Monday, February 21, 2011


Baby went for a photo shoot last week. At nine and a half months old, we are just falling more in love with her every day. She is such a determined little girl who is just getting cuter and cuter all the time!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

One of the perks......

.....of being a season ticket holder is a Family Skate at Rogers Arena. I am only allowed four tickets, and we were able to order some and go out for a fun evening. At almost three years old, he was probably too little to really understand the thrill of it all, but Toddler enjoyed himself nonetheless. It was packed to capacity and it was over way too soon.

Getting ready to go on the ice. He was showing me his mad face......and having a bit of trouble with it as he was way too happy to be mad......

He gave it his best shot, but he still can't really skate. He can walk really well with his skates on, but the minute that there is ice under his feet.....well, this picture kind of speaks for itself.

We were glad that we had brought the stroller and he was more than happy to climb in and watch the world go by. It was fun to watch the kids on the ice, as every one of them was smiling from ear to ear. And the adults all looked pretty happy too!!

We were allowed to go and peek into the Canucks Dressing room. Very cool, and it is quite a bit different from the last time I saw it.

And this is the man who gets just as excited as the kids. I watched #3 take pictures of her Dad by the cutouts of Kevin Bieksa and Alain Vigneault and he was like a big kid. He does love his hockey!!

Backs and coughs

Well, it was one of those weeks. Not the best one, healthwise. We finally went to the chiropractor yesterday and I feel way better. She is recommending that I also go for massage therapy as my shoulder issues are in the muscles as well. Ugh! I don't really like massage, but I will go so that I can feel some relief. Hubby wasn't treated at all, because his issues are in the muscles/disks. She was able to get the results of his CT scan, and he needs to back to the Dr. Sounds like he will need a specialist.

Baby has been sick. She shared it with her Mommy, and maybe me too. All the little ones who are coming these days seem to have runny noses. She was here last Friday though and I hear that they had a very rough weekend. I saw her again on Friday and she was in very good spirits, but still had some of the cold. Toddler started coughing like crazy on Thursday, and so did I. He went to the Doctor and was diagnosed with a bad cold. I guess that is what I had too, as I was coughing a lot as well. Not sleeping too great, but I felt okay. I feel great today, as I finally got a good night's sleep. Had coffee last night too, but it didn't seem to affect me. Splurged on a caramel macchiato from Starbucks before the hockey game last night and it was very yummy. Went to a new restaurant called Subeez, and thoroughly enjoyed my dinner and my evening out.

Toddler is here right now and his Grandpa has just made him some lunch. #3 is busy getting ready for an Open House as they have put their townhouse up for sale. She says it is much easier to clean when little boys aren't making messes as fast as you clean them up. I can relate. He has been busy playing and playing and playing with his Grandpa all morning. They love each other.........and Grandpa is still one of the best players on the planet. Back and forth from the Hockey table to the Lego table. They are having a good time! He is going to have a nap and we have some fun plans for tonight. I can hardly wait to see his reaction!! I will share more tomorrow, and hopefully have some pictures too!

Monday, February 14, 2011

More Art

When we went downtown on Saturday, we visited Jack Poole Plaza. I was rather intrigued with the new sculpture that had been added. It's quite close to where the cauldron is......and Miracle #4 and I waited very patiently for our turns to be photographed.

It sort of reminds me of Lego blocks, but it also had twinkling lights inside of it. I know you can't really see them in our pictures, but it fascinated me. And I especially like that it looked like Lego........we all like Lego a lot at our house!

And I know that this is not the best pose that I could have gotten......but I was a little bit rushed and my eyes are bad. I do love how he "has the whole world in his hand!"

And just because I couldn't believe it when I saw goes to show you that you can never be to old to learn new things.......this is more Art from the Art Gallery. My interpretation is, "Really? Are you serious?" I just don't get it!!
We watched the Olympic Memories last night and it was so excellent. I loved it when it was happening and I loved re-living it one year later. The stories behind the athletes are so poignant, and some of them brought me to tears. I love home and native land!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Re-living the Olympics!

