Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

And then it was Christmas.....

I am currently on Day 4 of a five day weekend.  Christmas has come and Christmas has gone and it feels quieter than normal.  It really wasn't, but it felt that way.  We went to church on Christmas Eve and my highlight was listening to Grandson and Pretty Girl sing Silent Night with the rest of the congregation.  Both know all of the words and both sang with all of their hearts!

We went to friend's on Christmas Eve and ate and drank too much.  Feels like we did that a lot last week. I am trying so hard to make more sensible choices this week! 

We went to brunch on Christmas morning at #3 and #4's house.  The blessings were all together and we had a great time.  Went home for a few hours.......I actually did laundry and tidied up a bit before making yams for my participation in Christmas dinner, it was a really mellow afternoon........and then headed to Mission for Christmas dinner.  Here is a wonderful picture of my sister-in-law with two of her nephews. 

I worked on Thursday, my one day between my five day weekends......and we haven't really done too much to speak of.  Hubby has been working, he had the chance to take these few days off and declined, deciding to save his vacation time for the new year.  We have been talking about going somewhere tropical, but have decided to be more practical and get the van fixed.  The cylinder head gasket was leaking and it turned out to be a broken cylinder head bolt.  The manifold stud was also broken and it turned out that it also needed a new thermostat.  We tossed around a lot of ideas, but a new van and a new van payment just didn't seem as smart as $1000 to fix the one we already have.  It's a Daycare van.  As old as it is, it has been very well maintained and very well taken care of.  Not to mention that six carseats actually fit into it.  Can't say that about too many vans these days.  Soooooooo, I think we are staying home this winter and I will appease myself with Hot Yoga for now.  I am headed there for noon and I am really looking forward to it!

Stanley Park train

It has become a yearly tradition to head down to Stanley Park in December and enjoy the lights and the little train ride. The children love it and I do believe that the grown-ups have as much fun as the children.  We were fortunate to go on an evening that it didn't rain.  It was cold and wet, but not raining!

Sweetheart loved it all. She looked like a little oompa-loompa in her snowsuit as she toddled about and enjoyed her evening.

Grandson loves all the wooden cut-outs and needs to investigate and get a picture in as many as he can.

Tree Farm

I know that the smoke from the campfire is making this picture fuzzy, but I couldn't resist.  The two little blessings are looking at each other and I just love it!

There, I know that this one is better.  They went to pick out a tree on the first of December, and a fun time was had by all.  We managed to get there before the crowds and before it started to pour rain. 

 It wouldn't be the same without a train ride up around the lot and back again.  Sweetheart loved it!

 They are a determined looking group, don't you think?  We are off to the barn to see the animals.

I think that they liked each other.  Grandson looks very surprised!  He and his sister really enjoyed looking at the animals.

They ended up choosing a fraser fir that had been pre-cut.  But it just wouldn't be complete without a picture with the trees. 


Yes, I know that Hallowe'en was already two months ago, but I just couldn't resist posting some great pictures of my little "strawbilly."

She loved trick or treating and couldn't wait to get to the next house to see the next pumpkin.

Cutest little strawbilly that I ever did see!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sharing..... caring.  And I have to thank my lovely husband for sharing his cold with me.  His grandchildren shared it with him, so I guess fair is fair.  After our very busy social week in the middle of December, I had this annoying sore throat and pathetic little cough.  I felt okay.....just not great.  Made me lazy.  And I guess that is what I was supposed to do is be lazy.  Work was busy, but my evenings that I wasn't at yoga were spent in front of the tv "watching" sappy Christmas movies.  I say that I was watching in quotations, because I wasn't really watching.  I was sleeping.  Christmas Kiss.  Christmas Song.  A Little Bit of Christmas. Loved the titles that Hubby PVR'd, and they were wonderful from what I saw of them, but I mostly just slept through them.  I have never really been a tv watcher, but I am an excellent tv sleeper.

And I lied.  I said that I didn't have any more social engagements until Christmas Eve.  Not true.  I took Grandson to Hometown Christmas one afternoon and he loved it as much as me.  He had a perma-grin during the entire production.  It really is one of the best deals in  Live nativity, with live animals and angels coming down the aisles right beside us.......and a train which appears to come right through the auditorium. The music was marvelous, and so upbeat.  I didn't know how he would do as he is only four and it is an hour and a half long, but he loved it. 

He was also in his first Christmas play for pre-school.  He was a shepherd and practiced his line, "What is that noise?  What is that sound?" so that he knew it off by heart.  Loved that when I first asked him who he was going to be in his play, he originally told me Shrek.  Shrek, shepherd.....same difference.  He and Chase were both shepherds and they did magnificently.   

We had our traditional Dinner with Santa at the Golf Course on the 23rd.  There were 30 of us all together and I am still waiting to see pictures, but a grand time was had by all.  And yeah, my blog will let me post pics again.  Don't know what happened, but I gave it a shot a few minutes ago and look what happened.  Surprised me.  Good old technology.  Don't know why, don't know how come, but I won't question it.  It is because I was going to start a new blog on Tuesday.  I still may do it.  Maybe not.

