Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Cutest Little Baby Face......

Here he and half weeks old.......probably more than 15 lbs. He makes me smile!


This week seems to be going by very slowly..........I have been very tired, and I am still hanging onto this stupid cold. Tuesday night was the worst sleep I have had in months, as I just couldn't stop coughing and my throat was sore again. All my tricks weren't working so needless to say, I just dragged my butt all day yesterday. Had a good rest last night and I feel much better today, but is it really only Thursday? I am ready for a weekend......even though this one is already looking pretty busy!

I had an opthamologist appt on Tuesday, which was much overdue. I was phoned last Fall to inform me that my Doctor that I had been going since 1966 was retiring and I needed to go to my GP and get a referral to someone new. No, they were not going to pass his patients on, I needed to go find another specialist. Well, I asked a few questions about his health, as it seemed very, very sudden but I hit a brick wall with his receptionist. Turns out that Dr. Maberly was indeed very sick and needed heart surgery. He is much better now, and is working a half day a week at his son's office in Vancouver, but not longer doing surgeries or lasers. I was disappointed, as it is the end of an era. I have been going to see him since I was a little girl.

I do like my new opthamologist though. He is very personable, probably in his mid to late forties, and I will hopefully have him for the rest of my life........because I do have eye issues, and do need to get checked out every six months. He did inform me of a few new developments though, and it turns out that I have early stages of macular degeneration and glaucoma. He gave me new vitamins to prolong the progression and I have to go back for more tests. So that coupled with my severe myopia (near-sightedness) and weak spots on my retinas makes me even more vulnerable to blindness earlier than I thought. My thyroid sourcebook kinda forewarned that I would be blind by the time I was 70, but now it is looking like I will be younger than that. And speaking of my thyroid.......I had my levels checked out last month and I thought maybe that they were low because I was so tired, but that isn't the case. I am actually a little bit high again, so I get to go back to the endocrinologist. I am measuring high, with all hypo symptoms, and so now we get to pursue this further. This is so fun......aging.........some days it really does suck!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Age Differences

A Day Off for Miracle #4, Age: almost 23
-9:00 Wake up and have leisurely breakfast and read the newspaper
-10:00 Shower
-10:30 Announce that you are going for a bike ride
-2:00 Arrive home, from a ride to Alouette Lake and back, and make some lunch and drink the water jug dry
-2:30 Go out and mow the front and back lawn
-4:00 Leave for a round of golf with brother-in-law
-8:00 Arrive home, with take-out dinner
-8:30 Play RockBand and watch some tv until midnight, and then go to bed!!

Okay, I just want everyone to know that this was last Friday, and it was pretty much 30+ degrees all day.........I was exhausted just watching!

My day off today, and it was only about 24 degrees, with a great breeze
-8:30 Wake up and get ready for the day, answer some emails and make some scrabulous moves on Facebook
-10:00-11:30 Church
-1:00 Funeral and luncheon in Richmond for a good friend's father
-3:30 Leave Richmond Curling Club
-4:15 IKEA shopping, did a whole lot of looking and not a whole lot of buying......Perler beads were half price so that was a very good deal!
-5:00 Quick chicken dinner at restaurant in IKEA......another good deal!
-5:30 Looked through Canadian Tire for a tv stand that was on sale, didn't like it and then went to Staples and bought a computer desk........finally we can start putting the den back together!
-6:00 Headed to Safeway for a quick grocery shop
-6:30-10:00 Watched Hubby start putting desk together, did some computer chores, Baby and his parents dropped by and we watched a fun canadian sports trivia show
-And now it is midnight and I've read the newspaper, done the dishes, and thrown in a load of laundry. As I calculate the amount of physical energy that I have expended, I give myself a 3 out of 10. When I look back at what my son expended on his day off, I give him a 9 out of 10. I just wish that I could bottle all the energy and use it for me.........Ain't youth grand?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Pat!

Another 50th birthday, I think it is the third or fourth one this year for us, and there is no end in sight! We know a lot of people born in 1958. Hubby's sister is 50 today and we are celebrating with a big family dinner tonight. I am really looking forward to it! The weather is beautiful and we will have a lot of fun!

Hubby and I just got back from Coquitlam/Burnaby......we had dr appts and errands to tend to......and then we had to rush back to get to Hubby's chiro appt. He put his shoulder out this week, he doesn't really know how he did it, but he will feel better soon, I just know it.

