Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Beach, Baseball, Bosco and Bows

A couple of the miracles and a couple of grandchildren and I headed down to Birch Bay last Saturday. We had access to the trailer for the weekend, but we just went for the day. And it was a lovely day. And we had a lovely time!
He is showing us one of his treasures. He didn't care what kind of seashell it was, and he didn't care if it was broken........he had a bucket, he was at the beach and he was hunting for shells. He was his usual cautious self when we first arrived. He told me that he needed boots to go into the water. After I convinced him that it would be okay to get his feet wet, he very tentatively went ankle-deep.

He probably would have been very content to just play on the water's edge all day. Water, a bucket and seashells.......what more could a three year old ask for!?

Oh, I guess it could be an island. Idol Island. (We told him it was an island and all he could remember was idol. So it became Idol Island) This is what he called it. His uncle carried him out and he would have been very content out there for a few hours as well, but the tide came in. And was washing it away. So he cried and cried and came back to the shore. Very, very unwillingly. The only way we could get him to stop crying was to tell him that it would come back again one day and he could come back and see it. Very disconcerting, and he really didn't understand why the tide would come and wash away his fun.

We saw one of the beautiful eagles in the tree again. I am always so awestruck when I see the eagles at the beach. #3 was very impressed as well. #4 tells me that he sees them at work at the golf course every day and seems rather nonchalant......but he did tell me that he is also impressed.

He loves to play baseball! And is pretty good at it too. He is very hard on himself and thinks that he should hit the ball every single time, but he does really well for only being three. I have always thought that he has very good hand-eye coordination.

Here comes the ball!

And there it goes!

Even Bosco was watching.

Auntie L bought Sweetheart some hair clips last week, so she has been wearing one every day since she got them. Isn't she cute?

Looking a little bit grumpy, but don't you just love the hair bow? She has one to match every outfit.


And if all else fails.....there is always white. It goes with everything!! She really does have ALOT of hair. And it looks like it might even have some curl. Still hard to tell because she is so young, but you never know........

Thursday, July 28, 2011


We are half-way through Summer and it hasn't really felt like it. Yet. Thinking that it has been rather pleasant, in a Spring-ish sort of way, but we haven't had any of the hot July days that we usually receive. It has rained a fair amount and everything is still green.......I actually kind of like it, but I know that there are a lot of folks out there complaining. Standard joke this week is that Summer IS 2012. It will be August next week and I am sure that we are still due for some hot days, but our A/C is a bit of a bust this year. It's been turned on since mid-June, but there are days that I have turned it off too, as 16 degrees in the house is a bit cool. For the most part though, the temperature gets to around 20 every day, and the rain does stop for short periods at a time........we have managed to get outside to play lots of basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer. The weather has been rather perfect for my little set of school-age boys. They are loving it. And on the dreary days they have been happy with board games, Lego and Nintendo DS......not necessarily in that order. We had three really sunny warm days in the first week of July, then this past weekend was really nice and today it also headed into the mid-twenties. That's it. I would like to believe that it is going to stick around for more than 2 or 3 days, but so far this Summer, it hasn't.

It was Summer Kids Club at the church last week and the theme was CARZ. I only volunteered for two of the five days, but it was a huge success. Every team got their own race car to decorate and we had a Piston Cup race at the end. Lots of fun and a great time was had by all. I took my favourite grandson down to have a look at all the decorations and he was quite taken by it all. He is right into the movie CARS right now and will sit and watch the whole DVD from start to finish.....all one hour and forty-four minutes of it. He knows all of the characters and I was planning on taking him to see the CARS 2 movie at the theatre but it came and went really quickly. The 3D one is still there, but he is a bit tentative about the big screen and I really don't know how he would react to 3D. I did take him to see Winnie the Pooh last week and he was even apprehensive about that one. He told me the other day that he likes my big TV but not the one at the movies. Even the candy and the popcorn don't really do it for him. He likes the comfort of his own familiar space. And I really think that he will love to see CARS 2 when it comes out on DVD, more than he will enjoy going to the theatre.

It seems like Life is a little bit monotonous right now. I work, I cook, I eat, I sleep. And do it all again. Hubby and I went to see the movie, Larry Crowne when he was off at the beginning of the month. I liked it. And we went to The Keg for some Lobster Madness as well. I have been to see the Eye Doctor a couple of times this month and a few times in May/June. It turns out that I had to have some lasering done to help with my vision. I can see. Just not as well as I would like to. I have 20/20 vision but I need really bright light to see anything up close. And then it is perfect too. By nightfall, everything up close is rather blurry. I was thinking that I just need a penlight or perhaps one of those Miners lights and then I could see much better. Just up close.......everything 12 inches and out is great. And some days are definitely better than others, so I do have hope. Something about refraction and astigmatism and alignment, the explanation of it all is very scientific and it really makes sense when it is explained to me. But I still don't have to like it.

