Monday, June 30, 2008

Six Roses, for the Original Six

My sister sent this to me yesterday and I thought it was lovely. She said she placed 6 roses at the gravesite, to commemorate the original 6. My mom, my dad and the four daughters!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Birch Bay

We ventured down to the States again.....on the so-called July long weekend. After last year and our eight hour journey to Seattle, you can imagine our trepidation for attempting it again, but we were offered a trailer in Birch Bay and didn't really realize what weekend it was. Some people do have a 4 day weekend, but most people I know don't. Baby and his family left on Friday night and had a 5 minute wait at the border, and we left on Saturday morning, arriving at Huntingdon at 7:09 am and getting through at 8:13 am. Note to self: always take the LEFT lane at Huntingdon as it goes off into 3 lanes, the right lane stays at one, and then you also have to let in all the cars that go through DutyFree. I am sure we would have shaved 20 minutes off of our time if we had gone into the other lane.

So after a quick breakfast in Lynden, we headed to Bellis Fair and Costco, had lots of fun spending our American $$$, and we were in Birch Bay just before one. And what a beautiful day we had! Had some lunch, enjoyed our beachside view, and went for a lovely walk down Birch Bay Drive. Hubby reminisced about coming in the summers when he was just a boy, and we had fun looking at all the new developments. Ended up going into some Open Houses and fell in love with a 3 bedroom condo overlooking the beach. Talk about beautiful!!! Baby cried when Grandpa and Daddy said no, that we weren't going to buy the $709,000 condo, but that's really because he was just hungry. We sat on the beach while he got a snack and tried to figure out ways to afford the hefty price tag, and dream.........

We all enjoyed our time together, watched a magnificent sunset and left the miracles as they were staying for another night, and we headed home at 9:30 pm. Arrived home just after 10:30, even after a scenic tour through Blaine, and commented on how close to home we really were, and yet how far away from reality we really felt. We had absolutely no wait at the border coming home and it was a truly tremendous day!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Well, I can't think of anything much to do in the middle of the night, so figured if I could write it all down, then maybe I would be able to let it all go and get some sleep. I am supposed to be up at 5am so we can leave early for the border and get across without a too much of a line-up. At least I am not the driver, so that is a good thing. Hubby's sister has a trailer in Birch Bay and we were offered it for this weekend quite some time ago. And now that it is promising to be such a beautiful weekend, we really want to get there early and enjoy it. Baby and his family left last night and we will join them there for some fun in the sun. I really want to get a little bit of shopping done too as I haven't been to the States since Baby has arrived, and now that we know that he is a boy, then it will be ever so fun!

So, why can't I sleep? Don't really know, other than the hyper-thyroid thing going on.....but that is still not a plausible excuse. I have been awake since just before two, as Hubby was snoring, but then after he stopped that, then I started with this lame little cough........sounds fake but it just wouldn't stop. Little tiny tickle, about every 20 minutes or so. Just as I start to fall back to sleep, the little tickle makes me cough. I finally got up as I am keeping Hubby awake and he needs his sleep. Now as I sit, I haven't coughed once......lame, just lame! If it wasn't so stupid then it would almost be comical.

Had a great day yesterday! We had a pyjama day at daycare, and the children were so excited....some were ready to come an hour and half before it was time as they were so pumped. Too cute! And we had strawberries and ice cream for breakfast, added to some pancakes that ended up being more of a 10:30 snack by the time we actually got to it. Ham buns and chips for lunch, topped off with Canada Day cupcakes bought for us from E and O's Nan. Thank-you Nan! Then we made a Canada Day cake from jello, Cool Whip and strawberries and that was almost as as big of hit as the cupcakes. We finished our party of eating with watermelon and bananas, it was a wonderful end-of-the-school year party topped with our Canada Day red and white theme. The children made red and white t-shirts for themselves, as they enjoyed making them for Father's Day so much, that I thought they should make some for themselves. Red shirts, white paint and glitter paint and way too much fun!

