Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Smiles and Noses

Sweetheart....she really does smile a lot.
"Whatcha doing, Mommy?"

Showing off all 20 pounds of cuteness.

Looking a little bit concerned, but she really didn't mind.

A little bit crooked, but ever so sweet.

A Mommy and her son.

A grandson and his Grandma.

Serious one year old. The babies weren't so sure about this whole blinking nose idea, but they were very good sports about it.

Two very cute babies. They really like each other.

"Hey everyone....I love Daycare. I don't even cry any more."

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Something to smile about!

I bought some Rudolph noses on the weekend. And we had way too much fun and we smiled and laughed a lot. Here are some of our pictures, and I will post more from #3's camera tomorrow. Enjoy!

I know that Sweetheart isn't wearing her nose, but I still think that she makes us smile!! Hard to believe that she is 6 and 1/2 months old already. She really does give us something to smile about......every single day.


Monday, November 28, 2011

We won the Grey Cup!

I am not really a football fan, but it was nice to see the local boys bring it home and the BC Lions win the Grey Cup. I watched a little bit of it, and I really liked seeing them hold up the Cup and celebrate with their families. They showed a couple of babies who belong to players and I was rather smitten. I really like babies........and the little dark-haired one with very curly hair was too cute for words. I actually told Hubby that I thought we should go get him and give him a cuddle. He just usual.

I went to church yesterday and it was an especially great service with great music and a guest speaker. Loved it, and loved visiting with my friends. Hubby and I went to pick up my new Joovy stroller at my sister's house, then headed to Toy Traders, Krause Farms and JD Farms. I think we are all stocked up for our Christmas season with frozen pies and turkey. I love going to Langley and going to my favourite stores. Came back into Maple Ridge and did some more grocery shopping and I picked up a few things at Michael's for the Daycare kiddies. We came home and Hubby watched tv and I played on the computer........and then we did some chores and watched a little bit more tv. Hubby vacuumed while I got caught up on some paperwork, and I headed to bed early. And slept!! Almost 8 whole hours. It's going to be a very good day....I can tell already!!

Here is a picture of my niece, she danced at the Half-time show at the Grey Cup. She is on the lower right and she LOVES to dance. Isn't she simply adorable?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I had a busy week!

My little guy reached his arms out to me yesterday and it warmed my sister's heart. She emailed me this picture of my favourite great-nephew and me.......we were just finishing up our Breakfast with Santa. He is such a little love and we really do like each other, not to mention how much we love each other as well.

I finally took some time for myself yesterday. It was a very, very crazy four days. Starting with Tuesday, with work and then shopping until 11; Wednesday, I also worked and then attended a Photography course in the evening; Thursday, I worked and then went to Disney on Ice with Grandson, Chase and their moms; and then on Friday, I worked and then Hubby and I babysat Pretty Girl in the evening. That was four nights out in a row, and three of the those nights were late nights. Let's face it, this Grandma is getting older and has no problem admitting it, but I just can't do four nights out in a row any more. I sure do love it though, the going's just my mind and my body who resist.

We started our morning yesterday with a breakfast out, then we went off to Photo Express, Haney Builders and Valley Fair Mall. I went to pick up a stroller that I bought.....this one is different than the one I had pictured last week, but a friend was selling her Peg Pliko and I just couldn't resist the good deal. This one will actually fit in the back of my van......and then we headed home for lunch and some cleaning up. I spent a little bit of time tending to emails and phone calls, then I went to the bank and an appointment, and came home for the rest of the afternoon and the evening. Hubby went to get a haircut and I made some turkey soup for dinner. Watched a really cute movie called Dear Santa, and then kept falling asleep every time I sat down. I heard that the hockey game was pretty good and we beat San Jose 3-2, but I slept through most of it. Finally put myself to bed around 11 and now I am good to go again. I have made lots of plans already for today.....first church, then a trip into Langley, the grocery store and we should be home in plenty of time to watch our BC Lions win the Grey Cup. I am not really a very big football fan, but I will probably pay attention to it, just because it is in town, and just because it is the Grey Cup after all. The weatherman claims it will be sunny and bright, so I hope he is right!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Christmas season is upon us!!

We went to our first Christmas event this morning and it was terrific!! I am sure that Santa wasn't any older than 25, but he was a big hit with our babies and we all enjoyed a very nice pancake breakfast.

Pretty Girl is talking to us, but it is still a very cute pic.

