Monday, January 31, 2011


We inherit from our ancestors gifts so often taken for granted. Each of us contains within us this inheritance of the soul. We are links between the ages, containing past and present expectations, sacred memories and future promise.

Edward Sellner

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nine Months Old

She is nine months old today! She never quits moving.......I took over 30 pictures of her the other night and there are about three which are blogworthy. Here is our cute little cloth-diaper-wearing sweetheart, getting ready for her bath and showing off how long and lean she is. Sporting a Bieber hairdo......looking like she will probably need her first haircut soon. Today when I saw her she was wearing a barrette to keep the bangs off of her face. She makes me laugh.......the other night it was her Uncles who she got so excited to see......and today it was a man walking down the hallway at church. Yes, I got a smile and a hug, but this baby loves men. Smart little girl......and we just love her so very, very much!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Rio 2016 in 2016 days!

I LOVED the Olympics when they were here........and I cannot believe that it has been almost a whole year gone by. I hear that there is going to be a big party in Vancouver on February 12th, and that makes me smile. I always need something to look forward to. I was just on Facebook and they were advertising Rio. I don't know if I really want to go to Rio, but it looks very nice there. I really like the idea of going to London in the summer of 2012 though and it is definitely worth thinking about!!

Sao Conrado Beach

Sidewalk at Copacobana Beach

Sunset at Copacabana Beach


Have you ever noticed how many appointments and meetings you attend in a week? In a month? In a year? I have been consumed by them lately. January has flown by and I am looking very forward to tonight. I am going out to see friends, and yes, this is actually an Open House, but it is still scheduled on my calendar, so it is a very fun appointment!!

Hubby was able to get on the cancellation list for his CT scan. It was scheduled for April, and now it is today. We are very pleased about that!! Every evening when he walks in the door, it is very interesting to see how his back did that day. Sometimes good, mostly not so good. The look on his face and the way that he is walking/standing tells all.......

We have been going on infrared sauna dates again. One more "appointment" and they have been helpful to both of us. I think he needs to book some more laser treatments too, as they seemed to help as well. The infrared sauna package went on sale for January and we have been going bi-weekly, but I think we have to go weekly. The benefits are so great and we enjoy them so much. I sleep incredibly well after my half hour in the sauna. Hubby appreciates all the water that he sweats off, as it he loses four pounds every time he goes. My thyroid appreciates it very much too, as I am so nice and toasty warm, and these days that is almost impossible. This is the first time ever that I have been hyper-thyroid and not lost a lot of weight. I have lost a few pounds but nothing like I did in 1999 or 2005. Fifty is just so fun......the metabolism has just slowed right down. I am not so sure that I like that part! A lot of people I know have joined Weight Watchers in the last few months, and I am getting to the point where I think I may have to join them. Usually, I don't have this much trouble when I apply myself, but aging is a definite disadvantage this time. The perk about being hyper-thyroid at Christmas was that I didn't gain any weight........and I did consume A LOT of calories!!

I have my two surgery dates for my cataracts. And I have to wait until March.....early and mid-March, but it is later than I had hoped. I really did think I would be able to see by my birthday. Oh well, I will be able to see by Toddler's and Baby's birthdays!! I am getting very tired of being so housebound. I work at home and am pretty stuck unless someone else is willing to drive. And it does get tedious......I am home a lot......way more that I would choose to be if I didn't have to be. Days are okay because it is light out, but the night vision is really, really bad!!

Just got back from paying some bills, going to the bank and the CCRR office and it is the calm before the storm. Jade just left and my kindergartener doesn't come until 11:30. So I think I better utilize my time more wisely and get a few more chores done before the children arrive. Only four after-schoolers today, but it is raining and I really do think that they are more work than the pre-schoolers any day. Just my opinion, but I really don't love is looking to be a noisy afternoon!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday Walk

It was such a beautiful day yesterday, that we didn't go to StrongStart and we went for a walk around the neighbourhood instead. We wanted to see the horses, but they weren't out. But it was a lovely almost-four year old, two almost-three year olds and a seventeen month old were very well-behaved and had a whole lot of fun!!

Just as we were starting out, I asked them all to look at me. They told me it was "too sunny" so I asked them to look at Jade. They co-operated very nicely and I was very pleased with the result!

And they were off!!

We found a cat.

Actually, we found two cats.......and they followed us all around the neighbourhood!

Everywhere the children went, the cats were sure to go!!

The children loved them, and they were very entertaining!


Jade loves him so much!! Actually, it is very mutual....he loves her too!

A very posed picture of the four of them.

Almost home and the cats are still with us.....

One more very posed picture of the four of them....and the cats turned down the other way and headed home.....Whew!!

