Sunday, September 30, 2012


I went to the Madonna concert last night. My friend and I people-watched on the concourse for the first part and I obviously don't get out much. Madonna was fantastic once she finally arrived on stage at 10:20, but the entertainment on the concourse was worth the price of admission. I had such a great night and I am going to be tired today, but that is okay. I loved it!

Friday, September 28, 2012


Deep Stretch and Relax.  This is my new favourite thing to do.  I have discovered yoga and there will be no going back.  I am hooked.  I have gone for the last four nights and if it is was offered on a Friday night then I would be going to it again tonight.  I LOVE IT!  It is the first type of exercise that I have ever enjoyed doing.  Ever.  And that is saying something.  Cuz we all know that I hate to exercise.  I know that I should, so I do, but other than walking......this is the only thing that I truly love.  I tried Bootcamp on Wednesday morning and I loved it as well.  I had never done that before and really enjoyed the teachers and the encouragement.  5:45 am Bootcamp and back that night for Deep Stretch and Relax at 7:45 pm.  Love it!  I know that this is going to become a lifestyle change for me. 

Hubby and I have been doing Visalus shakes for the last two weeks.  He has lost 7 pounds.  I have gained 2.  Whoever told you life was fair, well, they lied to you.  I feel just a little bit ripped off.  As I have literally been working and sweating my butt off and I have gained weight.  I am just going to go with what all my friends are telling me and believe that muscle weighs more than fat.  I also know that I have a lot of stress in my life right now and perhaps that stress hormone is not being kind.  Let's face it, it never is. My thyroid is fine as far as I know, as I went for another blood test on Monday.  I have a lot of thyroid-related symptoms, but they are also stress-related and sleep-deprivation symptoms.  I took a sleeping pill for three nights and slept wonderfully for three nights in a row but now I am back to 3 to 4 hours again.  I think too much.  I think way too much.  I need to give it all to God but that is easier said than done.  All I know is that I don't want to get too dependent on sleeping pills.  So for now, I am coping and trying to relax.  I really do.  Just not when I am sleeping.

It's been a busy couple of weeks.  I have been out a lot.  It shows.  My house looks like a bomb went through it and it's really just the toddlers, but it's crazy.  Hubby has been keeping it clean, but it's my job to keep it tidy.  And I haven't.  Last night I went to a Cooking for Kids class and to yoga.  I could have cleaned up.  But I didn't.  I have a done a little bit this morning and I am waiting for Chase to arrive.  Abby is sleeping.  She is a sleeper.  Loves her naps.  I love that she loves her naps too!

I have a really busy weekend planned.  Tonight, there is a Women's Night at church, tomorrow I am going to Madonna with a friend, and Sunday is Breast Cancer Walk/Run.  I have booked myself into a yoga class tomorrow and I want to go to Grandson's soccer game as well so yeah, it's a busy weekend.  Again.  They have been like that a lot lately.  Breathe, Relax.  Breathe, Relax.  And sleep.  Oh right, one day I will learn how to do that too! 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Grad cruise

My nephew is graduating in June and his school did a harbour cruise in Vancouver last night. My sister sent these to me and I can't help but look at them and sigh.......he is almost 18. Where did the years go?  His friends have already put pictures up on Facebook and he looks like he had a wonderful evening.  The weather has been so beautiful this month and it couldn't have been a nicer night to be on the water.  21 degrees in the day and 14 degrees for his cruise.  Couldn't have asked for better conditions.  I am sure that they all had lots and lots of fun!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Monday, September 24, 2012


The price for caring about people can hurt a a matter of fact, it usually does.  Love hurts.  Caring hurts.  It is also joyful, exciting and the best feeling in the universe.  I care.  I care deeply.  I love. And I love deeply.  I don't think that is any secret for anyone who knows me.