Train ride, in the rain. It was very, very wonderful!!

My sister, my niece and Baby....I think he enjoyed it the most. He didn't stop smiling during the entire ride!! (although you would never know from this was taken before we started moving)

The Family!! We all had so much fun!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

I really like Daycare!

"Dear Mommy, Daddy, Grandma and Aunties.......I just want you all to know that I really like Daycare. I still whine when my Daddy drops me off, but that is just my way of telling him that I love him and am going to miss him. It's sure different from when I used to cry as soon as I came in the door and all the way up the stairs. My Auntie Joanne loves me and comforts me when I am sad. And she feeds me and changes me and rocks me to sleep. (sometimes her friend Julie rocks me and that's okay too) And I know that my Mommy ALWAYS comes to pick me up and take me home. I miss my Mommy, especially around 4 o'clock........but I have been such a happy boy this week. And it only took four weeks to get here. You should all be very, very proud of me!!"

" This is my best buddy, so far. We like each other."

"I am showing him that I can do Peek-a-boo."

"And I can play Pat-a-cake."

"Here you go Auntie. Do you want to play?"

"My friends and I are having a rest-time."

"I love Jade....and she likes to help me and play with me."

"My cousin and I play with the fridge magnets and listen to the music."

"And we all have fun!!"

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


It was so peaceful on Tuesday, at the end of my work day. I was burning a brown sugar scented candle at 4:34 pm....please note my beautiful new stove. I still think that it is as pretty as my five carat amethyst ring.......

........and my baby was still sound asleep, and had been that way since 1 o'clock.....isn't he absolutely precious?

And because she saw me take a picture of her cousin, she asked for her baba, jumped up on the chair and pretended to be asleep. Isn't she also so precious? These guys are just so sweet......and I am thankful every day to have them in my life to love!

What a Wonderful Day!!

I had one of the best days ever, yesterday. It started out extremely early as the howling wind kept Hubby and I awake a lot during the night. And we never lost our power, but the internet and land line were both down for about 20 hours. I woke up a short time ago and am very pleased that I can get onto the internet again. I missed all of my friends who live in my computer.

Work was so great. My friend came to help me out, and it turned out that I needed her more than I even thought I was going to, as the power was out at the school and I ended up with 3 extra school-agers. She was able to take the little guys to Music while I stayed home with the big boys and my baby. We then went for a walk around the neighbourhood, had lunch and before I knew it, four of my seven were leaving. Baby slept for 3 and a half hours in the afternoon and it was just an all-round-happy-very-good day. Pretty Girl arrived for a few hours and we all had a great day together.

I went out with a bunch of friends to Coquitlam Center and had a splendid evening!! I had never been before, but their charitable night of shopping was better than Boxing Day with all of the fun, not as many crowds and way too good of deals. I didn't really spend very much money, but I came out laden with bags of goodies just before 11 last night, and we stopped for a quick bite to eat and a drink at Tim Hortons. I was so surprised to arrive home to darkness around me in my neighbourhood (not us, but six houses away it was black) and still no internet or land line access. This just affirmed to me that I really still want an IPad 3G for Christmas. I felt lost without being to check on all my friends on Facebook before I went to bed. And I especially missed making a blog post.

But I did wake up after only two hours of sleep, so now that I don't have so much thinking going on, I am going to head back to bed for a few more hours and I will see you all later!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Burnt Toast

This is how my morning started. I should have taken it as a sign. My action-packed day was not as fun-filled as I had planned. Burning toast makes a lot of smoke and it is very stinky. Even after airing out the entire upstairs and burning a candle for most of the day, the first thing Hubby said to me when he came home at 5 o'clock was, "What burned?" And the toast had burned ten hours previous. I made the best of it though and put it with my other "oops" from last year and made a very nice happy face. It helped to make a bad situation a little bit cheery.

My lunch dates canceled as they had sick children and no vehicle, my favourite grandson was sick and not coming to MyGym, and his sister has the same cold and they were both feeling rather crummy. I still had five little children and a couple of them were rather whiny today. Maybe the miserable cold, rainy, slushy weather contributed to their moods, but it just wasn't as good a day as I had planned it to be. Miracle #4 came over to give me hand with the sleepers while I went to pick up the school-agers, he stayed for dinner and watched Castle with us and now it is time to think about tomorrow. Hubby is upstairs cleaning up the kitchen, I have started a load of laundry and it is almost time to call it a night. I had a very busy weekend.......I didn't really think it was going to be, but I ended up visiting a lot of Open Houses and craft fairs. I ran into lots of friends and we did a lot of chatting and catching up on each others lives. I went to two church services and made a quick trip into Langley, and the weekend went by way too fast. It's a very dismal rainy night and I think I will head to bed early!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Night of Praise

Sing a new song to the Lord!

