Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Manic Monday

Yesterday. It really was.......exactly that. A manic Monday......'nuff said!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Finally!! I got a picture of him walking......he still is very unsteady but getting better and better at it every day. I love watching him, it's just way too cute! He still crawls about half of the time but it's just a matter of time before he is running!

Sunday was such a great day! The sun was out and it felt a little bit like Spring if you were in the sun, but I still wore my winter coat. I bought a new one too.......just because Sportchek has incredible deals on all of their winter stuff. Hubby keeps rolling his eyes, tells me it isn't winter any more......but I still don't really think that yet. It's still cold and mostly rainy, so that warrants winterwear as far as I am concerned. I know that it partly because I am hypo-thyroid, but I get tired of blaming that on everything. I know that Spring will eventually come and I will eventually feel warm again but I just have to wait until that all happens. I am not usually very good at waiting........

I have a new kitchen light!!!!! After we came home from Coquitlam Center yesterday, Hubby bit the bullet and put it up......without me even asking!!! It looks so lovely and I am very, very happy. I sat in the living room putting pictures into albums yesterday evening, and added moral support whenever I could. I had 773 hard copies made and made some albums from the last month. I started clicking in Vegas on Feb 19th, and that is how many I have snapped in just over a month. I am not even going to try and figure out I have deleted as well. I love my digital camera but I still love the actual photographs. I love going through my albums, and I love the memories.........my Mom would be so proud!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Super Saturday

We had another great day! I started it fairly early as I had some cleaning up to do from the night before and then Hubby and I had our chiro appointments at 10. My back and shoulder feel so much better now. As she commented, "You are very twisty today!" I liked that........I often feel twisty and never really had a word to use to describe it.

We did a couple of errands and then my aunt and her husband came to spend the day with us......and it was very, very fun! They drove in from Calgary to see my cousin and his family and because my cousin works on Saturdays, they came and saw all of us. All but one of the miracles were here for dinner again and the day went by very quickly and they were gone way too soon. I fell into bed shortly before 11 and now today is another day!! Miracle #1 says she is meeting us at church and then we have some 13 year old twins who need to go shopping. #1 and I are thinking about going to an afternoon movie but it will depend on whether we are finished our birthday shopping by then.........and when the movie will be. I am also really wishing that my new kitchen light gets put up........so hopefully that will happen too!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fantastic Friday

We had such a great day......again! Cousin Chase came for a visit in the morning and it is just so fun to watch the babies together. They are both very gentle.....cautious by nature.....little guys. Only a month apart in age and when we get them together, Baby is always paying attention and seems to learn the next stage of development as he watches. They were together last weekend and right after that, Baby decided he could walk too. Just by watching, he learns soooooooo much!

This is it folks! I cannot get a picture of him walking.....he just goes too fast!

Baby and his mommy, enjoying some outdoor play!

I can do it all by myself!
See! If I push my with my legs, I can move backwards!

This was Playtime at Daycare yesterday afternoon. Three of the miracles and 7 children are outside playing and having a great time. It was PPV last night and us womenfolk abandoned the four men and a baby and went shopping, and we had a really fun evening. L and C helped me pick out a new light for the kitchen and we scored with an almost half price one from Canadian Tire. Then we went and chose out some accessories for the newly painted kitchen. It's all coming together so beautifully. Hubby finally hung some wedding pics and Christmas pics after all the miracles left last night and my house is actually starting to look complete. It's really quite amazing how much more homey it looks with some pictures hung and the accessories put in place! I promise that I will post some decor pictures soon!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Yay Grandma....or Ma Ma.....or Paw Paw....

I learned some new words in Chinese in the last couple of weeks and I am mulling them over. For a paternal Grandma, I would be Ma Ma (with inflection) and for maternal Grandma I would be Paw Paw. I kinda like them......leaning towards the Ma Ma and knowing that I don't know enough oriental people to call me on it. And I would rather be one name for all of my grandchildren when more start arriving.......

I really liked the Gohng Gohng for maternal Grandpa, but I didn't marry an oriental man and he chooses to be Grandpa. I threw it at Great-Grandpa the other day and he didn't say No. I am proud of my heritage and I think it is kinda fun to use a few of the words. My Roots of Empathy class was most impressed when I counted to ten in chinese for them last month and then some of them counted for me in Indian, Hawaiian and Korean. I do love to learn new things!

