Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yit, Yee, Sum, Say, Mmmmmm......

.....luk, chut, but, gow, sup. And that is the extent of my chinese vocabulary. I am half cantonese, and a lot of people are surprised when they find that out. I don't know why. They don't think I look it. I think that I looked more chinese when I was younger, but I certainly see the asian in me......especially, as my sister points out, when we look at the pigment of our skin. We are yellow. I, personally, am rather white, but when we are with the white folk, she is very right. This is the doll that I bought at FAO Schwartz in Las Vegas. She was 25% off and I fell in love with her. I do love the asian look of people and decor, and #3 is especially enamoured with asian babies. I tell everyone that this is Nolan's baby sister, so I guess that makes her my grand-daughter. Not really, but the daycare children and I are having a lot of fun with her. My 3 year olds just love her and are taking very good care of her. Baby gives her kisses, although sometimes he just looks at her her with a very quizzical expression. He likes her eyes. I am trying to find a name for her. Any suggestions?

We went to the hockey game last night. It was a very subdued crowd, at a very subdued game. The outcome was a 2-1 win, but the pre-game radio show predicted a 5-1 drubbing of the Tampa Bay Lightening. I had never seen them play before and I won't be rushing back to see them again. And as Hubby and I listened to the radio talk on the way home, we pretty much had the same opinion as Dan Russell. Does anyone wonder when Mats Sundin is going to start earning his salary?

It looks like it is going to another nice day. I took the children to the park yesterday and we had a wonderful time. As a matter of fact, we were late getting back home for pick up time as we were having such a good time. Hubby phoned me at 4:50 wondering where we all were. Just enjoying the sunshine and having some fun with the 6 boys and 1 lone 10 year old girl. I was chatting to a lady whose children went to school with mine and M loved playing with her dog Hunter. #4 came with us and he was playing and having a great time with the 6 little boys between the ages of 3 and 7. I am looking forward to the weekend. #1 has been here since Thursday but I haven't seen her very much as our schedules conflict so much. Everyone in my house is still sleeping......but I have a naturapath appt for 10, Hubby and I have a sauna date, and he has a chiro appt. We are probably going to go watch a 11 year old play field lacrosse in Burnaby, and #1 wants to go to church tonight. There, the day is done and I haven't even started. We definitely have to fit a Costco shop in there as my cupboards are bare. I went to Langley Farms the other night as I don't think I have ever seen my fridge this bare either. Back to least we have sunshine! Cold, but still sunny!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Un, deux, trois......

And a kiss on the cheek for each of the numbers. That is how the people say good-bye in Geneva. I met my cousin at the Shangri-la last night for dinner. 9:15 pm.....more like dessert and coffee, but he is here speaking at a tuberculosis conference so he wanted to buy me a birthday dinner. Very fun and we caught up on each others lives............I tried to figure out the last time I had seen him and I think it was 3 years ago, possibly 4. He comes to town at least once a year, but I usually just chat with him on the phone. Nice to see that at 52, he still hasn't aged much and he is still my cousin from Lethbridge who I share quite a history with. And the reason I believe he doesn't age is because he never had children. Call me a bit of a cynic, but he went to school until he was 39, has five degrees and works for the World Health Organization. I just don't even think that it sounds realistic. He starts his day taking care of himself and ends the day taking care of himself. He says he really likes the hotel he staying in because it has a pool and he is able to swim every day. We talked alot about all sorts of different things, but the conversation about religion was the one I found the most memorable. It's because it's the one that I actually know more than him about........shhhh, don't tell, that's not very nice!!!

And on that note, I just read a wonderful book on the plane going to Vegas. It's called Heaven is Real by Don Piper and Cecil Murphey. I just loved it!!! Quick read, only 242 pages and I thoroughly recommend it. Loved that I could explain monotheism and polytheism to him to, and for that I am grateful to Pastor Brad!! I love big words, I just don't find that I need to use them very much in my every day life! As a matter of fact, it is best that I don't as the 3 and 4 year olds really don't care. Responsible, appropriate and respectful are plenty big enough for these guys!

