Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cousins and Crawling

These pictures were taken last night when Baby was making her way down the hallway. They tell a bit of a story. Look at Toddler in the first one as he watches his cousin crawl and listens to us all cheer her on.

I really do wonder what he is thinking in this one, but he got right down on her level to check out what all the fuss was about!

Toddler is actually just to the left of the picture frame here, and although Baby isn't actually looking right at him, she is paying attention to his words.
And here he is, pleased as punch, that he got Sophie. He has one of his own, but hers is just way more exciting, just because it is hers. The interactions between the two of them is absolutely priceless!!

Seven Months Old!

Can you guess what she is looking at?

She is seven months old today!

And as pretty as a picture........she went for her shots last Tuesday and has lost a half a pound, and gained a half an inch. So that means that she is 18 lbs 3 ozs and 27 and a half inches. She still fits 12 month size in most brands of clothes and I think that she has very tiny feet (they really do match the rest of her, but I still think they are tiny).....Her size 2's from Carters fit, and have a little bit of room in them. She got her other top tooth last week too, and I would like to wish that she will give her parents a bit of a reprieve until the next ones start popping through the gums, but after watching her chew her fingers last night....probably not. Everything goes right into the mouth, and the drool is incessant.

She loves all the Christmas decorations as much as her cousin. Totally mesmerized. She is so cute to watch, and she smiles and giggles at the lights and the songs.

Her eyes appear to be green.........and I know that people say that she is a real combination of her Mommy and her Daddy, but I still think that her and her Mommy could win a Mother/Daughter look-a-like contest.

"Oh Grandpa, thank-you. Sooo pretty!"

Everything goes right into the mouth.

And even though she was getting tired and she was going to go into the bathtub, she showed us how she "crawls." It's not really creeping and it's not really crawling, perhaps it is a combination of both, but she made it down the hallway at record speed. She is so adorable. If you put a toy in front of her, she will make very fast tracks to get to it!!

Such a happy, smiley girl. She is very social. And very special. And I love her more than words can say!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Almost ready for Christmas!

We had a very productive weekend. The plumbers arrived on Saturday morning with Starbucks in hand, ready for their very busy work day. We went to the White Spot, then to Canadian Tire, to GG's house for a bathroom break and #4 was able to go through some momentoes from his Grandma. Hubby and I headed to our first Open House of the day and I was able to chat and contribute to the Friends in Need Food Bank. We went to pick up #4, went to Zellers, to Photo Express and then headed to our second Open House of the day. I managed to spend all of my cash that I had with me at this one, as Discovery Toys, Beauti-control, Norwex, Cupcake Craze and The Berry Boys were represented. I didn't really spend a whole lot at any one of them, but it adds up really fast. And I never ever have a whole lot of cash with me, I am definitely a debit and credit card girl.

Miracle #4 took us out for lunch at The Home Restaurant and it was very delicious, I hadn't been there in quite awhile and I was impressed with my beef barley soup and house salad. After that we went to parts of two hockey games, we were fashionably late for the atom game, and the novice one after that. Made a quick pit stop at home to see how our plumbers were doing, and found out that they were doing well. Figured it would be about an hour and a half and they would be done and this was around 3:30 or 4. We went to see Toddler and his family and totally enjoyed his antics while watching a bit of the hockey game. Every time a team scores, he runs to hug his Daddy. Too cute!!

The plumbing crew was cleaning up when we arrived home and there were a few surprises but nothing they couldn't handle. Joe is coming back tomorrow to replace the bibs on the outside taps, but all of our pipes in our house are now brand new. I have one broken tile in the master bathroom and the toilet isn't working in there either, but both of those will be replaced or fixed soon enough. Other than a huge amount of disarray thoughout my house that I can't put away until after the inspector comes on Tuesday, we are coasting down the home stretch. Yay!!

We babysat Toddler this evening. It was totally unexpected, but Miracle #3 has a friend whose father passed away today, so Toddler came to spend some time with us, while she went to be with her friend. I had just come home from a lovely afternoon with my favourite seven year old. We had gone out for lunch at Shinobi.....so yummy, I think I have a new favourite Japanese restaurant in town. I don't even feel like I am cheating on Halu as it is closed on Sunday. We went to The Nutcracker at The Act and it was totally like I had remembered it when I used to take the miracles in the 80's and 90's. So special and so Christmasy. If I wasn't already in the Christmas spirit, I sure am now!! Hubby and I had some errands to attend to, and Toddler came with us and he scored a new hockey guy from his Grandpa. Mostly Music is full of McFarlane toys, and Toddler was asking for Marion Gaborik, but his Grandpa convinced him that he wanted Ryan Kesler. Keeps calling him Trevor Linden, but his Grandpa was right. He loves him and it didn't really come out of his hands all night.