I also bought a new Lego table from a friend and a train table too, so those were the most wonderful new toys that I could have bought. The children were elated, and I have already received many a smile and a thank-you for the new purchases. Right now they sit in the middle of my living room and they were played and played and played with. I have already got more than my money's worth and they have only been here one day!

And then to top off a truly terrific day already, out music teacher invited us daycare ladies out for a true Sri Lankan dinner and it was fabulous! I am still full and I ate at 6pm last night. Such a treat, and such a lovely time was had by all!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ecclesiastes 4:12

"You will be woken at dawn with the first note of the birds."

I don't know if that is good or bad. I was smart last night and went to bed at 9 and slept this morning until 4 so I at least feel rested today. But for the last few weeks, I can't sleep past 5am. Which is fine if I go to bed early but I am usually not that intelligent. A lot of mornings I can't even go past 3 or 4, which, I am sorry, but that is just way too early to start my day. I keep wondering what is on my mind, or what I am stressed about, but every time I just draw blank. My life is prettty darn perfect most of the time!

My bloodwork in April told me that my TSH levels were high and at the time I was experiencing very hypo-thyroid symptoms, but true to form, the hyper ones were sure to arrive about three weeks later. I am an airhead. Can't think straight.....can't remember my name if I had it posted on my shirt. I am just so, so forgetful. Everything is very, very foggy.......of course, that is partly sleep-deprivation because I like to go to bed so late. A lot of hyper-thyroid symptoms can be totally attributed to my lifestyle...........but I really do know better. I am definitely slowing down now that June is almost done. As of Tuesday, I don't even have to use my van unless I want to. The children are done school, pre-school, music, gymnastics and library-time for 2 whole months. We have lots of activities planned, but at least I can choose how to program them in, and how much we want to leave premise. For this I am so joyful! It's looking to be a great summer!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fun Pictures from yesterday....

We had our last day of Music's my little group with their music teacher.
She LOVES swinging!
J and O love it too!
A few of the group on the equipment.....I think that there are four out of six of them here....the others are up at the fence checking out the construction that backs onto the park. This park backs onto Meadow Gardens Golf Course and the new bridge is really looking good. We can still remember when they first started it. The movie theatre is off in the distance and that used to be one of the biggest highlights when we came here.....was to be able to see it. The gravel is almost too high to even get a visual any more. The children call this "The Froggie Park" as they used to go down to the creek and catch frogs before they started with all the trucks, graders and diggers. We saw a coyote run by, on the new road a few weeks ago and that was very fun for all of the children!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Maya Angelou

I had such a wonderful day! Right from the time I got up until I am headed to bed in the next short while. We had our last music class today until September, the children had a super time playing at the park this morning. It was so pleasant outside, not too hot, not too cold and the children appreciated it very much. My licensing officer came by with my written report and we signed off for yet another year. I have some paperwork that is due in November as they changed so many Child Care Regulations, but it is all easy stuff and just a matter of sitting down for a half hour and actually completing it. One late pick-up was the only damper put on the day, but that's only because I had plans and had to get going.

A friend picked me up and then we went out for the most excellent japanese dinner.....I tried a new salmon roll and it was so delicious. Then we picked up another friend and headed into Vancouver to see the one and only inspirational Dr. Maya Angelou. She has 60 honourary doctorates now......last time when she was here 2 years ago, she only had fifty-something. Our highlight was when we were driving up Seymour St and we actually saw her getting out of her bus and into the Orpheum Theatre. They had a wheelchair waiting for her, but after all she is 80 now. Oh so elegant, and how special for all of us! We were awestruck. Of course, none of us had a camera with us and Shannon tried really hard with her camera phone to get a snapshot, but it was not to be. Maya was absolutely fabulous and her jazz singer Dee Daniels was superb and I am very thankful that I went. The girls and I had such a splendid time!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Choosing Joy!

