Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Crafts!

Here are some of the christmas trees that the children painted last week. I think that they did splendidly, don't you? It was a 3 step project. First we painted, then we glitter-glued and then some of the children added stickers. Toddler loved it the most. He cried when we were done....hands over the eyes and sobbed. If I wasn't laughing so hard, then it would have been sad. Luckily, toddlers can be re-directed quite quickly and he soon went on to the next activity.
He did the one on the left, and yes, he had a little bit of direction, but that was all. The one on the right is done by a four and a half year old girl. I love them!!

Christmas is only 25 days away! And we are all so excited this year! Having Toddler has rubbed off on all of us and I cannot count how many times he said, "Wowee!!" yesterday. First, it was the tree in our living room. Totally bare, and he was most impressed! Then I turned on the lights outdoors and we got some more excitement. Grandpa found some decorations and Hallmark snowmen/penguins and I think he was overwhelmed. (I know that I was!) I won't even begin to count how many battery-operated toys are accumulating in my house right now. I think that Duracell should send us a thank-you card! It's amazing what we will do to keep the excitement flowing.

The Christmas tree is now decorated, and it looks beautiful. #3 and #4 did an excellent job.....and it feels soooooo good to have that done. A little early, but that's okay. We are going to Bright Lights tomorrow night. We were given Media Night tickets from a friend, so it's going to be a fun night. Leelee can hardly wait to show the boy the pretties. We are all very stoked....Christmas is way too much fun this year!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Uncles are the best!

Just hanging out! Uncle has been on winter lay-off since November 11th, and he is lots of fun to be with!

They are watching the dolphins on the computer!

Action figures are so much fun!

They are very good friends. Ever since Miracle #4 has been home, he has spent a lot of time hanging out with the daycare kids, as well as his nephew. They have fun together, and the difference between men and boys really is just the price of their toys, anyway. The men in this family love to play. So any excuse to hang out with the little ones is fine with them. It really is a win-win situation, as they are excellent role models for the young ones. Most people I know compliment me on our miracles frequently. "We just want our kids to turn out just like yours!" It's very heart-warming and makes a mom very proud!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Do you ever wonder?

Why people are so cruel? Or rude? Or just plain ol' mean-spirited? I often used to wonder why. I don't really let it bug me much any more......but I still wonder. Pastor Brad had a wonderful sermon on anger and forgiveness on Sunday and it certainly was a good one. I needed to hear it set me up for my week ahead. God is good that way, don't you think? At least I have the tools to handle it. Maybe it's just the stress of the holidays.....maybe not. It really is all about attitude, and manners. The children and I have been listening to the Manners CD this's kinda too bad that the adults weren't around to listen too.

Simple things like the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Sounds simple, doesn't it? It isn't simple for some people. Please and Thank-you. You're welcome. Excuse Me and I'm sorry. Again, those sound simple too. Apparently, not for everyone. They are the five fabulous phrases and the children are starting to sing along with our manners CD. I love it! I wish that adults were as easy to teach as children.

I am tired. That little catnap between 8:45 and 9 pm was refreshing, but all it really did was revive me for the next few hours and I won't feel like going to bed later. It was a busy week. I went to Children's Ministry meeting on Wednesday night so it ended up being way longer than expected. And I went to the hockey game last night with Miracle #4, so it was another late night. I must be getting old. I NEVER used to get tired after being out two nights in a week. I used to thrive on it. It used to energize me, but this week.....not so much.

I wrapped Christmas presents on Tuesday night. The tree is up today, but not decorated yet. Tuesday and Friday are the crummiest nights for television. I am addicted to Criminal Minds and CSI:New York. I really like Bones and Castle too. Again, these are shows that used to scare me to death and give me nightmares. Not any more. I must be getting old.....or is that just more mature? Maybe just de-sensitized? I don't really like that idea........hmmmmm.

I am not doing the Roots of Empathy program this year. I know that I was supposed to, but we just couldn't get it together. First, there was no baby available. We found a baby and H1N1 came blitzing through the schools. (My little 4 year old tells me that he had 911...LOL) The teacher that I was working with, and my mentor made a decision to leave it for this year after all. It was just getting too late in the year to implement the program without feeling rushed. So, I was disappointed but a little relieved too, as I am not as available this year........I didn't have a sub for the daycare. It just wasn't meant to be.

