Thursday, September 30, 2010

Five Months Old!

And no, she isn't really sitting up on her own, but she sure is trying! It won't be very long now as she can balance for a few seconds at a time. She was 17 pounds and a half ounce a couple of weeks ago when she had her shots. Is still the same length....25 and a half inches. She is our cute little girl, full of smiles and personality and we love her very, very much!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Alouette Lake

It's September. Late September. Officially Fall in Beautiful British Columbia. But it was one of those beautiful Indian Summer days and we took full advantage of the weather. I think it was at least 25 degrees out, and even the wind was warm. When Miracle #3 phoned and invited us to go to the lake this afternoon, we jumped at the opportunity and had a wonderful time!

Miracle #3 and her son

He was very fascinated by the slug!

Here he is, just as we were getting to the lake and he was showing me that the lake was going to be cold! Very expressive!!

Having snacks

Walking over to another part of the beach

Bosco loves to retrieve sticks and swim.....I know that this isn't really a stick!

Bringing back his "stick" to be thrown again

Father and Son.......throwing rocks

And a "stick" for Bosco

He has pretty good form for a little guy

All the "boys"

Beautiful family in Beautiful BC.......thanks so much guys, for the fun afternoon!!

I am being lazy

After my incredibly crazy week, I have been very lazy this morning. Haven't moved off my computer for the past couple of hours. I am very grateful to Miracle #2 who has a program to recover lost files. He found all my pictures that were deleted from my memory card. I don't know how he did it and I don't know how it works but I am so thankful that I now have the last three months of pictures that I have taken. I did download some of them, but I haven't been doing that as much as I used to, as it takes up so much space on the computer. And I don't put them on cd's either. I just buy memory cards every few months and that's how I keep my files. Call me a little bit strange, but that is just the way I do things.........and up until this week it has worked just fine.

This was during our torrential downpour last Sunday. I cannot believe how much rain fell in such a short amount of time. You would think that by now, after living here for my whole life that the rain wouldn't surprise me. But it was incredible.

Here are my "two n' hat" year old boys. Chase has been here a few times this past month and the cousins are really good together. A lot of parallel play but that is very age-appropriate. And I don't want to jinx it, but Toddler has been soooooooo good since we went to Whistler. It's almost like he had to get all that two year old non-compliance out of his system. As long as he isn't getting tired, he has been incredibly agreeable. "Okay" seems to be his new favourite word. He is following directions really well and is so cute to watch and listen to. We tried a Strong Start program on Wednesday and he was so obedient. Even when I took him away from the art easel when we had to start Circle Time, it was fine with him. Last month, that wouldn't have gone over so well. As a matter of fact, it wouldn't have gone over well at all. He's growing up....... it's so bittersweet!!

She's out of the woods....

That is what we were told by the doctor yesterday. Praise God!! We had a family meeting, and the doctor is very hopeful that my MIL will be fine. ICU is full of tubes and wires and machines, but I love that she gets individualized care. Her nurse Ella was very sweet and full of information, so that helped as well. She is breathing on her own and the breathing tube should be removed today. She has kidney function. Her vitals are good and she is considered critical, but stable. She is moving in the right direction. It will be a few days, maybe longer before she comes back to Maple Ridge, but we were all okay with that. We all love the hospital that she is in right now.....state of the art. It looks like a hotel when you come into the lobby. Very fancy. It shouldn't make any difference as far as her care goes, but I was even pleased with the price of parking. Only $2.75/hour. It seems that the further west you go, then the parking gets more and more expensive. In New Westminster, it is $4.50/hour. I shouldn't really complain, but for the amount of time we have spent at hospitals in the last five months, then it really does start to add up.

