Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Look at his face....he just wasn't so sure of this.

But he liked the top.

He liked eating the raw pumpkin.

Honest, he really liked it!

Just one more taste! He was so funny to watch!

Trick or Treat!

He did it! And loved it! Didn't take long and he figured it out......and was sooooo cute!! He received his candy, and always said Thank-you, and Bye. A couple of houses, he just walked right in, but the neighbours didn't mind. He was simply adorable!!!

Wasn't going to let go of that bucket of candy for nothing!!

Me and my buddy!

Daddy carried him up the road back home again, and he still wasn't going to relinquish the bucket of candy!!

Even in the house, all done for the night, still holding onto the bucket!!!

Costume update

Our little elephant is somewhat resistant, but he will put the costume on........and he will not cry. Doesn't like the hood, and takes it off immediately, but we have progressed quite far in a few weeks. Happy Hallowe'en everyone! Be safe!

Friday, October 30, 2009

We had so much fun today!

He thought that the pumpkins were for throwing or for kicking.....this was a very hard picture to pose and to take!

Peeking at the big kids!

He loved the coloured lights, twinkling! And yes, he did go in there!

See, Grandma.....a little white pumpkin!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's hard to believe..... sick he was on the weekend. To see him today, you would really never, ever know!! He still has a bit of a lingering cough, and he's not really eating as much as he usually does......but he is doing awesome. I love his words! He is communicating really well and trying to copy everything. Today I asked him as his mom walked out the door, "Who was that?" Response: "MeMaw" So I asked him, "Can you say Mommy?" Clear as a bell, "Mommy" He said it one more time......and that was it. Never to be said again. Silly little boy!!! But he is repeating all sorts of things, with lots of expression and inflection it's really cute to listen to.

I checked for the one last eye tooth today and it is as bulging as a tooth can be without being through the gums. At first I thought it was actually there, but on second look, it wasn't. But it is really, really close. The two bottom ones came in last week, so he really does have this one more and then he has a reprieve until the two year molars are due. Kinda nice as he has to have his 18 month shot soon......gee, if it's not one thing it's another! Always has to be a little bit of discomfort when you are a toddler!!

But we have a lot to be grateful for. I have a friend whose one year old has to have the bottom lobe of his lung removed next month. Another friend's 10 month old daughter had open heart surgery on Monday. (She's doing wonderfully, and will probably be home for Hallowe'en) And I was reading my mommy blog tonight, and there is a very, very sick one year old in the hospital in Minnesota who needs our prayers. Stellan was born with SVT, you can get more info at if you would like the specifics. It just makes me thank God for all my blessings!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy 27th Birthday..... Miracle #3. There are no pictures by request, as Baby was good enough to share his sickness with her and she didn't want any photos taken. She figures that she has the cold that went along with his croup, so will live on Cold/Flu medication for the next couple of days and she will be good again. We had a family dinner tonight, and Hubby, #1,#3, DIL, SIL and Baby are all battling colds. This is the part of Fall/Winter that is not very fun. Hopefully, they are all done for the season, and the rest of us are just immune. #2 has already had his cold in September, so he should be good for a few months anyway. He works with children, so that is probably the first of a few colds, but he should be good for a bit. I know that still leaves me and #4, but we are usually fairly resilient. Which brings us to the next question. Who is going to have flu shots? Who is going to have H1N1 shots? I am still contemplating and haven't been convinced either way. I am still researching.

The weekend was a rough one for Baby and his family. I learned a lot. Croup is in the larynx, not the lungs, almost like laryngitis for babies. He went back to Emergency on Saturday night as he was in so much pain when he coughed and couldn't even sleep through it. After being checked by the respiratory therapist, and the doctor, they decided to give him a type of steroid medication as well as some pain killer; and it really, really helped. He went home and slept for 11 hours, Last night he slept for almost 13 hours. He finally ate something last night and he is feeling pretty good today. Still not eating as much as usual, but he is a much happier boy. His daddy stayed home with him today, but he is coming back to Daycare tomorrow. Yay!!!