I was reading a Parents magazine in the lab last week and I learned that honey causes infant botulism in children under one. I always knew that we shouldn't give honey to babies but I didn't realize it was fatal. And the same magazine said that melatonin causes reproductive problems in children under 12. Interesting.......very interesting.........

And then I was doing my usual MSN read that I do every day and the most over-indulged foods that we eat or drink are: burgers, white rice, salad dressing, potato chips, pizza, pop, orange juice and ice cream. I am happy to report that I don't over-indulge in any of them. My worst of the eight would be white rice, but the article said that most Americans eat 2 to 3 cups at mealtime, and I know that I am not even close. American portions are way bigger than Canadian portions anyway. After going to Waikiki and Las Vegas in February I can certainly attest to the big, big portions........and I also know why Americans are such big people. If they eat what is on their plates, they would have to be!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

Peek-a-boo!! He loves this McDonalds Play Center....

We went for a walk in the beautiful sunshine yesterday!

Stopped to see the horses, but they didn't come out to see us!

We found crocuses blooming!!!

And by the time we came back home......Baby had his hat off, and it was getting warmer and warmer by the minute. It was a very lovely walk and we all really enjoyed ourselves. Spring arrived last Friday at 4:44 am and it appears to be here, but we don't seem to get any more than two nice days in a row and it's winter jacket time again. Yesterday was lovely......in more ways than one!
My BIL had his surgery to replace a "stint?" and it went very well......he is back at home resting. My aunt called and is planning a trip out west so I am excited about that. We had some company in the afternoon and it was fun to see my friend and her children. We went shopping for some house accessories last night and I found a few things that I am extremely happy with! It was a great day......from start to finish!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tulmultuous Tuesday

It was just one of those days........started out a little bit odd and just kinda went up and down all day. Firstly, I forgot about my ophamologist appointment that was made in November. I am usually so good at placing the little card on the corner of my fridge. This time I didn't do it. Luckily, the dr.'s office phoned on Monday to remind me and also Miracle #3 was able to come on short notice to take care of the daycare children. Well, they gave her a run for her money and were not very nice to each other or to her. They improved slightly when I came home but I have a few children who really need some prayer right now. Too aggressive.....too mean and then there is the sneakiness and lying that I have absolutely no tolerance for. I know that some is very age-appropriate but these are really, really loved children so I often wonder where it comes from. I know that I am over-analyzing but I still think that they need a boost from God.

And my brother-in-law has ended up back in ICU......exactly 6 months later from having his first heart attack.......as his shunt has collapsed. Please pray for him and his family too! He is due to be moved to RCH this morning and his surgery is scheduled for some time today. I have a few people who need prayer right now.......it's been that kind of month.......where you hear a lot of bad news about friends and family. Cancer and mental illness are the two that come to mind right away, and I had a very good friend have her hip replaced on March 9 who is doing very well, but always appreciates prayer. She started her physio on Monday and got dizzy so that has been delayed for now. My sister was in a car accident over a month ago now and hasn't asked me to pray but I need to pray for healing for her as well. She is lucky to be alive as the impact from the young woman who ran a red light was very powerful. She has a broken collarbone and lots of bruising but needs more time for more healing.........my friend's daughter broke her arm and needs prayer also. It just sorta goes on and on.

On a more positive note.......here is the light in our life......still making us smile and laugh every single day!!! Growing up way too fast!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

All for a cookie!

Well, Baby is officially walking!! He got up yesterday morning and decided to walk 5 foot intervals through his house all morning and then continued it throughout the day. He slept alot yesterday too.......his norm is 3 hours a day in 2 naps and it was for almost four and half hours on this particular Monday. Learning how to walk is very hard work!!! All the miracles were here to witness it last night and we all so busy cheering him on that no one did take a picture. His mom did a little video but I don't know how to upload that.......not to mention that I didn't put it on my computer.

But all it took was the bribe of an arrowroot cookie. Uncle had one and he walked the entire room length to get it and then his mommy had one and he walked back and forth, back and forth several times just for a bite of cookie. A little bit like a drunken sailor, but he would steady himself every few feet and keep going. Eight adults were smiling and laughing.....clapping and cheering!! He was so proud!!! YAY Baby!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Just Like a Holiday!