It's been a tulmultuous week.  My fight with Mental Health escalated into a Schedule 4 being put into effect by JKL's psychiatrist and and she fled from her appointment.  I am unclear on what happened next but it ended in a police chase through the streets of Coquitlam.  JKL was taken against her will and is safe inside the psych ward of a local hospital.  I am sad.  But at the same time, I am really happy that she is getting help. She is resisting, but she is still there after six days and I am hopeful. Please pray for this situation.  The mental health system has failed me miserably since 2004.  This is when JKL went off of her medication and has never really ever been back on.  She has been on medication, but it has never been the right one or the right ones.  Everyone who I know who is mentally ill who is doing well in this world takes a cocktail.  Not JKL.  She has been on Abilify since last Spring.  When she remembers to take it.  Ummmmmm, that is an anti-depressant.  She needs a anti-psychotic.  She was taking Olanzapine from 1997 until 2004.  It worked for her.  Until she went off.  If you had known her in those years, you would never have even known she was sick.  She worked, she went to school, she traveled.......she was "normal."  She has been on a downward slide ever since. Please pray for us.  All of us.......for as the people who care and love her, we all need to be supported. 

I am married to the most wonderful man in the universe and he is taking very good care of me.  I have a cold, thanks to all the little daycare children.  I don't usually get the germs that float around my house but it is September and they are floating everywhere right now.  All of the blessings have had it and Pretty Girl and Sweetheart ended up on antibiotics for ear infections.  Grandson just got a cold in his eyes.......but all of the little ones were snotty and poopy last week.  On Wednesday, I put two Save-On bags full of diapers and used kleenexes into the big green garbage can.  Full. Heavy and full of yucky bodily fluids.  Kids can be gross.  And last week, they really were.  Not so much this week, but now I have the yucky cough.  I could tell you more about bodily fluids but I am sure you all get the point.  So far, I just have the tight chest and the cough.  I haven't slept in over a month so I finally went into the clinic yesterday and got a sleeping pill.  Oh Zopiclone, oh how I love thee.  Went to bed last night at 11 and slept right until 6am this morning.  I needed it.  Still have the tight chest, but it is clear and the Dr said it was probably just stress.  Hubby is taking very good care of me and my therapy showed up this morning at 7am.  All the little ones are full of hugs and smiles and we are all here for the rest of the day.  Three are sleeping and two are resting and I am blogging.  I really should go and make lunch though, so I will try and get back to this later.......I am going to go to my first yoga class tonight and I think it will be just what the Dr. ordered.  Deep stretch and Relax.  Sounds absolutely divine, don't you think?

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Friday, September 21, 2012

More cute

Pretty Girl is growing up right before our very she is playing peek-a-boo with her mommy. I love how Eeyore (she is extremely attached to her Eeyore) is playing peek-a-boo too!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


She started in my daycare yesterday and she did magnificently. Her mommy is a personal trainer and I used to take care of her back in the 90's. She is not the first 2nd generation child who I have taken care of, and she sure brought back some memories. And she gives out the best hugs!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Life

Prayer is very powerful.  I know it is and I still believe in miracles.  I spend every morning talking to God and sometimes I end every night talking to Him as well, but sometimes I don't.  It's not that I don't think of it, but it never really became part of my daily routine. Kind of weird, when you think of it, as that is when most people do pray.  Nightly prayers are more common, but whoever said I was common?

Life has been busy.  Like, roller coaster I need to get off busy.  Work is busy.  My social life is busy.  My home life is busy. My personal life is busy. And my church life is busy.  One would actually have to say that I am almost too busy.  But I won't.  I just need to balance it out a little bit......a few tweaks here and there, but I can honestly say that I am the happiest when I am the busiest.  I need a personal assistant, so I have hired one.  I think I would rather have her five days a week instead of one and a half, but I will take what I can get. It is actually two people, but they are my people who help me out with my daycare kids, with pick-ups and deliveries, who make me able to accomplish my tasks during the day with smoothness and efficiency.  I really only need someone on Mondays and Tuesdays, but I am going to try and get someone for Wednesday this week too.  Just because.  I have a new little girl starting on Friday and she is coming for a visit tomorrow.  If I have someone here watching and playing with the other little ones, then it is a smoother transition for all. 