It was hockey weekend. Canucks on Saturday and Giants on Sunday. Hubby caught his very first puck ever at the Giants game, but had to give it back. The scary part for me is that I didn't even see it coming, I had totally lost sight of it, and he just reached out and caught it. It ricocheted off of a girl three rows down......but it went off of her head. So she was bleeding pretty badly. Had to get carried up the stairs and went off to the hospital for stitches. Security came and asked for the puck back, as a souvenir for her........and they replaced it with another one. But the first one actually said, "OFFICIAL WHL GAME" whereas the second one didn't. The first one was frozen and game-used, and the one we brought home was one that you can probably buy in the store. It wasn't the same to my man.........he wanted the real one. But he knew that the girl deserved it more than c'est la vie. I am just glad that it was me who didn't get hit, but then again, I would have had a REAL puck to give him. At least they won the game (although there were some very tense moments) and so we finally saw them win. The Canucks won too.......and I am off to the Canucks/Red Wings game tomorrow!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's official!

We are going to be grandparents again. Miracle #2 and DIL are expecting their first child on April 24, 2010!!! So fun! And so exciting too!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Is it, or isn't it?

Everyone is sick right now, or it sure seems like they are. I have had two daycare boys out with the flu. At first, the doctors were saying it was H1N1, now they say that they aren't sure. They didn't have the swab done because 99% were coming back positive. Now, because of the media panic, they are saying it's 50%. 3 out of 4 doctors in ER decided that the 4 year old had it, but because he had a sore throat, the one doctor said he didn't. Now, their mom doesn't know what to do, as if they really did have it, then they don't need to be vaccinated......but if they didn't, then she thinks they should be done. Just by what she has told me, I think they have had it. The symptoms were all there, except for the questionable sore throat.......but I am guessing that everything was hurting, to a four year old. He had trouble breathing, twice, and ended up going to hospital for help. Very scary, very, very scary!

So when I got my 6:09 call this morning that Baby was crying and wouldn't stop, and he was having trouble catching his breath, I sent them to the hospital. ER wasn't busy and he got in right away. His oxygen levels were good and his fever was over 102 but because of his cough, they decided it was croup and sent him home. And because the cold air really alleviated his breathing issues, I am sure that they were right. He came home and slept in his daddy's arms for a couple of hours, woke up and had a banana and some yogurt.......and other than he sounds like a pack a day smoker (their words, not mine) he is doing okay. Amazing what some Motrin can do for you, when you are only a year and a half. But just because he has been here, with the other children, I can't help but worry. I have Hubby home today with a sore throat and a cold, and it turned out I am off today too, as my one lone child who was supposed to come has a cough and stomach ache. My three year old went home yesterday and ended up throwing up, so with all the bugs out there, how are we really supposed to know who has H1N1, and who doesn't. Or if any of them do? Or did? I think we all need prayers today. I am getting a headache, just thinking about it!!!

This picture makes me smile......I took it right after the one that I took the other day, and he really is just leaning over so he could get up and go.......but with his caption on his shirt, I think it should say......And I mean it!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ida Know and Not Me!

They actually used to live with me. They are the two people who used to get blamed for everything. I am sure you all have had them come for a visit, or maybe they have moved in with you too. "Who left the water running?" Not Me "Who left that toy on the step?" Ida Know "Where are the scissors?" Ida Know "Who took the pen that was sitting by the phone?" Not Me It used to frustrate me. Now, I just think it is funny. That's why I have to recommend this Mommy blog. She apparently has over 100,000 readers. She is a stay-at-home mom who actually makes a living by blogging. I find her very inspirational and extremely funny. She has a Not Me! Monday column that is a wonderful way to start your week. So honest! And so funny! Some people watch reality tv, and I read reality blogs...........

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Boy!

