Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Papa, pictures and a new haircut!

He is saying,"Papa" here. He found the photo album, did his little happy dance, and then proceeded to look at some photos. He has a lot more words in the last couple of weeks. He actually says, "Ball" now. No more "Bee" which is actually Bean. "Pee" is please. "Dadu" is thank-you, which he says just about any time you hand him something. I love all his animal sounds, which are extremely original. Neigh sounds like he is coughing, and Ribbit sounds like he is clearing his throat. An elephant is hard to describe, but he smiles and does it with his lips, and a pig is a true little snort from his throat. A dog pants, a cat mews, and an owl says "hooooo." Whales, sharks and dolphins say EEEEEE, cows mooooooo, and a mouse squeaks. Most of them are very easy to figure out, but some are just very, very original!

He loves his Papa alot! Here he is, showing off his new haircut and loving his grandpa. I am important too, but like I mentioned in previous posts, I do all the work and he gets all the glory. He won't say even Mama or Grandma, just Dada and Papa.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Loving the mirror........



Sunday, September 27, 2009

Can you believe it?

This baby, on the right, is making news headlines........he weighs 19 lbs 2 ozs and is 24 inches long, and was born in Indonesia. This is his birthweight! OUCH!!! And yes, he was born by caesarean section, but the birth was still very difficult as he was sooooooo big. The baby on the left is a normal size newborn. I think that they are both very, very cute. And the big baby is crying because he is very, very hungry.

Monday, September 21, 2009

A very fun day!!

He LOVES running on the trampoline at Gymnastics!

Exploring the tunnel!

Another new favourite thing to do.....the parachute!!

Cousin Chase came for a visit!

And Auntie came for dinner, spent the evening, and she read books!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A boy and his books

He slept over on Monday night, so our morning was very slow.....he just loves his books. This entertained us for more than half an hour.


His very favourite book.

Looking so very grown up!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Anagrams.....and other stuff

In no particular order, here are some anagrams of some names of people I love, and I have thrown in my own name too:

Hindering Smelly Me
Align On Snob
Mainly Jeer Him Gem
Boring Voters
Hmm on Jeer in Angel
Merry Nimble Hang
Hog Modern Gremlin
Boring Itchiness
Hell Menace Grim Him

Facebook has an application that figures this out within seconds, so I had some fun the other morning. It made me laugh!

I received an email tonight that is going to affect me doing the ROE program this year. The budget has been axed by the government. No grant money, so no program. I am disappointed....as I was really looking forward to doing it again. They are still looking for other ways to keep it going, but they will have to find the money elsewhere. I am not giving up yet, but for all my prayer warriors out there, if you could add this to your list of things to pray about, I will be very appreciative! Miracle #1 has also asked for prayer for her ongoing health issues.

The first week of Back to School is almost over and it hasn't really affected me too much. Most of my guys are in kindergarten so next week will be their real first days. They have all gone to meet their teachers, and my pre-schoolers went today for an hour. But it's next week that I will be playing Beat the Clock again. When the weather is good, it sure helps........but when it gets miserable..........oh, I am not really looking too forward to that. Today was lovely and we went to Kindersteps in the morning.....it's our new Thursday morning activity. And the children loved it, it was alot of fun and we look forward to going back.....especially when the weather gets miserable! Lots of mats and balls and hoops and climbers and it is super for their gross motor development. Baby was very adorable and he was a keener! It's fun to watch him interact with all the toddlers who are the same age as him, as when he is here, he is always with older kids.

I can't believe we are already a third of the way through September. You can certainly feel Fall in the air and it is cooler in the mornings and evenings. I don't like that I am getting up in the dark already, but it's only going to get darker as the months go on. Baby comes smiling in the door very early now as his mom works a split shift and has to be there by 7. He has adusted to his new routine very well, and is going to bed earlier now. He shared his cold with me and his mom.......isn't that sweet of him? My sore throat has disappeared already and but I certainly didn't feel so great yesterday. Gotta sing praises to Oil of Oregano as it really did work!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

17 months old

And looking very grown up. There isn't really very much to tell that I haven't already updated this month. He is just over thirty pounds according to my bathroom scale and looking very tall, but we haven't measured him in a while. He is growing more and more confident in his little world, and testing out his independence. He's had a bit of attitude in the last week but I think that is very age-appropriate. He is really working on getting some teeth right now, so the drool is incessant and the runny nose is back. Hopefully, that won't last too long. I have read "Good-night Moon" more in the last week than I have in my whole life. He LOVES it! That is his favorite book at my house, his favorite at home is "Brown bear, brown bear." Honourable mention goes to Old McDonald had a Farm, Twinkle twinkle little star, I'm a little teapot, and The wheels on the bus. I know that those are songs, but I also have the books, so we sing the books. ALOT!!

I don't think he has learned any new words lately.......still just a lot of jibber-jabber. And even though he still hasn't got too many words, he communicates well. Right now, he is sleeping around 10 to 11 hours through the night with a three hour nap in the day.

And I still think that being a grandma is the best job in the world!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


........Baby Sleeping! This was at lunchtime today, he couldn't even make it to the end of his meal. Six little boys were eating and chatting and this is what Baby thought of it all. I moved him into his crib and he slept for almost three hours. Isn't he precious????