I love my job!  I love my little children who come and give me smiles and hugs.  And I even still love them when they have runny noses and spit-up.  That was last week.  Projectile snot (his sister calls them rockets, lol) pee, poop and regurgitation were a regular occurence on any given day.  I changed my clothes a lot.  One little guy is toilet training, so he didn't mean to pee on just happened.  If I wasn't always moving so quickly, then that diaper full of waste would not have fallen onto the floor as I picked it just happened.  I spent a lot of time laughing and shooting up arrow prayers.  When I did the drop off at the school one day, my six year old forgot his backpack in the van.  Now, it was only the second week of school, and he is in Grade 1.  A little bit of my fault, for not reminding him, but I was too concerned with getting four children under four in and out of carseats, into the stroller and onto the schoolground safely. We left the house one day at 8:10 and arrived back in the door at 8:55.  That is how long it took to corrall all my two year olds back to the van.  Picked up some rocks, looked at the cat, found two airplanes......and on and on and on.  Hard for me because I am a time efficiency expert.  I have to go slow, and I don't really want to.  But they do.  And rushing them just causes stress and anxiety all around.  So we meander.  I praise God.  Because, in all of His infinite wisdom, He is making me slow down.  And appreciate.  And smile.

I haven't been sleeping very well. Which causes me to be a bit hyper.  I have all sorts of supplements from Cobi, but the thyroid support complex, relax-eze, estro-px and kavinace ultra pm were not helping so she added brain calm to the mix.  Nope, it's not really helping either.  I am definitely sleeping better than I was, but still not as good as I would like.  So I am hyper.  Sleep deprivation makes me crazy, but in a very happy, jovial sort of way.  I know I need sleep, but it's getting to the point of going and getting my favourite sleeping pill from my Dr.  Don't like to go that route, but it may be a matter of necessity sooner than later.

I received my exemption.  It was granted last Tuesday. I needed it last Monday, but there wasn't a licensing officer to be found on Monday.  No one was working.  Turns out that my licensing officer is away until November and one of them only works three days a week.  The fellow who is the only one who works full time is not my favourite person.  We could never be friends.  And he works out of East MR.  Hopefully, we will never have to cross paths again, but you know, I live in a small town and I somehow doubt it.  All I can say is Joanne-1, Fraser Health Authority-0.  This time.

I have another fight going on with Fraser Health as well, but this one is with Mental Health.  I have made more than one visit to their offices in the last few weeks and so far, nothing.  They have not been helpful whatsoever.  Please pray for this one with me.  As I need all the help I can get.  I went to Mental Health, the Doctor and the police dept.  Not one of them could help with me with what I needed.  I am not sick.  But the person who I am trying to help is very, very sick. And in complete denial.  I hear that said party has an appointment with her Dr this week.  I just hope and prays that she goes......

I booked myself into several classes this month and next.  As much as I am not very happy that there is an NHL lockout, I was wondering when I was going to find time to go.  So as usual, God takes care of me better than I do.  Don't have to worry as I won't have any hockey games in October.  I will worry about November when it gets here.  I really enjoyed Literacy Buddies last week and as much as I dread taking my First Aid every three years, my instructor makes it really fun and four hours flew by last night.  Had lots of fun learning and hanging out with my friends.  I am really looking forward to the Anxiety in Children workshop next month.

Children will be arriving on my doorstep soon......Have a great day everyone!  I already know that I will!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012


16 months old

I am not really sure how this happened as quickly as it did, but Sweetheart turned 16 months old on Thursday, the 13th of September.  She thinks she is old enough to climb up the ladder to the slide, and as many times as I told her that she couldn't is as many times she tried to do it anyway.  Luckily, her little legs couldn't quite co-ordinate the climb, but it wasn't from lack of trying.  We are having a lovely September, weather-wise, and try to make it to the park at least once a day.

She woke up on Thursday, looking a little bit flushed and feeling slightly warm. She didn't care though as it didn't dampen her spirits one bit.  There is still one last molar to erupt through the gums, and she is teething.  She is such a happy little toddler, who still loves to eat but is slowing down on her intake.

So this is what a toddler looks like who has a double ear infection and the start of a throat infection.  Her eyes just didn't look quite right, so her Mommy took her to the Dr and that is the diagnosis.  We really wouldn't actually know she was even sick, except she cried when she got up from her nap yesterday and that isn't in her character.  Because she is coming for her very first sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's tonight, I requested that she go get checked beforehand, just to be on the safe side.  #3 told me last night that she was glad she listened........Mom knew best!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Every Monday is Family Dinner night.  The majority of the miracles and the blessings come over and we have a nice meal and social time.  And they all love my iPad2.  The blessings know that it is a privilege to play with Grandma's iPad and they are very careful with it.  I will be honest, it is SIL who loves it more than anyone.  Except me.  I love it too.  When I asked Grandson if we should buy Daddy an iPad for Christmas, he stated that, "No, you should buy me one for Christmas!"

