Friday, September 30, 2011

20 weeks old today!!

Sweetheart is changing and growing every day. She is still sleeping 10 to 12 hours every night with two or three naps during the day. She has woken one night at 1 am in the last month, but she is fairly consistent with sleeping straight through until morning. She is very complacent and only fusses when she has a reason.........and why shouldn't she be? She is very well rested, after all!

This is Sophie the giraffe, and she is a great chew toy!

She likes the nose!

And she is one of the few babies I know who really enjoys her tummy time.

She is showing us how long and lean she is. Still fitting size 6-9 month clothing, with a few 12 month sizes thrown in..........and she is still a good size for her age, but she is growing WAY slower than her brother did!

She has been doing this new little shy look a lot in the past couple of weeks. As soon as I am ready to snap the picture, she looks down or to the side with a flirty little grin. So cute!

And she is showing us what a big girl she is....she can sit up pretty good now and holds her whole body up straight. There is always lots to look at when she comes over to Grandma and Grandpa's house..........and we love her way too much for words!!

17 months old!

"Hewwo......I am 17 months old today. And I am very, very social. I love to talk and chat......I say Hi and Bye, Mama, Dada, Nana, Papa, Mamma, Bapa, Ella, No, Mine, Up, Oh-oh, Num-num, Baby and lots more. Na is down, Ha is Help, Ba is bug, Mmm-mmm is Eeyore........I know lots of animal sounds and am fairly confident with some of my letters. I have lots of words and I am working on new ones every day."

"I love music and I love to dance!"

"And twirl.....Grandma thinks I look like a ballerina in the making."

"I am usually very happy....unless I am hungry or tired."

"And I have two speeds....Stop and Go!"

"My friends and I found a Ba."

"And one of my new favourite things to do at Grandma and Grandpa's is play in the sink. We usually play in the water, but this time I am just as fascinated with the soap bubbles. I love to come to my Grandma and Grandpa's house and they love to have me! They say that is a privilege to be my grandparents and they love me to the moon and back again."

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I went out last night with a friend. Girls Nights Out are always so fun and I met lots of ladies who enjoyed the most wonderful Indian dinner that was actually a fundraiser for battered women. It was for a great cause and we all wore the jewel on our foreheads and had some henna done on our hands. It was something I had never done before and it's always fun to go "out of my comfort zone" and get a little bit adventurous. I am quite pleased with my new tattoo which will wear/wash off in a couple of weeks and it has been quite interesting to hear the comments that I have received. Hubby and one 7 year old asked me who "drew on my hand" but the little ones were very pleased with my "stamp" and wanted to know where I had gotten it. I thought I would also show off the new carpet in the bedroom that was installed while I was out laughing, eating and having a great evening out!

I think I have blogged this picture before, as it was in my file titled Hands. I love it!! It is three and half years old and it brings back very precious memories. GG, Miracle #3 and Grandson when he was 3 weeks old. And the little feet that really weren't that little. Three generations of hands.......

And I have seen this before, but I love this picture as well. It's rather amazing, don't you think?! He really does have the whole world in His hands!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


My friend posted this on Facebook this morning. Hope you all love it as much as I do!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Life is what you make it. Very cliche, I know, but very true. I have been incredibly lazy all summer, and as usual, September has arrived and I am much more energetic and motivated. I coasted through the last few months and now that Fall has officially arrived, it is time to get some projects done. All I did on Saturday morning was mention to Hubby that I would like to finish our last upstairs bedroom. We had talked about it last year and then were hit with "the leak of 2010" and it was put on the back burner. Painting and re-carpeting didn't fit into the budget or a time-frame, when there were so many other things to get done. Well, we still aren't totally finished with ALL the downstairs, but we are progressing in the right direction.

But this one lone bedroom has been calling my name. It's the only one we didn't do in 2003 and 2006 when we did the other three bedrooms and it is looking old and tired. It has the original gray carpet and pink walls from when we moved in 23 years ago. Every other room has been freshened up with paint and/or flooring since, and so I believe this is long overdue. So all I did was ask. Ask and you shall receive. Not every time, but this time it worked. We were both on the same page........and because he is my main man behind every renovation, we really do HAVE to be on the same page. We picked out a roll end on the way to an appointment, paid just over $200 for a lovely piece of carpet worth over $600 and will be having it installed on Wednesday. Needless to say, this made for a very, very busy weekend.

