Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's snowing.......again!

Well, we might beat the snow record of 1964 yet........all we needed was another 0.7 cm for the month of December and we had it. Soooooo, I do believe we might just make it, as I just looked out the window and what do ya think?!? The record is 89.7 cm and that is in Richmond at the airport, but I do think we in Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows already have it!!!

It's been a very quiet New Year's Eve. We went to the grocery store and it wasn't as crowded as I would have thought. We watched a great Canada/US Junior hockey game on tv and Canada won!!! I had a nap this afternoon just so I could stay up late, as I am just so darn predictable and boring. I usually fall asleep on the couch watching TV, wake up just in time to see the festivities in New York or Seattle......kiss, kiss, hug, hug and I am off to bed. I think I am old.......but I can honestly say that I have been doing that since I was young!
Tonight we have the honour of was very last minute, but Baby is here and he is fast asleep in his crib. He is teething and gave his mommy a bit of a rough day......the plan was to take him out with them, but he really just needed to sleep. So he came for a bit of a play, and then went off to Dreamland before 9:30. Look how he is getting around these days, one minute he is on one side of the room and then I turned around and he was already on the other. Pretty good for a little guy who still doesn't crawl. He just pivots on his bum, and as of this week he can now get from lying to sitting and back again. Got another tooth last week and this week so that brings it to a total of 3, all on the bottom. He wants to wish you all a very Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

It's over for another year!

It is always so surprising how we prepare for months and then Christmas is over in the blink of an eyelash. The other most surprising part of this year was the amount of snow that we got. I am sure that there was at least 50 cm, but I never did go out and measure. It just kept coming and coming and coming. Made for getting around very difficult if you didn't have a 4X4. And we got stuck in our cul-de-sac more than once even though we have one. It was beautiful, but we gave out little SUV to Baby and his family to use on Christmas Day and Boxing Day as they had to get out to Chilliwack and Abbotsford respectively. #3 was extremely grateful, as she said they really wouldn't have made it down the side streets without it.

We remained housebound and it was actually quite nice. Our van made it to the other side of town with a little bit of difficulty on Christmas, but it needs to go back and get serviced once again. Spent $529 on it but that hasn't really fixed the stalling out problem. It's just ever so fun to be driving down the road and then there isn't any far it's just a matter of putting it into N and cranking it on and we really don't even skip a beat. But that's really not the way it's supposed to be,(especially when it does it every couple of minutes) so luckily I am on holidays right now and it is going back tomorrow to get fixed properly. Obviously it wasn't the just the O2 sensor......maybe it was the map sensor too!! And then again, I am not a mechanic so we will find out soon enough. I hear that I get to go out for breakfast when we take it in in the morning so I am happy about that. I just love going out for meals!!

We went to the Giants game tonight and they won, as usual. They only scored 3 goals though, so this is the first game that we didn't receive free appetizer coupons because whenever the Giants score 6 or more goals, then everyone in attendance gets a coupon for the White Spot. That really is ok, as I don't think that we can possibly even use the 10 or more that we already have. We do go out for dinner a fair amount, but that is ALOT of coupons to use before June.

I went to the Canucks/Senators game last night and that was lots of fun too. Vancouver didn't get as much snow as we did, but they did get their fair share. My cousin was in town and he phoned me from the Bayshore......when I talked to him he said that there wasn't much snow, but he must have had a water view, because there was at least 30cm. Then again, he grew up in southern Alberta, so I guess it's all in how you look at it!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Christmas!!

And this is what our house looked like on Christmas Eve, about 3pm. We had just gotten home from finishing up. I am guessing that there is almost 2 feet of snow and it was still coming down like crazy. The weather outside was frightful!!
It's much better now, as the snow actually stopped around 5 and that has helped out the road conditions. Christmas Eve service was cancelled and I was truly disappointed, as it just feels like something is missing. After dinner we walked over to our friend's Open House. (just around the corner, although the mounds of snow did make it more than a 10 minute journey) It's been a fun day.....I was supposed to work, but that got cancelled too. So I was able to attend to most of the chores and that was good. Didn't finish cleaning up, but I can do that another day. My dessert is done for tomorrow night and the Wife Saver is in the fridge, ready for tomorrow's breakfast. We are off to Baby's house in the morning where we will meet with all the miracles, and then #2 and #3 are off to their in-laws for dinner and more festivities. We are going to SIL and BIL's, and that is just on the other side of town, so I am glad that we don't have far to go. The forecast is for more flurries, and sunny in the afternoon. I hope that is right, as too many people had to cancel their plans for tonight and it would be sad to have to change it all for tomorrow too. Gotta run, as Santa still needs to come and we must go celebrate the birth of a King!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


As you can see, he wasn't all that fond of the jolly old soul, but at least he didn't cry. He actually reached out to him when he first met him and Santa thought that was a good sign. Santa told him that he had beautiful eyes and that eyes were the window to his soul. Valley Fair's Santa is really good.......he had been recommended to us for awhile and we waited until the 19th of December to actually go, so there was only a 10 minute line-up. Looking a little bit cautious.....he kept looking up at him and that would have been a really cute picture, but the elves worked very hard to try and get him to smile. No way, our baby didn't want any part of it, so this is Christmas 2008!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well, the cards finally arrived today (after a 2 week delay) and I still need to address some envelopes and print off some letters, but I think it is finally starting to come together. I have a few last minute things to get and I will, as usual, be out on Christmas Eve day, finishing all that will need to be done. I have a list that is starting to get shorter, but nonetheless, I will not be able to finish tomorrow as I am working. Sooooooo, the baking is started, the groceries are bought, some of the presents are wrapped and I have just over 48 hours..........No problem, it will get done, it always does!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I am so tired.......