Christmas feels like it was a very long time ago......and really it has only been five days.  Here is one of the pictures that was taken for our Christmas card.  Never made the card, because I was feeling rushed and I ended up picking the wrong one.  Oh well.  I will post more as the week progresses.  Because I can!  I am almost feeling giddy, now that I know that I can put up pictures again. 

Friday, December 14, 2012


I have been very social.  Every day/evening this week has been filled with fun and friends, and it is actually starting to wear me down.  Perhaps it is the toddlers in the day who are really doing it, but nonetheless, I am feeling like maybe I should go have a nap today while my 22 month old is napping.

It has been so fun!  But it's so busy!  And of course, there is nothing else on the calendar until Christmas Eve and Day, so I will have lots of time to rest up.  Normal appointments and work stuff, but nothing extra.  And you know, maybe I am just getting old, but my weekend of rest and relaxation is looking pretty darn good right now!

We do have plans to put up the Christmas tree as I have a certain little boy who is very concerned as to why I don't have one.  Chiro appointments tomorrow morning are my only "thing I have to do" and then the rest will be fun.  Even though I really don't find that putting up the Christmas tree all that relaxing, it will keep me home and I know that I will enjoy it once it is up.  I spend a lot of time enjoying it when it is here, and it brings back some great memories.  Every decoration has meaning......a lot of them have been given to me by my children, grandchildren and especially past daycare children.  I reminisce so much at this time of year........

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


We are half-way through December, on our way to Christmas.  Grandson is loving his Star Wars Lego Advent calendar and looks forward to each day with great anticipation.  He loves that his sister has a Playmobil princess one and he is the one who gets to open her doors and share with her.  He is also loving that there is one here for the Daycare children and that most of them are too little to care, so he gets to come and participate. 

There is lots going on.  We are so busy this week that I can't even schedule in a yoga class. (Good thing that I went five times last week)  We have been out every evening since Saturday and we have something every night until Friday.  Hubby picked up the Christmas cards and I still have to write my letter to go with them, but then I think that everything is ready for the big day. (Except for wrapping, and I have been plugging away on that but it is rather daunting at the best of would help if I actually enjoyed it, but I really don't)  Yes, we finished shopping but we have been out and about more than once.  This time, it has been for Hubby.  He collects McFarlane toys and Wal-mart had two exclusives.  So when he suggested we go to Wal-mart after church on Saturday night, I was a little bit surprised but when I found out why, then it made sense.  He really doesn't love going out in the evening......I was even a little bit surprised that he joined me at church as he hasn't been going very much lately.  So off we went to Poco to the nearly-dead store and had fun looking, (but not finding) and then visiting with friends who we met while they were shopping as well.

Sundays are always filled with chores, and we headed off to Wal-mart again (this time into Langley) to actually find what we were looking for before going to Krause and JD Farms in the morning, came back and hit Superstore and Langley Farms for our regular things.  It really is the thrill of the chase, Hubby was very pleased that he found what he was looking for......we always do have fun when we are on the hunt.  Even though I really do find his collecting a bit silly at times, I really do enjoy watching how delighted he is in such small pleasures.  Hmmmmm, must be love or something......

Went to the Giants game on Sunday afternoon/evening, had the children's musical at church on Monday, and last night was our social at the neighbours.  Lots of fun was had by all and it was still an early night, but I was so tired on Monday night that I went to bed at 9:50.  Happens about every ten days, but exhaustion does eventually prevail.  I have been sleeping okay, but I sure would love to sleep through the night.  Dr gave me a new prescription for sleeping pills which I haven't filled yet, but he did explain to me how important sleeping is and that he knew I wouldn't abuse them. He is right, I actually still have some left from a few months ago and because I don't like taking them, then I don't.  Always think that if I just get four hours then I am good to go.  And I am.  Getting four hours.  So I am good to go.  Just every ten days or so, I need to catch up. 

Tonight I am off to another childrens activity with the 'greats', tomorrow is Hometown Christmas with friends, and the Stanley Park train awaits for Friday.  Tis the season and it really is a whole lot of fun, especially when I get to spend it with the children.  I love Christmas and so do they!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


I think that the best part of having a sub to call whenever I need one, is that I am able to get to my appointments.  You know those people who only work Monday through people like myself......who can only get to appointments if they take time off of work.  Because I am self-employed, it gets a bit tricky to get out during weekdays, so it is wonderful to be able to hire a sub and get to where I need to go. 

Yesterday, I had my quarterly opthamologist appointment for 10:20 in the morning in New Westminster.  I love my eye doctor as he is always on time.....this time I went for an OCT test, which meant that I had to have drops.  I was still in and out of there in 20 pressures being 12 and 13 in my right and left taken, and sent away until April.  My next appointment wasn't for 2:10 in Coquitlam and I couldn't drive right away, so I was stuck in New West for the next couple of hours.  For all of you people who are concerned about my driving, I know that I am supposed to bring a driver with me but another option is to wander about for a couple of hours until the dilation drops wear off.  I usually just take the second option as it is always hard to find someone who isn't working and can take me........and to be honest, I enjoy the alone time when I am out.