It was one of those weekends........you know the kind where you are so busy that all you have time to do is run in the door, whirlwind through and carry on to the next event. It actually started on Thursday for me........as soon as I don't have to cook, then I think I am on a little mini-holiday. No cooking means I am on vacation! On Friday, I was out for lunch and dinner......and then on Saturday I went out for lunch with a friend at Pad Thai. Then I went out with some of the fam to a cousin's first birthday party. First barbequed hamburgers of the season, but all the dips and appy's made is so I wasn't even hungry come dinnertime. Fun times......I can't believe that little Chase is already one, he actually turned one on March 6th but he has 2 older brothers and his mom and brother were away in Kelowna on his birthday weekend. This was the first "no sports" evening that they could have a party, and lacrosse try-outs have already started so it will be very short-lived.

Sunday was one of those fun-filled days too. We started the day teaching Fireside Kids and I had some people praying for me as I really didn't want any more than 20 children. The pre-school room gets so crowded and crazy as soon as we hit about 22 (there aren't even enough chairs and tables for snacktime and I don't think that is very nice when you don't have a chair for your friends) And all of their prayers worked because we got exactly 20 and the class went smoothly and efficiently. And our helper never showed up, so we wouldn't have been allowed to have more than 20 anyway as our adult to child ratio would have been off. It was a very fun time for all of us!!

Hubby and I went to do a couple of errands before picking up Baby and his mom for a housewarming party for my sister and her daughter. We had lots of fun with my sisters and the cousins and the afternoon went by way too quickly. Came home and it was almost dinnertime so just as Hubby and I had decided that we were going to use our Keg gift certificates, #3 phoned and asked if her and Baby could come over as SIL was still at hockey which had ended up being a barbeque. So we still went out to The Keg and had fun with some miracles and Baby. We had never taken a little one there before and I was very impressed on how well they treat their wee folk. Baby even received a free veggie plate just for being little. He inhaled the oranges and Hubby and I enjoyed his veggies! We all had such great meals and Baby enjoyed everything he had too. Hubby made a comment that all he had seen him so all day was eat and you know......he was right. Our Baby belongs to us.......we all like to eat too!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

11 and a half months

We babysat Baby on Friday night and he discovered that he loves to go in behind the couch. He has liked to look out the window for awhile now, but Grandpa thought it was great fun to play hide and seek with him and he just loved it. The daycare children will be appalled because they know that they are not allowed back there, but I will have to explain it all to Grandpa one day. Grandpas like to make up there own rules as they go along. And I had no problem with their game either, it's just when there is more than one child back there, it's just not safe.

At almost one, Baby is crawling very, very well. He stands all alone. He furniture walks and wall walks. Yesterday I put him about 3 feet from my cousin's ottoman and he walked right over to it. Hurray Baby!! He sees hockey on TV and automatically raises his arms and says "Yay." He can motion "More" in sign language. Plays Pat-a-cake when asked and tries really hard to participate in finger and hand signs when we sing to him. He used to love Itsy Bitsy Spider the best, but seems to really like Where is Thumkin? better now. I love rocking him to sleep because I sing You Are My Sunshine and Jesus Loves Me and he responds well to both. He sleeps pretty much through the night 5 nights out of 7 now, and that is from 9 pm to 6 or 7am quite faithfully. When he does wake up now, it's usually around 3am and he usually just needs a bit of comfort and a bum pat. I think he understands ALOT! My fellow caregiver commented that she thinks most one year olds understand everything that a two year old can verbalize. I agreed........as I think Baby understands way more than we give him credit for. He motions an "O" with his little lips for "OhOh" and absolutely loved it when his mommy took him on the trampoline yesterday. The giggles were contagious and he stole the show. We were out watching his Daddy and his Grandpa play road hockey with the 10 to 12 year olds and he loved watching all that. The trampoline turned into more fun though..........and his Grandpa was teased about being their Mats Sundin. He came in and out of the game, and scored goals when they needed him. He was their Old Guy. Baby's Daddy claimed it was more of a workout than Beer League hockey!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Transportation Field Trip

We decided to take advantage of our last day of Spring Break and head into Vancouver on the train/bus. All of the daycare children come at 9 or 9:30 during holidays and so we tried out something new and took the West Coast Express bus into town at 10. It takes just over an hour but the children were very excited to be going on the bus because only 2 out of the 5 had ever done it before. Nice bus, and I found out there is also one at 11 now so that is just a lovely way to get downtown without having to rush out the door for the last train at 7:50 am. It also makes it a shorter time in Vancouver for the kids as 7 hours is a long time for the little ones.