The hockey guy with his hockey guy.

The puck is already missing, but he enjoyed it while it lasted.

Hubby and I finally finished taking out all the Christmas decorations this morning and this little spot entertained Toddler for over half an hour at a time. They move and they sing.....Toddler sings along with them and everyone has a great time. Especially Hubby and me, who marvel at him. We never tire of watching him play and learn. He makes the Christmas season so worthwhile. Note that Ryan Kesler is still in his hands.

We had to move the hockey arena into the kitchen as Christmas has overtaken our living room. So he and Grandpa had a very fun time playing hockey.

Having fun with his hockey guys.

He plays with his own set of rules. It's always good to play with an adult as the adult will always follow along. LOL

This is my cheeky grandson saying, "No Grandma, no look at the camera!" You can tell by his dimples that he is grinning. I like that I can see how cute his new haircut is.

The look of admiration in his eyes make me smile. He is looking at his Grandpa. He's gone to visit his Auntie Kristy now, to give her hugs and make her smile. Hugs and prayers to you and your whole family, Kristy........our hearts are aching for all of you!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's gonna be a good day!

And the main reason that I think this is because I finally slept for five straight hours. I love it when I feel rested and ready for my day. And my secret last night was to go back to what I originally used three years ago, and that was theanine and melatonin together. At the beginning of the week, it was kavinace and melatonin together that also made me sleep five straight hours, so that is another option. I have an ADD brain and I think too much. I don't really have an ADD body, as I don't really move too much. But at night, when I should be sleeping, all I do is think. And pray, And think some more. And pray some more. I seemed to have done this for at least two or three hours every night for the past few weeks, and eventually exhaustion overtakes me every ten days or so and I do sleep. But I like it when I sleep five or six hours straight through the night all the time. Up until September I actually did that, but that is when my stress level was at it's highest and I guess it overtook me. I am still somewhat stressed, but I am coping better. How? I am cooking and baking and staying home a lot. Comfort food. Lots and lots of comfort food. I am making a lot of soups and stews/casseroles, as well as baking again. I used to bake all the time and it sort of waned for the last few years. Well, I have use of a Mixmaster and it is way too easy again. Hubby and #4 are appreciating it greatly! And even I like the cranberry cookies.......so I made them again last night and munched on a few just before bed. They were yummy!

And don't you love my flowers? My friend and her daughters came by on Wednesday and I have them sitting on my table to remind me of my wonderful friendship with them. (and they really are because she never sent flowers when Hubby's mom passed away, so she says better late than never. I agree, it is way nicer now to get the ongoing and continual support as when someone dies, you are always surrounded by lots of love and people.......and then everyone gets busy with their lives again) We went to school together and she has three teenagers now, so her life is about as crazy and busy as it can get. She used to come over a lot when her children were small and her life was more her own, but now she works full time and is a mother to three girls, so life is good, but busy. She is one of my "forever and evers." And it was so nice to see each other and catch up a little bit before she had to go and take the girls to their next activity. Friends.......they are the best!!

Yesterday, the daycare boys did perler beads for three hours, while I ironed for the most part of that. I cleaned up the kitchen, made cabbage rolls for dinner and made out some shopping lists in between ironing their beading, but the five of them loved their crafting afternoon. We had some great conversations about Christmas and Jesus and school and Jesus and friends and Jesus. It was a really fun afternoon, filled with love and friendship and crafts.

Hubby is suffering greatly with sore hips and back. He went to the Dr on his way home from work so he could get some more Celebrex, but he went from being fairly agile at the beginning of the week to very, very pained by yesterday. #4 took his sling off for a while in the afternoon, as he said the shoulder felt a little bit better, but by the time we went out to do some shopping last night, then the sling was back on again. He is taking Advil for the pain, and it is working for the most part. Went to SportChek, Superstore and Staples last night, then I came home and made cookies and helped Hubby get ready for our plumbing blitz today. The plumber is bringing in his crew at 8 o'clock this morning and they will be here until it's done. I don't know if that means it will be six hours or ten hours, and they don't really know either. All that I do know is that the water is shut off for the entire day and Hubby, #4 and I have to be out of the house. Or we should be, as then we will be out of the way. I have made plans for most of the day......to at least take us up to six o'clockish anyway. I am excited as our first stop is breakfast at the White Spot. It's gonna be a good day!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sidney and Patrick

