Thursday, August 25, 2011


My sister is funny. Every time that I see her, she says to me that I haven't been blogging. Doesn't matter if I had just done a post the day before, she will say it anyway. I think she liked it when I made daily posts. Anyway, she popped by my house yesterday and wanted to know why I haven't put up any pictures lately. So here are some. I do find that Blogger is much more co-operative in the day as it uploads way faster. And I will admit that I have been way too lazy in the evening. America's Got Talent, Rookie Blue, The Glades, Househunters and Income Property have captured my nightly interest and made me way too lazy. I have had some back issues to deal with lately too, so me and my ice pack seem to be wasting away my summer nights quite nicely.

Here are some of my favourite children, just getting ready to play soccer in the front yard. It really does surprise me how well they get along. Especially if we can be outside. August has been very pleasant. It rained this past Monday, but it has been pretty good every other day.

The Soccer Game


And again!

He just loves to kiss and hug her. Even if he is busy playing, he will run over and give her a kiss and run off to play again. So far, she tolerates him very well. This pic was taken on Monday night and I think it shows off her chubblies quite nicely.

She weighed 17lbs 6ozs and was 24 and 3/4 inches long at three months old. She is off the percentile chart for both height and weight, but is a full 2 pounds lighter than her brother at the same age. She fits 6-9 month size clothes now and her little tiny feet are just heading into a size 2. She loves to smile and chat and has discovered her voice as she squeals and screams in delight. She is still very, very social and is getting more and more personable all the time. She is like her brother when it comes to making lots and lots of expressions.

But, this is probably one of my favourite expressions, is when she really doesn't have one at all. Shows off those chubby cheeks, big brown eyes and luscious lips. Her hair is still quite wavy, especially when it is wet. And she has learned to drool now too!

This is one of my new little people. He is 13 months and is fitting into Daycare magnificently. Love this age so much, but I am sure that he is one of the reasons I have been having back issues.

Two little blondies. The one in red is a full 5 months older that the one on the left and they really had a fun morning together on Tuesday.

These are two of my newbies. They had fun playing with the Marbleworks Castle. All three little boys were so good truly was a Toddler Tuesday.

And here is my favourite toddler of all. She is showing you how big she is now. Pretty Girl is 15 and 1/2 months old and is around 27 pounds. Her Mommy calls her adventurous and her Daddy calls her sassy, but this is a little girl with Personality Plus! She is into Size 24 month clothing but Size 2 fits as well, and she has a size 5 foot. She talks ALOT and tries to say any word you ask her to say. She understands whatever you tell her and she is still very, very busy and so, so fun!!


She is always smiling!

And playing!

And she is just too darn cute!!

We had a Grandma/Grandson day yesterday, which we hadn't done in a very long time. I see him a few times a week, but it's not very often that it's just me and him. We started off at his house and then we walked to my house in the afternoon. It's probably just under 2 kms and he did very, very well. He is almost 3 and a 1/2 and is weighing 43 lbs. He fits Size 4/5 in clothes and his feet are Size 11.

He's always been a very good independent player. He is really into cars right now, but it was fun to play with the matching bugs game.

Making a funny face!!

He was quite tolerant of me and my camera yesterday. Which was really nice as he hasn't really wanted to get his picture taken so much lately. You have to note the little yellow car......Auntie K gave that to him yesterday and it pretty much was with him all day, wherever he went. He's playing the Cars2 game on the DS. And he is very good at it!!

C.o.n.c.e.n.t.r.a.t.i.o.n. When I called him for dinner, I told him that we were having his favourite, chicken and rice. He informed me that that wasn't his favourite. "So what is your favourite?" I asked. "Chocolate." is what he told me. Good answer. And after dinner, we had chocolate ice cream and then went to the Nemo park with Grandpa, before we took him home just before his Bedtime.

This is what my playroom looks like this morning. It makes me smile.......

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our visit to The Aquarium

Last Friday, on August 5th, Miracle #3 and I headed downtown with the two little ones and enjoyed our day at the Vancouver Aquarium. I have always liked it there and this visit was no exception. We had a very fun time and we saw lots of the sights and sounds that the Vancouver Aquarium had to offer.

It's always so peaceful to watch the tropical fish swim around their tanks.

Now these two parrots weren't so peaceful!! They squawked and carried on and my grandson was glued to me as we passed by them. His sister didn't even flinch.....but they really did make an awful lot of noise!
I sometimes have to wonder if these alligaters are even real. I really do know that they are, but they don't make a peep and are so motionless.

He's quite the ham when he actually does smile for the camera.

And has always been very, very good at making expressions!

Last time we went to The Aquarium, the dolphins were the favourite event of the day. This time, he had so many questions. "What are they doing?" "What do they eat?" "Where are they going?" "Why are they splashing?" "How come they are dancing?" I love it, he is so inquisitive and such an eager learner.

I LOVE the belugas!

And the jellyfish are absolutely mesmerizing.....

Sweetheart and her Mommy

More jellyfish

My little scientist

He was very hesitant, but he finally touched the seastar

I really do think that this was his favourite part of the day. The water kept changing colours and he was fascinated by it.

There were 3 or 4 of these portholes and he kept coming over to them and looking.

He really liked this hands-on station with stuffed harbour seals. Kept watching the other kids and copying what they were doing. It was a very fun, summer day!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer is here!

Well, we had to wait until August, but Summer has arrived. The sun is here and it has been so beautiful out. The best part about August is that the days are warm and the evenings get cooler, so it is pretty much as perfect as it can get. We had some company last week......14 year old A has been here for over 40 days from Arizona, and still has another week to go. She tells me that she will be here for 61 days in total. It was very nice to see her and she was very pleased to meet the newest member of our family!!

I LOVE this picture of our chubby little girl. Like I mentioned in my last post, she is way too easy to take pictures of right now.

He and his Mommy and his sister went to the park with Auntie J last week. As usual, he was his usual cautious self, but once he was in the pool, he really did like it.

Auntie J with her niece and nephew. She loved spending time with them and they all had a very enjoyable day!

This one was taken on Friday. He liked the Spray Park the day before too, as long as he doesn't get too soaked. Again, very tentative, but once he got into it, he really had a lot of fun!

He really liked shooting the water. I think that his smile says it all..........we went to the Water Park after we had been at the Aquarium for four hours. He needed this time to run and play and to be free!! He is such a little boy!

Sitting at Stanley Park with my boy. Unlike his sister, he is very hard to take pictures of right now. He is always moving and not always co-operative for the camera. He makes faces and he also turns away. So the fact that we are both smiling and looking here......well, that is good!

I absolutely adore being a Grandma!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


It looks like she is very surprised in this picture, and as her older brother would say, "Kerprise!!" She is very expressive and very social, and is way too easy to take pictures of right now. She smiles and chats and before I know it, I have taken 10 or 20. Here is a few of the ones that I took on Tuesday.......she is almost 3 months old!

She smiles A LOT!

And she sucks her fist a lot too!

Here she is, telling me a story......

And showing off her pretty smile......

And she is smiling at her Mommy in this one, but I just love her dimples. I think that she is growing up way too fast!!