The weekend is upon us and the rainy weather is supposed to be coming back. We really enjoyed ourselves yesterday, as it was even warm out. We walked to the pre-school and Toddler just kept saying, "Muck, Muck, Muck" all the way there. Imagine his surprise when he saw Leelee walking across the parking lot when we got there. He was pretty excited, and none too happy when I had to put him back in the stroller to come home. He wanted to stay at pre-school with the big kids!! He has been so happy and content lately. Co-operates most of the time. Communicates very well and is very content in his little world. Would have been even happier if he got to stay with Muck yesterday, but he got over it very quickly!! After all, it was naptime!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

He loves "Singing Malmo"

It seems like every toddler I know loves Elmo. I don't even remember where this one came from, but it's been in the back bedroom for years. New batteries, once again, and it's a brand new toy. It's really loud and very fun. He can't help but move, and dance and enjoy!! He is looking a little unsure in the first couple of pictures, but it didn't take long to get into the rhythm!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One month until Christmas Eve!

I cannot believe how fast the time is flying by. And for the first time ever, I am sort of organized. I am not stressed at all about the holiday season this year, and I am so proud of myself for that!! I am about half-way done my shopping, which is a feat all in itself. There are more and more check marks on my lists as the days go by........and the calendar is getting filled up as well, as more and more events keep popping up. The only thing that we haven't done yet is Christmas cards and pics, and even though I know it should have been done by now, it will get done. It always does.......I just haven't really decided how to go about it this year. I am trying to be a little more original, but so far it hasn't really worked out for me. Now that I have Facebook and this blog, the Christmas letter isn't really as important as it used to be. I really do keep up with most of my peeps, but it still doesn't feel right to give it up entirely. I mean, I do have about ten people in my life that still don't have computers and need a letter and a picture, but everyone else might just get a cyber one. We will see, I still have a couple of weeks to make a decision!

It was a hockey weekend. And a shopping weekend. And a going out for dinner weekend. On Friday I went out for dinner with Shannon to Shinobi (I challenge you to say that ten times in a and we had a wonderful evening of excellent food and visiting. Came home and watched the rest of the Canucks/Avalanche game on tv with Hubby and called it a night. We went to see the Giants beat the Winterhawks on Saturday night with #2 and DIL and it was a great game which they actually won. We also went out for a great dinner at Applebee's and a fun time was had by all!! Sunday was one of those busy days, from wake-up time to bedtime and I went to see the Canucks get beat by the Blackhawks. It is actually the only other team in the NHL that I am okay with losing to, but it could have been a better game. Not much action, and it was only mildly entertaining. 1-0 games usually are. C and I had a wonderful evening anyway and we tried out a new restaurant that we hadn't tried before. We also went to Starbucks and I had a Bliss bar......I recommend them highly, so yummy!!

Last night was Family night and we were missing Miracle #1, but the rest of us had fun. Miracle #3 wasn't here very much either as her and SIL had a minor crisis to attend to at their house. One of the baseboard heaters shorted out in the middle of the night before, so they went to buy a new one and replaced it while we enjoyed Toddler and his antics. He is such a little boy now and one of his favourite things to do is body-slam anyone who will care enough to play. It is so funny how he says, "Body?" and expects his uncles, daddy and grandpa to lie down on command. He gets Mommy, Auntie Leelee and Mamaw to do it for him too, just cuz he is still pretty gentle with his hits. He is so funny!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

For one of the few times that the rain went away this week, we managed to get out for a neighbourhood walk. I love that Toddler holds onto hands now, and walks the WHOLE way all by himself. He really tries hard to keep up with all the big kids.

Grandpa replaced the batteries in these toys and it makes him soooooo happy. He loves music. And loves dancing to the music. He will dance to a lot of noises that aren't really even music. The lawnmower, the dishwasher, the washing machine and dryer.....any time he hears something continual. He obviously hears a rhythm or something that I don't hear and it's just one of his things that makes hims unique.

Listening to the music! And swaying back and forth!

Enjoying the "beat" of the washing machine!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I really have to wonder....

.....Is it us? Do we really have jinx written all over us? We went to watch the Vancouver Giants game tonight. They played the Chilliwack Bruins and they lost 6-1. We actually left early, as it was a weeknight and the weather outside is frightful. We NEVER do that.....but we are beginning to think that it is us. Thought maybe we could bring them a little bit of luck by leaving early and giving them half a chance. And truthfully, I don't believe in all that crap anyway. Life has nothing to do with luck, and the fact that the Giants have lost eight games in total this season and we have been at five of them has absolutely NOTHING to do with us. Maybe if I notify the Giants front office, they will pay us to stay away........LOL

I have had a busy few weeks. I don't really know what I do to fill my time some days, but they sure go by quickly. I went out for tea with friend last Wednesday and if feels like it was just yesterday. But a whole week has gone by. And I managed to put out my left hip......doing nothing but sitting in a chair. At least that is when I noticed it, just before going to the hockey game on Friday night. I moved very slowly that night.....very much like an old lady. Hubby made sure that I got my proper teasing and ribbing. I got an adjustment on Saturday, and definitely felt better, but I needed to go back again today. Sitting hurt. So did standing. Going from sitting to standing especially hurt. It did. Now it doesn't. I LOVE my chiropractor!!!

