Thursday, June 28, 2012


We went to our last Gym class for the year on Monday, and I scooped up Sweetheart to come with us when I picked up Grandson.  She wasn't quite sure about all the commotion and excitement and was very tentative when we arrived.

These two cousins spent a lot of the class balancing on the balance beam.  They were helping each other up, and cheering each other on.  Great teamwork, boys!

Oh, I just love to watch her toddle about.  As long as I wasn't too far from her, she was good to explore her surroundings.

There is always Circle Time and here are the children waiting their turns to say their names.  You can see them all watching and listening to their friends.  My little group of six were very good listeners.

I love this!  Tummy time.  When we are finished with our singing and dancing, then the leader has them all go down on their tummies to listen to the rules.  As you can see, I was just a little bit too far away for Sweetheart and she is watching me.

She really liked the baby in the mirror!  And she was such a good girl and had such a good time!!  We all did.  Of all the things that we do as a daycare group, this has always been my favourite.  And the children all love it!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


We went to our last Music class for the year yesterday.  And I know that this doesn't really look like we are learning about Music, but we are.  The children go through three books each year and even though it is colouring, they are learning about P which means quiet. 

This is one of those great action songs and they are singing and doing the actions for "left hand in the air."  Gotta love the little almost-two year old who is giving it his all.  They make me so proud when they really do listen.

Keeping the beat with the drum.  Music for Young Children is all about listening and learning about the beat.  Co-operation and listening skills are really emphasized.

And this one just makes me laugh........They are all two or going to be two and they just need a little bit more practice!  I am celebrating their success.....three toddlers sitting still. 

As you can see, the four year olds are concentrating and listening very well.  Jade thinks she is four (she's not going to be three until August) and she just LOVES Music......she always concentrates to do her best!
I have six children sitting down......waiting for their next instruction......don't you love the two cousins on the end who are talking in class?

Little one on the end who realizes there is a camera pointed his way.  Four year old yawning.......I still think it's a success.....they are all sitting. (except for the 13 month old from another group)

We took some group shots at the end of our class.

And then we did individual groupings.  One little guy was done.....he had sat and co-operated for far too long, but this picture makes me laugh.   We all try and get the perfect shot, but you know, sometimes it's just hard to be two.  Music 2011/2012 is over for another year!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Photo Booth

Cousin Lexi was here last week from Arizona.  And she opened up a whole new world for the children.  She had the iPad out and was using the photo booth app and they all thought it was way too much fun.  It was.  They giggled and laughed and co-operated with her for awhile and here are just a few of the ones that they took.  14 year olds are just way too much fun to hang out with and they are just way too smart when it comes to gadgets.  When Grandson was here tonight, he wanted to know how we made the pictures, so we made some more.  And I am guessing that this is only the beginning... 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Forest

Miracle #3 and her family went to "the forest" today AKA as Cliff Park.  It started out to be a lovely sunny day and it was raining with thunder and lightning by dinnertime.  They had a wonderful morning out and Grandson loved his hike through the park.  He really liked looking at the water and he really liked all of the bridges.  He has already requested that Grandma and Grandpa come with them when they go back to the forest.  (He always makes me feel so loved and so special)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Two in a row

Two posts in one day!  For all of you people who have been telling me that I don't blog as near as much as I used are two in a row......on the same day.  The truth is, I really do like my iPad better than my PC.  It's quicker, more efficient and just so much easier.  I can pick it up at any point in the day and within a minute, I am on and off and I am done.  My PC takes FOREVER to do anything.  Including blog.

