Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baby Update

So he is officially 24 pounds exactly! He can roll over from front to back and is really close at going the other way too. He is drooling like crazy and last night his cheeks were really flushed. He gave his mom a really great sleep on Thursday night and actually went 8 full hours, but made up for that the next night when he was awake every 2 hours. He likes his thumb, finds it a few times during the day, but isn't really so attached that it is always in his mouth. He loves people and smiles alot, especially for the ladies. He especially likes all of the little children!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


We are leaving on an Alaskan cruise tomorrow and I am really too tired to think of anything witty or profound to say. I still have so much to do to get things ready as I have Baby and his family moving in to take care of the daycare when I am gone. It is much easier to just close it down and lock the door, but this works way better for all of the families that I work for. And #3 is really appreciating making a little bit of extra cash while she is on maternity leave.

I still have a bunch of crafty things to cut out for Fireside Kids in the morning so I think I had best get at it while the last load of laundry is in the dryer. Hubby has started to pack but I think I will wait until morning and then just throw it all together. The nice part about leaving from Vancouver is there isn't any flight to catch and from the time we board the ship just after noon tomorrow, we can officially relax and enjoy our beautiful skyline. So I guess if I don't get much sleep tonight, it won't really matter as I will have a whole week to catch up. Sooooooo, we are officially outta here!!!!! See you all in a week!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Grandma's little helper

When I took my training course, I left Baby and his mom in charge of the daycare. They did a a fabulous job and they had a lot of fun with it. Here's my little helper, just after a visit to the park!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Roots of Empathy

I just finished a 3 day training course to become a Roots of Empathy instructor. It will take me another 9 months to get certified but it will be worth it in May when I complete the actually delivery of the program. For information you can go to their website at but it will give me some purpose and direction for the next school year. Because I am always looking for purpose and direction! I love my, I like my job, I love my children. But I do get tired of always being the smartest person in the room. I crave adult conversation and validation and this will help me. It won't totally fulfill it, but it will help. Ironic as it is, as it is still with children, it will give me a morning out, once a week to do something a little different......a little bit less predictable......and a little bit challenging. I love change, and this seemed like such a perfect fit. Like it was made for me.......cuz I really do think that it was.

I first read about Roots of Empathy in The Province a few years ago and I know I have also read magazine articles and local press coverage since then. At the time, I investigated taking the instructor program and it cost $800 and it was only held in Toronto. The key point person that I talked to was actually more impressed that I could probably find her babies to work with in the classroom than having me actually help with the delivery. I was was a possibility, but the timing didn't seem right at the time. So in June, when I spoke with my teacher friend about it, as it was just wrapping itself up in her Grade 4/5 classroom, I listened again with great interest and passion. She was able to get the me the name of the District contact person and everything just fell smoothly into place. I commuted to Mission for the last 3 days and had an intensive and overwhelming training program with some of the greatest, most intelligent, empathetic women I have ever met. The majority of them were social workers, but one Drug and Alcohol counsellor, one Aboriginal Liason officer and one self-employed child care provider rounded out our group. The program was made for me, I know that when Mary Gordon, the founder was thinking about who could instruct this program, she was thinking about me! School District #42 and the Ministry of Children and Families were good enough to provide the funding, (which according to one of the ladies, was $2000) and I am very inspired and honoured to be doing this!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


So I started out on Friday night by being rejected at the Blood Donor Clinic, for the third time in the last year. I was thinking that 3 strikes and I really am out but ended up chatting to a young lady who comes 5 or 6 times a year with her husband and is rejected every time. Never gives up and figures that one day it will happen. #4 goes quite often too and maybe I should just keep trying with him.....they take his blood every time and he is so faithful at going. My iron is always too low, every time that I go, that is the same dilemma. And this time I ate my Cream of Wheat faithfully, which I really think tastes like sawdust. The young lady at the Blood Donor Clinic says she makes hers into a pancake, and adds syrup......she claims it isn't too bad that way. Hmmmmm.........