Let the whole earth sing to the Lord!

Sing to the Lord; bless his name.

Each day proclaim the good news that he saves.

Publish his glorious deeds among the nations.

Tell everyone about the amazing things he does.

Great is the Lord!

He is most worthy of praise!

He is to be revered above all the gods.

Psalm 96:1-4

I went to a worship service tonight and we sang and danced and shared stories. It was truly a night to behold and I had an AWESOME time. I have such a great church family and it was so inspiring. It was the end to our week of prayer.......and it was pointed out that we have the mayor and a school trustee as part of our family. Ernie and Kathy were re-elected last night for another 3 year term and I was there this morning to congratulate them. I love them both and I think that they will do well in their official duties. I had such a great night and I am way too pumped up to go to sleep, but I am about to try and rest. Morning comes early and I have a fun-filled action-packed day planned!!

Pretty Girl

Pretty Girl went for her shots on Friday and she is officially 30.5 pounds and 35 inches tall. She did what she did last Spring and did a huge growth spurt in a very short amount of time and missed one whole clothes size. Last May, she went from a 12 months to a 24 months in less than a month, and she just went from 24 month to a Size 3. Size 2 still fits in certain styles and brands, but she really is a Size 3. Her feet grew quickly as well as she is fitting a 6-6 1/2 now.

She is simply adorable. She is full of energy and laughter, and is learning new things every day. She talks a lot and she communicates extremely well when she wants to. She is just over 18 months old but acts very, very two. Complete with tantrums and screaming and mood changes.....and as her Grandma, I can laugh at her........but she is girl who does not like No for an answer. I can relate, as I don't like being told No either. I have learned that it is not socially acceptable to throw myself to the ground and scream. But it doesn't mean that I don't want to. That being said, the tantrums are diminishing lately and I think that they probably had something to do with her quick growing and development rate.

She UNDERSTANDS everything, and will follow simple directions. She likes most foods but LOVES beef, chicken and pasta. Is willing to try most everything and still has two speeds. Stop and Go. She still has that one nap in the day and sleeps anywhere from an hour to sometimes close to three hours, but that would usually depend on how well she slept the night before. Sleeps through on most nights, but she is a toddler, so that means that about one in ten, she might get fussy. She just got that last eye tooth and only has her 2 year molars left, so the restless nights are fewer and farther between.

I cannot believe how quickly this past year and a half has gone by. She is such a blessing in our lives and brings us so much joy. We all love her so very, very much!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I love my new Joovy!

I have been in the the stores a lot lately. But I didn't even have to leave the house to buy this new Joovy. My sister emailed the other night and asked me if I was interested in this stroller that her friend was selling. YES!! She knew that I was looking for a new double stroller and this one is perfect. And so beautiful, don't you think? I LOVE the colour. And my new toddlers will be very cozy in it, I do think. Only $125, including a rain cover and that is a far cry from the $400 ones that I was looking at. I love my new stroller and I haven't even picked it up yet.

We have been out and about a lot. Wednesday ended up rainy and miserable and #3 had made arrangements to pick up her younger brother from her Auntie's house after his specialist's appointment. My little sis was so gracious to drive him to UBC for a 1:30 appointment. Which he didn't get into until almost 3:30. So it kind of changed the pick-up plans and so Hubby and I took Grandson out for dinner ( his restaurant choice was the White Spot....he's got good taste, don't you think?) and then we picked up #4 from Coquitlam. #4 and his Auntie had already gone to the White Spot in Burnaby for dinner and it was very important to Grandson that he saw where Auntie lives and what kind of toys that she had. She has lots of cars and hockey things to look at, but he really liked her view of the river and lights from her third floor bedroom window. We headed to Babies R Us as they had a few things on sale that I needed for the daycare......but we ended up next door to look at toys as well. And yes, Grandson convinced me that he needed two more Hot Wheels. I love Hot Wheels too, but he has his specific favourites. We look at Mustangs, Ferraris and Lamborghinis. I am always surprised when he doesn't pick one of the three, and he picked a blue one that looked like a Volkswagon on this particular night.