Toddler has trouble with saying his S's, R's and F's. So this is Wibmey Cwawby. It belongs to his Grandpa and he loves to look at him and to touch him. I taught him the one finger touch the other day and it went well. He would rather touch with his whole hand, but understands to be gentle, and to use one finger. He has an identical one at home, that he played with all day Wednesday. I hear that they call him One Leg Sidney now......LOL

This is Patwikane. I let him play with him on Wednesday too. He was very sad that he had to leave him here and only take his own Sidney home, but he got over it quickly. You can see in this picture that Patrick's stick is a little bit bent. As gentle as he was, these hockey players didn't much leave his hands for the whole day. That's why there are now new rules at Grandma and Grandpa's and they have to stay on the tree. He's okay with it. He will often go over and gaze lovingly at them, but understands that they break and he has to leave them on the tree. I love how he adjusted to the new rules so well. I also love how he is enjoying the wonder of the Christmas season!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


And it is only November! I know that I keep getting told that we are going to have a cold winter. Colder than ever, and lots of snow too. Well, it has been sooooooo cold for the past week (-11C to -17C with the windchill) and we got a bit of a sprinkle of the white stuff on the weekend. But today it really snowed. And snowed and snowed and snowed. Lots of it, around 10 cms when it was all said and done. Right now, it appears to have stopped and the the rain has been forecast for tomorrow. Toddler was cute when he was arriving today as he really doesn't remember the snow from last year. "Can I touch it?" he asked his Mom. "Yes," she replied, "but it's cold." Big smile and he immediately stuck his hand in it. And when he was leaving with his Dad, he was very excited as they were going home to play in it!

It was an eventful day! I had fun with GG's Mixmaster and made some blueberry muffins and chocolate chip cranberry oatmeal cookies before the children arrived at 8, and then I had some friends who have toddlers over for the morning. We had five children here who were two and under, so needless to say, it was very busy! They were all really good though and the morning went by way too fast.

Around 11, Miracle #4 managed to dislocate his shoulder again. He was lifting weights and obviously did something wrong. So Kristina was good enough to drive him off to ER and I picked him just after 4:30 with his arm relocated and reslinged. Here we go again.....he has to go to the Dr next week and get referred to a specialist as this is the second time in nine months that this has happened, so it looks like he will need surgery. Gee, what someone will do to get out of shovelling snow, hey? Just kidding.....he's one of the hardest working young men I have ever met and this is not in his character at all. He's in a lot of pain, and it's no fun at all!!

It is American Thanksgiving today and I know I have a lot to be thankful for. I am missing my usual Thursday night line-up of television tonight and will probably head to bed early. I am still having a lot of trouble sleeping this week, so I will try Plan F tonight and see if this one will work. My naturapath is trying so hard to get the right remedies together, and I really do know that we will get this right yet!! Good night all......

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Knock, knock....I'm baack."

These are the words that we heard at our door, just before eight o'clock last night. Toddler was coming over to sleep as his Mommy had an early morning shift and he is such a sleeper-inner. It's because he is a stay-up-later that he sleeps until eight or so, but like I have mentioned previously, he only usually sleeps 10 hours most nights. When they arrived, Hubby and I were going through some of the boxes in the storage room as now that it is partly cleared out, he feels it is our opportunity to go through the junk. The one thing we have learned since his Mom passed away, is that we keep WAY too much. My drywaller mentioned yesterday that they moved seven times in two years and in a way, that's kind of good, because you heave all of your "stuff that you don't need." Now I realize that one man's junk is another one's treasure, but we have lived here for 22 and a half years and we have accumulated way too much. It was fun to find two out of the four baby books in one box and I have handed them off to their respective new owners. Miracles #3 and #4 were quite delighted to see how OCD their mom used to be in her twenties when it came to chronicling their lives. Wow! I was very efficient.....don't know what ever happened to that person I used to be.......

After Toddler's bath, I gave him his Christmas decoration for this year as we have started to hang up the decorations on our tree. It all began because I was hanging up some of ours and he is mesmerized by the hockey players. Needless to say, he loves his Grandpa's hockey players, and that is the one we have also bought for him as Hallmark came out with Sidney Crosby this year. I have hung some of our memories on the tree so he can see them at his level and he really, really likes 'Era Lindro.' (Eric Lindros) I think it is more because he likes the colour, but that's the way he thinks at two.