Anyway, I do need to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers. We are moving in the right direction, and for that we are truly thankful!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


It stands for vancomycin-resistant enterococci.......and that is the name of my MIL's superbug. The best way to find out any information on it is to google it, and after I did that, I did rest a little bit easier. Healthy people rarely catch it, and the best info is on a Google search. My own mom had caught MRSA from the hospital, which was also a superbug. It is because of my knowledge about MRSA that I am so concerned about superbugs. They are treatment resistant, and can make us really, really sick.

The website that I was reading said that 19 out of 20 people carry VRE and don't need medication to make it go away, it usually goes away on it's own. Now I probably have too much information.........I want to learn about new illnesses because I like to be informed. But as we all know, as my mom used to say, "too much knowledge can be dangerous." Because of all the resources that we now have available to us at our fingertips, we can get TMI and then it just causes a whole lot of worry. I used to worry alot, now I just give it to God. Much easier and much less if I could just learn how to give it all away and try not to take it all back.........

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Please....

First of all, I need to thank everyone who has praying for my MIL. It's working. She made it through surgery and was resting comfortably on Monday. But she still needs more prayer. Her kidneys failed yesterday and she was transferred to another hospital in the Valley for dialysis. The Dr doesn't know if it is temporary or permanent, as it is from the trauma of the operation. We would like prayer for it to be temporary. She found out this year that she only has one kidney, due to an operation in 1979 where they removed a tumour on her adrenal gland. Up until she had some tests this Spring, she had no idea that she was functioning with one kidney. And functioning well. She had a colostomy on Monday and is now on dialysis. It's not good. But she is in the best place she can be right sil commented that this is a brand new hospital and here in MR, our hospital is quite old. She mentioned that the technology and the hospital are superb and "Welcome to 2010."

I think that our whole family needs prayer: For all the practical things like proper sleep and nutrition, and especially for the wisdom and the peace to make some decisions. Miracle #1 has moved in with us for the past two weeks as she is unwell, and we all need prayer for that situation too. We are all a little stressed to say the very least. That being said, I think we are managing our stress quite well. I don't think that #1 is doing very well, and she needs our prayers. And we, as her caregivers, need them too!! I have managed to find a cold through all of this and I know I only get sick when I am stressed. (no biggie, it's just that I don't like colds! Welcome to September!)

We had another family dinner last night and we all had lots of fun. My aunt and uncle are here and we had a very entertaining evening. I made a delicious turkey dinner (if I don't say so and it was fun to eat, drink and be merry. They are leaving today and I will miss them. It was short and sweet, and they will need prayer for safe travel, as they plan on driving straight through to Calgary in a day. It sounds like the weather is going to be good and that will help. It's been really nice for the last couple of days and for that we are very grateful.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Prayer Request

I have a prayer request. My mother-in-law is in Emergency surgery right now, for a perforated bowel. We heard today that she has diverticulitis, which is something that my sister-in-law has had trouble with for a few years now. Nobody ever mentioned that my MIL had it as well. In the past few months, she has been diagnosed with two concussions, a bleeding ulcer, an aneurysm, several infections (and today we were informed that she does have a super bug, we just don't know which one yet) and now this. I know that I am probably forgetting some things as well, but that is a lot. It does feel good to finally get some answers, and she was told today that if she didn't have this surgery then she would have 48 hours to live. She agreed to the surgery, signed the papers and told us that she would be fighting for us. She had to fight. It was good to hear. Can all my prayer warriors pray for my MIL today? I think she needs all the help she can get.......thank-you so very much!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Monday night

Monday night is Family Dinner Night at our house. All the miracles know that it is a standing invitation.......whoever wants to come is welcome to come. Sometimes, all ten of us are here. And sometimes, there are a few people missing. It's great, as it is the one night a week that I will try to make a nice dinner and actually cook!

It started almost two years ago, because of Monday Night Football. SIL went out every Monday night and Miracle #3 didn't want to be home alone, (she was on mat leave at the time) so she started coming for dinner with Toddler....who was not a toddler, he was five months old at the time. It was so great, as Hubby and I were able to have a guaranteed visit with our grandson. Win, win! Sometimes, I saw him during the day because Miracle #3 would pop by on occasion, but Hubby really didn't get as much chance to bond as he works outside the home.