Pastor Derrick spoke on attitudes yesterday, right out of the book of Philipians. Chapter 1, verses 12-26, to be exact. It was superb! Joy is a choice, not an accident! We can choose our perspective, our priorities and we can choose joy! If we happen to have misfortune in our lives...and let's face it, who doesn't?.........then we can choose to be miserable or we can choose to be joyful. Irregardless, the misfortune is still there, but our attitude is what makes us or breaks us. It was fabulous and I love my church and all the pastors and people there!
As you can see by my most recent picture of my beautiful grandson, I have a lot to be joyful about. He makes me smile every day! Whether it be by him showing up at my door every few days, or just thinking about him, or getting an email or a phone call from his mom. We took him to the dr. on Saturday for his 2 month check-up........even though he is already 11 weeks. Better late than never and he is 18 pounds 8 ounces, measuring 66 cm with a 42 cm head circumference. He is a big and healthy boy! #3 and I have to go in for some bloodwork, we are big and healthy too! Dr is just checking a few things, mainly my thyroid gland and how it is completely out of whack again. I am going to an endocrinologist again and for that I am truly joyful. I know so many people with thyroid issues and I am the only one whose changes so much. I am sure that the specialist will really help, as I went in 1999 and it really helped then.
And another thing to be joyful about! The little piece of contact lens that tore off in my eye on Thursday night finally came out on Saturday night. The dr flushed and searched, and flushed again and we really did think that we got it that afternoon, but it wasn't to be. Just sort of floated to the right spot after 48 hours and I picked it out without a problem. I went and ordered new glasses on Saturday too. Purple Prada, and oh so pretty! They are hi-index, progressive, transitional and I really hope they are here before the weekend so I have them to go to Birch Bay with. I will be able to read on the beach! How exciting is that!?
Oh, and I finally found a dress for the wedding. I know that I am almost 9 and 2 months late, respectively, but this black polka-dotted number jumped off the rack at me on Saturday afternoon and it was 25% off so I bought it. I love it, and if you know how much effort it took to find mother-of-the-bride and mother-of-the-groom outfits, then I know you would all appreciate it as much as me. I am going on a cruise in September so I am certainly able to wear it, but it was very expensive but oh so beautiful. #3 said I looked "tiny" in it so that was it's main selling point. Tiny is just not a word that very many people would use to describe me. Di's Cherry Pit had a great One day sale and I walked out of the store more than $300 lighter, but if you count 4 tops, a jacket, capris and black dress pants that I got, then you would actually think that I got a bargain. Proverbs 31, that's Derrick's message from last year and it justifies my bargain shopping! Let's just not tell Hubby that my new glasses were almost $1000! (although I think he actually already knows, but if we don't talk about it, then it didn't really happen) I have to have sunglasses to protect my macula and corneas, especially now that I have the glaucoma and macular degeneration. It was a very expensive Saturday (oh well, I owe, I owe, it's off to work I go), so it was good to just go to the Ball Field yesterday and enjoy the sunshine and the people. Saw lots of friends we hadn't seen in a while and it was fun, fun weekend!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Musings and Ponderings

I think that I need to get a life. I spend far too much time at this computer. It's the first thing that I do every morning and the last thing I do every night before I go to bed. And I don't even want to count the amount of times that I come and visit it during the day. I love Facebook! Don't tell I can't believe how many times that I tune in and find out how everyone else's day is going. My dad joined this week and I was very impressed. Way to go, Dad! I asked a question on Facebook at 12:30 on Wednesday, and by 2:00 I had an answer to my question. By 3:00 I had even more info and I had already talked to a few people at Kindergarten pick-up and I was totally informed.......or mis-informed, depending on who I was talking to. Facebook was the most reliable, and the quickest. Good on ole Facebook!

And Facebook is another great way of communication as all my little teen friends are so good at getting in touch and letting me know about stuff. Like where all the ball games are this weekend, and what time they have to work and when we can get together. It's really quite a great thing, and I am still not loving it more than blogging, but it certainly helps as a great source of updating busy lives.