He knows that this is Mario Lemieux, but he just calls him Mario. Doesn't really seem to care too much about this one......maybe because it is white, maybe because it is a little bit higher up on the tree.

As soon as I pulled this one out of the box, his words were, "Oh no, where is his helmet? He needs to have a helmet!" Out of the mouths of babes, oh how he makes me laugh!! Gordie Howe played when they didn't have to wear helmets! He is sleeping soundly in his crib right now, went to bed without any fuss with his Sidney Crosby and Grandpa's Patrick Kane on his bedside table. Music was playing and I think he only got to Song #3 and he was sound asleep. I keep going in to peek on him as I could watch him sleep 24/7. Precious little angel and if he goes his usual ten hours, he will sleep until 7:15 am. Time will tell. I am wide awake and have been for awhile. I heard him whine a little while ago, (he didn't wake up though...just me the light sleeper awoke) I do believe he is working on those last 3 molars. He finally got the left bottom one, we noticed on Monday and I am sure it had been there a few days. So good.....almost three years old and the two year molars are arriving. He has always been so late with getting his teeth. I have always been told that is a good thing from dentists, but speaking from experience.......the miracles were both early, late and right on time with teeth. And all of them are cavity free, except #3 who has one small filling that she got when she was 17. They are now 33, 29, 28 and 25, and they should all be very proud of their (almost) no cavity status. Hubby brushed Toddler's teeth last night, he always was the one who was and still is the Brushing Nazi, and obviously good habits are learned. Toddler was more than happy to accommodate his Grandpa and I know that his parents are also very diligent with good dental hygiene too!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Clutter, and getting ready for Christmas

I am one of those kind of people who really doesn't mind clutter. I don't really like it, but I have learned that it just a part of me that is difficult to change and I can tolerate it better than most. Well, the workmen are coming today to tear down some drywall in various spots of my house........so I am living in mass clutter. #4 was good enough to empty a portion of the store room yesterday and move it all into the family room. Family room is now off limits to anyone under five feet tall. It's just too dangerous.

And while we were at the hockey game on Sunday night, #4 was also good enough to set up the Christmas tree. When Toddler arrived yesterday, he walked into the living room and looked at the bare undecorated tree and said, "Oh wowee, so beautiful!" I just love him so much and as usual, he made me smile. We took out a bunch of boxes last night and #3 and #4 started the decorating process, but they managed to get the lights and the beads on and it was time for #3 to head home. Hubby started pulling out the tabletop stuff and I now have clutter and boxes spread between my kitchen and my living room. I don't think they realize that three children under the age of three are spending the day with me today. I am going to appreciate my gate alot today, and I love 'baby jail.' Jade, she doesn't really like it much, but she tolerates it well. However, it is a very big cluttery mess, and I think I we will just have to live with it this week. The plumber and his crew are coming on Saturday and then I will have all my PolyB pipes replaced in my house. But the mess will be everywhere and because I work at home, I have to put up with more than everyone else. Deep breaths. Slow deep breaths. At least I know that it is only temporary.

We headed to Seattle on Saturday to exchange Miracle #3's boots. I thought it was going to snow, but the miniscule amount of white stuff that fell was not enough to keep us home. I checked the Seattle webcams and off Hubby and I went. Well!! I neglected to check the border and Bellingham, because as we headed south, we found the 8-10 cms that the radio had called for. Slushy, but still snow. And the I-V was completely packed with ice and snow......they hadn't even cleared the roads. As we left Bellingham and headed through that patch of trees, it looked like a winter wonderland........and then poof, it magically disappeared and it looked like it was Fall again. It wasn't gradual, one minute it was Winter and then the next minute it wasn't. I had never seen anything like it and the roads were clear and dry the rest of the way down. I found some great sales at the children's stores and we spent an hour at the Outlet Centre, did some serious damage to my credit card and left. We stopped at Burlington, had lunch at Red Robin, did a little bit more shopping and we were home just after two. It was a great trip and I feel very accomplished.

After we arrived back in Maple Ridge, Hubby went to choose some new glasses as his had broken the week before......personally, I don't know how he managed to do it......it would have driven me crazy. Clutter, I can live with......broken glasses, not so much. And so that was one more thing to cross off of his 'Things to do on my week off list.' I think he managed to get most of his chores done, lots of trips across the street, to the bank, to the government offices and to the Notary, but now we just have to wait. We celebrated by going out for dinner and to the hockey game on Sunday night with friends, and now Reality has hit us like a ton of bricks. He went back to work yesterday, he already is taking oil of oregano for a sore throat and our week ahead is looking busy and stressful. I went to pick up some more potions from the the naturapath yesterday as Plan A, B and C didn't work. Plan D (Kavinace and melatonin) gave me five straight hours of rest and I feel pretty good right now. Ask me on Sunday if it really is working as I need to do this for a few more nights to catch up.