Baby and his mom came over Friday night and we went for a nice walk while his daddy had gone to the football game. He is just getting cuter and more personable every time that I see him. He really likes his stroller and inevitably falls asleep every time but it made for a really nice Friday evening. I went to a Come Play With Us! Conference yesterday and I am really glad that the Keynote Speakers were good, because the workshops were just okay. Maybe after 20 years of attending ECE conferences, I am just hearing the same thing too many times over........but it was still fun to network, and I even won a door prize. Lots of new finger play activities! And I also got a catalogue for SPECTRUM which was good because they had lots of fun stuff that I haven't seen before......but then I haven't been to Creative Children in awhile either. I was very reserved and didn't spend as much as I could have, and winning the felt activities sure helped with that too.

Came home to a freshly vacuumed house and Hubby had made a lovely dinner; then we went to church and had a lazy evening watching the last of the Olympics. It's over today and Canada did pretty good, considering they were shut out for the first week. Came back with 18 medals this week, according to today's newspaper. It's very dreary out today, we were thinking of heading to Birch Bay but I don't think that is gonna happen. It is weird to have a Sunday that there is not a single activity planned for, but I do have a ton of paperwork that is calling my name. I am off to a course in Mission for the next 3 days so there is lots to get ready for the week too!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Four and Half Months Old

I love my pedorthist!

Isn't that a great word? He told me that he went to school for 6 years to learn how to do what he does........and that is to examine people for orthotics. I picked mine up yesterday and they are quite the contraptions......2 pair, actually, and they are both very different. One pair is a full foot to go into my running shoes, and the others are half of a foot to fit into my dress shoes. I also have one leg that is one whole centimeter shorter than the other. I always knew that one leg is shorter, but I didn't know by how much. I think that is a lot, but he didn't and either did my chiropractor. Nothing that a little heel lift can't fix!

So now that I am all straight and aligned, I am ready for my half-marathon in October! NOT!!! Now I have to go back to Square One again and get my hip working properly in alignment. I have had my heel lift for a couple of weeks and the pain in my left hip has been rather intense, as I straighten out my body in the way it should go. Now that I have new orthotics, I hope that this is an easier transition, because it is less than two months away! Like my chiropractor told me though, it's not that I cannot do this, the object is to be pain-free the next day!

It's been a busy week, lots of social time, lots of fun with the children. I went to a funeral yesterday for a man who lived to be 84. It was a wonderful memorial.........and we can all only dream to live such a wonderful life! A life well-lived, according to the pastor, and that is very, very true. He loved his God, and his family and he served them well. I can only hope to live to be 84, and to be that loved and well-respected. He is in Heaven now, with his wife who died 2 years ago, and with his saviour, Lord Jesus!!! How cool is that!!!??

Monday, August 18, 2008

Shopping all weekend!

That's pretty much all we did this past weekend. Ended up at Lougheed Mall on Saturday, then we headed to Coquitlam Center, and then even to the hockey card store. Baby was not impressed that the Pitt River Bridge was backed up on our way home but #3 was sweet and had bought us pizza for dinner. So at least the adults stomachs were taken care of, and Baby was accomodated, but he still complained from PoCo to MR. So cute, and as soon as we passed Superstore, he was lulled to sleep and that was the end of his complaining. He does like his carseat now, but he only falls asleep if we are moving.

Got home, went to church, #1 came back for leftovers and a visit and we made it a fairly early night. Sunday started with me greeting at church, then a big Costco shop and then a couple of the miracles and I headed off to Bellis Fair. Border line-ups were minimal, even though the radio said it was an hour, it was half of that. We ended up leaving Baby with his daddy and #3 did very well leaving her son for 6 hours and 50 minutes. She was on countdown as we came in from Mission as she was missing him terribly. Came home and he was sound asleep and his daddy said he was very, very good. We did well in the States as we had been looking for some good deals on baby shorts as our baby has grown into 18 month size already and all of his summer duds were getting too small. We had looked on Saturday, but to no avail. Sunday was much more productive and #4 was really happy with his bargains as well. It was an all-round wonderful weekend and the hot weather has disappeared now too, so it will be a welcome break to let the rain fall and water the grass and gardens........