We took the SeaBus over to Lonsdale Quay for lunch. This is the only place that we actually had to be out in the rain for any longer than a minute, but that's just because I had 5 little gawkers who needed to see everything and had to explore the fountain. I love the background of the city in this picture, even though it was cloudy and drizzly. I love Vancouver! I would live there if I could but apparently I would have to live alone as no one will come with me. I decided that he is worth staying in the suburbs for! After 30 years, I would really, really miss him!

This one is taken as we were going to go catch the SeaBus from North Vancouver. The children were so funny as they asked if they could run to the doorway just ahead and I said yes. They were standing waiting for me and Miracle #4 to catch up but I just loved how obedient and patient they all were as they waited.

This is at the end of the afternoon, just after we had taken the Millenium Line in a big loop and then caught the Expo line back to Waterfront Station. They had just finished their ice cream snack but really wanted to go see the other fountain which was right outside the Food Court where we were sitting. I could have sat there longer drinking my Starbucks but I sucked it up and did a couple of bathroom breaks and then took a quick picture before heading back to the Train. That's one thing we did a lot of this time was bathroom breaks. I was very, very grateful for #4 who helped out so much all day!

And here they are at 3:30 pm, ready to catch the first train back to MR. My five little blond-haired blue eyed wonders were so lovely. I received many, many compliments about how beautiful they were and how well-mannered they were. I had a lot of questions about whether they were mine (LOL.....like I am really young enough, or light-haired enough to have given birth to a 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 year old anyway, that close together in age.) Most of the people who I actually did talk to were dark skinned, and I did notice this time I was in Vancouver that we really are starting to live in an almost foreign land. Not too many "white folk" any more and maybe that's why I fielded so many questions. The security guard in the Food Court couldn't take his eyes off of us, he thought they were so beautiful! And I just thought at first that he was protecting us.......and then I actually figured out that he was enamoured with them. Very dark-skinned, and very dark haired.........I just don't think that their skin or eye colour was all that common to him! And they were so socially responsible that it was nice that someone noticed and complimented them on it!! It was a fabulous day, and we followed it up with a very fun night with family and friends, and then babysat Baby so his mom and dad could stay longer at the fundraiser that we attended. Fun day, fun night and now a very fun social weekend is also planned!!

Friday, March 20, 2009


.......I started the day at Baby's house because his daddy needed a tow truck and I have BCAA. I went over just after 7am and I was able to enjoy him for an hour while he had his breakfast and some playtime. Miracle #2 taught him "more" in sign language on Wednesday night and this is the way he does it......with his little pointer fingers joined together........with his dog waiting patiently for his breakfast scraps. Bosco is a very smart dog! Baby is a very smart boy!!

After I went to Baby's for an hour, I decided to take advantage of a half hour that I had before I had to go home to greet children and I went to the bank and then to pick up some ground beef from a friend who lives an a local farm. I think I woke up her household, but I really did think that at 8:30 am that they would be up. Never assume........sorry D! But the ground beef was delicious. #4 made dinner last night and I enjoyed it thoroughly before I dashed out the door to and appointment and a "Make and Take" Networking meeting at CCRR.

We went back to Big Al's yesterday morning so that #2 could get some frogs for his aquarium. I believe they are named Robin and Glenda and they are really, really cute! They will join Nelson in his new aquarium as Xena died on Tuesday. She was 8 and in froggie years, that is a very good life!! The children who came were different than Monday's group and we were able to spend some time and have a very fun morning enjoying all of the sealife. The children loved it!! And so did me and #2!!

#2 picked up his sister before he went home and so Baby showed us again that he definitely can walk. So proud of himself and he did 6 steps for me yesterday so it is just a matter of time before he is walking confidently. It took all my children about a month from the time they took their first steps until the time that they actually did it all of the time. They were all a bit younger than Baby though, so maybe because he is older, he will be faster. Isn't it fun to make predictions? I am right most of the time but I am good at being wrong too. All I do know is that Miracle #3 has to go back to work on April the 6th and I really want him to be walking a bit. Lifting 27 pounds is harder on Grandmas than it is on Mommys and Daddys. I am glad that he isn't very needy with wanting up all the time..........his transition into Daycare will be so smooth because we already love each other so much and he is very comfortable here!

