Sunday, May 29, 2011

Graduation 2011

I have been to a couple of graduation celebrations this year already. On Friday, PMSS had their dinner/dance at Meadow Gardens and I went to see one of my favourite princesses. That is what Toddler calls the pretty girls when he sees them all dressed up. I took care of this princess from the time that she was 4 months old until she got old enough and didn't need Daycare any more. A very special young lady and her very special family...........

My nephew had his dinner/dance at Swan-E-Set on May 14th. He graduates from SRT this year and his family is also very, very proud. Another very special young man and his very special family......

Meeting her family

Our newest baby has been out and about, and she is meeting some of her family. They are rather smitten with her as she is the first dark-haired baby that they have held in awhile. And she looks so much like her Mommy, that it brings back some rather fond memories.

With Great-Grandpa

And Auntie J

And Great-Auntie K

Friday, May 27, 2011

Two weeks old!

Why is it that once the baby is here that the time just flies by? And when we were waiting for our little sweetheart to arrive, then it seemed like the days just crawled by? Life, in general, goes by fairly quickly but two weeks ago tonight, Miracle #3 gave birth to her daughter. I am still amazed and awestruck by the entire experience.

She has had a busy two weeks. She had lots of help for the first 10 days, as SIL was home with her.......they bonded as a family of four and everything went pretty smoothly. Baby does a lot of sleeping and eating, eating and sleeping, and sleeping and eating. She seems to have ALOT of dirty diapers, but that just means that everything is working well. I think it is great that she gives her Mommy some rest, especially at night when she settles for four and four and a half hour intervals. Last Saturday, she was good enough to go from 1:30 am until 6 and that was a real treat. That being said, she was up way too much last night but I think she is on a bit of a growth spurt right now. She doesn't cry too much, but does NOT like having a bath or getting her diaper changed. She sounds very distressed until it's done and then is quite content again.

I have seen her every day this week, but it is usually when I am working so I don't really get to hold her. It was nice last night when I was able to get some cuddle time in as #3 and I went to the grocery store and then they came back here for an hour or so. This cuddly, newborn stage is so short and she is a great little snuggler. She seems to have more awake time right now and her eyes seem bigger and brighter as each day passes.

They have had lots of company and have enjoyed showing off their new bundle of joy. Tonight, I celebrated her 2 week old birthday by going out for dinner at The Old Spagetti Factory with Hubby and doing a little bit of shopping at my favourite children's store in Langley. #3 has a very unusual least, as her Mother, I think it is unusual. She is not a girly a matter of fact, it was quite difficult to get her to wear dresses.....EVER. Likes sports. Played sports. Had an older brother and a younger brother and had no problem keeping up with the two of them. As much as she loves to get pampered on occasion, she has never been a princess. Well......she has a baby shower to go to next month and she wants a frilly dress for her daughter. And a headband with a flower. It surprised me.......and I know that her Grandma is smiling down on her from Heaven and is so proud!! And just in case any of you are interested, I still haven't found a's actually quite hard to find when it isn't Christmas or Easter. But I still have a few more places to go.....and I am sure that I will find one somewhere. Lots and lots of sundresses......just not a whole lot with frills. I am sort of on a mission now as it is just so fun to look at baby clothes! Hubby and I have lots of fun shopping for the grandchildren.

The weekend is upon us and I have booked up most of tomorrow, but Sunday is fairly open. It's been really cold and wet this week, but the next couple of days look somewhat we'll have to get outdoors. I have lots of pictures to share, but Blogger is being very uncooperative tonight. I will try again tomorrow....g'night all!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Big Brother

He is such a happy boy. Loves being a big brother and loves holding her. He always asks to hold her and kiss her and once he has her in his arms, then he really doesn't want to give her back. It's great!! He calls her "Fweetheart." The first time he said it to her, it sounded like retart....his Mommy had to ask him again what he said. LOL

She went to get weighed when she was four days old and had already gone back to her birthweight. When she left the hospital, she was 9lbs 4ozs and by Day 4, she was back to 9lbs 9ozs. She went to the Dr.'s on Wednesday and at 12 days old she weighed 10lbs 3.5ozs. Growing so quickly.......

He's reading her a story

They had just come over after going to their Dr.'s appointment. We thought she was still a little bit jaundiced, but he said that she wasn't. She has very dark skin and still reminds me very much of her Mommy when she was a baby, but she also reminds me very much of her big brother at the same age. We all chuckle when her Daddy tells all of us that she looks just like him!! Too funny!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

We are grandparents again!!

Friday, the 13th was our lucky day!! After a little more than 3 hours of labour and about 5 pushes, Hallee Rose made her entrance into the world at 9:38pm. She weighed 9 pounds 9.8 ounces and was just over 21 inches long. We are very impressed! And amazed! And so very thankful how well everything went. I was privileged to be there for her birth and #3's labour was hard and fast. She went from 0 to 7 cms in just over an hour and then it took just over another hour to get to 10 cms. GP arrived, Pediatrician arrived and it was all done in a blink of an eyelash. (Okay, it only felt like that to me.....I am sure that #3 thought it felt like it took longer) Hallee came out crying and pinked up immediately. It was very, very different from last time around as her brother had the cord around his neck and was slower to take a breath and slower to get his colour. They are all sooooo different!! Here are a couple of snaps from the last couple of days.......I promise to add more soon.

Proud Grandpa....she is just over an hour old here.

So far, he loves his baby sister. He is singing her a song here......and of course, snuggling his Mommy. I love the ear lobe touch, he loves to touch her earlobe......

She reminds me very, very much of her Mommy when she was a new born.....except I think that she has more hair!

Another grandchild to love and to cherish. So sweet and precious........I love her to the moon and back again!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday, May 6, 2011

She is One!!

Our little princess turned one last weekend and after going through all the pictures that I took on her birthday, this is the only one that sort of turned out. So when she popped by today, I took and few more pictures and was rather pleased with them. She is 22 pounds 13.5 ounces and 30.5 inches. She can crawl very quickly and I think that is why she isn't very interested in walking. Has taken a few steps here and there, but can go backwards and forwards very, very fast on her hands and knees. Says quite a few words......Hi, Baby, Mama, Dada, Tata, Wow, Yay, No, and can clap, wave Bye and motion All done in sign language.

Just playin'

"Oh, Hi Grandma!"

Smiley girl


She showed me her tongue when I asked.


It's never hard to get her to smile.

Showing me what an Elephant says. She knows Puppy too.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

39 Weeks

Yes, Miracle #3 is still very, very pregnant. When she went to the Dr on Monday, she had grown 5 cm in 5 days. At 38 weeks, the fundal measurement was 38 cm. In a mere five days, the measurement now sits at 43 cm. We are a little surprised that she hasn't given birth, but as we all know, babies come whenever they are ready. And even though this baby has been engaged for two weeks or more, he/she isn't as ready to meet us as we are to meet him/her. It's May, so #3 is pleased that the children will have their own months for their birthdays. I teased a very long time ago that Toddler was born on 04/04 and his Daddy was born on 07/07, so this one will be born on 05/05. I never expected to even be close. But it is time. Baby is bigger now than expected, and we are all just a little bit anxious to meet our newest member of the family!!