Saturday, August 16, 2008


......are so relaxing! We started our Friday off really great by heading to Mediterranean Night at Meadow Gardens, for #1's belated birthday celebration. It was the first chance that we were able to get all 10 of us together. Yes, I said 10, because #1 brought along her friend. Usually we are 9, but it was nice last night to be 10. Unfortunately, Swan-E-Set was closed due to a tournament which meant that Meadow Gardens was extremely crowded and they had lost our reservation. "Next time, take the name of the person who takes your reservation, so it won't happen again." is what I was told. Well to be honest, this has never happened before and I don't really expect it to happen again, and obviously whoever should have gotten in trouble, didn't. We had a good night and I was glad to head to bed at midnight when everyone all left! The miracles all came back for some wine and visiting, so it made for a late night!

I had some errands to do this morning, and Hubby and I had a wonderful breakfast at the White Spot. It was crowded too, but they were very efficient. Baby and his mom just came in the door and we are headed to the Mall, so it is going to be a very fun day! We do all love to shop!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Middle of August

So after a truly crazy day of work, this is what God gave me to look at!! It's not the greatest picture and it doesn't give the truest of colours, but it was so beautiful last night when I ventured outside to get some warm air. As much as I love my central air, I was turning into a popsicle last night when Hubby and I were watching the Olympics, so I went out to see how really, really hot that it was. The news reports weren't was rather warm out!
I had a nice little chat with some neighbours who were also enjoying the sunset, and we commented how we had all seen the raccoons who had been visiting us in the last few weeks. The children and I were all outside on Wednesday and even though the mommy and her two babies were very, very cute.........they were also very, very bold. Each step backwards that we took, the raccoons would come one step closer to all of us. Now, I was outside with seven little children under the age of 7, so my strategy if they decided to charge us was a little bit vague and unsure. One of the dads drove up to pick up his children and they weren't afraid of the truck, nor of his approach. It concerns me enough that we didn't even venture out yesterday at all, as I don't really like the idea that they are still wild animals and could very easily hurt one of the children that I care for. it was way too hot to go outside yesterday anyways, but it won't stay this hot forever.
It's been a good week, but sad too. One of my friends lost her father this week and as much as we all rejoice that he is in the arms of Jesus now, it is still sad for her and her family. She was his angel here on Earth as he has been in hospital for the last two years and she was a wonderful daughter, who went every day to feed him and visit with him. I also took a week-long shift last Spring when M went to Alabama and I truly enjoyed my visits with this gentle, kind, loving man. He was sooooooo grateful for all that I did for him and the other patients in Baillie House were very entertaining to say the least. My one friend says that her objective in life is to never get too sick to have to end up in The Home. But I really liked it there, and Mr. M, for the most part said he did too. Never, ever did he complain......his mind was still sharp as a tack, it was just his body that didn't want to work any more. After his last stroke a few weeks ago, we all knew that it was just a matter of time, but it is still very, very sad for all of the family. We will miss him!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

22 Pounds 13.4 Ounces

That is a very big boy! And he is just over 4 months old. I would post a pic but Blogger is being a little bit un-cooperative right now. And there really is a lot of recent ones on here anyway.

Baby went for his four month shots yesterday and pretty much smiled through them all. I guess it helps to have his chubby little thighs. It was all good, he brought his mom and dad over for dinner and we had a nice evening watching the Olympics and letting him sleep. He still sleeps an awfully lot. I guess that is why he gains half a pound a week. On just breastmilk!! The public health nurses are always so surprised and very pleased.

His daddy is scoring lots of brownie points with me these days. #3 went to Feist with her girlfriends last week and he took care of his son for six hours, all by himself. I phoned once and he informed me that everything was completely under control. Takes the bottle of pumped milk without any we all say, he likes his food too much to rebel. But I just remember when mine were little, they just always such fusspots in the evening. Not so much for Rolie Polie Nolie........he isn't as content, but not really fussy either. Likes his mom a little more, but then he really is only 4 months old. Out of sight, out of mind! His mom claims that she misses him way more than he misses her, and for that she should be truly grateful.