Miracle #4 and I headed into Vancouver today, to commemorate the Olympics of a year ago. A whole year has gone by........and that was a very fast year! We had a lot of fun, and we enjoyed our day. The cauldron was lit for today and it was neat to go back. There were no security fences and there were lots of people milling about, but NOTHING like last year.

The torch

A very different angle this time security fence.

Miracle #4

This was in the Lunarfest tent.

This is the longest line-up we waited in....maybe 30 minutes.

The Art Gallery was free today, so we waited about 15 minutes to go and have a look. I will never understand Art. I know that we are strong in our one side of our brain or the other. Left or right side. And whatever the Art side is in, that is the side of my brain which is weaker. This bunch of light bulbs is considered Art. I know it's all in the interpretation, but all I see here is junk. I studied it for a few minutes, and it didn't help. I still see junk.....

And this picture of Stanley Park was taken in 1994. It is a very nice picture and it is hanging upstairs in the auction part of the Gallery. Anyone want to hesitate a guess on how much it is supposedly worth? I won't keep you in is listed for $100,000. I repeat, I don't get Art.

And this one looks like a bunch of spatters on a canvas. It is listed for $55,000. These pictures are about 4' by 4' in size, so they are fairly big. But I still will never get how they are worth as much as they say they are. I think that the Art Gallery is very interesting and #4 and I spent an hour in there, peeking at all 4 floors......but I still don't interpret it as an artist. There was one display that was 4 hide-a-beds stacked up.....someone commented that it looked like Dueling Sofa-beds. It's considered Art. I just don't get it!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day crafts/play

They had a lot of fun with stickers this week. And we had lots of interesting conversations about Valentine's Day and who they love. And how chocolate and candy make them happy!!

It's all about the process.

Especially for one year olds.

She loved doing stickers.

And so did her friend.

Day 2, and still having fun with stickers.

Baby came to play.

I always get excited when there are more girls than boys. But I just love this picture as it shows the true meaning of parallel play.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Click Click

.....creak. That is the sound that my shoulders make while I am sleeping. It's not loud and it doesn't hurt, but it has been known to wake me up these days.....always around 3 am. I ended up going back to the chiropractor two days after my last visit. Just because of my right shoulder. Toddler came with me and he was extremely well-behaved. And way too cute. My chiropractor's name is Dr. MacDonald. He asked her if she had fries. And I guess it made him realize that he was hungry as on our way home he asked if we could get a Pirate Pack. I love how he associates. My sister is a Grade 1 teacher and she says that she is trying to teach her students that concept. Toddler just gets it, he always has. I love that he knows his numbers so well too. He recognizes a lot of them, and as he was going through the magnetic numbers and letters, he totally knew the difference as to which one is which. When he picked up the Number 5 today, he told me right away that it was a number. "And N is a letter, wight Gwamma?" Yes, you are right. You usually are, my smart boy. And growing up way too fast.......

Some of the family were here for dinner tonight. Some weren't. But it was still fun and I love spending time with the children. The cousins are just so sweet and hadn't seen each other in a while, so it was nice. I will be glad when we can get back to Monday Night Family Nights again. (Baby is finished her swimming lessons now, so it will be soon) I made Lasagna soup again and this time I made it with Italian Sausage instead of ground beef. It was good and I think I actually liked it better. Toddler and I made a Chocolate Fudge on Shortbread dessert and it was a big hit. As soon as I took out the Mixmaster, he was pushing his chair over to the counter as quickly as he could. "What are we making, Gwamma?" His enthusiasm for life is so refreshing. He brought hotdogs to my house for lunch last week and you would have thought that he had won the lottery if you had heard the excitement in his voice. I think that we should all look at life through the eyes of a child. They have a much better perspective on things and are way more forgiving. Just because I work with children, I already have a different perspective.........and I smile 20 to 30 times more than most people too!!

I have been baking a lot. On Saturday night I made Lemon bars, Blueberry Crumble and Banana bread. Hubby and #4 were both impressed and when asked why I was so ambitious I told them that I was trying to get out of housework. Didn't really matter, I had to do it anyway......I just did it today instead of on the weekend. Those's never-ending! Hubby was able to get some of the laundry area painted, but it still waiting to get new cupboards and the second coat. I swear (although I really don't) that this great leak of 2010 is going to haunt me for several more months!