I am glad that this week is done. I will be even happier when next week is done and the children are out of school for the summer. I love it when we don't have to play "Beat the Clock" every day and our time is our own. I love it just as much when September comes and we have to get back into our routines again. I have a few very excited 4 and a half year olds that are off to kindergarten in the Fall, and some very excited 3 and 4 year olds that are off to pre-school. I am really excited because I booked an Alaskan cruise for the first week of September and that is something to look forward to...........I always need that "something to look forward to." It just makes life worth living, some days. Not for me so much, but I do remember the yesteryears when I just always looked ahead. I am pretty good at living in the moment now.

I went to see Sex and the City last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. You don't even have to be fan to think it is a good movie, it's a great chick flick and I can't believe that Samantha turned 50. I think that a lot of women really relate to Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, and they have really "grown up". A lot of people ask who I am most like and I don't have an answer....I see that they have a quiz on Facebook and I may have to take it. I used to think that I was most like Miranda, but I tend to think that I am much more like Charlotte now. I certainly can find happiness in every day like her........she is such a positive human being and we can all learn alot by being like that.

Community Care Licensing came by for their annual visit yesterday and that went extremely well. The biggest complaint was that I don't have a tarp over my, big deal. Totally easy to fix, and in less that five minutes. My paperwork needs to be more organized, but I have been in the process of doing that for the last few months. All of my new policies were perfect.......(had a hard time believing that one, but I guess that all my hours on the computer paid off) so that was the biggest surprise. After 14 years, I just finally might be knowing what I am doing, or at least, what is expected. My parent package is 23 pages long now......the poor parents that have to sign up in my daycare have night time reading to take home.

I really do have to get a move on.......I have chiro and doctor appointments today, as well as about 10 other chores and places to be today. I am making a Fathers Day dinner for my dad tonight.....only 6 days late, but it's better to spread it out anyways. Baby is coming over too, and his mommy is bringing Apple Crisp for dessert. Yum!

Friday, June 20, 2008

More special people celebrating.....

June is just a crazy month........always has been, and I don't really think it will change. Dads, Grads, End of the year Dance recitals, and school leaving ceremonies. We have been very, very busy celebrating with our very special people, and loving every minute of it. My mom passed away 2 years ago yesterday and I just know how much fun she would have been having with us if she was still with us. I think she is smiling down from Heaven on us all, and I can really feel her presence and her love all around me this week. This last picture makes me smile......our little 3lb 3oz girl was born 14 years very best friend from high school and I had our first daughters 17 years apart. We are still very, very good friends and we have just added more and more people in our lives to love. D works very hard at her schoolwork and she looked like a princess last night. We are all so proud!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I am making memories mom would be so proud! I just came back from a lovely pre-school graduation ceremony, one more milestone for our little four year olds, with so many more to come. My mom loved graduations......and weddings........and most of all her family. These are some of the people that she loves from Heaven, I would post more but Blogger only does five at a time. I love you Mom, and miss you so much! Kisses and hugs from all of us!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


My beautiful daughter-in-law took this picture of her husband and his brother, his dad and his nephew. I absolutely love it! I added another three generation picture was taken at M and L's wedding, of my dad, his grand-daughter and great-grandson. I love it too!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day.....

.......and Happy 23rd Birthday to my baby boy! He has to share it with all of the dads every 7 years or so, and has had to share it with the grads for years and years. After all, he was born on the day before Fathers Day, and he was 10 when his oldest sister graduated and we have been celebrating ever since. When he gradded 5 years ago, we had the party of all parties and combined his 18th birthday with his graduation and it was a celebration like no other. I even hired a caterer as it was my last child, and it was like my retirement party too. I always knew that my job as a mom wasn't over, but it was about to change dramatically. No more making lunches, no more car-pooling, no more field trips, no more PAC meetings.......I think you get the point and I was very happy/sad about it.