It has now become our tradition and even the neighbours have made comments to us, and have also been outside to meet and greet and catch up with our miracles and their busy lives. We have lived here for 22 years now and we seem to be the leaders with two weddings and two grandchildren, but we have the most amount of children and they are the oldest ones too. (And in all fairness, our friends' son was married first and has two children, but he lives in Denmark) It is a fun night for all of us and now it is our guaranteed time to bond with our newest member of the family!

Gwampa and his grandkids!

Baby love

Cousin love

Can you see her eyes? They are staying light.....

This was funny.......Miracle #2 is giving Toddler a massage, and he is giggling like crazy. His baby cousin is giving him quite the look!!

She loves her Sophie, the giraffe

Chatting to her Grandpa

One of my favourite pictures from the night!

And I really like this one too!

Monday, September 13, 2010

16 pounds 3 ounces

I haven't done a baby update in a while. But here she is, pretty in pink. This was taken almost a month ago and L posted it on Facebook this afternoon. She commented that she was "at her command center" and I thought that was very appropriate. She loves her exersaucer and just loves being up and about. She is 25 and a half inches long now, and they call her their two foot bundle. I really do have to bring out my camera more often.......she is here every Monday night but I am so busy enjoying her that I don't seem to take any pics. I finally took some tonight and I promise to post pictures as soon as I get them loaded onto the computer.

She is just so darn sweet........and is the most beautiful smelling baby in the universe. She learned how to roll over from her back to her stomach last weekend and I think that is very early as she was just over four months old. But she just doesn't want to stay a baby. She is always wiggling about and wanting to see everything around her. She is a catnapper during the day, as she doesn't want to miss anything either. Still isn't sleeping all the way through the night. She started to eat a little bit of rice cereal last week and just gobbled it up. She is already four and a half months old and bringing so much joy into our lives!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gween Emmet

He found this in the garage last week and he really likes wearing it. It is too big and it flops around a fair amount, but he doesn't seem to care one bit. It used to belong to Uncle B when he was 6, which makes it 19 years old. I have no idea why it is still in the garage, as it is probably useless; but it is making a two year old very, very happy. He puts it on, wears it for a while and then asks for it to be taken off. Sometimes he will wear it for an hour, sometimes it is just for a few minutes. I bought him a new one on the weekend and he really does prefer this old one. I will never ever try to figure out how a two year old thinks!!

The paint is chipped off in places and it's loose on his head, but he doesn't care one bit. He loves this "gween emmet." And I think he looks adorable!
~if you think he is looking taller, you are right......measured him the other day and he is just under 38 inches tall~

Friday, September 3, 2010


You can't really tell in this picture, but Toddler had a very bad rash all around his mouth when we went to Whistler. Eczema like. Very red and painful looking. He had gone to the Dr earlier in the week as he had a rash all over his body, mostly on his torso, but heading to the arms and legs as well. The Dr figured it was a sensitivity to the antibiotics he had been taking. Novamoxan. We know now that we won't ever give that to him again. She advised him to take Benadryl, which certainly helped. But when we went into the mountains, the rash around his mouth just seemed to get worse and worse, so we had to wonder if maybe the Benadryl was drying out his skin. After two days of being home and eliminating the Benadryl, the rash around his mouth disappeared and we are very happy about that!

My MIL is still in the hospital. They took her off the Ventalin and now her arms are not as shaky, but she is still not well. This week it was a urinary tract infection so she is on more antibiotics. When Physio tried to get her up on Tuesday, she immediately passed out, so that wasn't good. She is definitely more alert than she has been for the past 7 weeks, but still needing lots of extra care and our prayers. I commented to Hubby the other day that she has been in hospital for 10 of the 18 weeks that Baby has been here.

