Saturday, July 28, 2012


We headed up to one of the local schools for Hot Summer Nights on Thursday night. Grandson was sooooooo excited!

He liked watching the spray, but he did venture to the perimeter....

Great-nephew was more than happy to watch....

But boys being boys, they LOVED to go into the firetruck!

He liked being the driver!

And this little guy just loved it too.  He kept asking, "In it? In it?"  He needed to be coaxed to get out so that the other children could have a turn.

And I know that you can't really tell, but our two boys are both in the truck in this picture.  When you are only 21 months old, then you can't really see out the window.  They had such a fun time! 

Grandson held the hose for a short time....he didn't really like all the mist.

I think he could have played here for a lot longer. 

And we ended up with lots of free stuff.  The firemen gave the boys a beach ball, and all of us adults were given lifters, books and oven pads.  It was a fun evening! 

Friday, July 27, 2012


It's Friday night. Hubby and I watched some of the Olympics Opening ceremonies on tv and I have started a load of laundry. We are just so exciting, don't you think? Another week has gone zooming by and it's hard to believe that it will be August next week. I am loving my four day work week. Having a 10 month old again has made us a little bit less portable, but after my busy week the week before, I really appreciated it. I liked staying home. And I know that the little ones are enjoying their quieter days. It poured rain on Monday and we played and crafted. I bought some new food for the kitchen center and it's entertained us all. Pretend wooden food. We love it! I have lots of pictures to download, but my camera has decided to freeze up on me. I took it in this morning and it turns out that some of my pictures on my memory card have corrupted. They tell me it could be a memory card issue. Or it could be my camera. I wasn't really home long enough today to figure it out, so I still have two more days of my weekend to download and buy a new memory card. And perhaps even buy a new camera if that's what it turns out to be. I have #3's camera here right now and she took a bunch of really cute pictures from our evening out last I promise I will work on that tomorrow. I was out and about most of today. I made dinner for my sister and her family and she emailed me earlier to thank me and tell me that she had two helpings of Classy Chicken. I was so happy, as she has been feeling so poorly that she's not really eating. Well today she ate. When I arrived just after 3 she was eating soup and tonight she ate dinner. We won't mention that she was in bed by 6:30 with a fever....oh dear. Hugs and prayers to you Sis! I have a busy weekend planned and a date with a couple of one year olds in the morning so I am going to go read, and then head to bed. Good night Everyone!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


It's a wonderful thing.  We all need to sleep.  Some of us need more than others.  My beautiful grand-daughter has been on a really good sleep schedule since she learned how to walk, which makes her Mommy and Daddy very happy. Isn't she gorgeous?  I just love her so much!!

I spent my whole weekend being lazy.  I slept a fair amount, definitely more than usual but still not a lot.  I am one of those people who really only requires 5 to 6 hours a night.  And then every ten days, I do a catch-up night of 7 to 8 hours.  On Friday and Saturday, I had 7 hour nights.  But on Saturday I didn't even get out of my pyjamas until 4 pm.  And really, I could have probably just stayed in them until I went back to bed, but I kept getting sideway glances from Hubby.  He kept asking me if I was sick.  Nope, just lazy.  I read one whole book, and started another.  My friend loaned me Changing My Mind by Margaret Trudeau and I had a hard time putting it down once I started.  It was her autobiography and she was in denial about having a mental illness for the first 50 years of her life. Fascinating woman with a fascinating story.    

I have now started reading another one that I borrowed from the library which is downloaded onto my iPad.  Betrayal by Danielle Steel.  It's fiction and I am not as into it as I was the other.  I am about half-way through and it's okay.  Not hard to take a break from, and I will probably finish it before I go to bed tonight. 

I am loving these four day work weeks.  I have had long weekends for the last three weeks and that has been wonderful.  I am still working the same amount of hours, but it's compressed into four days and I LOVE having Fridays off.  I went to another training session for my iPhone and learned some more.  I can now send out emails on my iPad and what it finally took was upgrading our Shawmail.  When we set up our account almost 20 years ago, there was no such thing as mobile browsing, so it had to be upgraded.  He also fixed my phone so that I can receive pictures on my text.  That one turned out to be a Telus network issue and he fixed that too.  So far, so good but I am now getting a lot of junk email on my phone and my iPad.  I am sure that it is simple to fix (if I only knew how) but I still might need another session!

