Sunday, February 19, 2012

The children who I love

We are off to Hawaii tomorrow. It has crept up on me rather quickly and I am packed and ready to go. I am working in the morning, and Julie is coming to take care of the Daycare while I am away. Kristina will help out as well. I am going to miss all of the little children. Yes, some of them are coming with me......but most of them aren't. Here are pictures of some of the children who I love very, very much! If I can figure out how to blog on my IPad, then I will be in touch........but we all just might have to wait for a week and a half. Aloha, everyone!!

Almost 4 years old.

18 months old.

Almost 8 years old.

Almost one.

15 months old.

Four and a half years old.

Two and a half years old.

Almost 22 months old.

9 months old.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Today, I went to a baby shower to celebrate the arrival of little Penelope. She was born on January 23rd, and she has already grown to over 8 pounds. Her Mommy is a very special friend of Miracle #3.......they have known each other since high school. It was such a fun afternoon and I really enjoyed myself. It's always fun to see 'the girls.' I saw them a lot when they were growing up and now they have all matured into beautiful young women. I learned today that fomo stood for 'fear of missing out.' Caroline told me that I needed a blogpost with this title and here it is. Totally irrelavent, but I thought it was funny!

Sweet baby girl.....looks like she is pondering life. She slept through her entire shower, so it was very nice at the end, when she finally opened her eyes and showed us how blue they are!

"The girls" with their second generation of girls. (We are missing one daughter who is 7 and stayed with her Grandma.)

Penelope and Sweetheart, they are 8 months apart.
I think that they will great friends one day.....

I liked this one. Sweetheart was looking at all of the people calling her name. She looks a little bit concerned. LOL Two very cute baby girls!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

He walks!

Yesterday, my great-nephew did a lot more walking than crawling. I just love watching him. It's so cute, and he is very proud of himself!

16 months old

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A blast from the past

My Mom's cousin emailed these pictures to me tonight. I don't think that I have ever seen them before. My older sister is just past two and I am eight and a half months old in the top one and the next one with my Mom and Dad was taken in the summer of 1961, in Calgary. That means that I am a year and a half and my sister is almost three. And my parents were both 26. Wow!! Thank-you Robin, I just love them and you totally made my night!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Hi Sidney."

When Grandson went to get new skates on Sunday, he wanted his Mommy to take a picture with him and Sidney. He kept saying Hi to him and was rather fascinated with the big cardboard cutout. He makes me laugh!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nine Months Old

Sweetheart was nine months old yesterday. And she was quite tired when these pictures were taken......just before she headed home to bed.

She is moving around now, so it has become rather difficult to take a picture. As soon as you put her down, she is turning and twisting to get down onto her tummy. If she is on the linoleum, then she usually pushes herself into a corner and gets stuck. At home, she seems to maneuver herself underneath the dining room table. Last night, at our house, she was heading right for the stairs......she has no control as to where she is going. She is just happy to be moving.

Showing off those two cute bottom teeth.

She is a very smiley girl, but it was hard to get a grin when she was so tired. She watched us for awhile, but those smiles were hiding. And she really did just want to get down and move about.

No, she isn't crawling, but she learned how to get up on all fours last week. It lasts a few seconds and will usually get her closer to something that she is reaching for.

This is her reaction to seeing her Daddy when he came up the stairs. We all love her so much, and can't believe that nine months have flown by so quickly!

Monday, February 13, 2012

My sister

My sister's surgery went well. It went according to plan and she is resting comfortably in the hospital. She will be there for a few more days and I am very, very proud of her. She still has a long road to recovery, but she is a very strong woman and she is going to be fine. I just know it. I suppose that I sound a little bit over-confident, but I have faith. Thanks for all of your prayers and well wishes......we all appreciate them very, very much!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Toy Show and Happy Birthday!

We started our day in Pitt Meadows at the Toy and Collectible Show. It was a fun way to spend a Sunday morning. Grandson loves to look at all the hot wheels and the best part is that he can fill a grocery bag full for $5. We have fun looking at all the displays and he left as happy as can be. I met some friends for lunch at The Kingfisher and as usual, it did not disappoint. I have only been there a couple times and I don't really know why we don't go more often. I had the salmon and crab burger with yam fries. It was so yummy! Today, my baby sisters turned 48 years old. They met in Coquitlam for lunch and I love the picture that my one sister sent to me today. One of them is having major surgery tomorrow and needs lots of prayers. I have great faith in her Doctors, but I know that she will appreciate all of our prayers and well wishes. She has a very positive attitude and that is half the battle right there!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I spend a lot of time with kids. Partly, it's because it is my job. But most of all, it's because I really do love them. Now, I don't really like all of them all of the time, but I truly do love each and every one of them. I love the things that they say.......I am going to be very sad when Jade actually says "yesterday" instead of "yesternight." She makes me smile every single time. And when Chase says "Fighterman" instead of "Spiderman," I think that he is more right than wrong.