Hubby tried out Acupunture the other day. His hips have been really bothering him for the last couple of weeks and he has pretty much exhausted all other avenues. He has another appointment next week. Claims it didn't really help, but it didn't hurt either. He has stenosis in his spine and unless he is going to be "skinny like rake" (those were the Dr.'s words) then he is always going to have some type of discomfort. It seems to come and go, and there are always going to be good days and bad days, but this is the first time that the pain has lasted this long. He goes to the Chiropractor and Massage Therapy regularly and has also done cold laser treatments, but this is lasting way too long. He needs prayers too!

It's the long weekend. Labour Day is here, and that means it is the end of summer. Hard to it went by very fast. I am looking forward to the Fall, even though it brings a lot of change into my life. All the daycare children are off to school. I have had the same group for the past 5 years and they are all in Grade 1 or Kindergarten. It's just going to be me and Toddler and his new friend Jade most mornings. I have a 3 year old on Wednesday who will be joining us, but it's going to be very, very different. Little ones for most of the day. Quiet time will really be quiet. Jade just turned one and she will come five days a week, so that is different for me too. I haven't ever had any children for five days......four has always been the max.

Have a great weekend, Everyone!! I hear that the weather is supposed to be lovely!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It was the wettest August day in Vancouver history!

And we decided to go to the PNE! It's actually been a pretty decent summer.......yes, it has rained, but not really very much. Most days have been warm and sunny, and we have played outside a lot. So when we saw that on Tuesday, the forecast was rain, we had already taken the day off and we followed through with our plans. Kind of hoped that it would taper off in the afternoon like it usually does, but it didn't. It poured. All day long. It sort of stopped around 5pm (there was no line-up to view the Prizehome) but by the time we left at 6, it was raining again. The reason we had decided to go on this particular day was because The Backyardigans were live, and we wanted to take Toddler. He has always enjoyed this particular tv show, and #3 invited her MIL to come as well, and off we went to enjoy our day and make some memories. Three adults and one two year old! And you know, despite the rain, we did have a very good day! It was all about experiencing it through the eyes of a two year old!!!

We just happened to be in the right place at the right time. There is a 12:30 parade every day, but because it was so wet, the performance ended up being right outside the Pacific Coliseum. These are all the characters and the dancers waiting for their music to start.

He loved looking at all the characters and as long as they were ten feet away or more, then it was all good. The penguin kept trying to come over and high-five him and he wanted none of that. But he sure enjoyed watching them dance and he joined right in. From a distance!


Watching The Superdogs!

We went down to the barns next, to have a look at the animals. Here is a "mommy cow and her baby." (the baby is behind the mommy)


These are the pigs who are part of the pig racing show. Their owner/trainer was showing us how they like to kiss. Ewwwwww.......


He loved the little bunny.

And he was very gentle.

This made me laugh out loud. It caused a lot of chuckles from people who saw him, but I don't think he will ever be a farmer. "Ooooooh, stinky........."

"Big cow."

We found a nice little alcove to take a break and colour a tractor. He loves to colour!! (Note: he still uses his left hand way more than his right)

Cute, hey? He's a mountie!

Watching The Musical Ride

He called this, "the dancing horses."

Here he is, watching The Backyardigans....absolutely mesmerized.

Uniqua, Pablo and Tyrone

Tyrone and Pablo

Playing Simon Says

This is really cute. There is an area in the barn called Discovery Farms, and the children get an apron and a bucket. (he chose the pink one, lol) They go around to stations and plant seeds and pick vegetables, apples, eggs, honey etc.......and learn about where it all comes from. At the end, they get a paper dollar at the Farmers Market and they can go buy a chocolate milk. He followed our directions really well, and I wasn't sure how it would go when he had to give it all back, but he was totally fine with it. And very, very pleased to drink his chocolate milk.

See? Yes, we were still in the barn and it was still stinky!