.......but it is totally self-inflicted. We went to Trevor Linden night and the hockey game last night. Which was so well done and such a great evening!!! We beat the Oilers too, so that was extra special. But afterwards, I went with my friend to the airport to pick up her daughter. The flight was due in at 12:45 and of course, it was late, so that just made it an extra, extra late night. Walked through the door at 2:37 and fell into bed by 2:45. Got a couple of hours of sleep before Hubby's alarm went off and then never really ever did go back to sleep. Sooooooo, it will be early to bed for me tonight........I don't even think I will be able to stay awake for Grey's Anatomy. And I am actually supposed to go to another Christmas Concert tonight so that is questionable at this point too. I have been to two already and I really have enjoyed them. The children work so hard!! (and so do the teachers, I know that too!!!)

I can't believe that Christmas is only a week away. I am not ready.......but it is coming together. I gave Baby part of his present already as he really needed his winter coat this week. Didn't really think it was fair that he should have to wait and he doesn't know the difference anyway. Old Navy had their outerwear on for half price so I bought him a Size's a little big but that is a good thing!!

It has been soooooooo cold out for the last 5 days and the snow was absolutely beautiful yesterday!! I hated it when the windchill made it -17 on Sunday but it makes -2 and -3 of the last few days feel almost balmy. I still don't like it, but I hear that we are supposed to get more snow on the weekend and the cold snap is supposed to last until next week. That means we should probably have a white Christmas. For us, that will work out fine as we don't really have far to drive, but that is the treacherous part about snow is the driving. Not very many people in the lower mainland seem to know how to drive in it........

My van is not liking the cold weather either. As a matter of fact, I am quite sure that it hates it as much as me. Going in for servicing tomorrow and hopefully that will fix'er up for a while. This post is starting to sound rather whiny so I think I will sign off and come back later with an attitude adjustment!! Cheers!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

6 down, 21 more to go!

This is at the beginning of November.
And here she is a the beginning of December!
My little Roots of Empathy baby has such a great temperament and she is just loving coming into the classroom. She smiles and goos, and really loves the attention. It was fun to see how much she has grown, and the children just love it when she comes to visit them!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

On Countdown

Well, it's only 2 and half more weeks until the big day!! After spending the second weekend in a row in varying Malls around the Lower Mainland, I can honestly say that we are on the homestretch. Yahoo!!

We started our Friday night with leftovers for dinner, and #1 coming out to enjoy the evening with us at the Maple Ridge/Mission hockey game. #3 and #4 came as well, so did Baby and his Dad, and my niece was also there so it became quite the family affair. It was Teddy Bear Toss night, so it was rather fun. Only 6 seconds in and the Flames scored their first goal, so that was over quickly. Baby was very happy to sit and watch his second game of the season. It really does impress me how well he sat for almost 2 hours, just watching all the activity in front of him. Lotsa fun!!

And Saturday and Sunday have absolutely flown by! I scored dinner at Wah Wing last night so I was feeling rather blessed. Tonight was Shepherds Pie from Costco and that was quite tasty too. I have a whole lot of wrapping to start, but the Christmas season is starting to look a whole lot that the shopping is almost done!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Wonder of Christmas

Christmas is coming.....

.........Just in case, anybody didn't know. LOL!! This year seems to have gone by even more quickly than any other. It's December the 5th and we are all getting very excited about Jesus's birthday. Our house is decorated, probably the earliest ever but that is because Miracle #4 is on Winter lay-off and because there is a baby who visits who just loves all the lights and decorations. He is already 8 months old and he weighs 27 pounds 11 ounces. He measures 29 inches exactly. He is really loving all the Christmas festivities and it is so fun to watch the wonder in his expressions. His mommy is really trying to get him on a schedule and it appears to be working. He got his first tooth last week and still wakes up at least 3 times during the night, but other than that, he is pretty much perfect. He is a very, happy boy and trying desperately to crawl. For a boy that isn't quite there yet, he certainly moves around alot. I tried to take some pictures of him last night and he now sees the camera and comes for it. Makes photography just that much harder as he is always, always moving!

We have been making Christmas decorations this week and it has been fun for the daycare children to also anticipate the big day. They are very, very excited and their enthusiasm is contagious. My Roots of Empathy class was described as "antsy" the other day and that would be an understatement to say the very least! Baby Chloe made her second visit to the classroom and she is such a cute baby girl. Ever so laid back and complacent about visiting, and loving all the attention as 24 little children learn about her development. This theme was about crying and next month we are talking about caring and planning. It's been going very, very well!!