Auntie and Uncle bought him a new shirt. It makes us all chuckle.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A boy and his ducks

Having fun, playing, pretending, lining them up, carrying them from room to room, putting them down, picking them back up again, trying to fit all five in his chubby toddler hands. It entertains him for quite a long time. I love watching him play........and often wonder what goes on in that little brain. Oh, I have taken all the classes and read lots of books, and really do get the scientific biology of it all. But I still am amazed by the complexity of the human brain. We are all so very, very different......and yet sometimes very much the same. Baby is age-appropriate for 18 months. He is a little further ahead with gross and fine motor control, but everything else is fairly bang-on. I often say that he is at my favourite age........and then he gets a little older and I say it again..........and then he grows up a little more........and I say it again. So lets just accept the fact that I just love him. Everything he does. Every age he is. He makes my life complete! And I often wonder what we actually did with our lives before he came into it!!!
I have had a fun couple of days. Went to a very fun Beauti-Control spa party on Friday night, and as I mentioned to my hostess as I was leaving, "Most fun I have had on a Friday night in a long time." I learned lots, and laughed lots.
Yesterday we went to the chiropractor and I got my shoulder and hips fixed up. I just love going to my chiro, as I feel so wonderful afterwards. I am really appreciating that Baby can climb in and out of his carseat now, as much as I love him to pieces, I know he is the reason that I get the shoulder pain. Did a whole lot of chores in the afternoon, went out for dinner at Milestones and went to see the Giants play last night. Hubby mentioned as we were leaving that they are going to start banning us from their games soon. Just joking, but we have only been to three of their games, and they have lost all three. They have only lost three all year. Seriously, I know it has nothing to do with our attendance, but it is getting a little bit discouraging. They were leading 3-1 heading into the third period and ended up losing 5-3. It was a very bad third period!!
And what do you think of my new mittens? Ask and you shall receive........All I did was mention to Hubby the other night was I really liked them in the commercial and the next day, he brought them home to me. Hmmmmmm, what should I mention to him next time that I really the next commercial?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Field Trip Friday

We have managed to have a lot of Fridays lately that have taken us out and about. Today we ventured across the Pitt River Bridge and visited one of our favourites from last year. I think it's a little bit spooky, but my daycare boys just love it.....the scarier the better. It's all covered, so the rain didn't bother us at all, and we all had a very fun afternoon.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Eating Grapes!

I really didn't think that eating grapes could actually be this fun and entertaining. And I can only post a smattering of how many pictures that I took of him. But he was so funny at afternoon snack today.....he had #4 and I very amused. We just kept laughing and he just kept entertaining. He is such a little ham!!! And we just kept asking him questions and he kept answering us........forgetting sometimes that he was still chewing his food.

See?!!? (And if you look really close, you can see that one lonely top eye tooth--it's on his left side)

Showing us that he can blink!

Fishy lips....or kissy lips

Just being goofy

He is saying Luke......he actually says Loooooooooo.......He would be good at cheering for Luongo, wouldn't he? Miracle #2 is very impressed how well he can say his "L"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Anniversary Picture!

They headed off for shopping and a late dinner together and Baby is sleeping overnight. He wasn't so sure he wanted his picture taken and he looks a little bit sad, but I still like it! I can't believe how many words he said tonight, or tried to say. Just in the matter of hours, he now knows Uncle, Duck, Ben, Quack, Cock-a-Doodle-Do, Boat, Toe, Bear, Cup and Peek. He has never been too interested in learning words until now, and it is just too darn cute! The only words that he actually says perfectly clear are Baby, Papa and Duck......the others are very understandable, but the enunciation is not quite there. And no, he still won't say Mama......As a matter of fact, if you ask him to say it, he will say No. Very politely, very quietly, and with a bit of an accent. I just love him sooooooooo much!!!

Middle of October

Happy Anniversary to Miracle #3 and SIL. Two years has gone by incredibly quickly for me....How about you? I love your little 18 month old wonder who still makes me smile every day, and sometimes almost cry. He was sitting on the steps yesterday as we were getting ready to take everyone to school, and decided to stand up and lose his balance. Pretty much did a somersault down the two steps, hit the carpeted step first, and then the tile floor. The bruise on the noggin is almost invisible today and the carpet burn on the bridge of the nose looks worse. He is none the worse for wear. (Oh, that sounds like something my mom would have said!) I felt like a total schmuck for the rest of the day, and a very negligent caregiver. SIL was so forgiving when he picked him up....."That's why we have skulls." was his comment. He has gotten overly confident on the steps lately, so hopefully he will be more careful.

