Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Time is flying by!

I haven't blogged in like, forever. No special reason. First, it was because life kind of got a little bit crazy........and then as it slowed down a little, I just procrastinated. Lots has gone on in the last couple of months. Too much to probably even remember. But I will try. I am not tired. I just got back from a very intense Round 1, Game 7 Canuck's/Blackhawks game and they did win in overtime but it was a nail-biter. Like my friend commented on our way to the car.....no need for a workout today as our hearts were racing more than once!! On to Round 2 and the Nashville Predators!!

I had cataract surgery on my left eye on March 3rd and on my right eye on March 15th. Both went very well and I am now glasses-free. Sort of. I still need some readers for close-up if the light isn't very bright, but I can see anything past 2 feet, very, very clearly. I was told it was 20/20 by my opthamologist on my post-surgery visit, but I still don't like that I need to sometimes wear glasses. I am hoping this changes as the days and weeks progress......I have an appointment in May and I will find out more. Some days are better than others, so that does give me hope. After 45 years of wearing glasses and being severely myopic, I have to admit that this is still weird to me. And now I can't hide my 51 year old eyes behind the frames and I can see the wrinkles more clearly. Hmmmmmmm.......this is the part that I am not so sure I like.

Miracle #4 went for an MRI in February. (it was actually on my birthday and we had a lovely time in the sunshine in Vancouver that day) And he has a very severely torn labrum. It is circumferential and it needs to be fixed. Unfortunately, he cannot work until he gets it operated on and the orthopedic surgeon has referred him to UBC. We are still waiting to hear back. He also had a CT scan as there is probably some bone-grafting that will need to be done, but he hasn't received those results yet. Lots of Doctors appointments......and we have only just begun.

We have had house guests for the past month. Actually, they moved out a week ago already and I am slowly adjusting to how quiet our house is. For the first day, I kind of liked it. Now, not so much.......so it was nice to be back at work today after having 4 whole days off.

Miracle #3 and her family sold their townhouse in 6 days and had to move out in 3 weeks. And in that time, they also had to find a new house. #4 bought a house with them and the original plan was to find something with a suite. At this end of town. They ended up with a lovely home, without a suite. It is over 2700 square feet though and they share a kitchen, but because of it's size and the location, they are all very pleased. I will have to take some pictures and post them. I have been negligent with blogging AND taking pictures. I think it has something to do with the less than perfect vision......But I digress. The little family was here for 4 weeks and it was so fun and so busy and I was sad to see them all go. #3 has been off work since she moved as well, as she was 33 weeks pregnant and having too many difficulties in her very physical job of taking care of 12 babies every day. She is 38 weeks tomorrow and I think we are all surprised that she is still pregnant. She has had a lot of pre-term labour, but it always goes away once she sits and rests. Her Dr predicted that the baby would probably be here by tomorrow, but that isn't the case. I guess there are still 24 hours to make that prediction come true, but now that it is considered full-term......Baby seems quite happy where he/she is for the time being. The Dr has also predicted that this baby is not as big as his/her brother was, so that is also good news.

Miracle #2 has made a career change. His pre-school was going to close at the end of June and he had already been working part-time at a dairy farm, so when they offered him full-time with more pay and benefits, he told me that he had to take care of his family and took it. I think he made a very good decision and his last day at the pre-school was April 1st. Dairy farming is shift work, but with DIL heading back to work soon as Baby is almost 1, it actually makes A LOT of sense in the daycare end of their lives as well. Toddler was here four days a week and Baby was sort of going to slide into his spot while his Mommy went on mat leave, but it sounds like she will be here very, very part-time. I am happy for them all. Win/win.

Baby's weight at 11 months was 22 lbs 5 ozs and she was 29 inches tall. Toddler turned 3 on April 4th and is now 40 lbs and 41 inches tall. I needed to write that down before I forgot. I tend to do that way more than I need to these days. Seems that everyone likes to tell me it's all about getting older.......That being said, I really do need to head to bed. My adrenalin rush is subsiding and my 6 am wake up call is starting to catch up with me.......