We had some pictures taken on Sunday for our Christmas card and we were able to view them on-line last night. We managed to get some good ones, so I am pleased. Toddler was so funny, so typically two and his Mom couldn't believe how precocious he was. But like she said, the photographer was letting him do things that she would have stopped him from doing as he was pushing his limits, for sure. I remember what a photographer told me a long, long time ago and that the most stressful subjects were a two year old and a baby. Well, we had both.....and I think the ones of my beautiful grandchildren are super. And I am my own worst critic as I will never like pictures of myself. My Mom always told me that no matter what, when I looked back in ten years, I would always say, 'gee, I looked pretty good.' And you know, she was right. I will never be thin enough or photogenic enough for my liking, but the people who love me have never cared about those insignificant insecurities. I still have to pick out the actual card, but for the most part, I am pleased. In ten years, I know I will look back and think that we looked pretty good........I know this from experience!

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Leak

This is what my laundry area looked like on Monday night. There was a slow leak in the pipe just above the laundry tub. It managed to make four or five marks on the ceiling, and it also damaged the cupboards so they are not repairable.

This is Tuesday night, after Hubby and Chris moved the washer/dryer, removed the cupboards and cut away some drywall. It made it easy for our plumber to find and fix the one slow leak, which caused all of the water damage. Because it is our third leak in less than three years, we decided to replace ALL the piping in the house. I don't want to ever do this again. It sounds like we will be getting it all fixed next weekend or the one after, and I am very grateful that Miracle #4 is on Winter Layoff as he is going to be emptying cupboards as well as moving junk out of our storage room so that the workmen can access all the piping. He doesn't know this yet......as he is only one in this house with a strong back. He started Boot Camp this morning and told me he used muscles that he didn't know he had. Hmmmm, I hope they are in really good shape by Friday as that will be the moving of shelves and heavy stuff day........Don't get me wrong. Hubby and I plan on helping him as much as we can. But we both work full time and our backs and necks are old and damaged........I mean, really now.......What else could he possibly have to do?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pickles and Ice Cream

Cravings are always fun. They usually mean that you are lacking something in your diet that your body needs. I have had cravings all of my life and they mostly involve vegetables or milk products. Now that I take a calcium supplement, my body never craves milk. I LOVE ice cream though and I found a new flavour at Superstore that I really, really like. Candy Cane Chocolate Fudge Crackle.....it's a Presidents Choice Brand and I promise if you try it then you won't be disappointed. Ice cream is one of my food weaknesses and I would eat it 24/7 if I was allowed. My common sense tells me I am only allowed to have it once a week, but when I have drumsticks or dilly bars in the freezer, they will call my name daily....sometimes even twice a day. Toddler shares my love of ice cream but he was very delighted when DQ had dilly bars on sale and I loaded up on them last month. He loves 'cockolit' and if you add it with ice cream, then it's like heaven on earth. He was pretty funny the other night when his mommy handed him a pickle to go with it. He ate them both together, and enjoyed them very much. Ummmm, who's the pregnant one again?

He has an extremely keen sense of smell these days too, which is another pregnancy symptom. We figure that he is just being sympathetic to his Mom.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It's official. I am stressed. I already knew it, but my naturapath confirmed it last night. I have a bagful of goodies to start taking. Firstly, there is a herbal formula for my liver. I remember taking it a few years ago and it tasted awful. But I also remember it being worth it. I have some Estro-Mend and Progesto-Mend to deal with all the menopausal symptoms. Because, you know, it could also be menopause or my thyroid that are also contributing to my weight loss and sweatiness. Sleep deprivation is right up there as well. I tried the Kavinace last night. It didn't work......and that is to help me sleep. I have been taking theanine for the past week and it is definitely helping but it only gives me four straight hours. And I was running out, so I remember Dr. Cobi telling me at the beginning of the year that she had a new secret weapon called Kavinace. She gave me some TravaCor too. That is Plan B. I will try it tonight. I have a Plan C too, and that is time-released melatonin. She knows me too well.