On Thursday night, Hubby and I went to the Holiday Shopping Night in downtown Maple Ridge and we had a lot of fun and spent lots of money. I just want everyone to know that Hubby enjoys shopping as much as I do, and when we are together we keep each other accountable, but it doesn't take too much effort on either of our parts to convince one another of much. Especially when it comes to buying things for the grandchilden or the daycare, which is really all we shopped for. It even started to snow, which made it that much more festive.

My licensing officer came by yesterday and it went very well. It helped that I knew that she was coming as she had showed up on Thursday unannounced and I wouldn't let her in the door. I had too much going on and I told her that I needed to pick up kids in a half hour. Which was sort of true.....on a normal day that is what I would have been doing, but on that particular day, #2 had my van and was doing it for me. But I just wasn't wanting to deal with paperwork and questions. My friend had just rocked one baby to sleep and it was Quiet Time, and I really needed my Quiet time that day. I really need my Quiet Time every day as it is just a crazy life that I lead during the day. I remind myself of Kate Plus Eight a lot and I only have half as many toddlers, but it's a crazy life. But it's my life. And I really do love it. As crazy and hectic as some days are, my little ones bring me more joy than I can put into words. And I think that by April, I will have it made in the shade. Maybe even sooner, but I am being realistic. I like it when they all can walk and follow me around like ducklings, and that should be in the Spring, I think.

Hubby and I did a Costco shop last night and slipped into Wal-mart on our way home so I am thinking that there aren't as many chores and errands to do today. We are headed to Grandson's skating lesson in few hours and #3 wants to go to an Usborne book show......and I have a few Open Houses and Craft Fairs to go to as well. Might cross the river to see my sister, but I could also do that on Sunday instead. It's the weekend and my time is my own and I really haven't made any plans yet. Kind of a nice way to start a Saturday morning, I do think!

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Baby House

That's what my sister calls my house. She came over on Wednesday and visited before she had to go pick up #4 to take him to his follow-up to his surgery appointment. She told me that she had to stop by The Baby House before she went. "Because you have all the babies." She tells me. "Like you have Dad's great-grandchildren." She is right, but I very rarely have all four at one time. And it is really, really difficult to EVER get them in the same vicinity to take all four of their pictures at the same time. I thought I did well to get three of them in the same vicinity, and then to get them all to look and agree to continue......well, let's just say that we are working with three children under the age of 18 months. Not exactly the easiest of age groups or the most co-operative.......especially at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Here a smattering of what #3 was able to get, and she did very well......I was the one acting like the idiot to try and make them smile.

Age 18 and a half months, 13 months and 6 months.....they are all just too cute for words. Don't you just love the stunned expressions on all of their faces? I don't think they really knew what to think. But I LOVE how the two little ones are touching hands.
One little girl said No and wandered away, and the little boy decided he had had enough as well. I am sure that he was thinking that we were just a little bit crazy. Sweetheart can't move yet, as I am sure that she would have taken off if she could have too.

Baby Girl smiles at her Mommy and Baby Boy decides to stop and see what all the fuss is about.

Hmmmm, not too bad......they are actually both looking at the camera here. And one out of two is smiling. That's a 50% success rate.

I really do think that Baby Boy thinks that we are crazy. Baby Girl already knows that we are. LOL.

I put Baby Boy back beside his cousin and they both just look stunned here. Note the blankie for Baby provides him great comfort when he is missing his Mommy. He also likes to chew on it.

This is pretty good and my favourite of the lot. Two babies looking and smiling.....who could ask for anything more?

But we kept on snapping because we were actually getting some co-operation. Don't you just love how Sweetheart is now touching the blankie?

Last one. #3 and I thought we did pretty good. And the babies were rock stars!! I love them all so much!!

The Dentist

Grandson went for his first visit to the dentist yesterday and it went extremely well. He was very obedient and very social. I think it is really neat that the dentist gives him a in true Grandma form, I scanned it and blogged it. Here he is with his "I've just been to the dentist smile," (Hubby calls it his Wallace and Gromit smile, lol)......showing off his new toothbrush. No cavities!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Photo Shoot

Our beautiful grandchildren went for their annual Christmas Card Photo Shoot a couple of weeks ago. Here are some of the outakes. They make me smile, actually, they make me chuckle. I love these kids sooooooooo much......they make my life complete!!

The girls looked, the boy didn't.
The boy looked, the girls didn't.

They all looked this time......sort of.