#4 got sent home early from the golf course because the weather was so rotten. As we drove by his work at 11:30'ish I remember the rain teaming down and I did a little arrow prayer which was kinda, Oh God, please help B today! Well, it was shortly thereafter when he arrived home as he was given an optional 3 hours off. Like he said, "There is no one golfing today!!"
I have been asking him for a while if he would play his guitar for the children one day, especially his nephew, as I know how much he loves music. He came upstairs and played for the children for 20 minutes or more and I was very right........his nephew LOVED it! Sat there and listened so intently. Was joined by all the other children at some point, but he was completely mesmerized.
This is Baby watching his uncle strum. He's rockin' to the beat. His big friend is 7 and she really enjoyed it too!! She left her princess game, just to come and watch and listen!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

He walks!

Baby took his first steps yesterday and it was very exciting! He has been doing one step between furniture for a couple of weeks now, but yesterday afternoon he was holding onto his mommy's legs and Bosco was standing 2 steps away so he braved it and did it! Bosco immediatedly walked away and Baby fell to his bum but it was ever so cute and Baby was ever so proud. Later on in the day, I was able to coax him to go five steps and he did it more than once so it official. On March 18th, 2009, Baby took his first steps!! I wish I had a picture, but were all too excited to go get the camera. Yay, Baby!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Some pictures from the last week!

He stands all by himself now.....he has actually been doing it for a few weeks now. So proud of himself when he does it and we always get so excited for him. Needless to say, he is getting better and better every day. He started to wave bye-bye on my birthday and he is getting very good at that too. When his daddy walked out the door last night, he waved to him without even being asked!

Just doing his own thing and playing very well on his own.

Looking at the fighting fish at the aquarium.

Looking at more fish!

This one is cute.....if you look closely you can see his dimples and you know he is smiling at the fish. He really enjoyed his outing on Monday and we have another one planned for today! Spring Break has been very fun so far, it even stopped raining for awhile yesterday. I see it is back with a vengeance today though!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Big Al's

We went on a field trip yesterday to a wonderful aquarium supply store in Burnaby. I had been told about it by a few friends.......they had told me that they have a shark feeding every Tuesday night at 6pm. I didn't know what to expect, but as long as we saw some tropical fish and some sharks, then I knew that my 3 year old, two 4 year olds and my 5 year old would be happy. Well, they were more than happy, they were ecstatic. I took Baby and his mom along for support and we had a great adventure and a fun afternoon. A and D would have stayed there all day if we had let them , but we were there for over an hour as it was. They children loved it and us adults had a good time as well. We will definitely be going back!

Can you see Nemo?

The shark tank

The Corn Snake

The lizards

And this was probably one of my very favorites.......the big aquarium full of all sorts of tropical fish. I just love all the colours. Don't know what any of the fish even are, but they were beautiful!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday and Spring Break

Happy Birthday to my favorite four year old twins!! Can't believe that you are already four.....I feel so blessed to have had you guys in my life. We met way back when you were four months old, and your mom needed a bit of a break. She claims it was "when she was delirious." I got to love you for four hours a day, one day a week and I would only do it when I had #3 home to help. We loved you then and we love you more now! You and your family came into my life and are "rainbows in my clouds." Friends forever!!!!

It's Spring Break!! And guess what! It's raining!! What else is new?!? I truly cannot remember when it didn't rain on Spring Break and I know that there has been afternoons of clouds and no rain in the last 20 years, but I sure don't remember them very well. Yesterday, it snowed.......didn't stick to the ground, but as we were coming out of Michaels, Superstore and then Safeway, it was very wet and very yucky. You could have even called it thick rain because it stuck to me and Hubby as we walked/ran from store to store.........and then melted immediately into big droplets on our coats. I wore my goretex with a hood.......he didn't and he was way wetter than me!!

We had such a fun weekend!! I started out on Friday night telling my friend that all I had booked up was 5 hours of the entire 48 and it was gonna be nice to kinda sit back and relax a bit. Well, I don't recall doing that very much. ToysRus had a great sale, so did Michaels and so did Sportchek. We shopped alot!! Baby now has way too much for his birthday from his Grandma and Grandpa, but that doesn't really trouble me very much. Add all that to his stuff that we bought him in Vegas and he really doesn't need much in life!! He won't care anyway, just his mommy and daddy will and they will be as grateful as they always are. They love it when I go shopping!! We even took Baby and his mommy with us on Saturday because I really wanted her opinion on some things that I had already picked out but needed to know if they were ok. She approved and picked up a few things for him too. Like I already mentioned, they had a great sale!! SportChek was even better as I got the most beautiful waterproof, windproof winter coat that was less than half price. I didn't really need it, but I really wanted it so I justified it with, "But it was just my birthday!" Hubby just rolled his eyes!