After we came home, they decided to play Dress-up. Jade headed to bed and I made lunch and we had a very lovely Wednesday morning. It really was a wonderful Wednesday, from start to finish!! The sunshine made everyone be in a good mood, and we went to Pasta Night at Meadow Gardens, so I didn't even have to cook. Great dinner with great friends, and they even picked up the tab! A delightful surprise, and we have already made plans to go out again next week.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Street Hockey

It was a beautiful sunny day, and it is the first day since Christmas that we were able to get outside and play with some of the toys that Santa brought to the Daycare. The big boys played for a little while and then the little ones had a great time playing as well. I was unable to get to my camera until one of the Mom's was able to stay and supervise the playing.......but these guys make me smile. A lot!!

He was just so pleased to finally get his turn to be "Roberllllllllo Luongo." It sounds like he is stuttering when he says Roberto's name, but it is very, very original!

In action.....waiting for a shot on goal.

He was very ready.....He could actually barely move when he first put the pads on, but after a half an hour or more, he was able to move very efficiently. The part that made me crack right up is when he stopped a shot, took off his helmet and pretended to take a drink out of a pretend water bottle. Now that is true role-playing!!

Street's truly Canadian. These kids had a great afternoon and I had a fun time with them. My little goalie makes me smile......... He's keeping his eye on the puck, and that's quite a team we had today. At the end of the day, everyone joined in!!

Don't you love his stance? A true hockey player in the making.....and he isn't even three yet!! The boy is obsessed.......(and yes, that is a ballerina who is standing next to him, she had just come back from her dance class and she couldn't wait to get into the game!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eye of God

This was taken from the Hubbel telescope at NASA. Pretty cool, hey? My bible verse today is from Romans 12:1-3. "Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God-this is your spiritual act of worship."

The picture doesn't really fit the verse, but both have spoken to me. I love that I have a visual of God......and I know it's not real, but it sure is a great reminder. And my service to Him and my community will be never-ending. I love to serve, and I love to give. I give of myself more than I ever give anything else, but I married a person who loves to give gifts. He has learned that he married someone who has a hard time receiving. I am better now than I ever used to be, but giving feels more natural to me......

Have a great day, everyone!!

Monday, January 24, 2011


I picked up the phone on Friday evening and the conversation went sort of like this:

Me: "Hello."
Me: "Hello.....hello....."
Toddler: "Hello, Gwamma. Do you want to go on a date?"
Me: "Oh yes, I would love to go on a date. Where are we going to go?"
Pause.....and a prompt from his mommy
Toddler: "We are going to go to White Spot."
Me: "When are we going to go?"
More prompting.....
Toddler: "We are going tomorrow. Can you come? Gwamma and Gwampa?"
Me: "Of course, I can come. And yes, I will bring Grandpa. See you tomorrow!!"
Toddler: "Okay, see you tomorrow......Bye, bye......"

And then his Mom and I proceeded to make breakfast plans. He was so cute when he met us the next morning. He just stood there and smiled for the longest time and acted a little bit shy. It was fun. And a great way to start off a Saturday morning. From there we went to Chiro visits, I went to get my hair done while Hubby went for Massage, and then we picked up #4 and did some shopping and errands in town. I made supper and we went to see The Blood Brothers at the MRCS. It was a great play at a local school and we had a great time. Such talent!!

On Sunday, we finally got a new computer monitor. Ours has been dying a slow death for the last few months, but this past week was painful so off we went. This new one is 23" and it is lovely. The main thing is that it works and I am so grateful. I know that I spend too much time on the computer, but waiting for a monitor to warm up for an hour every day was too much for me. As a matter of fact, it made me spend way less time on the computer which is sometimes a good thing. Unfortunately, it is my best way to communicate with all of my clients, so it is best that it's working. It's working. And it is very big, compared to the last one. And I am very appreciative.

We also did a few more chores that were missed on Saturday. I swear (although, I really don't) that the older we get, the more forgetful we become. I say that because I have always been rather forgetful.....and I blame it on hormones and brain clutter. When Hubby is forgetful, then it worries it happens so rarely. I think he is suffering from brain clutter too, as well as a very sore back. Looking forward to getting that CT scan done sooner than later.

And no, we never did empty out the garage to make room for my van. The day just ran away on us, which they tend to do when laundry needs to be done and meals need to be made and his sister needed to be picked up, and so on and so on and so on. We were thinking of going to the Giants game and that never did that either. I played with my new computer monitor and made a delicious Sunday dinner and Hubby got the vacuuming done and his ironing completed.