And then on Sunday, #3 had soccer practice for a couple of hours so Baby and his daddy went up to Langley Farm Market and did the produce shopping, and then they came back home and swept the floor and vacuumed the house. Impressive, I say, very impressive!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So the one thing that I think that I have learned the best about being a mom, and about being self-employed, is how to be flexible. Things happen. Things change. Children get sick, and they do the unexpected. One of my little guys dislocated his elbow last night. I guess his brother "flopped" on him. They are 2 and 4 and they were being typical little boys and the big guy got the best of the little guy. Who saw this coming? Probably no one as that is how fast it happens. His mom and dad feel so bad and I feel especially bad for the older one as his privileges are pretty much non-existent this week. Personally, I think he feels bad enough as he had to watch his brother writhe around in pain as they waited for the ambulance to come, had to watch the paramedics work on his little brother, and then watched him get taken away in the ambulance. Now if that isn't traumatic enough, he isn't allowed to watch tv or play computer games for a week!! Now a week to a 4 year old is pretty much eternity, so that is going to be tough. He does come here 4 days a week, and I was told that I should also follow through on his punishment, but I just don't think that is feasible. We will see.......

And yes, I do feel bad for the little guy too, as he went though a lot of unnecessary pain. The dr was going to let him leave the hospital without popping it into place......told them it would do it all on it's own when it was ready. Now that is cruel!! The parents were insistent that he pop it, so he did and now this morning you would never even know he was hurt. It's going to take some doing just to keep him calm. All I know is that 3 children came without hats so we won't be going to the park as planned. And the climber at the playground doesn't really seem like the smartest place to be when you have just dislocated your elbow. Soooooo, I have to flexible and change it up, and I believe that we will be doing a lot of crafts today. Such is life.......and having to be flexible!

Monday, August 11, 2008

In my opinion.....

........I don't think that men over 60 should be mowing their lawns without a shirt. It happened last week and I saw another one today. I think it should be against the law!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Now for anyone that knows me well, knows that I have never really loved a matter of fact, I really never, ever even watched it for the first 20 years that I was married. Everyone else in my family did, and I joined them sometimes to catch up on news and to see what they were watching. I watched the kids movies, and then it was Party of Five and 90210.......Hockey Night in Canada.....The Transformers.........Survivor, Big Brother and a whole lot of home renovating shows. The tv was on and I just joined in so I could see what all the fuss was about. Now, I do like hockey, it is probably the one thing on my list that I still watch.
And I have even added a few favorites of my own. I like Eli Stone, and Grey's Anatomy, House and John and Kate Plus 8. I did like Ugly Betty when it first started but now I think it is gotten a little bit too far-fetched. I like tv.....I still don't love it, so you will all find it quite amusing that we bought a 50 inch plasma television yesterday. Because it was raining and we were bored and we went shopping. So on a whim, totally unresearched we made a $1599 purchase that I am totally mesmerized with. All of the miracles are rather impressed by it too. They were all over to have a peek, and help lift it in and help put the old one in the den. I think I love it!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Does he look like a pre-school teacher?

I am a very proud mom!!! Miracle #2 is now the new pre-school teacher at Rainbow Pre-School! How exciting is that?!?!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

In His Big Boy Carseat Already!

So he went for a trip to Chilliwack on Sunday, and this is what he did! He loves it now that he is higher up and can see out. Still rear-facing, but he's 22 pounds and he fits in this one a whole lot better. $300 for a baby carseat, and he was in it for four months........I am really glad that his mom says that he won't be an only child. His dad says that he will, and his mom disagrees. Time will tell!!!
This is just so darn cute......he looks like he is faking, but he really is asleep! It was taken seconds after the last one.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Turning 31.......and also 4 months old!

She had a lovely time with her aunties on Sunday.
New t-shirt!
Four months old already!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

BC Day

Well, the house has been vacuumed and picked up, the grocery shopping has been done, the spagetti sauce is simmering and we are awaiting the arrival of the family. Auntie and cousins have gone to Playland today, and the miracles are either working or relaxing. And here we sit. Hubby is watching tv, and I, as usual am stalking people on Facebook and answering emails.