I have a cold.......I really don't get them very often (maybe once a year) but everyone warned me that once my life slowed down a bit then I was going to get sick. I guffawed at the whole idea, but after 7 months of crazyness, the old immune system did weaken and I succombed to the cough and sore throat. I learned a trick from an email about putting Vicks on your feet during the night and then you won't cough. Well, I am surprised to say it, but it actually works!!

This past week was fairly uneventful..........I really couldn't do much without breaking out into a I just listened to my body and didn't do a whole lot. I coloured, played Lego, made train tracks and watched children play. And I was extremely grateful that it was only a four day work week. I really like four day work weeks!

The honeymooners arrived home on Wednesday and they had a wonderful time. They are looking very tanned and relaxed. #2 came over for a quick visit on Thursday as he was in between appointments and I am looking very forward to hearing more and seeing pictures. #3 and Baby and I went to a Love Your Bag purse party last night and I only bought one purse. Saw lots that I liked but am feeling a little bit poor these days.........we need to pay off some weddings first! Just need a few more months and then I can start thinking about a vacation......

Friday, May 23, 2008


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Bride and Groom

Blogger would only let me upload five pictures to the last here are the beautiful bride and groom......the pictures below are of some of the people that I love very much!! I am sure that there are lots more pictures still to come!!

I got some more pictures....thought I should share....

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Long Weekend

Aren't long weekends great? Especially this one......the weather has been so hot and so summerlike. It's just too bad that we didn't get a Spring to climatize us. I am appreciating my A/C very much and we have had lots of company to enjoy it with us. E and E came all the way from Grande Prairie so their mom and dad could celebrate a 40th birthday out at the RiverRock Casino and Resort.........and we got the kids for a sleepover. Lots of fun in the sun. Spent yesterday spoiling them at the Spray Park and out for dinner. We met friends and had a wonderful time. We took them to church this morning and they loved it. They go to the Catholic church back home and we are much more kid friendly. When Hubby picked them up they were having a lot of fun in the gym playing floor hockey! I heard Big E say "Grande Prairie sucks" a few too many times and had to reprimand him on that one! LOL Sweet boys......we miss them already!

After I had a lovely afternoon nap in front of the hockey game......Pittsburgh won and that made me very happy, we went off to Albion and watch our "little" S win another Gold medal. This is the second weekend in a row that Ridge Meadows Thunder won Gold and they were very, very proud. It was a very good game!
Did a few chores and errands, came home, Hubby made dinner, I watched some tv and it is feeling much later than it really is. I am sure that has something to do with the boys waking up at 6:30 this morning! And we bonus an extra day for this lovely weekend..........Tomorrow the plan is to sleep in!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Treat Day continues.......

It just kept on going yesterday. One of the moms brought Timbits for snack, we ended up having so much fun at the park, that we overstayed and I ended up going through McDonalds Drive-Thru for lunch. Baby and #3 came over for a visit, and we had Jr. Mints at the theatre. Too many treats are going to make too much Joanne, but oh what a way to go! I will spend extra time on the eliptical this weekend, I promise!

The sunshine will bring sunny dispositions, I have already told the children that I will take them to MR Park. It's a Pro-D today so we have the after-schoolers all day today. J goes to the private school and we pick her up at 11:15, and then I believe we will attempt a picnic. #4 and T are going to go golfing tonight so #3 and Baby are here for dinner. I have a Blood Donor appt for 6:20 and I will pray that my blood will have enough iron so that I am able to donate. Every other time I have been rejected........

It's supposed to be really hot today, and I think I have to turn on the air conditioning....yippee!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Treat Day

So I just decided that today is going to be Treat Day. I went to the bank this morning and stopped at Starbucks on the way is something I do about 3 times a year, but it felt very sinful and right. As I sit here sipping on my tea, I am feeling quite reminiscent and reflective. I was re-reading my old blog posts a few days ago and I have now blogged for just over a year. I am quite a believer in patterns, so it was fun to go back and see what last May was all about. It's been a good year! Very, very busy, but for the most part, very, very good.

The honeymooners phoned from Osoyoos yesterday and they are having a fabulous time. Did I really have any doubt?!!

Family and friends have been sending pictures all week and it has been fun to re-live the day. We had such a good time!!!! I am quite surprised that we can have 2 weddings within 7 months and they can both be as equally great.........and yet so different. I actually must credit my friend with all the pictures that I posted on my blog, as she put them on Facebook and I uploaded them. Thank-you Amanda for taking such great pictures! I am really looking forward to seeing more. Everyone has a different perspective, and such different cameras.