This little sister/big brother duo absolutely adore one another.  They always have.......from the moment she was born he has loved her unconditionally and is very patient with her.

Aren't they precious?  They are watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

It was totally unexpected and spontaneous, but my precious grandson had a sleepover last night.  Miracle #3 and I are still working on seatbelt situations and our new schedules now that September has arrived.  School and pre-school pick-ups have proved challenging (and rather entertaining to say the very least, but that is another so rather than have #3 drop off Grandson this morning, Hubby and I just scooped him up last night.  He was sooooooo tired, and went straight to sleep by 8:30, and was up just after 7. He makes my heart smile......I really do love sleepovers as much as he does...shhhhh.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Hmmmmm.....I think that her daycare looks like more fun than my daycare. I think that we might just do this today.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Excited boys!

They were so excited to start pre-school yesterday. They were more than ready and oh, so happy!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A visit to the Mall

We went to the Apple store yesterday.  I learned more and the blessings loved it too.  We will go back soon, I already know......just because it is rather addicting.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Four year olds are the best! Especially this one. He would probably tell you that he has had the best Summer ever.  Because that is the way he is.  He loves life and his enthusiasm is contagious. 

I have taken lots of pictures since June but most of them are on my phone.  And as much as I think that they are pretty good, none are as good as the ones taken on the camera.  I have lots to upload/download and lots of blogposts pending but it is a matter of sitting on my PC and playing the waiting game.  It takes twice if not three times as long to do anything this way.  But sometimes, I really need a keyboard and the capabilities that it holds.  And the old-fashioned way.  I prefer to do things the way that I know how.  I have been on a huge learning curve when it comes to my iPad and my iPhone and they are so darn efficient but sometimes I just need to write some words. A lot of words.  Be forewarned, this may be a very long post but I have two whole months to blog about.

Summer has gone by fast.  In July, I was rather lazy but August, not so much.  #3 and her family have been camping a couple of times and Grandson loves it.  But then he loves everything he does.  He did tell his Mom that he liked Hawaii better (he has always been such a smart and when she asked him why, he told her.  "In Hawaii, I had chips."  Isn't he so cute? You can bet that the second time that they went camping that they brought chips along. They went to Nicola Lake on the long weekend in July and to Manning Park in the middle of August.  Both times, they had lots of fun and made great memories.  Pictures to come as soon as I have a few hours to sit and download. 

#2 and his family made it to Birch Bay a couple of times and had lots of fun and made great memories as well.  Pretty Girl loves the beach and they always have a great time when they go.  We are all so thankful for Birch Bay memories.

#4 has been working hard all summer but this is when the work is and that is what he must do.  His job is seasonal and he always has a few months off in the Winter months, so it's been mostly work and no play.  His shoulder is been pronounced more physio.......and he did tell me that he was going golfing this past week.  I haven't talked to him since Tuesday, so I am unsure how it went.  No news is usually good news is my philosophy so I think it probably went fine.  He is pretty good at babying it when he needs to and has gotten a little bit smarter with listening to his body as he gets older.  He turned 27 in June......hard to believe that I have a 27 year old baby.  And in October I will have three out of four children in their 30's.  Doesn't really seem possible as I am sure that they were teenagers just the other day.

I have learned to savour the moment.  Grandson's biggest thrill in the world is to come to Grandma and Grandpa's house for a sleepover.  He came for two sleepovers in a row last weekend and he was so excited.  We picked him up on Sunday morning and he stayed until Tuesday night.  He stayed to play with the daycare children on Tuesday and as he was leaving he told me that he had three sleepovers. When I questioned him, he said one day he went to the PNE, one day he went to The Apple Barn and one day he played with the kids.  He counted the days instead of the nights.  Such a funny boy.......and left asking, "how many sleeps until I get to come back and sleep over again?" 