I also have to go to the doctor. Which I already knew but was procrastinating because I have to make a trip into Coquitlam. She told me about E-health last night which is a way of going to ANY doctor and receiving your lab results on-line. Because, there is really no way of knowing where my thyroid or menopausal hormones are until I get a blood test. That is next on the agenda. As long as I don't forget. Hmmmmm.....is that my thyroid, menopause, stress or sleep-deprivation? I guess we won't know until I get my blood checked.

Two signs that I have been stressed are that I have been going shopping and making soup. Comfort food. I made a turkey on Monday night because they were on sale at Superstore. And we missed Thanksgiving because my MIL passed away. Only five weeks late, but it was delicious and the miracles were most appreciative. So was I, especially last night, when we had leftovers. I think that is probably the best part of turkey dinner. That and the making of soup. I made vegetable beef on Saturday....it was delicious, if I do say so myself. Miracle #3 has been appreciating the soup as well as she says she is craving vegetables all the time. I love pregnancy, and all of its cravings. And all of my girls and I really love the same types of foods, and that is also including my daughter-in-law. We all prefer vegetables and salads.......I think we could all become vegetarians quite happily and never really skip a beat. We all like meat, but certainly don't love it. Not like the men......they all love it!

Hubby is off work this week. I hesitate to say he is on holidays because this is no holiday. We have a leak in the basement. It was a slow leak in the PolyB pipe above our washer/dryer. When I found the puddle of water a couple of weeks ago, I blamed it on the washing machine. Wondered if maybe Miracle #4 had put some of his rain clothes to hang. Nope. Wasn't either. I found another puddle last Tuesday night and Hubby and #4 moved the appliances and cleaned and searched and there was nothing. Finally on Remembrance Day, we found the leak marks in the the ceiling......or I should say that #3 found them. Water leaks and ripped Ugg boots, that is my remembrance. We finally located the source of the water on Sunday. It's slow and hard to find. Not sudden and not accidental, according to our insurance adjustor.....so it isn't covered under house insurance. We would have to wait for it to blow and then we could claim it, and then we would have lots of damage. So no, we aren't going that route. As a matter of fact, the first quote we received to fix the pipe and the drywall damage was $2000. But it is the third leak in less than three years and our premiums would skyrocket as well as we would no longer be covered in our house policy for water leaks. Hmmmmmmm. That is food for thought. So I put out an APB on Facebook again, and it took 3 minutes before my friends had suggestions and numbers for me. I do love Facebook!! So now we are waiting for the second quote, and that is to also fix all the PolyB piping in our house. Major work and major dollars. Did anyone want to know why I am stressed?

Baby has been unwell with teething (irritability, fevers, rash and sleeplessness) for the past few weeks. She did get her first top tooth yesterday, it's on her left side, so that is good. My grandchildren are not very good at getting teeth. Both of them have given their Moms and Dads lots of grief and sleepless nights when they are teething. Even Toddler still has four more teeth to get so he is quite late with receiving teeth. So far, Baby is right on the mark or early.....just like her Daddy. Baby still has a couple more years, and Toddler should be done soon, but when you are living it, it feels like it goes on forever. Parenting is hard work......grandparenting, not so much!

I need to go and get ready for my day. I have lots to do and Hubby has offered to help out today. In between getting some banking done, going to his Moms house, meeting his sister and getting his glasses fixed. He came to Music with us yesterday and Toddler was so impressed to have Grandpa there and he was sooooooo obedient and proud. I love having Hubby home and am feeling very grateful that we never booked a holiday as we would have had to cancel. #4 is officially off work as well, so we sort of had an opportunity, but we passed upon it. I am so glad that God takes care of me better than I do!

Monday, November 15, 2010

"Come and look at me"

It's a song that he and his Mommy sing right now. "Come and look at me, here's my Grandpa, Come and look at me, here's my Grandma"......It's a really cute song.......I wish I could remember all the words.......and they change the names of the people to all of his loved ones. I really do think that he could sing all day long. And he is getting better and better at pronouncing the words to all of his favourites. (He has known the tunes forever) Naptime routine right now, is Twinkle, twinkle and ABC. And a hug and a kiss and off to bed with his CD playing quietly. That's at our house, and usually by the 5th song, he is sound asleep. He is being way more difficult at home and when he slept overnight last week, it took him almost an hour to fall asleep, but he fights it. He reminds me way too much of me when it comes to his sleeping habits, just because he doesn't seem to require as much. He only sleeps 10 hours most nights, and that isn't alot for a two and a half year old. Napping is going down to an hour to an hour and a half each day. By Thursday or Friday, he catches up with a bigger 2 or 3 hour sleep, but he really never has slept more than ten hours during the night. That being said, he fell asleep coming home from Chilliwack last night at 7:45. And he is still sleeping.