A lot has happened since that June of 2003, and I always knew that I was out of a job but I never knew that Hubby would be too. Because as of that year, Nissan Canada was re-structuring his position as Dealer Satisfaction Co-ordinator to Mississauga, Ontario. He still had a job, it was just back east. Well, he took the buy-out and we had the summer off together. That's when he decided that I lived a very charmed life....LOL. At the time, I was only working part-time as I always wanted to be available to my own children, and my hours of employment were only 8 to 3, 3 or 4 days a week. It was rather perfect and I did decide that year that I was far too well taken care of. I got married so young, stayed home to raise our miracles, and yes, I did open my own daycare in 1994, but that was mainly to keep myself busy and out of trouble. And I only did it part-time. I felt so guilty way back then, but I think it made the miracles into much more independent, caring, compassionate people. They were raised with 3 siblings each, but the extended family was always important to them too. And it was probably the best birth control that I could ever give my teen-agers as they really did know that kids were work. It wasn't fun all the time. I thought it was, because I just love all the babies, but the babies grow up to be toddlers who in turn grow up to be pre-schoolers and then they usually head into school where I have had a lot of teachers thank me for all the work that I do with my children. I make their jobs easier.........and I figured out that that was a good thing.

I worked for the Ministry of Education in the early part of the 2000's and it was the greatest job in the whole world. I was the parent participant on Provincial Accreditation teams and they paid my travel expenses as well as a daily honorarium. I was assigned to a hotel for a week in various other school districts in BC, with a group of teachers and principals whereas we assessed other schools. They were one week contracts and I just had the most fabulous time, living in hotels, eating out and working on a team for a few short days. My fondest accreditation was Walnut Grove Secondary in Langley, (don't get me wrong, the others were good too) but the high school scene is just so different than the elementary school. My niece is just finishing up her Grade 9 year at that school and it was a school like no others. The principal was married to her job and I was disappointed to find out that she did retire last year. She was simply amazing! And her school was even more amazing!!! And living in Walnut Grove for a week at the Holiday Inn Express during Halloween week was very, very memorable. They phased out External Accreditations in 2002 and I was very proud to a part of them, albeit short; they were great opportunities and learning experiences.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday, the 13th

What a fantastic week! We just got back from Mediterranean Night at Meadow Gardens where we celebrated #4's Birthday. It was superb, and I am so very, very full. Thomas Haney's grad was also there and it was very fun to watch all the "paparazzi" taking pictures of their loved ones. Unfortunately it meant that there was absolutely no parking, but it was a lovely evening to walk in from the road. Hubby scored a spot but the miracles weren't so lucky. I also attended Pitt Meadows Grad this afternoon and it was quite the fashion show. The dresses on these girls were like ones you see in was a very expensive day for a lot of the population of Ridge/Meadows today.

I went to watch my niece's dance recital in Surrey last night and it was a fun night with sisters, daughters and nieces. (and of course Baby came along to charm all of the ladies) My little 10 year old niece dances competitively and she is extremely good at what she does. Like she told Miracle #1, "Dancing is my life!" It shows, and it was a great production by Affinity Dance Studio.

I went out for dinner at the new Kingfisher restaurant, by the Albion ferry, on Wednesday night and I know that I will be going back. The seafood risotto was fabulous and I had a grand time with my friend who I haven't seen much of since she started working. She and her husband celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on June 4th and he surprised her with a beautiful 1.5 carat emerald cut diamond ring. It is absolutely the most gorgeous piece of jewelry I have ever seen and she deserves it. It's the engagement ring that she never did get so many, many years ago and it was well worth waiting for. She gave him a trip to Daytona 2009 and he was very surprised about that too!

On Tuesday, Hubby and I went to watch one of our favorite 8 year olds play ball hockey, we did some errands, and I scored a quick dinner out. On Monday, Shannon and I went to Costco in the pouring rain and we got some great stuff. Mostly food, but as Shannon pointed out awhile ago, if her and I lived together, we would be extremely fat, but extremely happy. We are very bad influences on each other, because we love all the good stuff, but our common sense tells us that we shouldn't really have it. When we are together, we just go with the Life is Short attitude and sometimes that isn't all that sensible. Luckily we don't do that very often, and we certainly aren't as big as we could be.........but then again, we aren't as small as we could be either.........