It's been a wonderful long weekend!! Saturday started with a six year olds birthday party at Whonnock Lake, some shopping and cleaning up and dinner from Me'n'Ed's pizza, courtesy of Miracle #1. So yummy, their pyrogy pizza is the best pizza in existence! Baby and his mom and dad came by so his daddy could wash the car, we went to church and then my auntie and my cousins arrived from Calgary. We have had lots of fun visiting, and getting to know the children (who actually remember us very well from last year), and we all had a good time at the church picnic yesterday. Seemed like a low turn-out to me, but maybe we were just all so spread out. My cousin's children are 11, 8 and and 6 and extremely social so they all had a very good time.....except for the very end when a little bully decided to push our 6 year old off the slide. Twice!!! You would have thought we would have all learned the first time, but the little bully was very apologetic the first time, and we really believed it was an accident. Unfortunately, when it happened again, we sorta all figured it out. Too bad, so sad and we all forgive Little Bully.......I really do think he was only 3 or 4. Tough little guy.....I actually feel quite sorry for him. Our little guy is very reslient and holds no grudge.......I just love him so much. He's quite a unique six year old anyway, and so funny. As he left this am, he came back to give Hubby an extra hug, and said, "I just love your LEGO soooooo much!" We all had a good laugh, and off they went!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Miracle #1!!

Thirty-one years ago today, I became a mother. A teen-age mother. I had just graduated from high school, everyone else had great dreams and aspirations for me........and I had changed all of their plans. Because, I truly had made one of MY dreams come true. All I ever wanted was to be a mom. That was my dream job. It still is, always was, and I love being a mom. I think that I love being a grandma even more, but I still love motherhood.

Now, it has really never been easy!! Being a mom is the hardest job I have ever had, it is the hardest thing I have ever done, and it is still the job that will give me the greatest pleasure. I am a control freak........not something to always be proud of, but none-the-less, very true. It has taken me a long time to come to terms with that, but I know that I am. I like things done my way. Now, I know that it can't always be my way, but for the last almost-30 years, I sorta get it. Hubby says no to dr. says no to boss has said no to me, but not too many other people actually do. The children all have tried, but it doesn't really work for them. I say no a lot. I have said no alot. I still continue to say no alot. It's just that other people don't really say it much to me. They try, they fail, we move on. (It does really help that I work with children......and I am the boss!)

No one has tested me as much as my first miracle. She is the one who has taught me more than any of the other miracles, combined. She is the one who used to remind me of myself, more than any of the others. Not so much any more. She has grown into the most beautiful 31 year old that I know. She is a brilliant scholar, overcome diversity, learned from all things that life has to offer and I love her more than I can ever express. She was my baby, I was fortunate to stay at home and raise all my miracles to adulthood, and I was there for absolutely all of her life, and will continue to be there. I was there for her first words, for her first shots, for her first steps, for her first day of school, for her first day of university, for her first love, for her first heartbreak, for her first death of a loved one, for her first trip to New York City, and for all of the other stuff in between. I know that we both still have a lot more living to do and our mother/daughter relationship will continue to grow.........but nothing makes my heart smile more than when the phone rings and I hear, "Hi, mom." I love you, my baby girl!!! You make me proud!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Here is our favorite little boy, trying so hard to be a big boy!! Grandpa found him some really cute Reeboks in Burlington for a skookum deal so he is proudly showing them off. Bosco is his black lab who wasn't so sure about him when he was born, but sure loves him to bits now. Baby loves his great big dog too, the feelings are very mutual. Every time Bosco is near him, he just grins! And Bosco thrives on the attention.
Here is what Bosco does a lot of. He is very placid, but when you first meet him, he is way too hyper and way too excited. #3 was throwing a ball for him the other night and I was foolish enough to be watching with Baby and the rest of the the family. Luckily, I wasn't holding the little guy, because Bosco turned and ran head-first into my kneecap. Owie!! It has turned into a lovely bruise and Bosco felt sooooooo bad. If it didn't hurt so much, then I would have felt more sorry for him, but he hung his head immediately and came to give me kisses. It was very much an accident. After icing it and calming it down for 2 nights, it has turned various shades of purple and green, and now it doesn't even hurt, but it sure did when it happened!
My beautiful bruise by Bosco! I hope that his head didn't hurt as badly as my knee!