This is Sweetheart's new "squishy face."  Isn't she cute?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Having Fun

Sweetheart LOVES the swings.  She has always enjoyed them, but now she giggles and laughs as she goes back and forth.

And Grandson does too!

 "Hi!"  They were having fun on Wednesday morning at the playground.  And don't you love Grandson's haircut?  His Daddy did it last week with his trimmer, and yeah it's a little bit shorter than normal.....but that's the best part about hair is it grows. Summer is a good time to have it short!

I really think that she is changing and growing by the day.  Every time that I see her, I notice the changes as she is that age where it is so obvious.


"Oh, what should I do next?"

Here she is, "chatting" to her Mommy.  Reminds me very much of her Mommy as she was a talker when she was little too.  Has some new words.....Hi, Hot, Baby and Oh oh.  She has been saying Oh Dear for a while now, but she says it Oh Dee.  It's a fun age.....but I think I have said that before!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Week

Is it Friday yet?  I am so tired.  And so sore.  I am really feeling my age this week but when I had a little 15 year old tell me that her knees hurt and her back hurt too, then I didn't feel as bad.  My knees hurt.  And my back.  And my hips.  Every night at Kids Club feels like an aerobic workout.  Up, down, turn around.......and again and again and again.  I have a great group of 16-Grade 1 and 2's, and I am co-leading, but it's busy.  I love it but I am so tired. I think that tomorrow will be better as I don't have to work all day and then into the evening.  I am up every day at 5:30 am and by 8 pm as I am walking home, this old girl is feeling every bit of my 52 years of age. I have the song, "Jesus is my superhero, he's my star, he's my friend" stuck in my head.  Great song.  Great kid's club.  Organized chaos, as #2 called it so many years ago.  He's right. And I am so happy that tomorrow is the last day...... 

All of my days this week have been filled with children.  Lots and lots of children. I was grateful for Monday and today as they weren't as crazy.  But Tuesday and Wednesday were full.  The school-agers were all back from holidays and I just find them busier and noisier than my pre-schoolers.  I bought a water table last weekend and it has already provided hours and hours of enjoyment. 

These guys were more than happy to play in the water on Tuesday morning.  I am pretty sure that this was around 7:30 am.  Cheesy smiles, but they were very entertained.

Even when the friends arrived, it didn't lose it's appeal.  They all loved it.  And I loved that they all loved it!

The clouds arrived on Wednesday morning and it was a nice respite.  We were able to get outside and not have to worry about finding shade or slapping on the sunscreen.  I really do think that my big boys would play soccer or hockey all day long if they could.

Baby T was so content to watch the world go by....for a short time!

She looks way too old in this picture......

She lost her first tooth that morning!!  And she was very happy to show off the new space in her mouth. 

Such a cutie pie.  He fell down and skinned his knees and he was showing the baby his band-aids. So sweet!!  And don't you love how chubby those legs are!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The weekend

Another weekend has flown by and it's time to think about going to bed soon.  It rained today and the sun is supposed to come back tomorrow, but I never believe it until I see it.  It was a busy and productive weekend.  I had Friday off.  And it looks like I am going to have a few more four-day work weeks in July and August.  I was able to shift a few Friday children to Thursday and it's nice.  I have booked some appointments for a lot of my Fridays off, but that is nice to be able to get them done during the week instead of always on the weekend.  One of the things that I did was update my library card and learn how to download books onto my iPad.  And I read a whole 523 page book on Saturday night.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.  The book titles are quite limited, so I just winged it and succeeded, and then enjoyed my story too.  I've missed reading.  It's so hard to see up close since my cataract surgery last year, so unless I have very bright light, then I can't see the words on the pages.  Well, the iPad has backlight, so I am able to see the pages.  And I can make the printing larger if I choose too.  In this particular instance, I didn't have to adjust anything, but I played around with it and know how to if I need to.  I thought I was very clever.