The weekend is starting tomorrow with another high school graduation so I had best get some tidying and laundry attended to as it will be here before I know it. A bunch of young men just left my house to go to Karaoke night and their evening is just beginning. As fun as it all sounds, my jammies and my comforter sound way more inviting. G'night, sweet dreams.....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

100th Post

And what better way to start the day.......but with a cute little boy and his smile that I finally got a picture of. He has been smiling for a long time, but was fairly chintzy with them at first. And then every time I got the camera out, he would stop. We call him Mr. Serious, because we used to have to work so hard to get them, but not so much any more. He is getting quite the personality, and is smiling more and more. This one is for Grandpa, who works very hard to get a grin. I just love the dimples!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's June-uary!

Wow, it is sure cold outside! And rainy too! Vancouver met it's record cold of 1954 last week and this week doesn't seem a whole lot better. Like five degrees every day is just not cutting it. It did get a little warmer yesterday, but I sure hope that it gets up to 15 or more.

I went to have some tests done on my eyes yesterday and that was interesting. My corneas got pressure readings and then I did a field test.......I am going back on Monday for a refractory test. Everything is checking out well, and it looks like the glaucoma is very late-set so I by the time it actually does arrive, I will be very, very old. That was good news! The power of prayer, it's a wonderful thing and thank-you to all my friends who are doing that for me. I appreciate it very much.

David Cassidy was everything I could have hoped and dreamed for!!!! We had tickets in the 16th row and we ended up front and center, dancing to the music, and listening to all of our favorites. We could have touched him, we were that close, but he was sooooo sweaty, that that was just a little bit yucky........LOL. I am so disappointed that I left my camera at home, it was such a crazy Saturday that I managed to leave it on the desk because I was going through all the grad and family pictures that I finally managed how to learn to post on Facebook. Blogging is still easier to me, but it was fun to learn something new. My almost-18 year old niece talked me through it and it sure is slow in uploading, but I am enjoying my albums, alot!!!! I plan on making more.

A couple of the miracles ran the Run For the Ridge 10k race on Sunday and they managed to post their best times ever.......#1 did it in 58 minutes and her friend did it in 51 minutes. #4 ran it in 48 minutes and I am sooooooo proud of all of them! #1 was so funny because she always wants to beat her brother, and because she is this little tiny female, vs. he is a male, I just don't really think that will ever happen. She finds it frustrating because she runs 3-4 times a week and he might go out 6 times a year and he just does what he does. But because he is a boy, and she is girl, I don't even think she should try to compete with him.......she just needs to compete against herself! Or not at all, the fact that she can run 10km as often as she does should just be rewarding least, that is what I think.

Baby is 17lbs 5ozs with a diaper and undershirt on. He went for his first shots yesterday and apparently smiled through the first one, but was definitely displeased for the next three. Four shots, these little guys get sure is different than when I had children! #3 took her brother along for support and they did great. She booked his next ones in 2 months for when her husband can even come, but she said all was well, and Baby was so mellow yesterday when I saw him so I am glad that it didn't bother him too much. He was smiling and gooing, with his four little band-aids on his chubby thighs........we all felt bad for him but he was none the worse for wear. The public health nurse was flabberghasted that he is so big and all he has is breastmilk......#3 asked if she was over-feeding him and she was told that you can't do that with just breastmilk. It's something to brag about, according to the nurse. And he really doesn't eat that much, every 3 hours or so during the day, and usually 6 hours at night. He is definitely big enough to sleep through the night, but I guess just not mature enough. He is doing very well!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Uncles and Nephews

I really like the way that the young guys are taking care of the old guys, and they look so happy. I think it is the way that it should be......

My Niece's Graduation

.......we had another celebration this's been quite the year for milestones in this family........I would like to say that we seem to be done for awhile, but I don't think we are.........we are just one big family and we like to share our love........

Friday, June 6, 2008

I am so excited........

.........about my weekend that I could barely sleep! It's looking to be pretty darn fantastic, if I do say so myself. I am pathetic, I know. An aging rockstar is making me into a is just very, very fun!