We babysat him on Saturday afternoon so his Daddy could go play hockey. His Mommy is back at school on Saturdays, so when she was done she came to pick him up and we went shopping. I have been shopping a lot. I am almost done Christmas shopping. Hubby and I went out again yesterday and I need to write out a list, but I am sure that I am very close to being finished.

What do you think of my new cow costume? Toddler was having fun with it and as usual, I snapped some pictures. All of the children have been having so much fun with the costumes, and it has brought a new appreciation for all the old ones too! I love it when children use their imaginations and dress up!! (He has a little Lego man in his hand, he always has something little in his hands. It is usally something hockey related, but he is rather fascinated with Lego too)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Miracles in 1985

We spent some time over at GG's house today, and I was quite delighted when I found this picture of the miracles. It was taken on August 15th, 1985 by Canadian Baby Photographers. It was and still is one of my very favourites. Miracle #4 is two months old, #3 is almost three, #2 is four, and #1 is eight. I enjoyed this part of my life so very, very much.........and my Mom dressed all four of them for this picture. Meaning that she went out and bought all of their clothes so that they could be matching. My Mom did that a lot for our children, she bought them beautiful outfits and loved spoiling them. And she did it well!

And who thinks that Toddler looks like his Mommy? I do, I do! And a little bit like his Uncle M as well. Most people comment that Toddler is a combination of his Mommy and his Daddy, and I see that too. But those eyes......well, those eyes are his Mommy's.

We accomplished a fair amount today. The house is still full, but at least every time we go, we take stuff home. Today, I took home the Mixmaster to get some Christmas baking started. We have decided to share this appliance between Hubby and his siblings and I am looking really forward to trying it out. I am way too organized this year and it is scaring me. I am almost finished shopping and I really don't think I will have to enter another Mall by the end of next week. Hubby and #4 say it's going to be nice on Wednesday, so they will try and put up the outdoor lights. And if #4 has it his way the tree will go up next weekend too. All my miracles LOVE Christmas, and I have decided that I do too!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


That's the only word that we could think of when we arrived home from our day in the States. Miracle #3 and I trekked down to the Seattle Premium Outlet Centre so that I could buy her her birthday present. I really wanted to buy her some UGGs, as now that I own a pair, I realize that the quality is worth the price. At least, the American price. So we waited in a two hour border line-up on Thursday and we had a wonderful time, shopping and laughing and talking. No husbands, no little children and it was very, very fun! Spent a couple of hours in Seattle, and then we stopped at Burlington for an hour as well. There were awesome deals everywhere and we spent lots of money. First stop: Journeys to get the UGGs. There were only two pair her size in the store and she tried on both pairs, walked around a little, went back and forth between the colours and then settled on the black. One of them was a floor model, but that is not the boot that ripped. It was the one that was in the box. And it didn't rip until she tried them on at home. Not good! As now we have to make a trip back to get them replaced......which was a bit of a headache all in itself, because originally the manager wanted the boot back before he would re-order a new one. I phoned the Head Office on Friday and it was all solved, but on Thursday night at 8:00, that was what we were told. Um, excuse me sir, but do you realize that it is two hours to get to you, and that is if there isn't a wait at the border. I certainly don't mind making the trip once, but I wasn't going to go twice......although I really do want to go back as there were so many good prices. And I really want to spend some more money on some great stuff!

We bought lots. I saved $131 on my three pairs of jeans, my five tops and a dress, but in order to do that I had to spend $148. Still a very good deal! And I love my skinny jeans......and I still can't believe that I bought a pair and I think they look okay. I had to go buy new boots today so I could dress them up, but I will wear them a lot, I know that already. Miracle #3 spend $96 on six pairs of jeans at the Levi store and that was including tax. Those were just some of our bargains, but we had a very productive day. I need to go back to the Lululemon outlet store again as they have scuba hoodies for a very good price too. I thought I was pushing our limits to come across the border though, so I left that beautiful kelly green hoodie in the store. I really loved the pink one and the yellow one too, but I have wanted a kelly green one for a couple of years now. I don't need it either, so that also weighed upon my decision.