So when I am feeling that I have more than one minute to do even ten or more minutes for that matter......then I will use the PC.  Unfortunately, there are only some things that my PC can do and my iPad can't.  And it's not that it can't, it's that I don't really know how.  Well, I got an iPhone last week.  Not by choice, as my contract wasn't up until next year, but my old flip phone wouldn't hold a charge.  So it was going to cost me over a hundred dollars to replace it....I am not really sure why as it was a free phone to begin with......or I could take advantage of Telus's promotion of a free iPhone with a 3 year contract.  Sort of a no-brainer and it only cost $50 to cancel my existing contract.  Well, with my free iPhone came a free training seminar.  Hubby and I went tonight and I learned a lot.  Very useful, but some of the things that were working in the store are not working now that I am home.  My iPad and my iPhone are not programmed to respond to emails, so I still have to use my PC to do that.  I can read all my incoming on my new toys, but I can't reply.  I could in the store, but now I can't.  In a way, that is sort of good, as it makes me come and use my PC.  But the truth is I am getting spoiled with the efficiency of my Apple products and I don't like waiting.  And I really don't like waiting when it comes to technology.  It also means that I will have to make a phone call or another trip to the Telus store to get it all working properly.  Good ole technology......I really do wish that I was more literate when it came to all these fancy gadgets!

So for all you people who like to text.  I can do that now.  I think that I am all thumbs and very, very slow at it, but I am capable.  And I really like it.  My clients have been asking me to do it for a while now and I can certainly understand why.  I used to really like email the best.  Well, now I like texting better.  It's quick and non-invasive.  I still like the telephone the best for any lengthy conversations in person is even better......but I do understand that it is 2012 and it's time to get with the program.  I am with the program, on a huge learning curve, and I know I will get better.  Right now, I am rather impressed that I am capable of texting.  And blogging on my iPad.  Yeah I know it really doesn't take much to impress me.  LOL

Oh, and in other big news of the day.  Sweetheart is walking.  She started taking more steps yesterday and is pretty much toddling all over like a drunken sailor today.  So cute, but when she falls down, she just picks herself back up and keeps on going.  My prediction of by the July long weekend seems to have come true (a whole week beforehand) and I am very pleased for her.  She is sooooooo proud of herself!!


I am trying something new. I am attempting a blogpost from my iPad. I just went to a training session to learn about my new iPhone...and was told to bring my IPad along with me. So I did. And right now, I am feeling rather confident that this might even work. Here's hoping....

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Summer officially arrived at 4:09 pm yesterday.  And it was a beautiful first day of summer.  The sun came out, and it was a lovely day.  As usual, June weather has been wishy-washy and it was downright cold on you can see here, Sweetheart was wearing a winter coat at the park.

Miracle #3 bought a mirror for her daycare at IKEA on the weekend.  Sweetheart approves.  In typical 13 month old fashion, she is showing her Mommy how much she likes the baby in the mirror.

"Hi, Baby!"

She was dressed for the heat yesterday, as it wasn't really hot but it sure was nice.  It was nice again today and I hear that rain is forecast for tomorrow.  I actually turned the air conditioning on for today, but I am sure that it will be short-lived.  Two sunny days in a row were very nice, but we will all appreciate it when summer really does arrive for real.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dad's Day

Father's Day weekend was fairly low-key, but the week leading up to it was a busy one.  They daycare children made their Daddy's some Dad's cookies, so that meant that we were baking 4 out of 5 days last week.  So when we babysat two of our grandchildren for a few hours on Saturday, we made another batch.  That meant that we made over 20 dozen cookies.  I added raisins to our last two dozen on Saturday, and I have to admit......I liked them the best.  But we will have to remember that for next year.

It poured rain on Saturday and so it was a nice morning to be indoors.  Sweetheart had a nap and slept for over an hour.  I find it rather amusing that as soon as I blog about something, then it immediately changes.  She has been napping a little bit more this past week and her morning nap has been extending into the afternoon........and has been known to be 2 hours in a few instances.
The weekend flew by.  It was #4's birthday on Friday and he invited us for dinner.  We went to IKEA on Saturday afternoon and then went up to see my Dad.  Grandson and I made him a giftbag of Dad's cookies as well, so we stopped in for a little visit and to say Happy Father's Day. 