I have had lots of appointments and meetings in August.  I did go to the Opthamologist at the beginning of the month for a visual field test and the pressures in my eyes were the best that they have ever been.  17 in the left and 13 in the right.  Prayer is truly a wonderful thing.  I still don't like the idea that I can't see very well in dim lighting, but the bright lights of summer have made reading and cooking a lot simpler and more enjoyable.  I went for my mammogram last week and so that is another little chore out of the way for another year.  I was very surprised when I got in so quickly (five days later because of a cancellation) but I am sure that "my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer last Fall" might have had something to do with it.  I had lots of questions for the technician this year and she was very helpful but I still have so many more things that I need to ask.  My sister just finished her 8th and final chemo treatment last week and am so happy for her.  It's been rough haul, but I do believe that radiation is a cakewalk compared with what she has been through.  Grade 2, Stage 2......not words that any of us ever want to hear.  However, the prognosis is good and I know that she hasn't had her "all clear" yet but I have great faith that that is just a matter of time.

August has been very social. I have seen lots of friends and had a lot of fun. I saw lots of my friends who I hadn't seen in a while and managed to get out for some walks on the dike.  Cindy and I went to the Fort to Fort trail and it was somewhere that I had never been before and somewhere that I need to go back to.  I love exploring new places and I always forget about all these closer to home choices.  The lower mainland is so lovely in the summer months and I know that is why I don't ever take holidays until Winter.  Working four days a week has allowed me to take some me-time for myself and I have to say that it is very therapeutic.  I went for my very first mani-pedi last week and I felt so pampered.  Yes, I have gone for manicures.  And pedicures.  But never at the same time.  I felt like a movie star......then I treated myself to japanese food for lunch and headed off to my Dr of Natural Medicine...(she isn't a naturapath, I was reading on her website) for my yearly check-in and supplement haul.  I find that I always seem to need an adrenal gland boost at this time of year, but opted for thyroid and estrogen aid as well.  Not to mention that I haven't been sleeping very well for the last few weeks either.  I didn't have all the results of my bloodwork because I forgot my ehealth password, but I still go on the assumption that no news is good news.  My dr didn't call and ask to see me so that means that all my levels...cholesterol, ketones, and thyroid are fine. Doesn't answer the question why I am not sleeping but I have been very stressed about this exemption/variance for the daycare but that is another whole blogpost.  I have a lovely NOT discussion with the new licensing officer yesterday and it's no wonder that I stress about these things. Ask me about it some time.....I am a people person and he is a policy and procedure person.  I talk better than I type, and this is a long enough post already! 

Hubby and I went out last night (gasp, on a Friday night no less) and had such a great evening eating appies and apple pie with friends. We sat on their back deck and the bugs weren't even bad.  It has been so warm the last few days, but isn't that so typical now the kids have gone back to school.  September has become warmer and warmer as the years go on.. Today I have a breakfast date with Corinna and my favourite grandson, then we are babysitting him and his sister while his Mommy goes to decorate a wedding and his Daddy goes on a work function.  Winning!  I love it when I see the blessings on the weekend! 

We have lots of chores/activities to tend to today and tomorrow and I would really like to get into the new Apple store again.  I have been in communication with their business department I would really like to put a face to a name.  And lets face it, I just want to play some more.  Have you ever been to an Apple store?  It's the first one I had really ever explored and I look forward to going back again. 

The van is in the shop for the third time in as many weeks getting an oil leak looked at.  Because Hubby is staff, they always seem to shuffle our needs to the end of the day and they didn't finish fixing it.....again. He has a really fun courtesy vehicle right now.  A Rogue.  We had rented one in Hawaii too, but this one is fancier and he likes the gadgets.  He was showing me the back-up camera when we went out last night and I really wished I actually cared.....I pretended to.......but car stuff is not my thing.  Put it in drive and get me where I need to go.  The van is 18 years old and often people ask me why I don't have a new one but there really isn't anything wrong with this one and it serves it's purpose.  It's a daycare van.....I had to buy two new carseats for it last month....and three carseats fit in the back.  That's not always true of the new vehicles. So this one is more than functionable.  I got a new radio for it last month too.....the old one died about five years ago.  And if I had known how easy it was to get a new one, I would have done this a lot sooner.  Again, Hubby likes all the colours it can turn and likes to show me what it can do.  Hmmmmm.....not interested.  Tessa, you will be happy to know that we have a radio in the van turns all sorts of colours and my phone can plug into it.  I love being able to listen to music now, in my 1km jaunts about town......and I especially love that we can play CD's again.  Don't go far in it, but with five children under four this year.....I think I will appreciate it more than I can even know.  Raffi and Charlotte Diamond are my best friends when toddlers and I are driving about!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Boys will be boys

It was a beautiful sunny day today and my new life dictates that someone is usually sleeping from 9am to 3pm. Today it was closer to 10 to 4. We did make it outside for a short time though and my after schoolers decided that the tree was just asking to be climbed. Great-nephew was most impressed!