We had a fun day. We left the house at just before 10 o'clock this morning and arrived back home again just before 9 o'clock tonight. It's Hockey Day in Canada today and Hubby wanted to check out the card stores for his free hockey cards. Picked up some at Wisers and then he took me out for breakfast at The White Spot. One of our favourite waitress's is due to give birth in six weeks and I think that this will be the last time that we see her before she goes off on her maternity leave. She is having a baby girl at the end of March, and we are both so happy for her!

Our next stop was to go see #4 and help him with some paperwork that needed tending to. Hubby went off to his massage therapy appointment and I stayed and helped #4 with some stuff and also visited with #3, SIL and their blessings. After Hubby's appointment, we went to Mostly Music (to pick up more hockey cards) with #4 and Grandson, did a few things at Coquitlam Center and then went to dinner at #3 and family's. It was a great day and we were able to spend a lot of it with two of our favourite kids. They make me smile and laugh and it was a very, very fun day!!

Friday, February 10, 2012


This is the adorable face that greeted me this morning at 6:45 am. Her Mommy had just woken her up and she was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Lots of smiles, and I feel blessed to have been brought into her short little life. Her Mommy had to be downtown for a biopsy by 9, and when her Daddy came to pick up his daughter just after 1 o'clock, he had just dropped off his wife at a memorial for a young man who was only 17. It was not a good day for this little family. But this little gem had no idea of the circumstances in her family and she has brought so much joy into all of our lives. She did very well today.........she stayed longer than she has on any other day and she loves coming to Daycare. And I love having her. She is going to be one this week, and she is lots and lots of fun!! Don't you think that she has the most amazing eyes?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Almost 16 months old

My great-nephew seems to have turned into a toddler. Overnight. Last week he was a baby. And now this week he is a toddler. He still crawls as much as he walks, but he is starting to look very grown up.

He is very personable. When I took him to the school today, he was riding in the stroller........Waving at anyone who would look at him. It was quite cute.......I think he must have thought that he was in a parade. We all know that it sometimes feels like one........

He is a great communicator. He signs All done, More, Milk, Hi, Bye, Shhh, No and Yes. When he wants something or wants to be taken somewhere, then he points in the direction that he wants to go. His words are coming along and he says Mama, Dada, chch(choochoo) and ish(fish). He ate a whole banana for breakfast and he said nana when I asked him to. He never said again. But I like that he tries.....most of the time he will say the first letter....Please is pe, tree is te, truck is tu, cat is ca. It's really cute and he is learning new things every day. It's a fun age.

He ate a lot today. It's a hit or miss these days, and he still loves his yogurt, oatmeal, grapes and fish crackers. Last week he loved blueberries, this week he liked to chew them and spit out the peel. When I grated a quarter of an apple for him, he inhaled it. Skin and all. Today he loved his banana, last week he threw it on the floor. He used to love cheerios, and now he throws them on the floor. So fun! Toddlers. I will never understand how they think, but I can't imagine my life without them. Every day is a new day and every day is an adventure!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gordie Howe Night

GH with GH
This one was taken prior to the pre-game skate

Ceremonial Face-off

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


We started our day at Music today, and so #3 and I did a kidswap. She took care of her cousin, while I took Grandson with me. Baby hasn't really liked Music the last few times we have been, and he enjoyed staying with his cousins a lot. #3's new phone takes really good pictures and she is always so good about sharing. He started taking steps last week, by the way. I remember guessing that it would probably be a while, but as usual, I am wrong. The more experienced I get with guessing about this type of thing, then the worse I actually am. It's sure cute. Doesn't go any more than 7 or 8 steps at a time, and I love to watch him go. 'Like a drunken sailor,' is how is Daddy describes him......

It was another beautiful sunny day, and I had my new french doors open all afternoon. My sundeck becomes an extension of my playroom and we all had fun in the sun. It was 14 degrees today!! So lovely!!

I am on countdown to Hawaii, or Hywee, as Grandson calls it. I started awhile ago, and then lost track as I got so busy. But in a mere 13 days, we will be getting on a plane and heading west for 10 whole days. Our tickets were dropped off today and I am getting very, very excited!!

Monday, February 6, 2012


Today was another outside day. I don't think it got as warm as it did on the weekend, but it was still very nice in the sunshine. Started off very chilly and frosty, but once that sun comes out, it is simply heavenly......