It's going to be another great day. I can't believe that the snow is back, we only got a few cms but my lawn is now covered again. I know that we are north-facing and that is why all of my neighbours don't have any left as the sun melted theirs away. But I look outside and even though I think it, I really can't do it, but "I think I need a vacation!" LOL Anybody wanna come?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Quick Update at almost 11 months old

His daddy is trying very hard to take a picture of him for his cel phone. Look how adoringly he is looking at him!!

Showing off all of the teeth. As of February the 9th, he has eight!

Sweet and gentle personality. His new thing this week is "mm,hmmm....." When you converse with him, he agrees with everything that you say. Simply adorable!!

He is very good at playing independently, he is exploring his world!

Cute t-shirt from Whistler from Auntie and Uncle. He turned away from us at this point. Enough pictures already!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh, what a glorious feeling!!

To feel this loved and appreciated and really, really liked! I don't know where to even start to express how important that I feel, and blessed and needed. I just had the best birthday ever and I cannot even begin to put it all into words. I received cards and gifts and letters and phone calls and visits, not to mention over 40 Facebook messages, and then some email messages as well!! My friend Cynde is coming by today, a few people have already told me they will see me as soon as their schedules allow it and it just keeps on coming. The miracles were all here yesterday and the only one of my immediate family that I didn't actually see, was my DIL and she was working late. Her birthday is tomorrow so we have a brunch planned for next weekend when all of our schedules will let us fit in a family celebration.

The day started very early and I made a quick trip to the grocery store before the children started arriving. I picked up Baby and took him to Music because I enjoy watching him so much as he loves it so much. He went home to have a nap and I came home to do lunch and kindergarten drop-off with the others. Came home to a note from Miracle #4 that read something like, Gone out for a while, be back soon. I was in the kitchen getting my own lunch ready and cleaning up from the six little ones when #4 came in and asked me if I would go get #3 and Baby while he watched the daycare children for me. It was raining, and #3 had left her stroller in the car anyway. No problem, I never need an excuse to see Baby, but it was important to #4 that they come over. He was smiling and his body language definitely told me something was up, but I didn't know what.

Well, he had gone over and bought me a cake and it was very important that we have Baby and his mom as well as all of the children involved for candles and singing and cake. It was sooooo fun, and very, very sweet! Here is a pic of the aftermath of me blowing out less than half of my 49 years worth of candles! I just love it!!
After cake and snacks, it was playtime and after-school pick-ups. #2 came by for a quick visit and birthday wishes, SIL and Hubby came home from work, and my aunt phoned me from Churchill and we had a really nice chat. Talked for almost an hour and in that time T and B went over to Halu Sushi and picked up my birthday dinner, courtesy of C, T and N! Oh, I just love that restaurant and am so happy that they have re-opened. Mmmmmmm, shrimp gyoza, california rolls and edamame........mmmmmmmm! Miracle #1 came by later and had her dinner while the rest of us indulged in Dairy Queen. Mmmmmmmm.......skor blizzard.........mmmmmmmmm!!! Everyone left by 9:30 and that was another February 24th, pretty much over and done!!! It's been a Fabulous February and I need to thank all of my family and friends for being in my life!! I love and appreciate every single one of you!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vegas Birthday

Happy Birthday to Me!! I started celebrating way back in January, and I am going to take it right into March.......but what a February to remember. And just think, when I turn 50 next year, Vancouver is bringing me the Olympics. Isn't God awesome?!?!?!!!
This picture speaks for itself......I love Las Vegas airport, it's like no other that I have ever seen!
Outside our hotel........we stayed at the Monte Carlo. I asked for Hubby to take a picture of me and the fountain. Afterwards, I looked at it and said he missed the top part.....he informed me that he was focusing on the most important part and that was me!! Such a wonderful man, and I love him so very, very much!!
We went to see them on Saturday night. What a great show!!! I think that they are absolutely the best show in Vegas right now and the Flamingo just extended their contract for another 2 years. I have loved Donny since 1972, but I would really have to admit that Marie has more talent. They were superb and I love my autographed book and pink D and M souvenir glass. I had a strawberry pina colada and that was probably the best drink I have ever had. And I only just found out that I thought that a Blue Hawaii was the best drink I ever had!! LOL
Walking the Strip on our last day. Was really quiet at this end!!
Outside the Mandalay Bay. I think that this is my new favorite hotel. Wow!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

We are home.......