I do have lots of other fun stuff planned, starting with tonight. I have joined a book club and my first meeting is this evening. So fun, and I am really looking forward to meeting with my friends, and also meeting some new ones. I think there are 12 of us altogether and I know about half of them, but we all know how it can get when a dozen ladies get together and we get talking......And I am really looking forward to reading a new book. I haven't really been doing much of that lately and I do love, love, love to read! I have been pacifying myself with snippets of magazines and newspaper articles, but there is nothing like getting into an adventure and immersing myself.

And tomorrow my little niece is graduating from the second class of Samuel Robertson Technical school. She is ever so excited and so are we! I get to go to the ceremonies, and then the whole family is going for lunch and pictures. Another milestone, another ceremony........we are getting awfully good at it around here! I was with her in February when she got her dress, it is purple and she looks stunning in it!

And then it is the night I have been waiting for........I am so glad that we didn't even get tickets until yesterday, as I would have become a complete space cadet. I have had wedding brain and baby brain in the last few months, but David Cassidy brain is fairly inexcusable. But it will be so fun and my friend in Calgary facebooked me yesterday with great envy. I am going to have twice the fun, just for her!!!

Sunday is still fairly open, but filling up quickly. Church and a lunch date will take up the first few hours, and then I am really hoping to meet a friend for tea. She started working full time in April, and so between Baby and Wedding, I have connected up with her at a few showers, but it just isn't the same as a face-to-face with no distractions and a pot of tea. The Canucks didn't make the playoffs either and so I will also blame them, because she is my hockey buddy and we usually connect 2 or 3 times a month in the Winter. I am looking really, really forward to my weekend!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Reliving the past

My friend is way too smart.......and this is what she did to my facebook profile picture today.......everytime I see it, I just laugh. We are so silly!

I am going to David Cassidy!!!

I am so excited......giddy as a teen-ager, actually! My friend and I are going to go to David Cassidy on Saturday night, I am looking very, very forward to it! Silly that something this lame can make me into such a happy person........isn't there something said about small things that amuse small minds........LOL

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's feels like October!

What a dreary day........outside, that is. I hear that the rain is supposed to continue for the rest of the week, and it just feels cold and damp. I turned the heat back on inside, so we are toasty and warm. The children and I started out Fathers Day crafts today and we are just waiting for them to dry before we can do the next step.

I have had a lovely few days, despite the rain. Sunday was way too fun, as I got a great surprise by going out to the White Spot for breakfast before church. I figured that Hubby would sleep in because he had worked the day before, but we were ready to go by 8:45 and leaving the restaurant by 9:30. Plenty of time, we were even extra early for the 10:00 service. Our great waitress, Nina, was so friendly and so efficient!

So that was a very pleasant way to start off the day, the rest of it sort of went according to plan. We had way too much fun in Sears, Old Navy and H&M later. My little grandson will be the best-dressed baby in town this summer........

Went back to the naturapath on Monday and I had some issues that needed to be worked out. I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that she is having a baby in 2 weeks........look what happens when I don't pay attention! And I am good with all my new meds........she gave me some eyedrops that reverse aging so that was I really went for was my eyes. A bunch of other little stuff, but I checked out really well. She didn't even think it was such a huge problem that I had gained weight........she told me that I looked great and that was a very nice compliment, especially considering the source.

#3 and Baby were over on Monday and Tuesday afternoons and that is always such a treat. We took my daycare kids to Club Caribou for the afternoon and they had fun, and we had a nice visit and some lunch. I went out for tea last night with a very good friend and I just love tea with a friend.........I was reprieved yesterday, as I didn't have to finish a bit of paperwork as my licensing officer phoned and rescheduled. It was so nice to get out last night and thank-you C, for a wonderful evening........

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Our Little Love

Here is our little man with Miracle #1, she just loves him to pieces.........we all do, but as you can see, she is very happy holding our sweetheart. He went in to get weighed on Friday, and at 8 weeks old, he came in at a whopping 16lbs 5ozs. He's heavy, and has just learned how to self soothe and put himself to sleep. He is giving Miracle #3 a fair bit of rest but has never gone more than 6 hours. But now that she doesn't have to rock him all the time, I know that her chiropractor will thank her.........and so will her back and her shoulders. He still likes to cuddle though, and I got to do that this afternoon for a bit. Just snuggles right in.........he's just a happy, happy baby.

