Saturday, November 29, 2008

I suppose I do.......

.......have a life that does not include the baby, but he is the most fun right now. I work, I have appointments, I see my friends and family. I go to hockey games, I watch movies, I teach Sunday School, and I prepare for the Christmas season. The days go by rather quickly and I really sometimes wonder how they go so fast. Lots of babies have been born this past month.....only one little girl and four baby boys. Last night I went to Chicago, the play, not the place, put on by one of the local high schools. It was superb, and I had a wonderful time with my friends. Today, Hubby and I finally braved the Malls and got a few things accomplished for Christmas. Still lots more to do, but it does feel good to finally get a start on the shopping. Miracle #4 put the Christmas tree up the other night and this is the earliest it has EVER been done, but it does look very pretty and Baby just loves it!! He is going to be a lot of fun this year as he just loves everything. Especially all of the lights!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

His First Portrait

Taken on November 23rd, 2008.......and being such a big boy!! The general sitting went fairly well and exactly one hour after this was taken, he was fast asleep in his mommy's arms. He didn't really want to smile, but I do LOVE this pic as his expression is rather priceless. He just got his first tooth yesterday and that is probably one of the reasons he sucked in his bottom lip.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Monday Night Football

Monday nights have turned into a favorite for me. Because it's Football night at one of the local pubs, and Baby's dad goes to see all of his friends and Baby and his mom come for dinner and a little play. It's my night that I have guaranteed Grandma time and I just love it. I get to feed him dinner and get him ready for bed and we just have a really nice evening. Being a Grandma is just the best job on Earth!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

27 pounds 5 ounces....... 7 months old! He is almost 29 inches tall and he is such a big boy! He fits size 24 month clothes already and went into a Size 6 diaper this week. Now if he would only sleep through the night, it would probably be a perfect life.........but that is asking for a miracle right now. He eats 3 meals a day now, still likes rice pablum the best but is okay with his vegetables too. Doesn't really care all that much for fruit. He did learn how to roll from his back to his stomach last night and was very proud of himself. (he's been going from his stomach to his back for awhile now) Babbles a lot but only says dada and baba. Sort of does pat-a-cake but it's a bit of a fluke when he actually does accomplish it. Still no teeth, but working very hard at getting them. He's at a really cute age right now, but I think I say that at every age. I am slightly partial to him!! My cute baby boy!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Isn't he a cute little teddy bear? We took him to the Mall and that was entertaining to say the very least. I have never seen so many dressed up children in the same place in my whole life! We didn't even care about the treats, we just loved to look at all the costumes. There were hundreds of children there.........and yes, it was raining, but they literally lined up to go to each store, single file, one by one, some two by two........

It did stop raining long enough for all the kids to get out in the evening and we only got 51 children. Gone are the yesteryears of almost 200........everyone I talked to said that the numbers were down, I know where they all were. At the Mall!!!

We celebrated Hubby's birthday......twice in the last few days. I do feel bad for him as the day after Halloween is not the best day to have a birthday. But he got spoiled with 2 dinners, some fun gifts and a cake after all. Hubby loves his sweets!!! To top it all off, it is my dad's birthday on the same day and we haven't even got to him yet. A trip into Coquitlam is definitely on the agenda!!

I have my first Roots of Empathy session tomorrow and I spent most of the evening prepping my material. It's been ready to go for the last couple of weeks, but did I had some last minute stuff that needed to get done. I just love all the materials, every time I go through it, it is more fun and more exciting! The 26 books are amazing!! And the baby toys are pretty cool too!