........and I am waiting for a load of laundry to finish and then I am headed to bed. Our plane was delayed because of an engine malfunction. I guess a sensor light came on as we were speeding down the run-way in Vegas, and that made us stop and turn around. First, they sent a technician in and within about 10 minutes decided that we were getting another plane. So that's what we did!! Probably, that is my most eventful story that I have about flying, and I am ever so grateful that the sensor light came on and we are safe!! Thanks for all your prayers........I did pray for us to be safe, I never did pray for us to be on time. We were only 2 hours late getting into Bellingham, the border line-up was a total of 3 cars and we arrived back in MR at about 1:17 am. I have unpacked all of my treasures, we took down a whole suitcase to fill and I lived up to my end of the bargain.......not to mention another extra carry-on. We had such a great time shopping! The Las Vegas Premium Outlet Center was even better than in Seattle. The Disney Store had 40% off 40%. They were practically giving stuff away and that's probably where we scored our best bargains. The Carters and OshKosh stores were pretty fun too. Baby will be so well dressed and I just love, love, love his new little DC shoes that we bought. Brought back 6 pairs of shoes, and not one of them was for me!! It was a very fun trip and 3 days wasn't long enough!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am ready!!

I know that our flight doesn't leave until 7:25 tonight, but I am packed and ready to go. The daycare stuff is done, my ROE material is ready for me to teach today, and we should be leaving Maple Ridge by 3 or 3:30 this afternoon. Hooray!!

I had such a wonderful time with my church ladies last the end, there were only 9 of us, but it was a small and lovely group. I laughed too much and ate too much and visited too much.......if that is at all possible. I absolutely love Wah Wing. And now I have more favourite dishes to order next time I go, because the General Pao chicken and the salt and peppery prawns were soooooooo delicious too. I have always loved the schzechaun beans, but all the new dishes that I tried last night were way too tasty as well. Let's face it, it is just a great restaurant!!

Came home and did a whole lot of paperwork as I am teaching Theme 5 of Roots of Empathy today because yesterday was a Pro-D. You know, just cuz it's already a crazy Thursday and I needed to add something else in there. That is why it was so important to get up and really ready this morning as Hubby is off at 1, he will get some errands done on his way home and I need to be packed and out the door when it is time. We are leaving out of Bellingham and I know that I will breathe easier once we cross the border but it is always that little bit of worry when we are flying out of the States. Please pray for us, for a safe and fun trip, and that we come back refreshed and relaxed. I do love Vegas, and we don't even gamble but we are planning to shop until we drop. And probably eat too much too. I woke up so hungry this morning because I ate too much last night, and that doesn't even make sense but it always happens when I pig out! Normally, I need to be up a minimum of 5 hours before I even feel like eating breakfast but not today. I ate too much at lunch too, so that probably stretched my stomach out even more. So now the hunger pangs are actually starting to hurt, so I should best get going and do something about that!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A little of this, a little of that!

Arrrgh!!! I am so frustrated with Microsoft Word right now!! So I have chosen to turn it off and come back later. All I have to do is write a letter to the school for kindergarten registration and the program is NOT cooperating. Later!!

Had a great day yesterday........the children have been so good for the past week that I have been home. They, unlike my computer, have responded lovingly and cooperatively. I always said that I like people better than machines!! We had Music Class, a lot of really fun Playtime, a very long trip to the park and before we knew it, it was time for them to go home. #1 came out for dinner and we went to the movie, "He's Just Not That Into Me." I liked it, as usual, chick flicks are my favorite. Came home to find out that the Canucks had won in overtime and that was a surprise as it was 1-0 for Calgary when we left. Did some laundry and headed to bed!!

Today is a District Pro-D Day and there are only 3 children scheduled to attend. My friend is coming for lunch but we are cheating and ordering in from the White Spot. I am looking so forward to it!! I get to go out for dinner too, so it's just starting out to be a perfect sort of day!! I am going out with a bunch of women from church to Wah Wing in Port Coquitlam. Oh, I am salivating already as I am craving Szechaun beans big time!! It's looking to be a very good Wednesday!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First Valentine's Day

We bought him a bib and a few books for Valentine's Day........and he loved his new Elmo book! He talked to the pictures and looked like he was reading it, and then he looked like he was reading it to his mommy. He is such a precious baby boy!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

In the past week......