New words this week are star, car and Luke. And it sure sounded like octopus today when I questioned him, but I think it was a fluke. He brought me the end of the toilet paper last week, I was in the hallway by the stairs and I knew he was in the bathroom, but I thought he was going to just follow me out. Wrong! Never try to second-guess a toddler!!! I laughed at him, as it was just something my own children NEVER did. I laugh at him alot. Even Miracle #3 asked me if she and her siblings were this funny. I think they were, but it is so hard to remember. I don't remember them being this out-going. He shows off and LOVES the attention. My toddlers were much shyer and more introverted. Baby takes time to warm up to his surroundings, but he loves being the center of attention!!

I went to a Troop n' Snoop last night and it was an evening well spent. Loved looking at all the group daycares and I find this kind of thing energizes and inspires me. I got some great ideas, and will put some of them into practice asap. Thinking about going on the next one next week as this one is for LF Daycares and I am sure this would be inspiring as well.

Oh, and I need to thank everyone for your prayers for Roots of Empathy. It's a go. Under a different mentoring model, and they aren't training any new facilitators, but because I am already a certified instructor......I get to do again. It sounds like I will be getting a Grade 4/5 class this year, so I am very excited!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I am so glad that my niece decided that we all needed a family picture last night. Just as Grandma was heading out the door, she insisted that we all needed our picture taken. Very spontaneous, getting quite late into the evening, but it did turn out fairly good. We are missing Miracle #1, but getting us all together is no small feat.

We just got back from the Canucks/Dallas game and I am pleased to say that we won in a shoot-out. Yay!!! It was a fun night. Hubby and I went to Applebee's for dinner and need to be reminded next time to just get half orders of the riblets. So much food......very delicious.....but the portions were very american-sized. We found $3.00 parking so that was a bonus, only two blocks farther than we usually park. I pulled out my winter jacket today and I was toasty warm walking back to the truck, but Hubby wore his spring coat and it was a mite chilly!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Children's children.....

......are a crown to the aged. Proverbs 17:6

He is just so much fun!!! He really loves life and all that it has to offer. I love how much attention he pays these days. Seems to learn something new every day, just by watching and listening. Communicates really well, and is really trying to say new words. "Leaf" was new today. He wowed all his aunties, uncles and cousins tonight and showed off all his tricks. We had a turkey dinner tonight as it was my nephew's 16th birthday. Lots of fun, lots of laughs and Baby was the life of the party. Quite the little show-off and oh, so cute!

We had a busy week. Crafted some turkeys and horns of plenty, talked ALOT about Thanksgiving and what we were thankful for. And I was wasn't all about the toys. They were truly thankful for their friends and their families.

I went to the Canucks season opener on Monday night. And we lost. And I think the newspaper was correct in comparing them to kittens playing with a ball of yarn. Hopefully, I have seen the last loss in a while........they came out very dominant on Wednesday night against Montreal and won 7-2. Hubby and I are going again tomorrow and all I can hope for is they play better than they did on Monday. Wouldn't really take much, after all. And we went to the Giants game last night and they lost as well. I have been to two Giants games this year and they have lost them both. They have only lost two so far. And lucky us, we got to see them. It's a very different team this year, I don't really recognize very many names from last year. They are a younger team and they play that way.

We have been enjoying our beautiful Fall weather. Spent a couple of hours at the park yesterday, as it was a glorious afternoon. Today was another great day, and I am not looking forward to the rain on Monday. Happy Thanksgiving weekend Everyone!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Grandson, the Princess!

The daycare children love to play dress-up. Up until yesterday, Baby didn't really seem to pay a whole lot of attention. But when he kept handing me this dress, I just couldn't resist. "Do you want to wear it?" I asked. Affirmative yes nod. And he was very patient, let me put it on him and then proceeded to get very excited with his new duds. It was really cute and we all had a good laugh. Had a whole lot of boys giggling, and then trying on the dresses too. After all, who said that they couldn't have fun without the capes and superhero garb? What I find so interesting is that Baby has an elephant costume for Halloween. He hates it! He has only worn it twice, resisted both times and actually cries when his mom shows it to him now. See......the picture below was taken over a month ago and that's what he thinks of his elephant costume!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I don't really know who is mimicking who in these pictures, but they were having a wonderful time playing with each other. My two best boys!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009