed to do and the pains started to get more regular and more intense. I arrived home just before 11 and she and 4 of her friends were in the kitchen with 45 second contractions coming about 3 minutes apart. Everyone else was downstairs playing RockBand. It didn't take long for my Mama Bear instinct to figure out that she was definitely in labour and definitely progressing. Her friends had been trying to convince her to go to the hospital for the last half hour or so, but she was being diverted from Royal Columbian Hospital to Ridge/Meadows because the Columbian was full. She didn't want to go as the Dr told her that maybe by morning they would be able to fit her in. I convinced her that she needed to go and get checked at the hospital and they could decide what was best. We got to Ridge/Meadows at 11:50 pm and it was determined that she was 4 cm dilated and she was staying in Maple Ridge. I went to tell the entourage that had assembled in the waiting room.....there were nine of them.......that they needed to go home and sleep and I promised I would call as soon as we were getting close. This was a first baby and we knew it would take awhile.

We got settled into Labour and Delivery and at 1:30 her pains were still about 3 minutes apart and were getting a little shorter but more intense. By 2:15 she was 5 cm dilated and asking for something for the pain. She was able to have a morphine and gravol shot, which took the edge away and she was able to rest in between contractions. I sent T to the lounge to get a little bit of sleep and I took the first shift. From 2:30 to 4:30, her pains came every 5 minutes and lasted about a minute long. She was great.......did her breathing and tried to get as much rest as she could, when she could. T came back, I had a rest in the lounge for an hour and came back to about the same as what I had left.........except the morphine was wearing off and she was trying the oxygen/laughing gas. That wasn't working, and I went to get a nurse to check on progression. Well, we were awfully pleased and surprised that she was almost 10 cm dilated and it was time to phone the Dr. I phoned Hubby and told him that it would definitely be a couple of hours to but to start assembling the family and friends. Dr. came in and broke her water, she had her first push at 6:35 am and Nolan arrived almost 2 hours later. She didn't tear with the head, but with his shoulders. He is big, I would have to say almost chubby and we all love him to pieces. He is going to be one spoiled little boy! They came home from the hospital yesterday afternoon and everyone is doing well. Mommy is awesome, Daddy is proud and everyone is pretty much in a state of euphoria right now. We will ride the wave for as long as we are able.....but becoming a grandma is very tiring!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's going to be diamonds.....

For a birthstone. #3 made it into April and even though my Baby Pool guess was in March, I really did want an April baby. I love April! It is my very favorite month of the year, the newness, the fresh smells, new beginnings and the flowers, especially the tulips and daffodils. I know that is why we got married in April was for all of the cherry blossoms. What I think is so odd is that we have been married for almost 28 years and the blossoms have been out once, maybe twice on our anniversary. They always come in March.......(although maybe not this year) On our very first anniversary in 1981, it actually snowed.

Anyway, our new little grandchild really likes that his or her mommy is on maternity leave now. Quite likes it in there, as there has been no more pains, and she is sleeping through the night and is feeling rested. She walked over for a visit today, and yes it is less than 2 km, but it was a nice relaxing walk. No baby yet.........but we sure would like to meet him/her soon!