Baby Chloe visited the classroom
We picked up a friend from pre-school, and played in the snow that has been here since December!
Our almost finished roof, this was Saturday afternoon.

We went out with friends to celebrate Valentines Day!

And we had a wonderful time!!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


It was our theme this month in Roots of Empathy. We learned:
~All feelings are okay, although some make us feel unpleasant
~We all share the same feelings
~We can help others who are feeling sad or mad
~We can help ourselves by telling others aobut our feelings
~When kids are mean to a friend or to us, we know we can stand up for ourselves and get an adult to help.

The children really responded well when Baby Chloe came for a visit and they all learned how feelings are contagious. We talked about how we can "catch a feeling" from someone else and how when Chloe is unhappy, then her mom is unhappy. When Chloe is happy, then her mom is happy. And when mommy is happy, then pretty much everyone else is happy too!!

Truer words were never spoken. I know that I dictate the mood of the daycare and all it takes is one bad mood or a grumpy child and the whole tone can be off. One grump usually produces another grump and the next thing you know then it is up to me to start an activity that will eliminate the mood. I am pretty good at it, but you have to remember that I have been doing this for 31 years. I wasn't so good at it way back then........I have learned alot since becoming a mom so many years ago!! I often apologize to my children for being so uneducated in parenting.....that I had to learn as I go. It is still the hardest job I will ever have!!

But my mood this week has been nothing short of euphoric!! Surprising what a little bit of sun and surf and especially the social time can do for the attitude. I also need to thank all my wonderful friends for their warm fuzzies this week.......M, S, R, J, C, S, C, T and J are the ones who come to mind, but the compliments that I have received this week have been nothing short of amazing!! I feel so loved and appreciated!!! I am still freezing cold but my little stint to Vegas on Thursday should help that. The weather here has been sunny, but not very warm, so that helps with others' moods; but I will be so happy when Spring is finally here. Took a picture at the preschool the other day when a couple of little guys and I decided to go kick some snow around while we were waitng for their friend. Looks like I live in Winnipeg!!! LOL The part that is so amazing is that it is the original snow that has been on the ground since December 17th, icy and hard now, but it has been here for 2 months!!

We had a lovely Valentines Day!! Went and had my hair done in the morning, went shopping in the afternoon, and went out for dinner with old and new friends in the evening. We went to Pyrgos Taverna in town and it was delicious. Laughed alot, ate too much and learned lots more about the places I want to travel to. It was such a great day!!! Today we will go to church, get some chores done and I get to go to the hockey game tonight. I made a comment to Hubby last night that I have never seen Montreal play, so I am really looking forward to that. He is hosting some of the miracles for dinner and they will have fun too!! We are all such hockey nuts!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day 2009

True love, my tulips from Hubby
Brother love, at the hockey game last week

Mommy love

More tulips from some of the daycare children

Grandma love, he gives the best kisses!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Half Way Through February......sort of.....

How did it get here so fast? Wasn't it just Christmas a couple of days ago? It's going by so speedily for me, and I guess it helps that I have a lot going on and it's mostly been fun. #1 commented to me last night that she loves reading my blog, as it is always so upbeat and positive. Well, I do I told her, but if I am having a bad day, it's likely I won't blog that day. I don't love my computer enough to complain to it........that's what Hubby is for, right? And my friends.......they love me and give me lots of advice and encouragement when needed. People are still way better than electronics!!!!

We are getting a new roof today!! It's my Valentines Day present!!! 29 years ago I got a house for Valentines Day, and I get a new roof this weekend. The roof cost almost half as much as my first! We have needed one for awhile and we were always going to have to go from shake to duroid as it was just more affordable. Well, God has been instrumental in allowing us to get a new shake roof at a price that is just too good to be true, so they start today. Serpentine Roofing cuts out the middle man, they are christians and business is a bit slow right now because of recession. We've been pricing out a new roof for almost 2 years now, but when the fellow from Penfolds checked it out 2 years ago, he actually told us we were good for another season. Well, after this past winter, I know we are living on borrowed time, and it is more than time. I am not looking forward to the noise in the coming days, but this company was also willing to work on the weekend so that I don't have too much inconvenience to the daycare. Wowsers!!........that's worth some $$$$ just so we don't have to endure the hammering and loudness!!