I heard on the radio today that May 15th is Turn Your Mattress Over Day. It made me chuckle. I also heard that married men have less heart problems than single ones. Like they said though, there is also less chance that married men have a large plasma TV in their kitchen full of pizza boxes. Good point!

The children will be arriving soon, I am looking forward to our day. Library, Pre-school and most of all Sunshine! Hubby and I have a date tonight, we are going to The ACT to see some past daycare children perform. What fun!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

So I just want everyone to know that May 12th is now considered "Joanne's Day". One of my little guys was quite concerned on Mothers Day that it was Mommy's and Grandma's Day. He asked his mom, "When is Joanne's Day?" She thought it was so cute that she took him out and they bought me a present and decided that yesterday is now my day. It made my heart smile! I got new fuzzy slippers, and some lovely vanilla lotions and creams.

And then today, our little ringbearer from the wedding decided to show his mom a wedding kiss. He had it perfect, and that just made me laugh!

Three and four year olds are delightful.........and I know that I am definitely in the right profession!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunday, May 11, 2008

What a Wonderful Life!

It's been a whirlwind of activity. I don't even know where to begin. So, in point form, the last four days are as follows.

Thursday, May 8th
~#2's 27th Birthday and fairly ordinary work day. Hubby got up at 5am to give the foyer it's first coat of paint before all the children arrived.
~we finished our Mother's Day crafts and had a wonderful day.
~we celebrated at Pitt Meadows Golf Club with 8 family members. They gave us a complimentary bottle of wine, I think because of the thousands of $$$$ we have spent there in the last 7 months. They knew of M and L's fondness for red wine and they provided them with a really nice choice that they enjoyed.

Friday, May 9th
~Managed to sleep in until 6am, Hubby managed to rest until 8 and then it was Clean, Clean, Clean. First, he had to Paint, Paint, Paint. I began with Tidy, Tidy, Tidy.
~1st and really only glitch of the day came at 11am when M phoned to tell us that his printer wasn't working properly and the programs needed to be done. Came to attach ours to the computer (it hadn't been re-attached because of renovations) and he and his dad and L went to work.
~I went to chiro appt, and then #3 and Baby and I ran some errands. We took him to the Health Unit to get weighed and he came in at 13 lbs 13 ozs. 13 seems to be his number!
~Came home with Take Out mexican food by 2:30 and did the last of the cleaning up.
~Went to Costco and Liquor Store at 5 and rolled back home just after 6.
~6:45 we went off to wedding rehearsal.
~By 7:45 we were back home with somewhere around 20 people, and the pizza was delivered at 8:15 on the dot. Yay Panago!
~Had a lovely festive time and we wrapped it up fairly early, and fell into bed by by 11.

Saturday, May 10th
~I had a 10:00 hair appt, while others did their various activities. #2 picked up the flowers and delivered them to the church and then he came home to work on his speech, while his dad went shopping as he decided he didn't like the shirt he was going to wear. #1 and #4 were still in bed when I left but were both up'n'at'em by the time I arrived home at 11.
~My auntie phoned, her and her husband were here from Calgary and they came by for a "Visit" before the wedding. They said it was way better than TV and we were all very entertaining. Make up girl came to do my make up, but between Hubby and all the miracles, we all managed to see them and make them feel welcome. All the groomsmen had chosen to meet here at noon and get ready. Hubby ironed quite a few dress shirts!
~Left for the church just after 2 and we had a beautiful ceremony with family and friends at 2:40. The bride was fashionably late and rolled into the parking lot in a beautiful Rolls Royce as some guests were still arriving.
~By 3:30 the church festivities were complete and we were off to Rock Ridge for pictures. We finished up with family pix at the Golf Course just after 5pm and the rain began in earnest.
~6:00 Dinner, then some speeches, 8:15 cake cutting and then it was Partytime!
~A good time was had by all, we received many, many compliments and we were leaving the Golf Course just before midnight. It was a beautiful wedding with a beautful couple.......there was a lot of love in that room that night!