This week has gone by faster than any of the others, but a lot of my daycare children are on holidays right now. Today was the first day that I was full and it was fun but I am tired. And my house looks like a tornado has been through it. I know that I should be tidying or cleaning, but I only have two boys tomorrow afternoon, so I should be able to get something done in the morning. I watched Rookie Blue and I think it is time to head to bed soon. I am looking forward to tomorrow, it is supposed to be sunny and I have a dinner date planned with Cynde. Good times!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My little loves!

These two absolutely adore one another. He is a great big brother and she is so cute when she sees him and hears him. He is always hugging and kissing her and she always has smiles for him.

Lots of hugging in this family!

Look at the cute dimples.....the one on her right has always been more prevalent.

She LOVES books!! She will sit here and empty every one off the shelf, and go through them one by one. It keeps her very busy and I am really appreciating that she will sit still for longer and longer lengths of time.

This is another one of her favourite things to do!! She has been here later in the evening for the past couple of weeks, so she has joined us for Dinner. She always comes with her little "appetizer" from home and usually while I am finishing up with making our meal, she sits in her chair and nibbles. Tonight it was black olives, zucchini muffin, edamame beans and corn off the cob..........and then she went onto her main course of chicken and broccoli. She loves her food, and especially loves her veggies!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

2 months old!

"I went for my two month old shots today, and I wasn't impressed. Wow, did I ever cry!! My brother looked very concerned for me, and I did get over it fairly quickly, but it was very, very sad. I weigh 15 pounds 4.6 ounces and measure 24 and 1/2 inches long. I am off the percentile chart for both weight and height. Just went into a Size 2 diaper and my clothes are anywhere between 6-9 month size, depending on the brand name. My little Size 1 shoes from Superstore are getting snug, but should fit for few more days. If our summer would actually arrive, then I could probably just go barefoot........but it doesn't look too promising. Cool and rainy......that is the weather forecast for the weekend."

"I came to visit my Grandma and Grandpa today, and I was a very happy girl. You would really never know that I had three shots today. Sleeping and eating are my favourite things to do, and I did a lot of both today. My Grandma took lots and lots of pictures of me lying on the carpet. I am fairly independent that way, I like to be held, but I really like to lie down and look around too. I love, love, love my swing but that usually stays at home. I know that when my brother was a baby, my Mommy and Daddy brought it everywhere with them because he liked it so much. Only time will tell to see if I will need it as much as he did. There are usually enough adults to hold me at G and G's when I want to be held, but I really do like to sleep in my swing."

"We were looking at baby pictures of my Mommy today and I really look like her when she was a baby. Her face was a little bit more oval, her eyes and eyebrows were a little bit of a different shape, she didn't have dimples and my skin is darker. But if you put some of the pics side by side, then you really wouldn't know unless you really knew. I know that I am changing all the time, but we both had lots of dark hair, really chubby cheeks and really, really big brown eyes. My Grandma often says that it's deja vu......and often has to bring herself 28 and 1/2 years into the present."

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Girls

My two grand-daughters are just over a year apart and I think that one day that they will be very good friends. I have re-named them in my blog, and my first one will now be Pretty Girl. Her auntie and her cousin call her that every time they see her and I think that it fits. Pretty girl has been here more than usual this week and I am enjoying her company immensely. She is just so darn personable, and such a happy little girl. Busy, yes. But so so so happy!! I did notice that she is actually slowing down just a little bit as her attention span is getting bigger. She LOVES books and will sit and look for five or ten minutes now. As I was cooking dinner yesterday, she sat for more than twenty minutes. I was pleased.

She is 14 and 1/2 months now.
Auntie did her hair for her today!

Showing off one of her new bottom teeth. She got four new ones in the last couple of weeks. I hear that there has been some restless nights at her house.

Pretty girl!

Cousins, one is as fair as the other is dark.

And they both look so much like their Mommy's.

Cousin love!!

My special girls!

She is two months old today!

And she is now called Sweetheart.. that is what her brother always calls her.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Canada Day Kids

DIL sent these pictures to me yesterday and I just had to share them. They all look so great! And so patriotic!! We all love Canada so much!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

8 weeks old!

She smiles a lot now.

And weighs 14lbs 4ozs.
Getting chubby.
Sitting so pretty.
She has an excellent pout.

And even prettier smile.

Love that cute little tongue.

So serious......with her dark brown eyes.

Grandpa and his little sweetheart.


Sharing a joke.

You really have to wonder what she is thinking here. She is very tolerant of the camera, and studies it quite intently. Hubby had the week off from work and he probably worked harder at home than he does at work. But it was nice when he took little breaks from painting and sorting and organizing and cleaning and gardening, as these little ones don't stay little for very long. She is eight weeks old already and developing her cute little personality. She has a temper. And when she cries, she screams. We are all used to it now and it is very easily fixed, and when she is fed and diapered and all is well in her little world, then she is as complacent as can be. But when she wants something.....well, let's just say she isn't all that patient. She still sleeps a lot, but is having longer stretches of wake-up time during the day. Sometimes it's only for fifteen minutes, but other times it can be two hours. Still changing and growing every day, and we all love her so very, very much!!