And we walked into Michaels with the intention of just looking.........didn't really work out that way. I am now $124 poorer but all my crafts are bought for the next few months, including Mother's Day. I always do something a little more special for Mother's Day and Father's Day so that was nice to get that done. (Didn't quite get to FD, but I have lots of ideas and probably a lot of the stuff here already!) I also bought some fake tulips for my almost finished newly painted kitchen. #3 has decided that we aren't putting any of the "old stuff" back up so I think she has some great ideas that I will be happy to go along with. It's almost done and she ended up changing her plan of what she was going to do when DIL and her decided last week that they should do it differently that the original intention. Looks great and it only needs one more coat of paint over the whole thing and I can start putting my kitchen back together. Good thing licensing hasn't been around as the electrical covers have been off for over 2 weeks. Good thing that all my daycare children are old enough to not even go near that part of the kitchen anyway!!

Spring Break has started out very fun.....it was Kids Club at the church last night and it will wrap up tonight. The theme is Madagascar and my group are the African Lions......we are having a great time and I have 17 Grade 1's and 2's. It was a bit crazy and I have asked for one more helper for tonight because the two of us managed fairly well last night but there was a couple of challenges that needed to be handled more efficiently than we were able to. And now that I have gotten to know them a little bit, I also know who to separate now too!! Some children should just never sit beside each other and then there will never be ANY behaviour issues!! I have a set of triplets too, which always makes for an interesting dynamic. Not too bad, but 1 out of 3 of them has her own agenda and doesn't like to listen AT ALL. Even Pastor Paul had to speak with her....so I didn't feel too badly. She was attention-seeking to say the very least!!

Today is looking to be very fun already. I only have four little obedient children....one family has gone to Mexico and one family is heading to a lodge just south of Tacoma. Our plan today is Gymnastics and Big Al's Aquarium and the children and I are really looking forward to it!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

In the last couple of weeks......

We have been to the park more than once. My guys were absolutely fascinated by the big boys playing hockey in the basketball court. They watched them for almost 45 minutes and it was only because I told them that we had to go that they stopped and came with me. I really do wonder how long they would have stayed there on their own accord.

Even when M came and tried to antagonize them into a game of Duck, duck, duck, goose, they still wouldn't stop watching the big boys.

Baby Chloe visited the classroom for the fifth time. She is 6 months old now and weighs 19 pounds. She is such a happy girl!!! Roots of Empathy is going very well and the teacher, the children and I are in a really nice Wednesday afternoon routine. We just finished our theme about sleeping and we are heading into the theme about safety. We will start that when Spring Break is finished, and I started looking at the calendar.........we are going to go right into the second week of June to complete the program.

Oh, how he loves his mommy!! He is very affectionate and gives kisses without us even asking him any more. Yesterday when I was rocking him to sleep, he kept looking up at me and giving me kisses............does he know the way to my heart or what? As the saying goes, being a mom is like having your heart live outside of your body. Well, the same saying goes for being a grandma!!! He is just the best thing that ever happened to me........and I can't believe he is almost going to be one!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Eventful week

The week has gone by very quickly. The children and I have been having lots of fun with the costumes, and we have been making lots of crafts too. We decided on Thursday that if Spring didn't want to come, then we would make flowers to help bring it on. Some children went home with beautiful bouquets. It all started on Wednesday when #2 came over to do a craft with the children. He went with a coffee filter/felt pen/water idea and then I brought out the pipe cleaners after he left and we made them into flowers. Well, I found that Wednesday's ideas often lead into Thursday's and we continued to make them for most of that day. Different children were here too, so it was new to them.