It was a nice weekend. Started out at Baby and her family's on Friday night and had a nice visit. Baby is so cute, is babbling like crazy and climbing up on everything she can. She's good about getting down from her feet to her bum too, so she just keeps getting up and down and crawling all over. She had a cold which she gave to her Mommy, so I think it's nice that she already knows how to Apparently the Daddy brought it home a few weeks ago and it made it around their whole household. Everyone seems sniffly these days. I have been taking Oil of Oregano all weekend just because I have a bit of a scratchy throat. Nothing else, but I might as well take precautions. I know that it doesn't taste all that great, but I don't mind taking it one bit.

Just got a call from Jade's mom and she has a drippy nose and a cough now too, so she won't be coming today. It will be a very easy day. No babies. Hmmmmm.....we have MYGYM this morning, but I wonder what else we can do. Sleeping babies keep us home way more than we need to I just may change it up a little bit today!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just playin'

This is the snow that we had last Thursday....

It was an indoor day......And the children played and played and played.

He loves this old must be at least 32 years old.

He loves the old FP Little People too.......

This toy was given to me by my aunt, it's at least 40 years old. He loves it!

I often tell people that I research children for a living. Because, I really do that.......most days I play, and watch them play. And I learn a lot from them. Children haven't changed much over the years, but their parents sure have. And children love old toys as much as they love new ones!

He packed up the FP house and a purseful of little people and walked through the kitchen to the living room. When I asked him where he was going, he told me, "to the hospital." I found that very interesting as he has known a lot of special people who have been in the hospital in the last eight months.

And once he was in the living room, he set up the house and took out all his people and started doing what he does best. Play.

I love it when two children cooperate and play together. It doesn't always happen, but when it does, they make my heart smile. And don't forget to look up on the tool bench.......they have put their milk cups up, so they can free up their hands!

It's a rarity, but there were two little girls in my house at the same time!

She is such a copycat, and says 4 and 5 words together now!

Another 30+ year old toy......and another little one who loves to play.

They sat and looked at books for quite a while in the afternoon. I love to listen to them 'read.' They have a lot of language, these two, and they talk very well. And they play fairly well together too, for the most part. It was a very fun Play Day!!

Dodo and Dork

Her Mom tells me that this vest was a gift from friends. But I just love it, and I think it is adorable!! These pictures were taken over a month ago, and I think that she has matured so much more since they were taken. She is already 17 months old!

She has since gotten a new haircut and she talks so much more now too. She calls me Jojo, which comes out Dodo more often than not. She can say Joanne really well, but old habits die hard. When Hubby was off last week, her attempt at his name was Dork. I laughed. Quite hard, actually. Dodo and Dork. How funny is that!!?

Friday, January 21, 2011

stream of conciousness

Oh, he is such a ham! I know it is partly his age, but mostly it is his personality. He loves attention.......and he loves getting his picture taken. I hear that he was the life of the party on Saturday night when the H family got together for Auntie Lisa's 41st birthday. He loves people and is so very, very social. They went bowling and his Mommy tells me that it was painful to watch him, but a fun time was had by all!! He is going to be three in a few months and he has had a sniffly cold all week. Still pretty happy, but was a bit of grump yesterday morning. Not a whole lot of cooperation going on, but with 2-two year olds and 1-one year old, what can you really expect? He finally got that last molar a couple of weeks ago and that has helped out his disposition remarkably. Very few bouts of two year old behaviours any more and people often compliment me when I have him out in public.......he is a very, very good boy!!

It snowed yesterday. Very slushy, soupy wet snow, but it still snowed. We haven't really gotten a whole lot of the weather conditions that were forecast last Fall.......and for that I am very grateful. I really haven't felt the need to leave the area at all. Which is so un-January of me. For the last two years, I have left town at the end of January/early February, just because I can't stand the drearyness or the coldness. I know that we could still get another cold spell or two, but so far, it's been okay. I really do like the rain, and now that I actually own proper clothes and footwear to wear in the cold, I am set. I turn the fireplace on a lot, but it really is Winter, after all!!

Monday, January 17th, was National Depression Day. I cannot even count how many people told me that they were exhausted or not feeling well that day. I didn't realize it until the day was over when I heard it on the News, but there sure were lots of people who felt the effects of that. Me. Not. I had just come off one of those fabulous feel-good, all-about-me weekends where I had taken care of me. And slept for almost nine hours on Saturday night. My friend slept for ten, and she said that was probably one of the best sleeps she had ever had. There is something to be said for good friends, good food, good wine and lots and lots of laughter!! And I won't mention the Grey Goose vodka.....I didn't know that I liked it as much as it turns out that I do. We had vodka lemon drop shots, and C made these delectable butter ripple martini's for dessert. And because we ate so very, very much.......the liquor didn't affect me like everyone would think. I really didn't even feel it.......but it definitely relaxed me. It was such a great weekend!!

