Monday, June 29, 2009

He's growing up so fast!

Sharing grapes with Grandpa

Hammin' it up for the camera

Baby is almost 15 months old! And learning new things every day! He is definitely getting taller, as he can reach the doorknob now and we can see his little head when he is behind the couch. He has slimmed down a little as he now fits a size 5 diaper......even though he still wears a 6 during the night. He is still wearing size 2/3 depending on the brand name in clothing and some of the clothes that he wore at Christmas are really, really roomy. He is wearing his size 7 Nike shocks that he received for his birthday and they fit him well. He slept 11 hours the other night, we think that was the second time in his life that he did that.......but 3 nights out of the week, he will usually sleep 9 or 10 hours straight through. It's really nice when he does it, but it is very unpredictable, and it varies from night to night. At one point last month, he actually did it for 3 nights in a row......but that is rare. Other than his crummy sleeping habits, he is pretty much perfect!! He says Baby, Pop and Beep Beep very clearly, but Bee is a Ball, Aphmm is still an apple, Manana is a banana, Dada is Daddy, Aampa is Grandpa and Bosco and I seem to have become Papa or Bapa. Hockey, yucky and cookie all sound the same. He will not say Mama, no matter how hard we try to get him to say it, and he says Oh,hmm for oh oh. When he is eating something he really likes, he says, Mmmmm. He babbles A LOT. Deebedee, gollygollygolly, deebita, cute little really is fun to listen to him. He pretends to count......and he is simply adorable when he does Set Hut, touches the ground and takes off running. He will sit and shred a Kleenex for 20 minutes or more, and very rarely eats it. Still loves his books and his balls.......those are his favorite toys and have been for awhile. He has learned how to manipulate a spoon when eating and it's a hit or miss, but mostly a hit. He loves to eat, and polished off a fair amount of spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner tonight. He is funny as he won't eat any type of pasta except spaghetti noodles. The fusilli, penne and macaroni get thrown to the floor every time! But he LOVES rice and potatoes. His favorite veggie is probably squash, but he really does love every fruit and vegetable. He will only drink water out of his sippy cup, and milk only comes from a bottle in his world. Still drools a lot and only has 8 teeth. Funny little guy, with a very likable personality and we love him so very, very much!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

The End of June

I went to a Grade 7 School Leaving Ceremony on Tuesday. It's the end of the school year once again and as usual, June is busy and crazy for all of the children and their parents. I have been listening to people tell me how tired they are, and how tired the children are. So, it's so exciting to be on 'summer holidays!!!' It's Pajama Day today at Daycare and we are celebrating summer!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Music Class 2009

It was our last Music class of the year today and we had lots and lots of fun! As I watched the children participate in their songs, it made me very proud to reminisce about how far that they have come and how much they have learned. They can all keep a beat, they know about piano and forte, and best of all, they can follow instructions!! Baby joined us in February and he probably loves it the most of all and it is really fun to watch him. It is very important to him that he is included.......he always makes sure that he has the same instrument (note: see triangle above) as everyone else. He claps and taps to the beat, and I am quite surprised at how much he has picked up in a few short months!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I love this picture!!

This one was taken 15 years ago......

......and this was taken the other day. I don't have a recent one of L, but when #1 found this pic of the girls last week, it made me smile. They are both Sweet Sixteen now and are both gorgeous!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Three Years Later

So I have thought about it all day. My mom passed away three years ago, on a sunny Monday morning. We celebrated her life one week later on a very, very hot Monday morning. This picture was taken in the early 80's when she is around the same age as I am now. It makes me dad with his jet black hair and his great big glasses......and my mom wearing her favorite colour and truly loving this part of her life. She simply adored being a grandma!! I think my sister and I had given her five little ones at this wonder she looks so happy!! She spoiled them all so much............and now that I am here at this point in my life......I totally get it. It's just so darn easy to do!!! I love you Mom!!! Thanks for being you!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Golden Ears Bridge

We made history on Sunday and joined the other tens of thousands of people (best guess was 40 to 60,000) and walked on the new bridge. Last night we decided to venture over in a vehicle and I am really surprised at how close we really are. We are exactly 3.5 km from the bridge deck from our house and it takes us exactly 17 minutes to get to Wal-mart on 200th Street. That's almost closer than going into downtown Maple Ridge on a weekend. Of course, I am sure there will be more traffic on a Saturday afternoon in Langley as well. We are soooooo close, and it has literally opened up a whole new world for us Maple Ridge-ites!

This is right after 11 am.
Joining in the ribbon cutting! We also went to every passport station and received our six "I made history" stamps.

We jumped through the rails to the walkway when it got crazy in the center, and we waited here for awhile as Hubby and V didn't want to come through. They braved the crowds.....

.....and we watched the planes go over us twice.......

.......and I waited up on the rail for over an hour while they sorted out the mob scene in the center of the bridgedeck. The girls and I enjoyed our view, and watched from afar. It was fun, and we missed the people fainting and the lady who went into labour, but it was very relaxed and casual from where we sat. Saw sooooo many people who we knew and my sister and nieces found us. I was sort of hard to miss, standing way up, scanning the crowd and waiting and waiting and waiting........The only person who did miss us was Hubby. He walked right by and when I called #2 on his cel, he was happy to report, "We've got Dad!!" He and DIL as well as Baby and his family had been stuck waiting to get ONTO the bridge as they had closed it when it was declared that there were too many people. It was a very, very fun afternoon!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy 24th Birthday!

These were all taken in February......but it was such a fun month! He probably thinks that June is very fun too!! I arrived home on Saturday night and he says to me, "Want to see what I did today? First time ever!!" Well, as I conjured all sorts of things up in my curious mind, he puts a DVD in the player and shows me how he went skydiving. Tells me it was a real adrenalin rush and can hardly wait to do it again!! I am so impressed that he listened from when he was younger and I told all the miracles that if they ever decided to jump out of an airplane, then I didn't want to know until after they had finished. I was very proud of him!! And he had such a fun time........we have the DVD to prove it!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I have had a lot of comments made to me lately how I haven't been blogging very much. No special reason, everything is just fine. I just haven't really felt like it. We have been keeping busy......lots of softball and baseball games, a three year old's birthday party, a dance recital, 3 on 3 hockey, more softball........It just goes on and on and here it is half-way through June. We walked to Langley today. That was fun! #1 came last night and we went to church, and she slept over so we could meet friends and go early to the bridge opening. I will post some pictures soon as there aren't near as many people in mine as the ones I have been perusing on Facebook. And everyone else's are of sunny skies......mine are rather cloudy and dull. It was a very fun weekend......and it's back to work tomorrow!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What do you think?

He got his hair cut yesterday.......he just need it tidied up. The wisps were getting uncontrollable. So I do think that he is looking very grown up. I love the way he starting to really understand things. He lies still for a diaper change....most of the time.....and he helps with getting his bib on at mealtimes. We kept him overnight on Saturday night and he was a little angel. I love waking up to his great big grin!!