Monday nights are always fun!! The miracles have made it Family Night and we always try to get together for dinner as a family. I love it!! We all love to see Toddler and give him our un-devoted loving. And he loves all of our loving......thrives on it, actually. Come April, we are going to rock his world by giving him a new cousin......I told him so that night. He just smiled! I especially love all his new words......Leelee and Muck are very, very important people to him. So is Beena. He still speaks Nolanese, but the words are plentiful. He says Mommy now....It warms her heart!

I went out for dinner with some friends to Wah Wing last night. And it was just as much fun as the last time we went, even though there were fewer of us. I really do think that I could live on their food. The szechaun beans, the salt and peppery prawns and the General Pao chicken are probably my favourites, but ya's all simply delicious. Ate too much! Laughed too much! And I can hardly wait to do it again!! We ate at the Giants game tonight so I am two for two, with going out to eat. Went out on Sunday night too, so I am really 3 out of 4. I LOVE going out for dinner.......I use that word a lot don't I? It's too late to even bother counting, but I really have to wonder how many times I have used the word "love" in this post....I know I have typed it a lot....or a derivative of it. I think I am tired.....good-night!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

He loves this!

He spent hours and hours playing with the peg board today. They have been in my house like forever, and the store that I got them from went out of business years ago. Does anyone know where we can find more? Now that they have been given new life, I always need more than two. They turned out to be very popular entertainment for all of the children, but two pegboards in a daycare for five to seven, never really works out.

His fine motor skills are really quite amazing. In and out, in and out, and then he went onto sorting them.

Of course, I always ask him his colours. He always knows blue, but is getting pretty good at yellow, red and green. I especially love it when he says purple!

This is Round 4, he went back to this activity all day long!!!

Look at his concentration......He was very focused!!! And intense!!

This is a half hour in, and still really into it!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Six weeks to go!

....And it will all be over, actually. In exactly 6 weeks, it will be Boxing Day. So I have been trying to get prepared.......for Christmas, that is. I went out on Wednesday and started my shopping, which was a whole lot of looking and browsing, but it gave me some ideas to start with. I am always so last minute, when it comes to shopping and so this year, I am going to try, try, try to be more organized. I really do shop all year, and then I pull it all out of the closet and see what I have got, and then I end up going out to buy just as much as I probably would have if I had started, say, on Remembrance Day. I always give half of it to the Christmas Hamper, because it really isn't what I want in the end, anyway. So this year, I haven't got as much stored in the closet, and there is probably way more to buy, but I think it will work out better, come Christmas Day. I hope so......that's the plan, anyway!

I bought one gift on Wednesday, for one person. One out of say, fifty or more. Check!!
Christmas lights up and ready to turn on, on December 1st. Check!!
List of Christmas presents to buy. Check!!
Menu for Christmas dinner, starting to come together. Check!!
Social events for December, starting to come together. Check!!

Okay, now I am getting a little disillusioned.......there is still sooooooooooooo much left to do!! But at least, I have some lists and at least it isn't as overwhelming as it could be. Because I really do work best under pressure. Silly as it sounds, the less amount of time I have to do it in, then the more I seem to accomplish. Now, the next 6 weeks will probably fly by, and if I methodically go through each list, each day, then it really isn't as much as it appears to be. Barring of course, no one gets sick! (Egad, did I actually say that out loud!!)

My little five year old was very pleased to get his H1N1 shot on Monday, so he won't get sick for Christmas. That is what he told me.....even though it hurt and even though he cried. A couple of kids have told me that. "It hurts, and I cried." Imagine my pleasant surprise then, when I talked to SIL and he had taken Toddler for his shot yesterday and he didn't cry. He grimaced, and then told the nurse "Thank-you" and "Bye" Can't say he doesn't have any manners!! And of course, our little charmer waved at everyone in the waiting room, once again. Figures that they all come out just to see him!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Puddles and Papa

Tuesday morning fun....doesn't take much to please a toddler!
The new boots work wonderfully!!!