On Sunday, Hubby and I did our weekend cleaning and grocery shopping.....Miracle #2 stopped by in the afternoon to see his Dad and then we went to dinner at #3 and family's house.  She made chicken-stuffed-with-asparagus, smashed-down potatoes and salad for dinner with black forest cake for dessert.  Simply delicious and I ate way too much and enjoyed it very much!!

Tonight's Monday night dinner was a get-together for #2 and a bunch of his friends.  We ordered pizza and some of his high school buddies were here for the evening.  It was so nice to see them all, and Wayne is now going off to Montreal for his 5 year residency as he is going to be an ER doctor.  They are all 30 and 31 now, and mostly married with a child each.  All grown up.......and as I looked around the room a few times, it really didn't feel like they had graduated 13 years ago.  I think they all look the same, and the years have gone by way too fast!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


I only had three little ones today.  One has gone home and two are sleeping right now.  I LOVE naptime.......probably more than I care to even admit some days.  We have been very busy this week and so this morning was a nice break.  Toddlers are way too cute and these ones were so sweet to each other as they "read" a story to one another.  Lasted all of two minutes, but I enjoyed listening and watching.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Almost 13 months old

Sweetheart went to get her one year old shots on Friday and she weighs 24 pounds and is 30 and 1/4 inches tall.  She didn't like getting those four needles one bit, and they have changed it to all four in the arms now.  It used to be one in each arm and one in each leg. 

She is learning new things every day.  She will give kisses now......big open-mouthed kisses......she used to lean her head towards you to so that you could kiss her forehead.  She has learned to be a much more active participant.  Sometimes she will even give out hugs......she has always been rather stingy with those, unless it's her Mommy.  She is babbling more and more.....and seems to have a few actual words that she will say if asked.  Wow.  Dada.  Mama.  Fish.

She UNDERSTANDS a lot!  She will wave bye-bye, and make a funny face when asked.  Signs All done, Please and More.  Tries to do all the actions to the fingerplays and songs. Started sleeping through the night again in the past month......more regularly.  She slept really well from 3 to 5 months old, and then it's been very erratic ever since.  So since she turned one, she is sleeping fairly consistently from 9 to 6, and then usually goes back to sleep until 8 or 8:30.  She has two catnaps during the day, which are usually one half hour long in the late morning and one in the late afternoon.  Every so often she will sleep an hour, but that is not very common.  She is so fomo. (fear of missing out)

She isn't any closer to walking that she was a week ago.  Still just taking a few steps and usually only when she is encouraged.  She is quite content to crawl along and get to where she needs to go.  She can go up and down stairs very confidently. Knows to turn around and go down backwards.  It was very cute the other night when she followed her brother out my front door, down the driveway and across the street.  We just watched to see how far she would venture and it didn't look like she was going to stop. She was soooooooo pleased with herself.  And her brother was very impressed! 

Oh, and her top left molar peeked through last week so that means she has a grand total of nine teeth.  Eight front ones on the top and the bottom, and one molar.  And she eats just about anything and everything.  Chews it or gums it and she just loves everything that gets put in front of her.  I can't even tell you what her favourites are, because she loves it all.     

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


The children were getting ready to go to Music Class yesterday and I had my camera close-by.  When you get this many little ones, actually sitting together and listening......well, let's just say that I couldn't resist.  I couldn't just pick one as a favourite, so I posted all four.  Four colourful cuties, co-operating. 

Jade and her boys

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

She is taking steps!

Sweetheart was taking steps last night and she is soooooo proud of herself!  A couple of times last week she would take one step and then fall forwards, but at 12 and a half months she got brave enough to take off.

She will go five or six steps across the floor before she you want to see what her Mommy was bribing her with?

 She was concentrating so hard on getting a little piece of a gummy worm!

 But her big brother didn't bribe her with anything.......she just idolizes him so much!

By the end of the evening, she was getting more and more confident.  But also more and more tired.  I can't really say that she is walking.......but she is well on her way!