As you can see though, I will be heading back soon enough to exchange #3's boots, and get a little bit more Christmas shopping done. Hubby has taken this week off as he has some holidays owing to him. So because we need to accomplish lots of chores and he is the executor of his mom's will, it seemed like as good as week as any. We are both tired and burned out. It would have been nice to go away, but we have so many things to get done here that it just didn't seem logical. And we all know very well that I married Mr. Practical/Logical. It's good though....we will get it all done and maybe even get some of the decorations and lights out so Toddler and the rest of the Daycare children can appreciate them. The best part about Christmas is that it is a season, not just one day; so we have been singing carols and we are talking about presents and parties. After all, it really is only six weeks away today!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Babies!

Here she is, already fourteen and a half months old. She loves to come to Daycare and fits into our daily routine magnificently. I really don't think she acts much like a baby any more, as she is learning new words daily and listening to directions extremely well. She eats, she plays, she sleeps and the seven hours that she is here go by very quickly. Often, she will even whine or cry when she is going because she doesn't want to leave her friends. So really, it shouldn't be too much effort when a client who has been on maternity leave comes back next month. At least that is what I would have thought.....

This is my new little almost-ten month old who will be starting with me next month. He started his gradual entry last week and it went very well. This week.....not so much. He was great as long as I held him or played with him, but I don't really think he was very impressed with any of the commotion or busyness. And I know he didn't like being abandoned. Mommy was only gone for two hours, and the first hour was easier than the first, but I think he will have to come two days this week, so he can feel more comfortable. I love having the babies, but I really do feel badly for them as they don't really understand. Luckily, this little one comes with an older sibling and that helps too. So cute! This picture actually makes me smile, I know I am weird. He will do fine, but I have already figured out that December is going to be a bit crazy......from a professional point of view. It's busy already, I cannot believe how many activities that I have booked already. And it's just going to get busier. Tis the season, and believe it or not, I am really really excited!!

Exciting news!

Our newest grandchild. Due on May 11th, 2010.........and a new sibling for Toddler. We are so happy and excited for them and I am very thrilled to become a Grandma for the third time. Miracle #3 is already looking pregnant, and started to show this time around fairly quickly. I teased her about having twins (it does run in the family), and she and SIL didn't think it was funny. They take their parenting duties very seriously and they thought that the idea of two babies at once was overwhelming. As you can see, there is only one little peanut (looking face-up, head on the left, body on the right)......this ultrasound was taken when she was ten weeks along, and she is now fourteen weeks. Looking great, but feeling somewhat more nauseous this time........She is just getting over the morning/afternoon sickness now. And yesterday, she is officially three months along. We celebrated by having a mother/daughter trip to the States so I could make good on my promise to buy her UGG boots for her birthday. It was a fabulous day, full of adventure, but I will save my stories for another post. Right now, I am just very happy to announce her pregnancy!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy girl!

After her bath on Monday night, I snapped a picture that finally showed me she is her Daddy's daughter. I see a glimmer.....not that I have any doubt, but Baby is just so much like her Mommy. She is such a precious gift from God!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Playing Dress Up

The one thing that all my little children have always enjoyed is playing Dress-up. When I went to Vegas in February of 2009, I went to the Disney Store and scored some awesome princess dresses. But most of the little girls who have enjoyed those dresses have moved on to school. There is nothing wrong with the dresses, but no one really wants to wear them any more. And my superhero costumes have bit the bullet, because they were so cheaply made to begin with. I bought some more costumes on the weekend, and the children had so much fun with them yesterday. I will let you see for yourself.

Spiderman and Batman. Toddler was very unsure of the Batman mask, as the elastic was too long and it kept falling off of his face. And he hasn't really EVER liked things over his face anyway. Spiderman is a three and half year old little girl, by the way.

After he saw the pictures on the camera of K in the mask, he got a little bit braver and put it up to his face.

Still holding it on.....and right after this, I managed to figure out how to tie the elastic a little bit tighter so it would stay on. And he really didn't mind it, after all.

They were posing for me! Oops, the mask slipped.

She played with the giraffe costume when Toddler had a nap, and I do believe she was a very cute giraffe. Of course, she is a very cute little girl!!

And don't you think she is the cutest Batman you ever did see? It's the curls that make the costume. When her mom came to pick her up, she still had this one on and it brought a very big smile to her face. Her mom said that she was a fairy for Halloween this year but has already requested to be Batman for next year. She is quite a little tomboy....... and would rather play hockey with the big boys any day.

This is Toddler. After watching all the other kids put on masks, he decided it would be okay to try it on and get a picture taken. He is such a little copycat right now.

My Monday kids. We had two children away sick yesterday and Baby Jade had already been picked up. Six year old girl, eight year old boy, two year old boy and three year old girl. A good time was had by all!!

"Take a picture of me, take a picture of me!" So I did.