I went to watch the Ottawa Senators lose to the Canucks last night. It was a great evening out and I really enjoyed the game, but especially the company. I have three games this month and I am rather happy about that. There has been quite a lull in my hockey games lately. I actually watched Vancouver beat Chicago on TV the other night and that was the first televised game in a very long time that I had watched. I was able to sit for most of it and I didn't even fall asleep!

Miracle #4 received his call back to work today. And so he only has three more weeks to get his shoulder as healed as he can before he goes. My hairdresser called us the bionic family right now as we are all waiting for surgery. We don't know about Hubby so much as he still has to get the results of his CT scan, but he is suffering a lot today. Might have been the painting on the weekend.....maybe, maybe not. He told me he lifted a car battery today too, so who really knows? All I know is that he is grimacing every time he moves tonight, so it isn't good. Prayers, please? Thank-you so advance!

I am tired tonight. I had an extremely busy day yesterday and I think it is catching up with me. Today was an easy day.....but sometimes that is the way it works. Jade had bronchitis and an ear infection last week so she wasn't here for a few days. And I hear that she has shared it with her whole family now, so now they are all sick. She's not. She is full of energy and feeling wonderful. And so far, none of the Daycare children have gotten anything more than the cold that went with it, so hopefully it stays that way.

Time for me to get a few tasks completed before it's time to head to bed. I am looking forward to tomorrow, as it is supposed to be sunny again. I love the sunny days right now. It is only 5 or 6 degrees out, but the sunshine puts everyone in better moods. I like how it stays light out until after five........and the mornings are finally getting a bit brighter too. Spring is on it's way, I can just feel it!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Tractor


There it is......

And there it goes......
And he was off to play again! As hard as I tried to get picture of him looking at me and standing with the mountains in the background, it was not to be. It was really sunny as well, so that didn't help. "Too bright, Gwamma....too bright!"

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our Princess

Here she is......all sugar and spice and everything nice. Toddler is funny right now as everyone is a princess or a prince. Ever since we went to see Tangled at Christmastime, he likes to know if you are a boy or a girl. Now it's a prince or a princess. And he totally knows the difference, but still likes to ask, "Gwamma, are you a princess?" Every so often, I trick him up and tell him I am the Queen, but he would rather I be a princess and he will be the prince. And even though I call Baby a princess quite often, she really isn't very needy, but she is still my princess!

We inherited this dog from GG's house. It barks and wags it's tail and it is very noisy. Here is Baby's reaction when she first saw it.

But it only took a couple of seconds, and she was curious.


She liked how the tail wiggled.

And she was off. She just loves to crawl around and pull herself up. Don't you love the booty? We often comment that she needs that big cloth diaper, just so her pants will stay up. And I love the tippy toes too. She just got her seventh tooth and she weighs 20 pounds 10 ounces. She is 28 and 3/4 inches tall now and growing up right before our very eyes!

Friday, February 4, 2011

At 3 months old

This is the boy who has made me great. I am his Great-Aunt, and I know I don't see him very often, but I love him very much. He has probably already changed from these pictures which were taken in January, but they are very sweet. I believe that he was just over 14 pounds here and looking all chubby and sweet. My sister loves her new role as Grandma as much as I do and has already had him over for a sleepover!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Let's Review"

Those were the words out of Toddler's mouth last week when we were chatting about hockey. He knows every single NHL team emblem, and if you quiz him by asking him the team cities, he will recite their names. "What's Calgary?" "Calgwy Flames." "What's Carolina?" "Cayolina Huwwicanes." "How about Phoenix?" "Phoenix Coyotes." And it goes on and on and on. He knows every single one and every so often he pauses, but he knows them. His favourite teams are the Towonto Maple Leafs and the Monweal Canadians, and of course he loves the Vancouver Canucks but that is a given. He and Uncle B had their hockey sticks out on Monday afternoon and he told him, "You be Twevor Linden and I be Wyan Kesler and we have a face-off." And they did, and as he sets up his stick and does his little jig, we can't help but smile. He knows a lot about hockey and he will tell you that Sidney Cwosby has an owie and can't play hockey. (concussion on New Year's Day) He loved the All-Star Superskills because he got to see all the uniforms and recite the team names. The boy knows his hockey!!