Family Pictures

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Where did the sunshine go?

It was summer yesterday........and now the rain is back. I was just reading the newspaper, mosty the sports and weather and I guess it's supposed to get nicer later. I was reading the tributes to Luc Bourdon, our Vancouver Canuck who died in a motorcycle accident on Thursday. It's affected a lot of people and yes, he was way too young! When #3 phoned to tell me about it, she said she felt like she had been kicked in the stomach.......I personally just wanted to cry........I held it together as I was making lunch for 6 little children, but wow, what a way to change a mood, really quickly. He was way too young, and I am very sad for his family and friends.

On a positive note, Baby and his mommy went for their six week check-up yesterday, even though it's been eight weeks. Little guy is already 16lbs 7ozs with diaper and undershirt on. He is sooooooooo cute, and sooooooooo chubby! Everyone makes comments about his double chin and his sister calls him the michelin man. His daddy took care of him on Friday night so his mommy could go to a movie with some friends and I guess he didn't settle very well. It's amazing how those little guys just know when their mommy is missing........and of course, he is a little more fussy at night anyway. When #3 came home at 10:30 he was asleep in his swing and nobody would have ever known that he had given his a dad a run for his money!

We went to friends for dinner on Friday night and had a really great dinner, barbequed steak and all the yummy! We laughed way too much and had a fabulous time. We were spoiled last night too, with another barbeque (this time, it was salmon) with the family, at our new daughter-in-law's parents house. A great culmination to a great day!

Hubby had to do his annual inventory yesterday and put in an 11 hour shift.......he came late to dinner, but we saved him lots of food. There were 3 salmons, 3 different salads, baked potatoes and corn, as well as stuffed mushroom caps for an appy........oh, I am salivating just thinking about it again.........I even drank some wine........and I really, really liked it!

I,on the other hand, did not have to work, so I just played. I was up early doing abit of laundry and tidying.......went to the Superstore at nine and finally got some hard copies of the wedding to share. Bought a couple of really cute "Joe" clothes as everything in the womens dept was 25% off. Picked up a couple of really cute Canada Day shirts that are too small for Baby that I will have to exchange. (What was I thinking?........he already fits 12 month size) I went to a 2 year olds birthday party at Club Caribou and I was most impressed with their newly renovated party room........lots more open and makes lots more sense. I went back to pick up my pictures and hit a 25% off sale at Michael's when I picked up Fathers Day craft paraphanalia. It was only from 9 to 1 and I was there at noon, so I scored! Went and did a few more little gas, got my glasses adjusted, picked up a Sunny Start at Triple-O because I suddenly realized I was starving.......and found a really great little gift shop on Lougheed Hwy that I had way too much fun in and spent way too much money. I found a beautiful $92 teapot that I told my family about and they laughed at me. I agree, that is a lot of money for a teapot, but it was gorgeous! Matching cream and sugar for a mere $40 more!

I went into Coquitlam to watch one of my little daycare children in her very first piano recital. Too cute, and way too much fun! The piano teacher is from Sri Lanka and put on quite a feast for the intermission. I just had a samosa as I was saving myself for my feast later, but it was absolutely delish! I love indian food! Then again, I just love food..........especially the kind that somebody else makes for me..........I appreciate it very, very much!

So, there has been lots of fun and laughter.........lots of love........wonderful family and friends. Today, we will go to church, I have some paperwork to complete because Community Care Licensing is due this week. If I am really lucky, Hubby will get some more of the den put back together.........we got a new computer desk.......and then needed a cordless keyboard and mouse.....we have spent a lot of time at Staples this week. So here I sit in an almost empty room, with desk and computer, and it does look a little sparse. #3, Baby and I are planning to go into Coquitlam Center later and then to a cousin's for a jewelry party. Gee, the day is done and I haven't even started yet!