We were at Zellers, Monkey Business, The Market, Costco, M&M's, Wal-mart and Save-On Foods on Saturday. Spent lots of money but we were very productive. I got caught up on a few things that I have been procrastinating on and it felt good. There have been lots of babies born in the last few months and there sure have been a lot of boys. Dillon, Conner and William have already been born and Baby Tai was due on Friday, but still hasn't arrived. That's 4 boys in less than two months. And because I have been so focused on Baby Girl lately (gee, I wonder why?), I haven't really gone over to look at Baby Boy attire. So I finally did that on Saturday and am very pleased with my purchases. We went out for dinner at Swiss Chalet, and watched Bridesmaids in the evening and we called it a night. We didn't like the movie......I think we are probably in the minority as pretty much every one we knew LOVED it.......but it was way too raunchy and dumb for both of us. I didn't like Hangover and The Anchorman either, and that puts us in the minority as well.

It was dismal and rainy on Sunday........I went to church and Hubby started moving all the stuff out of the bedroom to be re-carpetted. I cleaned bathrooms and did a general pick up/clean-up/desanitizing of the house, which was way overdue. I am always wiping and tidying, but the major stuff hadn't been done since Labour Day weekend, as that is when my aunt and uncle were here from Alberta. Did laundry and helped with moving some furniture and that took up most of our day. My cousin phoned me and we had such a great chat......just makes me want to have a face-to-face visit even more........we have been talking about going to Alberta for a few months now, we just might have to make it happen instead of just talking about it. I just need a seat sale.

We went to MyGym this morning and Jade is sick, so there are only three little children here right now, until the big boys come after school. They are most impressed will all the "new" toys, which aren't really new. They are newly found, because I have sorted and organized some of the old ones. It's time to make lunch and my pie is ready to come out of the oven, so I had better get going to get that done. Have a great day, Everyone!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Eight in Eight

I am about to post my eighth post in eight days. I have no idea why. I have been taking a lot of pictures lately and even though people will ask me "What's new?" and I usually say, "not much", there is always something going on. I just don't really think it's all that newsy, but the days pass by and the weeks do too..........and here we are heading into the last week of September. Friday was a Pro-D Day for the school-age children and they were all very happy to see one another and spend all day together. I had two toddlers also come and spend the day and we played and played and played. I had to turn my A/C back on as it reached 31 degrees by the end of the day. (according to Hubby's temperature guage in his truck) and it is still on. Friday and yesterday were very warm and very is cooler........a thunderstorm just went through a few minutes ago and I am guessing that the heat will be turned back on by the end of the day.

I love it when the older ones play with the little ones.
Here is another new guy.....he is almost 15 months old.

Cute, hey?

Playing with the finger puppets

This was his first complete day with me and he did magnificently. He has been coming once a week for a few hours a day throughout the summer and we both really liked the whole day vs. three hours at the end of the day. I especially like that he slept for 3 whole hours!

Playing cards

These two six year olds were having a very fun time together. They hadn't seen each other in awhile and it was great to get right back into the swing of things. Like a whole year had gone by and they didn't skip a beat!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


She loves to play!! And at almost 17 months, she loves phones and dollies. Here she is, with one of the toy cell phones. Dialling out.

She still loves the music, and can pretty much sing along with the whole ABC song now.

Feeding her baby

Still feeding her baby. Sorry about the naked dolly, but my toddlers take their clothes off, which frustrates my 4 year old friends, but it is something that all my little ones seem to do. I remember when my own children used to do exactly the same thing, so I think it is very age-appropriate. Give her another year and then the babies will all wear clothes again.

"Oh, Hi Mamma!"
A kiss for the baby.

She found a little car..."Vroom, vroom."

But the baby is still the car goes by the wayside.

And back to the car....

A true little girl, she can multi-task....LOL

I adore this picture of my Pretty Girl.

Her true personality shines in this one.

And back to making another phone call......"Hewwo?"

Friday, September 23, 2011

"Do you like my hat?"

" My Mommy bought me a new hat."
"And my Grandma just loves it!"
"Mmmmm, I like my fingers better...."

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A walk to see the horses

We went for a little walk on Tuesday and the children were delighted to find that the horses were out.

Totally mesmerized by them

They really liked us, maybe it's because we brought them some apples.

He was so excited when the horse ate his apple!

They picked some grass and the horses came right to them.

Having such a fun time!!

Feeding the grass through the fence.

This is when he noticed, "Eww, stinky."

I tried to take a group shot again like I had done the day before, but it didn't turn out as well. Still cute, but it is hard to get them to all look in the same direction. So many distractions!!