Okay Mamaw, (isn't that neat, I am not Papa anymore!) I will look at you....but I am not going to smile!

Here is when he notices a workman coming out of a neighbour's house....notice that HE gets a smile........

Puddle or Papa......take your pick....he says both!

And here he is, with his Papa, loving the ear lobe. He does this quite often for comfort....he likes the feel of skin, and he LOVES his Grandpa!!! They look pretty good for being a couple of sickies, hey?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's beginning to look at lot like..... thought I was going to say Christmas, didn't you? It is a little bit.....Costco has had stuff for over a month now, and Art Knapp's in PoCo has a beautiful display of decorations. But no, it's beginning to look a lot like everyone is taking this H1N1 outbreak quite seriously. There are no toys in the library or the doctor's offices any more. If you are sneezing or coughing in the clinics, you are asked to wear a mask. There are a handful of people out there actually wearing the masks at the Mall, but I did notice that they were mostly children. My friend was over yesterday and she says that because the Olympics are coming, is why the government is wanting us to get the shot. They don't want to risk a pandemic in February. Good point, and I am still researching whether or not I am going to go. I am still a definite probably, but I am certainly not rushing to jump in a line-up either. Everyone who asks me about it, I just refer them to their doctor as I think it really is a personal choice. #3 got hers last week, and Toddler is scheduled to go on Friday. Quite a few of the daycare children have been immunized.

DIL and I hit the Mall on Sunday and we had a really great afternoon. She was needing some maternity clothes and it was fun to get out into the shops. I don't think I had been to Coquitlam Center since May! I hit the store on Saturday too, but it just wasn't as much fun, as I had to do chores. It's just not the same.

Hubby went back to work yesterday and they sent him home at 2. His boss decided he didn't want him to push it......he was tired, but feeling way better than before. Baby is still fighting that ear infection, and now has a full-fledged cough. Other than being extra tired, he is definitely getting better too. He is so funny right now, and his language improves daily. He is so ego-centric!!! When he goes into the clinic he waves at all the people, and when he went to ER a few weeks ago, he did the same thing. It's all about him......and he thinks that all those people just came to see him. Such a cute age, and he is learning new things every day!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

He has an ear infection.....

......but it's not really slowing him down too much. He had a fever on Thursday and Friday, and Motrin always fixed the symptoms and he was back to his happy chatty self. But with all the stuff that is out there right now, his mom and dad took him to the clinic last night to find out that his ear was very red. He's got medicine now and I know he will be fine in no time. # 3 got checked over as well, as she has had a nagging cough since her birthday, and needed to make sure it was just a virus. It was, but someone forgot to tell her that mom's don't get sick. Toddler loved the doctor and wouldn't stop talking. He is just so darn personable, this little guy!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

He likes his new boots!

He likes to wear them whenever he can, so when you are 19 months, then "Why Not?" They must get fairly warm though, because he is fine to take them off whenever he's had them on for 15 minutes or so. It was hard to find him a pair that fit....they are a size 7/8 and they had to be short enough and wide enough for his fat little feet. The tongue in them had to give a lot just so the foot would go in, and stay in. We think they are perfect!!! He especially loves the spiders on them......doesn't really know who Spiderman is yet, but all the big boys at Daycare are impressed.
He fell asleep at lunchtime again yesterday, and I just can never resist his sleeping face. So innocent, and angelic. It must be the chicken, or the walk through the neighbourhood. Whatever it was, it was the same meal as the last time he did the same thing!!
And I guess if the doctor phones your house to check on you, then you must be very,very sick. That's what happened today........the clinic dr. phoned to check on Hubby. Wondered if he made it through the night without going to the hospital. He did. Was up at 3:30 coughing and wheezing, but he managed to shower and shave today, and he moved off of his comfy chair a couple of times. His appetite is back so you know that he is feeling somewhat better. Although his comment tonight to the miracles went something like this: "But I haven't had any dessert since my birthday 4 days ago!" We laughed......if you knew Hubby like we know him, then you know that he really must be sick when he doesn't have any sweets. This is the man who only eats his dinner so he can have dessert. Loves chocolate and sugar!!!! I am so happy he is feeling better. Drugs really are a wonderful thing......all that medication is definitely working.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's NOT H1N1.....

........nope, it's pneumonia. That's the the doctor at the clinic told Hubby this morning. In his right lung. Gave him all sorts of medication and he is glued to HG TV; he has his blanket, his box of kleenex and his chicken noodle soup. He looks rough......really rough. He even has a note from the doctor saying he cannot go to work. I phoned his boss this morning and told him that the earliest he can go back is Monday of next week.