Something else he told me this week was, "Stop talking, Gwamma.....I listening to the song." (on the radio) And if I try to sing along to the songs, his response is always, "No Gwamma, stop singing. Listen." He is so funny!!

I went out for dinner with a friend tonight. We went to Pasta Night at Pitt Meadows Golf Course and it was scrumptious. I went out last night as well........we went to the Black Sheep and we had $5.99 steak dinners. I can't even make them for that cheap and I know we will be going back. My friend came over from Langley and we went out for breakfast yesterday too. Tried out the Big Feast in town and I know we will be going back there another day. I am feeling a little bit spoiled and slightly indulged. But you know, it's a nice way to feel.......for now.

The rain is back. We had the most glorious four days of sunshine, but it is still Winter and the rain is more normal. Today was another inside day, so it was especially nice to get out and enjoy a delicious dinner with a friend. We had a good visit and it was long overdue. Came home and watched Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice and I really need to head to bed. G'night.....

Gung Hay Fat Choy

In honour of my chinese heritage.....Happy New Year, Everyone!! I haven't really celebrated the occasion very much in my half-decade of life, but I am happy to be half-asian. Not that anyone really knows that I am unless they inquire, but I do recognize it with the Daycare children. I am going out for pasta tonight, but Gung Hay Fat Choy anyway!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I really do love the Golden Ears, and when I picked up from school today, I needed a memory of how beautiful it is this week.......a little chilly, but still beautiful! I am feeling just little bit wistful that I am not somewhere warm right now, but our sauna date tonight helped make up for that. It helped my wicked headache go away too, so that was a bonus. I don't get headaches very often......this was more like an eyeache, but it sure did hurt. And the feeling nauseous that went along with it wasn't all that fun either. I skipped dinner tonight, which is extremely unusual; but I could probably miss a few more meals and it wouldn't hurt at all....I love food and it shows. I have drank lots of water, as my naturapath made sure that I was hydrated.......and I feel so much better now. Probably should head to bed, as I am feeling rather exhausted as well. I am looking forward to's going to be another social day!!

It's February!

I love this picture!! Friends just got back from Mexico and they look so relaxed and happy. We saw them on Saturday and they had a fabulous vacation.......she said that they slept 11 hours a night. Wow.....that is amazing to me!! Wonder what that feels like.......

It was a social weekend. I started out on Friday night at a Discovery Toys Open House and we ate too much and we laughed too much. Nate told us that we all spoke a different language. That was his perception of our "girl talk" and I think he has a point!

I was really planning to get paperwork done on Saturday, and yes, I did start, but I never did finish. I am getting income tax underway and that is always a chore. I did get a little bit done, but not as much as I had hoped. Friends popped by and that was way more fun and way more important than paperwork!! Thanks Shannon and thanks Jenn, for saving me from a job that I hate more than housework. I had lunch plans with Cynde and we were planning on going to Pad Thai but it is now closed for lunch on Saturdays. We were a little bit disappointed, but went to the Wok Box and had a lovely time. Not nearly as good as Pad Thai, but we still had a nice lunch and best of all, a nice visit.

Hubby and I did some errands later on in the day, and I made dinner as well as watched some of the All-Star Superskills and the evening ran away on us. It was really easy to ignore all the paperwork when I was downstairs and it is all upstairs......

There was a business meeting after church on Sunday, so that made church four hours long and it was actually a shorter meeting than usual. Lots of information though, and I was glad that I went. More shopping and chores were done by Hubby and me.....#4 went out with friends, and I really was going to cook dinner but Hubby suggested A&W and I was sold. We had a coupon and it was a very nice dinner.....I do like their teen burgers and as unhealthy as they probably are, they are delicious!! Toddler and his family popped by for the evening and that was another weekend gone by. Fun one, but I still have a lots and lots of paperwork to do!! It's still sitting here waiting for me and I have managed to plan a lot more social events for the week. I think I am procrastinating......Actually, I know that I am!