This week has gone by way too fast. I went to the hockey game last night and the Canucks lost to the San Jose Sharks in a shootout, but it was a fun game. I hadn't been since the beginning of December, and that just felt like sooooooooo long ago.

Miracle #1 is out of the hospital. She was released last Monday and still needs lots of prayers. I saw her briefly on Sunday, but she is still working through some issues and needs more healing time.

Miracle #2 is very busy, but that is nothing new or exciting. He is still working at three jobs, (the pre-school, the dairy farm and some ABA therapy) and I haven't seen them this week. They can't make Family Dinner night as Baby is in swimming lessons for six weeks. I managed to switch the day last week, but was unable to change this we are headed over to their house after dinner tonight so that I can see my favourite grand-daughter. She is crawling all over now and also learned how to pull herself up last week. Growing and changing all the time and her Mommy can't believe that her year of maternity leave is drawing to a close. Still three more months.....but it just goes by way too fast!!

Miracle #3 is 24 weeks pregnant and I still haven't posted her ultra-sound pictures from December. She is feeling okay. Baby is normal weight and size.....and she didn't want to find out the sex. She says she thinks she complains more this time around, but I see her a lot and I really don't think so. I didn't see her as much last I wasn't daycaring for her. I think she looks great.......and as tired as she seems to say she always is, I think that is normal. And I think that she is doing very, very well. She tells me that SIL keeps talking about a third and she can't even wrap her head around it. I can totally empathize!

Miracle #4 had his specialist's appointment on Tuesday, and is now waiting for an MRI. He probably has a torn labrum but the orthopedic surgeon has to wait for an MRI before he can proceed any further. Wait time is probably nine months to a year and we have been talking about jumping the queue and paying for one privately. Yes, it is expensive, but he is on Winter-Layoff now and it would be great for him to go back to work all fixed and healthy. It has definitely affected his quality of life.......and he is living just a little bit more cautiously than normal. At 25, that is probably good, but he shouldn't have to think about it as much as he does. He is house-sitting right now and will be until Tuesday of next week. It's very different without him around. Even quieter than it usually is.......and I live with two very non-verbal people, so it is even MORE quiet than normal!!

Hubby's back has been acting up again. He is waiting for a CT scan and an appointment to see a neuro-surgeon, but hasn't heard back. He took two days off last week and finished up the Probate paperwork for his Mom. And it is done!! He picked everything up yesterday and we are all a little bit surprised that it only took him 2 months. He and Chris started in mid-November and as of January 19th, it was completed!! Praise God.......and now they can put the condo up for sale and start that procedure. We aren't done yet, but we are certainly progressing in the right direction. His sister and her husband are in Costa Rica right now, so we have a week to wait and see. Oh, how I hate waiting!! He is so much better at that than me!!

I am looking forward to the weekend.....I have lots of appointments booked and they are all fun appointments. I am getting my hair done tomorrow and I can hardly wait!! Chores are always waiting and if we are really lucky, we will get the last part of the boxes in from the garage and my van will have it's home back. I miss parking in the garage, especially on the snowy days.....

Have a great weekend, Everyone!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hockey Cards

Hubby found some cards on the weekend in Wal-mart and they were a very good price. Knowing how much his grandson loves hockey and anything to do with Sidney Crosby, he decided to buy them. They stay here at our house and have become part of the Daycare toys. Toddler loves them and so do his friends. Twenty Sidney Crosby's and four Canucks.....what more could anyone ever ask for?! It was actually Toddler who figured out that they can stack up the wall, but it was a seven year old who figured out what else he could do with them. It really is amazing how 24 hockey cards can be so entertaining!!

The wind from the front door blew them all down.........but we all really liked how they looked!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Great Escape

That's what we called our weekend away. We were leaving all of our cares and troubles, as well as our loved ones for 48 hours. It was glorious. We joked at the beginning of the week that we had never ever spent this much time together since we were we hoped that we would still be friends at the end of it. We were. And we are. Even better than ever before. To have a relationship/friendship for 49 years is says a lot for the type of people we are. We celebrated it magnificently......and we can hardly wait to do it again!!

The one on the left is our home away from home. Even though it did rain on Saturday, we still spent a lot of time looking out the windows or on that third floor deck. There is something to be said for looking out at the ocean at any given opportunity. It's very, very soothing and very, very peaceful.....

I know that there is no such thing as coincidence.....but I LOVE tulips!!

Our kitchen....don't you just love the turquoise stove?

This is what greeted us when we opened the fridge. And yes, we ate it all!!

Our lovely cozy living room.....never turned that tv on once!

We sat on the deck most of Friday was heavenly!

It looks very inviting, don't you think? The Great Escape was the greatest!!