Hubby and I went to Lobster Madness at The Keg on Friday night, courtesy of Miracle #4.  He gave his Dad a gift certificate for Father's Day and I was his date.  So yummy and I love lobster.  Hubby had his usual Classic Sirloin and we both enjoyed our dinners.  We even stopped for McFlurry's on the way home, so we were soooooooo stuffed.  And it was soooooooo good!

On Saturday we headed out to get some shopping done and we ended up in Langley.  Toys R Us, Toy Traders, Krause Farms and JD Farms left our wallets a little bit lighter, but I was very proud of myself for not going to Carters/OshKosh.  My little people don't really need anything right now and I am such a sucker for what I don't know doesn't hurt me.  Or them.  I am sure that once the Fall and Winter things arrive, they might need some new things but that is only because they keep growing.  Grandson and Pretty Girl have both gotten taller in the last month,  over half an inch each for both of them.

I went to church this morning and we did the rest of our grocery shopping in between 11 and 1, as I had to go back for a meeting for Summer Kids Club.  I have volunteered my services every night this week, so it's already promising to be busy, busy, busy.  Kids all day and kids all evening too.  I am really looking forward to it as I didn't help very much last year.........our theme is Superheroes and it's going to be awesome. 

Miracle #3 put their Slip'n'Slide out last week and Grandson just loved was a great way to beat the heat.  Ready, set, go!!

And as much as Sweetheart loves the water, she wasn't going anywhere near that wet and wonderful thing that shoots water into the air.  She enjoyed it from afar. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

2 1/4

We had the pleasure of baby-sitting Pretty Girl on Thursday night and she was so happy to play with Grandpa.  This little girl never stops moving or talking.  It's pretty cute......and Grandpa says it tired him right out.  LOL  Here she is telling him something......

She has a great imagination and loves to pretend.  Shannon gave us some old cel phones from her work last week and the children are delighted.  Here is my little texting two year old.

"I see you...."

Listening to her Grandpa

Laughing at something Grandpa said


So happy!

She is fascinated by Grandpa's crowns on his teeth

"Hi Gwamma!"

Feeding her baby

She loves to play with dolls

And play with the phone

We played Hide and Go Seek more than once.  She just loved hiding behind the door, and telling us, "You never find me."  She especially loved it when we did!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

14 months old

It's Friday the 13th and Sweetheart is 14 months old today!

 She had fun in the sun shade on this beautiful sunny July day.  Our Summer days have been so nice!

Playing in the coloured water


Oh, so strong!

Stink-eye.....oh she is such a girl!

Playing in the sand

Loving it!  Kick, kick, kick.

And here she is, looking like she is telling her Mommy that she is done with the pictures now.  At 14 months old, she is very chatty.  It's mostly just babbling.............but she gets her point across very well.  She is 25 pounds now and wearing a size 5.5 shoe.  Still fitting most of her 18 month size clothes, but she is wearing a lot of 24 month size because it is the right season. She has the other top molar now and that brings her tooth total to 10.  She still loves to eat and she has a very big tummy these days, which leads us to believe she will probably grow taller soon.

She is sleeping through the night now....for the most part.....and is napping 2-3 hours in the early afternoon.  On a typical day, she is up in the morning between 7 and 8, and goes to bed around 8 pm.  She has had another cough and runny nose this past couple of weeks, and it is starting to go away now that the nice weather is here.  I really do think that her nose has ran more than it hasn't in the 14 months that she has been alive.  Is it allergies?  Is it a cold?  It is usually clear, so who really knows?  She is so happy and content, so it certainly doesn't seem to bother her. 

She has been toddling about for almost a month now and is getting steadier and steadier all the time.  It's really cute to watch her try to run and keep up with the big kids.  No, she can't really do it, but she sure tries.   She's a really cute age right now.....still a baby, but not really.  She is very easy-going and loves her people.  We love you too, Sweetheart!!