~I wake up early and begin my day feeling very, very grateful for my life. I am almost euphoric as I am a very happy mom and grandma! I feel sooooooo loved.
~10:00 Church, for a wonderful message by Pastor Brad about parenting and honouring our mom. He did a lovely tribute to his wife Karen and she should be very, very proud! I especially liked his definition of a stay-at-home mom and will get him to email to me as I thought it was great. Pastor Scott announced his exciting news about being an expectant dad, and he and Heather are due around Christmas. Hurray, hurray!
~1:00 to 4:30 was a gift opening at L's parents house and we had a such a great time with more great food, and great company. They sure got some nice things and I think they were totally overwhelmed by the genorosity of their family and friends. Their highlight was a Wii, (that they didn't even ask for, but were thrilled to receive) but the George Foreman Grill and all the pliers and screwdrivers got some excitement too.
~came home for a bit of down time and tidying up, and went to dinner at #3's house where we spent her very first Mothers Day enjoying a superb spagetti dinner made by her husband for us and his family. There were nine of us there altogether. #3 and I had a Wii bowling game and she beat me supremely. Watched some hockey, enjoyed Baby and had a terrific day. Came home by 9, did some laundry watched some tv and now it is done. I got some cash and a Lululemon gift card and now I can get my new yoga pants that I have been wanting.
~I have a wonderful life and I am grateful to God for all that He brings.......I am truly blessed!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Violet.......

.......and Heather and Nina too! May 7th is a popular friends are 50, 38 and 22 respectively. I hope they are all having wonderful days, full of surprises and fun.

We are on the homestretch.......only 3 more days and I am a mother-in-law......again! Hubby decided to peel paint on Friday and has just finished priming last night. I am really hoping and praying that the new Dutch Cocoa will be applied tonight......that's the plan. He's off for the next 4 days, but painting was not on my itinerary. As a matter of fact, I just had a manicure, so I can't paint anyway. #3 is coming over to help later, and I get to take care of Baby........that's much easier for me. I am not crafty, never have been, and really can't stand painting. We have been working on Mothers Day crafts all week and I could really get into the spray painting, but painting with a brush is really not for me. The children are sure having fun though, and that is the main thing!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Our Little Man

He's getting so big, and sooooooo cute. Here he is, staring at his mom, the love of his life! (Don't you just love his Gap shirt that we bought for the wedding? It's not going to fit him by then.)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Only 10 More Days

Until the wedding. It's already May 1st, commonly known as May Day, and I really am questioning how fast the time is ticking by. We are pretty much finished with workmen coming through the door and that makes me very happy. The fellow came and installed all the baseboards on Tuesday and everything looks sooooooooooo lovely. Still some finishing work for me and Hubby, but I don't have to be on call as much. The one thing about tradesmen that I have always known is that they really don't know how to tell time. They tell you that they are coming at 8 and show up at 9, or they don't show up at all. That being said, this last batch were fairly punctual, and they always came on the day that they said they would, so I should really be more appreciative. I just don't like waiting.

#3 and Baby had a shower on Sunday with family and friends and they pulled in quite a haul. The common theme seemed to be blankets and shoes, but all different ones and of all different sizes. My SIL made a beautiful painting, customed with birth stats and it was definitely the hit of the party..........although the quilt that Baba knit 12 years ago before died was wonderful too. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house.

Chores seem to have taken up the most part of this week. Couldn't believe the rain on Monday but Hubby and I endured and headed off to Superstore for a much needed grocery shop. #3 and I went to look for wedding clothes on Tuesday night and we didn't really succeed. I was pleasantly surprised by a young lady in Winners who sensed our frustration with trying on outfits at 3 and half weeks post-partum. She gave us her home phone number and told us that she had a dress that she would give #3, she wore it when she was 4 months pregnant and would never wear it again..........thought maybe it would fit and it would be perfect for a wedding, and they were similar sizes. Sweet of her, I thought! We did pick up a couple of tops, which I think will be more practical, but she still needs a skirt or pants. We are down to the wire now, with a stagette on Friday and another baby shower on Saturday, so we really don't have much more time. Baby is on his 3 week growth spurt and is feeding alot these days, so he has become a little bit more demanding. Makes for getting out into the world a little bit more work than before and overwhelming to say the very least. #3 says she only likes to go if she has some help, but that is the sleep-deprivation talking too, it's just more comforting to know when someone is there to help. I certainly didn't mind carrying my little grandson, and she was ever so grateful. It's quite funny how many people talk to you when you are carrying a baby, and how many people just smile.

Hubby and I had a Childrens Ministry meeting last night and that was fun. It's always disappointing to me how few people even come, but Pastor Steve handed out Timmy's cards and we were all pleasantly surprised. It was a good meeting and I think we covered a lot of ground.

It's raining again today, and it's Library Day and Pre-school Day. They have to bring worms to school today and I have a grub sitting in a container just 3 feet away. It's yucky, and I know that I have another one coming soon. That's if they can find one. O's mom had trouble finding a worm (who would have figured?) and brought a very ugly grub instead. I don't like grubs, or worms either..........I think it is a boy thing. Another reason to be glad to be a girl!