One more day and February is halfway over! I spent the first week in Hawaii, and this week reality has bitten more than once. I wasn't so sure I even wanted to come home but now that I am here it is ok. My dishwasher broke while I was away........turns out it was just a plugged water pipe. My repairman educated me on the Tang trickle..........has anyone ever heard of that? He says once a year we should sprinkle Tang in the dishwasher, and rinse and stop, rinse and stop, rinse and stop for about 10 minutes. It cleans out the pipes. Who would have thunk it? And if it does that to my water pipes, what on earth does it do to people's insides? I don't drink the stuff, but I know people who do.

It's been a hearts and flowers week!! We have been gluing and stickering and cutting and colouring and beading with the daycare children. I made heart-shaped meatloaf on Wednesday night........had a little 3 year old ask if he could stay for dinner. We made heart-shaped pancakes yesterday and the children loved them! Today is heart-shaped cookies, and a bit of a party. It's actually a party every day, but today we have a theme. Hubby surprised me last night by bringing me flowers 2 days early. I always get flowers for Valentines Day..........but this was nice because it was spontaneous and unexpected. I love that guy so much!!! After 30 years, he can still make my heart go pitter patter and make me laugh until I cry!! And the love that swells in my heart every time I see him with Baby.........and children in general..........sigh........I know my children read this, so I won't say any more!!! LOL

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hanauma Bay

Looking towards the Bay as we were walking down
#4, warming up on the beach

Look really close and you can see my favorite's black with white polka-dots!

More fish

It rained a few times on us that morning......#4 found it cold. I thought it was really warm in the water!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

10 months old!

And getting to be such a big boy now!!! Okay, he's always been big........he's just getting so grown up. He is finally in the big tub, as of Saturday night as he was always so frightened of the water running and the spaciousness. We tried again and he really liked it and looks so much more comfortable. He has a very cautious personality and I would call him an observer. He came to Music again yesterday and he sat and watched and obeyed for 45 minutes. And he was so so so cute, as we could just tell how much he enjoyed himself. Rocks to the beat, and pays very close attention to the music teacher..........won't take his eyes off of her actually.

He climbed up three stairs last night, much to his mommy and daddy's surprise. And was actually quite good at it from what I understand!! He is really starting to follow direction now. He can "kiss, kiss" when asked and when I told him the other day, "Do it again" he did! Still working on one bottom tooth, and is sleeping a little bit better than he was a few weeks ago, but it isn't consistent. So happy when he is awake though so the only people who are sleep deprived in his family are his parents!!! LOL

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Then and Now

Hawaiian Guy and Me in 1980Fire Guy and Me in 2009
All I can say is, "It's quite amazing how much I have changed in 29 years!! 3 more children, and 1 grandchild later........sigh.......There sure is a lot more of me to love!!"


It's amazing how good I can feel when I get 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep!! So refreshed and ready for the day..........I am much less air-headed that's for sure. Went to bed at 10 last night (actually, I was falling asleep in front of The Bachelor) and had such a great sleep. Woke up at 5 am feeling absolutely fantastic. It's been about a month since I have done that, not for any reason in particular, but I know when I get excited that my adrenal glands kick in and I think too much. So when I do wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning, it takes a long time to go back to sleep. I've always been that way, so after almost 50 years of being on this earth, it's a bit hard to change. Theanine works, but I usually have to take it for a few days before it kicks in, and then I ended up with a cold and then I was too pumped up because I was going to Hawaii, then I was actually in Hawaii, so it was kind of a vicious cycle. I get spacy when I am sleep-deprived, and I forget things way too easily. Lots of people are very forgiving of that behaviour but I usually beat myself up over it. I know how easy it is to just takes my body too much time. (in my opinion)

The last few days have been delightful! Baby and his mom have come over on Saturday, Sunday and Monday so I get to enjoy my grandson and his new antics. He changes all the time and a week is a long time in a baby's life. He's 10 months old now, and crawling quite confidently. Pulls himself up on furniture really well, walks holding our hands really well now. He has had a cold/virus for the last 10 days or so, and is finally starting to feel better. Lots of colds and flus out there right now.......tis the season!