We have lots of social time this week. Friends have popped by and I have been toying with the idea of having a Baby and Mom group at my house one afternoon a week. I just love having the moms and babies and toddlers around and even though Ridge/Meadows has lots of morning playgroups, we are sadly lacking in afternoon activities. I remember when I was a new mom that this was one of the hardest time for the children was the afternoons between 2 and 4. It was okay when the weather was good but this winter has been hard on a lot of the moms that I know. Especially the ones with older ones to amuse and keep busy. Just an idea......can my mom friends give me some feedback on whether they would like to come? It would be fairly informal, just coffee/tea and a snack.......a little bit of playtime for the older siblings.......and baby/toddler talk for the mommies. And daddies too, if any would be interested!

We went out to SammyJPeppers for dinner last night and I loved my Jamaican seafood skillet. Everyone else enjoyed their meals too and that was good because then we went off to the Giants game and it wasn't as good as dinner. We lost again........what's with that?!? Here we are getting ready to go into the playoffs and we can't seem to win. They are playing fairly well, and we definitely got our moneys worth, but it just isn't the same as the beginning of the season when they were dominating. Came home and told #4 that he stayed home to watch the winning team play, which were the Canucks on tv, and they won!! So that was good for them!!! They seem to really be making a great end of season quest for the playoffs. I only have 2 Canucks games left to go to and as usual, it will probably be right down to the wire.

Today is looking to be a very fun day. I have to go and get some bloodwork done, and then we are off to a birthday party for some very special 4 year old twins. Can't believe that they are 4 already.......Happy Day to D and L!!!

(ps. I just want to tell Sara that I have tried to leave a comment on your last 2 blogposts but the word verification won't work for me. So can that be 2 paragraphs today?)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Superheroes and princesses!

The children have been very involved in active play in the past few weeks. I bought some new costumes at the Disney Outlet Store in Vegas and then I was able to find some capes at the conference that I went to last weekend. I have had lots of superhero play, and it's cute how the little girls also want to be superheroes. O will always be a princess, but the rest are happy to go back and forth. They are just having such a great time with the costumes and never a day goes by without some type of dramatic play. Three to five year olds are so enjoyable!

Batman, Ariel, and a Power Ranger

A superhero convention, that's a little girl dressed as Spiderman

Another little girl just had to come and join in the fun, even though she hadn't donned a costume yet. I love the way they hammed it up for the camera!

Just having fun and playing around!

These princess costumes are well loved and get played with every single day. I picked them up for 40% off of 40% off. They were practically free!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

This is March?

Driving into the Giants game on Sunday.

My little buddy fell asleep!

Oh look, you can see the sunshine in the distance.......it was like we went through a little "snow-tornado." Just a couple of km where the snow and wind picked up and then it stopped and gave way to sunshine. By the time we reached the Coliseum, it was just cold and windy!! However, in between the 2nd and 3rd periods we looked out and the snow was coming down like crazy. The flakes were as big as toonies and when I talked to the security guard at the door, he said that it had been snowing like that for almost an hour. The good news was that it wasn't really sticking to the pavement!

Our street on Monday morning, March 9th.

Looking out at around noon! Quite a difference! But still very cold!!
I can't believe it is March......it certainly came in like a lion and I sure hope it is going to go out like a lamb. I still think they have moved the prairies to Maple Ridge, but I am so done with this snow and chilliness! I have Mexico envy......and Jamaica envy........and Maui envy. I know several people who are taking off to these places in the next few days and I just want to go somewhere tropical so badly. Not because I think I need a vacation, but because I want to be warm. I am fine when I am indoors, but my job and everyday life take out into the elements and I am having such a hard time with it. Who would have really thought that on March 12th we would still have snow on the ground?
I have had such a great week! My aunt from Calgary phoned me last week and that was so good to chat and to catch up on news. I am not really happy about my cousin's husband going off to war again as he has gotten called back to active duty. His daughter is very angry at President Obama and she yells at the tv every time he is on. She is 8, and her brothers are 6 and 11. Their dad will be gone for 13 months and he has done it before and he has promised them all that he will come home...........as he told his oldest son, "I am a very smart man." When we were in Alberta a year and a half ago, J showed me his uniforms from the army and educated me about the Taliban and what he did to serve the US government. I found it all very, very fascinating but I still think it is scary for him and his family. He graduated from Westpoint and he is so proud to be an American!!!
I went to see a fabulous speaker last night and he talked about Boy Smarts. He was sooooo good and he really eduacated me on how our world has changed, even in the last 2 years. Media, video games and Facebook are a huge part of their world so we might as well embrace it and learn about it. I am proud to say that I know about most of it, it's just the video games that I monitor and don't play. I am just so bad at it........but very happy that #4 has been home this past few months playing games and air hockey with my gang. He had to back to work on Tuesday and we all miss him already. He is so good with all my boys and just gets right into their land of make-believe. He likes to teach them too so the other day when the RockBand actually said to my three year old, "You nailed it!!" everyone felt pretty good about that! (Except for his 5 year old brother who couldn't believe that his little brother could even do it, and in quite a few less tries than he did it.) Like the speaker on Saturday said, "If you don't want to experience sibling rivalry, then don't have more than one child!!" She is so right!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sully......and other stuff.