A thought for the day

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More Apple Barn

There is a corn maze at the Apple Barn, which is new this year.  We didn't get a map before we left but we had two little cousins who had great fun exploring the maze.

The maze is cordoned off into three sections.....a question and answer part, a crayon rubbing part and a colour-your-fingers part.  If we had actually gotten a map before we left we would have known this right away instead of finding it out as we went along.  We wouldn't have spent more than an hour going back and forth so many times, and I am sure that we wouldn't have had as much fun.  Here are three of our group with three finger colours completed.  We found red, yellow and blue within minutes and then went from one end to the other looking for purple and green.

At four years old, he found it very exciting to look for the little sections with the coloured chalk.  Here he is, showing off yellow, blue and red.

Ta-da!! They did it!  They were all so pleased to find all of the colours and knew that they would earn their sucker at the end.  (DIL and I were almost ready to go buy them suckers for the amount of back and forths we did.  But our men and our children were persistent.)  Determination paid off though, and we did have lots of fun and lots of laughs.....You really do have to note how dusty everyone's feet were, it was so dusty that we felt like PigPen from Charlie Brown with the amount of dustclouds we created.

This chart tells you what to do at the end, depending on the order of the colours on your fingers.  I do remember that all four of our peeps were #117 and it said to do something silly like act like a professional wrestler.  Grandson got such a kick out of the whole experience!

After our hayride and more jumping on the giant pillow, we went apple-picking.  Pretty Girl and her family had already left by this time (we spent almost 4 hours here altogether) and it was nice to show Grandson that apples don't just come from the grocery store.

These are dwarf apple trees so the children can partipate in picking too.  "Is this a good one, Grandpa?"  He had such a fun time and we are definitely going to go back to pick some more apples as they come into season.  My favourites are Galas and Honeycrisps and they are ready next month, so it won't be long before we go again!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labour Day

We had so much fun at The Apple Barn! Grandson was so excited to go "back to the giant pillow".  He remembered going last year when he was only three and was loving the jumping and the freedom of no crowds in September.  I will post more later.

Happy 1st Day of School!

Have a great day, everyone! I am thinking and praying for all of you. My September reality hits today. No more four day work weeks and all five children are ages 3 and under. I emailed my licensing officer a few weeks ago about a variance/exemption and am still waiting to hear back as she has been on holidays. According to the fellow I have been in communication with, I will be in noncompliance if I go ahead without it. I don't really need it until next week, but here is hoping that they are efficient at the Licensing office.  It only takes a couple of days once it gets going but I would like it to get going. My little charges will be here soon and I am really looking forward to my day! And I am very happy that I haven't got any pick-ups or drop-offs today. That is when the crazy will really start!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

At the Fair-Part 2

We stumbled upon this little oasis at the Fair last year when we were looking for somewhere to eat our lunch.  Just like last year, there weren't a whole lot of people around and it was way too fun!  The blessings had a wonderful time painting the trucks and cars.

So fun!!

"Oh dear.....look at my hands."  If you look closely, you can see some paint on his eyelid too! Isn't he so adorable?

 My little great nephew loved painting!

" donuts."  These guys were very happy to sit and watch the world go by, while the bigger kids went on the rides.  Eating the donuts just helped make it even more fun.

These guys were truly the best behaved toddlers in the world.  All of them sat in their strollers for a couple of hours.......yes, there was a lot to see.....but they were so amazing!

Cousins and best friends!

After we went through the rides at Kiddieland, we went to find something to eat.  We had pulled pork sandwiches (same as last year, I think it is becoming a tradition) and we sat by the container art so we could let our amazing one year olds get out and stretch their legs.  They had so much fun going in and out of the containers and we were able to sit and watch them play while we ate.

They played and explored for quite a while.....

And we found a some playgrounds to explore as well.....We had such a great time at the Fair!  Like we had so much fun, that we are probably going to go again tomorrow!