Sweet little baby girl

Showing off the back of her teddy bear jacket

I think that she is making a funny doesn't really look like her. But it shows off her two bottom teeth. She got the other top one last week, so that makes a grand total of four teeth at almost 9 months old. She has started to move around this past week too. If you sit her in the middle of the floor, then she puts her arm down and gets down onto her tummy and pivots around. Rolls a bit. Pivots a bit. And gets around fairly well. I remember that her brother was doing the exact same thing a few weeks before he crawled.......and I only remember because it was New Year's Eve 2008. We babysat him and he was just about 9 months old and he was moving around in the same fashion. I am not really ready for her to be old enough to crawl, but realistically, she could have been doing it 2 months ago. I really do think that she is growing up way too fast!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I am not having a bad day. I just really liked this. Facebook is good that way. Full of inspiration, some days. Some days, it isn't. I sure do find out a lot from my newsfeed though, and again, sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not so good.

I never did clean last night, so I think that I will have to get to it some time today. We ended up watching Crazy, Stupid, Love. And you know, it was one of the better movies I have seen in a while. Wait, it's the only movie that I have seen in awhile. I do love movies.....and this one was very, very good. I remember hearing that from people when it first came to the theatres, but I don't always agree with popular polling. I always have to consider the source. And even then, I don't always agree.

We taught Sunday School this morning and it seemed calmer and quieter than normal. But we had a great time with our 9 little pre-schoolers, and then headed out to Costco and Langley Farms. Didn't think that I really needed a whole lot but my bank account says otherwise. We spent over $500 at Costco and then we still had to go and buy more fresh veggies and fruit. Probably could have made do, but I would rather have too much than not enough. SIL has headed to a Superbowl party and #3 and the blessings are going to come over soon. We need to get outside and enjoy our 11 degrees and sunshine. It has been so nice for the last few days and everyone is in such good moods. Amazing what a little bit of natural Vitamin D can do for us, isn't it?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lovely Day

The sun is still shining and it was a lovely day today. We started off this morning in Maple Ridge going to appointments and then headed across to Langley to go out for lunch. This restaurant was closed in early January for Ukrainian Christmas, so we tried it out again today. It is not the easiest place to find and it is tucked into a very warehouse looking building on the Langley By-Pass. But it was just like my auntie used to make. The perogies were so delicious and the cabbage rolls were good too. And I also really like the Gourmet Food Store.......we picked up a few things from there as well. Because we bought some frozen pyrogies and borscht from Prairie Cottage to bring was so delicious and I will look forward to making some for lunch this week!

When we come across the Golden Ears Bridge, this is the view that we see every single time when the sun is shining. I don't think I could ever tire of it. I think it is really quite magnificent!!

The Golden Ears Mountains. I love looking at you can imagine how pleased I was when Hubby stopped the truck on Abernethy Way (he says everyone does it all the time) and I clicked another. We came home, watched a bit of the Canucks/Avalanche game, and then went for a walk. Hubby hosed all the leaves off of the driveway and I started dinner and did a bit of laundry. Don't really know what Saturday night holds, but I am thinking it will be more laundry and cleaning bathrooms. Yeah, I know. I am very boring. It's okay, it was a very busy week and I am looking forward to my very boring Saturday night!!


It was Gordie Howe night at the Coliseum last night. He is an icon. And at 83, he seems to be doing okay. My GH says that he wasn't near as shaky as he was 2 years ago, and he seems to have put on a little bit of weight. This is one of the reasons why Hubby chose this particular game to go to. He has a great respect and admiration for him.

The Giants wore commemorative jerseys for the occasion.

And on three separate occasions, we were very, very close to him. First he came right past us in the restaurant. Our friends mentioned to us that if we went to the Pacific Room at the Coliseum, then it seems like more people get random prizes. So we took that chance and had a really nice meal for $9.50 each. We both had the pulled pork sandwich and as much as I love The White Spot, it was a nice change from a burger and fries. Well, Mr. Howe walked right beside our seatmates, (a very nice couple who were also in their 80's, but you would have never known that) and then when we went upstairs, we also walked right past him while he was on his way to another private area. They had a place set up for when he was going to greet the 100 fans whose scratch and win ticket said Grand Prize. I like this picture because you can see his Stanley Cup of the four that he won as a player.

And oh yeah......that chance that we took by eating at the Pacific Room worked out extremely well for us. Hubby was very excited and he was like a little kid when he scratched his ticket and it said Grand Prize. I wasn't allowed to go in front to take a picture, but somebody from the Giants organization did and they will email to us by Tuesday. He also got a very nice autographed 8x10 picture of Mr. Howe. Fun night, and it is just too bad that we had to leave a little bit early as Hubby's back was really bothering him. He lifted one too many batteries this week, not to mention a twisting of his hips when he tried to catch something that was going to fall off of the parts counter. Oh well, it was still a wonderful way to spend a Friday night!!