Hubby, Sully and me, November 2005

SIL, Sully, and Miracle #3, November 2005

Miracle #2, Miracle # 4, Sully, and Miracle #1
November 2005
So, has everyone noticed how much different we all look in only 3 years!!?? I was quite surprised when I found these pictures the other day (actually, #2 found them for me when he was re-formatting and de-fragmenting my computer) Hadn't seen them in like forever, and I have had a lot of fun going through them again and again. I am sooooo thin, and yet I had just gained 10 pounds on our Mexican Riviera cruise that Hubby and I went on before we met the miracles in Disneyland. I know that the old saying is that you can never be too thin and you can never be too rich, but I disagree wholeheartedly. I think that you can be both.
And when I am thin, then I am usually not well. It's the pattern, and I sort of understand the pattern now. It took me almost 40 years to sort of get it, and then just when I think I do, then something changes and I don't really get it any more. Stress causes me to lose weight. It's a given. And then the more stressed I become, the more weight I lose, and then my adrenal gland produces more adrenalin and cortisol and then it all just falls off. Literally. I can gain or lose 7 pounds in a day, 11 in a week, and 30 in a month. 50 in 2 months. I have done it more than once..........and I can gain it as fast as I can lose it. Not very much fun, and I now own 4 different sizes of clothes that I refuse to give away any more. Because when I was younger, I really liked being thinner so I would give away all my "Fat" clothes only to have to go out a month or two later and invest in more. I shop at Winners, Reitmans and the US Outlet stores because I refuse to spend a lot of money on clothes. I have learned the hard way that I change sizes way too often and I can't stand not fitting into my favorites. I love, love, love Lulu Lemon and stretchy stuff, but it really doesn't love me back. I own some jackets that I bought 3 years ago that don't even fit me right now and that saddens me because I love them. One of them was a Mother's Day gift and it's ended up over at Miracle #3's house because she wore it when she was pregnant. She doesn't even wear it any more because it is too big for her. And remember all the really short ones that were so popular........it's one of those, and I really like the longer jackets and tops now. They suit my body type so much better!!
#3 had some fun looking at these pictures too and she commented on how much younger that we all look. Like, significantly younger. And some of us were significantly thinner too! Some of us weren't. #2 was telling me about gaining the newlywed 9 a few weeks ago and I said something to the effect of, "Oh, is that what they call it? There is the Freshman 15 too." He said no, he made that up. I have used it in more than one conversation lately and my newlywed friends especially like it. I think he is so witty!!
I haven't slept very well in the last couple of nights, I have had a lot going on in my brain. I think too much. And it's not necessarily bad stuff, this time it is mostly good stuff. But nonetheless, I have been doing a lot of praying, somatics and listening to other people sleep at 3 in the morning. Monday night I was stupid and ate Skittles at the the Sunday School meeting so it was the sugar high that kept me awake.........and last night I was stupid and forgot to take my theanine and melatonin when I took my BMR and Estro-factors. I hate being hyper-thyroid.......I am just way too forgetful. The good news is that I have lost 11 pounds since Christmas without really even trying, but I really don't like losing it this way. I would rather do it properly and so I have been eating really, really healthily (is that a word?) but that has just made me stabilize. Haven't even stepped on the scale this week because I think I am up a couple of pounds. I can feel it in my clothes........Saturday is weigh-in day and I will know then. I actually think that I should join Weight-Watchers because then I would have to be accountable. I have said this so many times over the last 30 years that I think that people are really sick of me saying it, but I still think that it would be the best way and the healthy way to maintain. As soon as I usually say it, then the thyroid does something and I don't have to go anymore. I said at Christmas that I wanted to lose 30 pounds by summer and I am almost a third of the way. But I think I will need help for the last 15 for sure. We will see.............I still need to think some more.........