Baby loves music.......he has rhythm! He rocks to the beat.........way too cute!! He got to go to Music Class when he and his mom took care of the daycare last week, and if the music is slow then he rocks slowly, if the music is fast he adjusts accordingly. We pulled out all my musical instruments on Sunday and he loves the maracas. I bought some new childrens CD's at Shoppers on Sunday (really good deal, only $4.99) when I picked up my 855 pictures. LOL. It's been awhile since I did any hard copies so all of my photo albums were in need of updating. That's what Hubby and I did on Sunday evening. #3 and #4 helped and it was really fun........I hadn't even done my Alaska pics yet and we went at the beginning of September. I have 500 Hawaii pictures!! We took over 800, and it was really hard to pick and choose. #4 is good, he has some on his Facebook profile, but I have managed to download mine into a different program that I am used to and can't find them. My lack of concentration because of sleep-deprivation wasn't helping and that is part of my computer that I will always dislike. I can find them when I go into My Documents, but I can't when I try to upload some on Facebook. Ask to be #4's friend and then you can see some of our great memories. Or come for a visit.......I actually have hard copies!! PS. Miracle #1, please phone your mother!!! Hugs!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Our Beach
More of our beach

Walking and Shopping

At Dukes for a buffet breakfast
I love Waikiki!! I know that a lot of other people prefer the other islands in Hawaii, but this is my favorite place because of all the variety. It's as fast-paced or as slow-paced as you choose. I love big cities.......they are my favorite way to holiday. The shopping is fabulous, the beach is still as beautiful as it's always been, and the eating establishments are wonderful. It's safe, and in February it isn't very crowded, nor is it as hot. I don't remember the colours and the sights and the sounds being quite this spectacular, but I must be getting older and more melancholy. I miss the sun, the warmth and I keep asking Hubby if we can move there. LOL