The daycare children are upstairs having quiet time and I am also enjoying a little bit of quiet time. We went for a lovely walk this morning in our glorious sunshine. The horses were out in the fields and we watched them for awhile.......Toddler was most impressed. I wish I had taken my camera. Another piece of babyhood went slipping away as he can now make a proper horse neigh sound. Sigh.......

I have been to five hockey games in the last eleven days. Two were the Giants and three were for the Canucks. I can honestly say that I am hockeyed out. I don't go again until the end of the month, so it will be a nice break. LOVED the game last night against the Rangers, the last time I saw them play I was actually in NYC in 2004 and both teams have changed dramatically since then. It was really fun to reminisce. #4 came with me and we had a great night.

Daycare is really slow this past couple of weeks. My two boys that were originally diagnosed with H1N1 have taken this week off.......they are in quarantine. The doctor feels that they never did have the swine flu, just the regular flu, but the 4 year old has a very, very bad cough. They feel he is now compromised if he does actually get the swine flu, so his parents felt it best that they keep him home to get well. They took their other son out of school so he couldn't bring any more of the germs home and they are basically on house arrest. Their dad told me they were not going to even leave the house to go to the store. I kind of hope they got outdoors today is probably one of last sunny days for a while. And it is even warm out!!!

So let's just pray that the others and I don't get any of the bugs that are floating about......I still remain the only un-sick one. #4 did end up getting a cold but he is already feeling better after 3 days. I haven't gotten anything but am feeling a bit tired today. Hmmmm, might have something to do with going to bed after midnight and then listening to my husband breathe for half the night. Worrying really doesn't do a body good!! But you know, it is a lot easier to say "Give it all to God" than to actually do it!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Words, words, words!

Wonderful words! I love it! He is talking........mostly just repeating, but it is just so darn adorable!!!! His daddy teased me and said he just must have needed a bonk on the head, because that is pretty much when he started with all the new words. I was going to write them down, but there really are too many to list. He got his last top eye tooth last Friday. He started going to bed independently in Mid-October. No more rocking, just a kiss and a hug and he lies down in his crib and falls asleep. I can't call him Baby anymore......I have to call him Toddler. After all, he doesn't have much of the babyhood left. A bottle in the morning, at naptime and bedtime, and a soother for bed. That's it. He eats from a bowl with a spoon or a fork, drinks from a cup, asks questions, follows directions, and listens really well. And we are getting a new baby in April, so he is now known as Toddler. Sigh. So bittersweet......he is 19 months old tomorrow.........

He can say "leaf". It's quite original but completely understandable.

Showing me his block and talking at the same time.

Building blocks. He can say "Blocks" really well.

Exploring the Hay Maze

He makes this face alot. Here, I am asking him to say, "Cheese" but he is definitely distracted and also not really wanting to.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Daylight Saving Time

I haven't decided if I like DST before Hallowe'en or after. Even with the extra hour of sleep, it still goes by way too fast......but it really was just one of those weekends. Hair appointment on Saturday, along with pumpkin carving and trick or treating. It was a really fun day, and Baby was actually more interested in watching his Grandpa vacuum than carving out the pumpkin anyway. I am glad that the miracles still enjoy it. I really liked one of the neighbours glowing display of pumpkins and a scarecrow. That is how I would like to do it, if I didn't have children who still like it. It seemed like we got a whole lot more children at the door this year, but we always count and there were only 64, including Baby. 22 arrived in the first five minutes, and then Baby and his family showed up around 7, after he had trick or treated in his own neighbourhood first. We only went to 7 houses, but with his little legs, and all the visiting and looking at the decorations, it took almost an hour. I felt very privileged to be able to go too!!

Yesterday was Hubby's birthday, and my Dad's too. I always feel that they get gypped with it being the day after Hallowe'en, but we always try. Walked out the door at 9:30 yesterday morning and came back in again, just after 4. Church, lunch, Wiser's (Hubby's very favourite collectible store) Costco, Langley Farms, Roots and then the liquor store for #4 and it was time to head back home for dinner. Some of the miracles came and they bought their dad chinese food, and DIL made some delicious cupcakes. We watched the Canucks beat the Avalanche on PPV, and the night was over. Baby ended up falling asleep so he has slept over. I am hearing rustlings from the monitor, but I don't think he is actually awake quite yet. Friends also stopped by, as we bought new living room furniture from that took some time and energy from all the men in the house. A great weekend, but it went by way too fast. I am glad that Mondays are a slower day at Daycare, less kids so it is always pretty mellow.