Monday, April 30, 2012

She is 2!

Pretty Girl is two, today.  It's gone by in a blink of an eyelash.  She came over for dinner tonight as it was our usual Monday Family Dinner night, and she was quite excited to show me her "sparkly shirt."   I think that she is looking very grown up in this quick snapshot from today.  She is 32 pounds and 36 inches tall.  We all bought her Size 4 clothes for her birthday, and she definitely has some growing room, but they fit her.  Size 7 shoe.  Has been toilet-trained for the past month or so.....still wears a diaper for sleeping, but often wakes up from her nap and is dry.  The bottle left last month too, so that was the last of the babyness.  Let's face it, she has never wanted to be a baby anyway.  She talks in sentences and as I watched her use chopsticks tonight to eat her edamame beans and rice, she was showing off her excellent fine motor skills.  Her Mommy said it best.....she is sweet, sassy, determined, kind, independent and funny.  Happy, Happy Birthday to my very favourite two year old!!  Your Grandma and Grandpa love you to the moon and back again!

She had a birthday Open/House yesterday with her family.  She really got into the opening of the presents!

 There were lots of people who came and lots of fun presents to open.  She enjoyed it very much.

 And of course, in true two year old fashion, she wanted to open each one and play with them as she received them.

 This one is fun.  Musical instruments!

 Her Mommy made her an Elmo cake!

 She is waiting for and watching her cake as we all sing.

"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to."  We all laughed, but as her cake got close enough for her to blow out the candle, she wanted no part of it.  Oh Pretty Girl......we all love you so much!!  Thanks for being so predictably unpredictable!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Eighteen months old

 On April the 14th, he turned one and a half.  He is just over 22 pounds and just over 32 inches tall.  His Mommy is very pleased as he is back on the percentile chart.  Still a little boy, but growing up very quickly.

 He walks and runs everywhere.  He will repeat any word that you say to him.  It's a very cute age, and he is learning new things every day.

Still in Size 12 to 18 month size clothing.  Shoe size is 5.  He got a haircut last month and it makes him look less like a baby.  They would really like it if he slept better at night, but he is sleeping two to three hours at Daycare when he is here.  Good for me....not so good for Mom and Dad.  He still loves yogurt and bananas, but pasta is another fave.  I find that he will try most everything he is given and is eating very well for a little guy.  He loves books and music, and he makes me smile.....ALOT!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

11 months old!

Sweetheart was 11 months old last week.....on Friday, the 13th.   And she was weighed and measured yesterday.  She is 22 pounds 11 ounces and 29 and a half inches long.  She started 'creeping' around 10 months and was officially crawling at 10 and a half months. She started to 'stand' on her knees around the same time she started to crawl, and officially pulled herself up to standing on her feet last Thursday.  And she is very, very proud of herself!  She crawls and stands everywhere now, and goes a few inches along the furniture......can't really call it furniture-walking yet, but give her a few days and I am sure that she will be going.  She's cautious.  And tentative.  And moves rather slowly.  It's great! 

She has two little stairs in her dining/living room and she just got brave enough to venture up after two weeks of crawling.  She started to go down a few days ago and up until then, she would crawl to the top, make a cute little "ooooh" face and turn around to go the other way.

She LOVES food!!  And for such a little girl, she eats a lot.  She has never really liked her food pureed, but if it's cut into little pieces, she will eat and eat and eat.  She especially loves strawberries, blueberries and grapes, but is at that wonderful age where she will try most everything. She has 7 teeth and they work very well.  Refuses to take a bottle, and drinks water from a cup.

She still fits 12 month size clothes and is a size 4 in shoes. I was actually surprised that she grew as much as she did this month as she still seems so little to me.   At 10 months, she was 21 pounds 13 ounces and 28 and 3/4 inches.  Because she is moving around now, I wasn't expecting her to gain almost a whole pound.  But then again, I did just mention that she loves to eat!  Cute baby girl, and I can't believe that she is going to be one next month!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthday Post

Well, it's long overdue as he turned four almost two weeks ago, but better late than never. His Mommy officially started back-to-work and opened her in-home Daycare that week, so it's been busy. She has two little ones who she is caring for until she gets her license, and then she can register more children. #3 has always been so good about providing crafts and so after a morning of fun and some social time, Grandson and his friend finger-painted while the little ones slept.

4 years old!!
And having so much fun!

He received lots of gifts and reacts so enthusiastically to getting a new Wii game. He really does get quite excited when he opens his presents.

A Star Wars Light Sabre......he just loves it!!

And isn't he ever so sweet in his new baseball helmet?

A new raincoat. He fits a size 5 quite comfortably right now, and this particular size 5 is very roomy. For starting out so huge in his early years, he isn't as much any more.

At the bowling alley. Dancing to the music and Pretty Girl stops to give us her "cheese" face. It's loud and they loved it. Wednesday night is a cheap night to go bowling......only $5 for shoes and two games. Grandson only made it half way through the second game. He was getting tired, but we all had such fun!!

More presents!

This is #3's very first attempt at decorating a cake. The birthday boy wanted a Lego Star Wars cake and was very pleased with what his Mommy made for him. They had an Open House luncheon on the 7th of April and it was wonderful. Pizza, cake, candy and treats. And lots of social time with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and great-grandparents. The weather even co-operated by being sunny and 14 degrees!

Happy 4th Birthday to my favourite grandson!! We all love you so very, very much!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Champagne Birthday

He is four on the fourth. And he had a very fun day today. The sun shone, he played with his friends, had pizza for lunch and oatmeal for dinner (his choice) and went bowling with his family. A great time was had by all!!