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Luau

On our last night on Oahu we went to a luau. It was awesome and it was a great way to end our holiday!! Miracle #4 said that each day that we were there got better and better, the more we went into our week. We arrived on time on Saturday night and got to our hotel just after midnight. We were pleasantly surprised that we had been upgraded to the 24th floor overlooking the beach, sunset side. We were both duly impressed!!
Sunday was spent on the beach, at the pool, and shopping and gawking. We were right beside International Marketplace so our location was excellent. We booked our tours that day and planned our week. Lunch was at The Cheesecake Factory and dinner was at Moose Mcillicuddy's. Best mai tai in Waikiki and the macadamia nut chicken was to die for!!! On Monday we were up bright and early for our pick-up to Hanauma Bay and snorkeling. This was one of the things that was important to ME as I wanted to do it on my honeymoon and then again when Hubby and I went for our 25th anniversary. Well, for all of you who know the wonderful man I married, this was something that he has never wanted to do and I just wasn't willing to do it alone. So I waited almost 30 years, and yes, it was worth it!! We had lunch at my favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant in the back of International Marketplace, called Fatty's and it was just as good as it was 4 years ago!! We walked to the Ala Moana shopping center, ended up at the Wal-mart behind it for a good many hours and took the bus back to our hotel that night! Believe me, we had too many purchases to walk back!!!
On Tuesday we were booked onto the Circle Island tour, so we left at 8 in the morning and went up the east side of the island to see all the beaches, around to the north side to see more beaches and the wonderful macadamia nut factory. We had lunch at the Polynesian Cultural Center and spent some time on a canoe ride and seeing some of the sights. We then went to Sunset Beach, more commonly known as the Bonzai Pipeline and that was as spectacular as I remember. To the Dole Plantation for yummy pineapple tasting and ice cream and then to Pali Lookout, and back to Waikiki. We arrived back just after 5:30, did a little bit of shopping and ended up back a The Cheesecake Factory for dinner!! I think it was almost 9:00 by the time we ate so it was back to the hotel and I needed some sleep!!
Wednesday started out a little bit later, we found Duke's on the beach for a fantastic all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet and then we went up to Diamond Head for a hike. Well, you couldn't have asked for a better day for a hike and then as an added bonus, we saw humpback whales in the ocean. Spent over an hour at the top and needless to say, it did not take very long to get down. It's graded as a moderate hike and it's just one of my highlights that I just love doing in Hawaii. Well, four years later, I really didn't remember all those stairs, but oh what at feeling when we got to the top. Euphoria, to say the very least!! Went to the beach that afternoon and went to Senor Frog's for dinner. I had the best Shrimp tostada that I have ever had and #4 had the jerk chicken delicious, or ono in Hawaiian!!! We visited some of the big hotels on the beach that evening and I made it another 9:30 night. I get up early and I was toast every night by nine.......we would sit on our lanai and enjoy the sights and sounds of Waikiki but I couldn't ever keep my eyes open past 10:00pm.
We started our last day on Hawaii with a 7:45 pick up at our hotel and that was probably the biggest thrill in my whole life when we went parasailing on the southeast side of the island. Way too fun and way too short!! We went tandem which is mandatory and we ended up on the Japanese honeymoon tour. They were all tiny and spoke very broken English, so imagine my surprise when the one fellow asked if we were on our honeymoon too?!? Too funny, and a real compliment to me, but not so much for #4. Luckily he saw the humour in it and we had really good chuckle!!! We were back at our hotel by 10, got cleaned up and then went to Shorebird's for lunch on the beach. I had the best Hawaiian Chicken ceasar salad and #4 went for a burger, Hawaiian style. Ono!!! We headed up to the Honolulu Zoo and spent the afternoon looking at lots of very tired looking and slow-moving animals. The 3 Sumatran tiger cubs were worth the price of admission.....triplet boys and they were great!! Got back to our hotel just in time to do a quick freshen-up and we were off to The Paradise Cove Luau. They picked us up at 3:40 but we didn't get out to the west side of the island until 5, and it was fabulous. I had done 2 other luau's 2 other times that I had been there and they were both at Germaines. They are rated #1 and #2 on Oahu and I thoroughly enjoyed both, but this one this time was way better for me. You pay a little more, but you get a little more too!! The dinner was scrumptious and I can only wish that my pork could taste as good as theirs!!! We both loved our night at the luau!!!!
We got up fairly early on our last morning in Waikiki and went to the beach, grabbed a quick lunch at Duke's and were picked up by our airport shuttle at 12:15. We met a psychiatrist and his wife from Maple Ridge on the bus of all places and he was so interesting to talk to. Again, they took advantage of a hot deal for a hot price, just to get out of town and get some sun and warmth. Only their second time to Hawaii and we all agreed that it was way too short and next time we were all coming back for longer. Met lots of great people on our holidays......Sabrina from Victoria on the plane going down, Carol from Florida on the bus to the luau, Cheryl and Jack from Alaska when we were on the other side of the island, Roderick from Texas, Maggie from Red Deer, Alberta and Dan from Sudbury, Ontario on the beach in Waikiki. I brought 4 books to read and didn't open them at all. Shame on me, but when we did have some down time, I was either people watching or sleeping. It was a holiday of a lifetime and our mother/son time was priceless. We both had super duper times, and it was bittersweet to come home. I missed my peeps though, and the greatest part is that I get to go to Vegas in less than 2 weeks and find some sun and warmth again!!!! Yahoo!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Water Pictures

A dip in the Bay in Hawaii, what a fun time!!
Parasailing was exhilarating......that is really us up there!!

This is when we were taking off, oh so fun!!!

Miracle #4 in Hanauma Bay

One of the fish that we saw!

Hawaii 2009

We are home from the perfect Hawaiian holiday! And we had such a great time!! Rather cliche but oh so's late and I cannot believe that I am blogging instead of sleeping. I think we have close to 800 pictures between the two of us and it was the holiday of all holidays. I used to say that my favorite holiday was New York City 2004.......well, I now have 2 favorite holidays. We swam, and snorkeled and shopped, and went on an island tour and ate, and shopped, and hiked and swam and shopped and ate, and went parasailing and swam and shopped, and went to the zoo and ate some more and went to a fabulous luau on the west coast of Oahu. Oh, and did I mention that we walked and laughed and ate alot? We loved our time together, I will tend to this when this old gal has had some shut-eye. I love 20-somethings, they are the best travelling companions!!!! But they tire me out!!!