I am finished Christmas shopping, so even though I still love to look, I can honestly say that Royal City Centre is not the most happening place, with very few stores and not much to look at.  I did end up at Black Bond Books, and that was fun and I bought a whole bunch of books that I really didn't need, but I truly love.  I am such a sucker for a good deal!  Spent over an hour looking and wandering and then headed to Lougheed Mall, as I knew that The Bay had a boot sale and I really like one of the food fair restaurants there.  I enjoyed looking at all the boots that I don't need, as well as watching women go silly grabbing boxes and rushing around like crazy.  Didn't buy any as I really don't need any......although I was a little surprised that I found some that fit, as I am a hard boot fit with my "bigger" calves.......and ended up in the children's clothes department.  Again, I am such a sucker for a good deal and ended up buying the blessings some more things to add to their things that they are getting for Christmas.  Again, nothing that they need, but cute stuff nonetheless.

By this time, I got to wondering why I was shopping when I didn't really need to be, so I bought a Starbucks (tried a gingerbread latte.....didn't like it as much as a pumpkin spice, but it was still good) and decided to go sit in the Dr's office in hopes of getting in early.  I know that was asking for a miracle, but miracles do happen and yesterday I guess that I needed one.  I got in 25 minutes early!!

I went to get my bloodwork results from the summer and turns out that yes, I am slightly hyper-thyroid. Again. Not enough to really tweak my meds, but I decided I need to anyway as I am way too energetic for my own good.  And I am anxious and irritated way too easily, not to mention sooooo forgetful, so thought it best that I go from 125mg to 112mg.  Right now, I take a different one every two days, and so for the next couple of months and so I can get through Christmas, I will take it down a notch.  I actually think that it is because my yoga moves are aiding with thyroid function as well, so between yoga and the busyness of the Christmas season, I am hyper.  Again.  Sigh.  You would think by now that I would figure it out.  Christmas is stressful  And you know, I don't even think that any more, but obviously my body does. I am looking forward to today as there is nothing on my schedule except to play and take care of children.......I really do love my job.......their smiles and hugs should be coming in the door any minute!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Three days in

It's December the 3rd.  Three days into December and the days are going by too fast already.  I am having a really nice Monday.  I had a really nice weekend.  There are only four little ones here today and two are sleeping.  At the same time.  And I have two others sitting behind me watching Dora the Explorer.  It's nice.  Not too sure how long it will last, but I will enjoy these few moments.

I just tried to do some work on the computer and my account locked me out. seems to be happening a lot lately.  I have too many passwords, and yes, I write them all down, but it is becoming a bit much.  Everyone wants capitals and numbers/signs in their passwords.  And they have to be so long now, not to mention that this particular government agency wants me to change it every few months.  Sigh.  I watched the lady at the bank pull out a little book with her passwords in them because of the same predicament.  And she says that her work makes her change some of hers daily.  Hence, the little book.  Maybe I might have to get one of those too! Because I don't always write them down in the same spot.  Even though I know that I have this particular password written down, it is not where I left it......I think I need a different system.  No, I know that I need a different system.

It was another fun action-packed weekend.  Breakfast with Santa with all of the "greats" was fabulous.  One of the local churches does an excellent job.....Santa and Friends, it is called.  The tooth fairy comes and gives out toothbrushes, Frosty the Snowman gives out carrots, Rudolph hands out Antler hats, Little Red Riding Hood hands out cookies and the Easter Bunny gives out mini-eggs.  There are 18 craft stations and even though the breakfast itself is mediocre....Pancakes, juice, coffee and is only $5 per person, and I think that it the best deal in town.  The children all get to sit with Santa and get a goodie bag and a picture.  So fun.....and my grand-daughters are not so impressed with the jolly guy in the red suit, but it was a really great morning.

We ended up meeting #3 and her family at the Tree Farm right after breakfast as it wasn't raining and they wanted to get their tree.  Very spontaneous, very fun and the blessings had a wonderful time searching for "the perfect Christmas tree."  Grandson's words, not mine.  Sweetheart cried when she saw Santa again, and that was from across the room.  Pretty Girl and Sweetheart both don't like him at all, and yet Great-nephew is 2 and doesn't mind him one bit.  Different kids, different personalities.

I volunteered at Christmas in the Park for the third year in a row and had a wonderful time, in spite of the rain.  It was off and on, all evening, but there were still lots of people and lots of smiles.  I learned at church on Sunday that we had 110 volunteers from Burnett, and that was more than the Christmas Festival Society even had.  Makes me proud to belong!

Hubby and I finished out Christmas shopping on Sunday afternoon, and now I just have to stay out of the stores so that I don't find any more things for anyone.  I love a good deal and I find that the closer it gets to Christmas, then the more good deals that show up.  I am done, and I know that no one needs anything else, but I still love to give.  So I just need to stay away.  It's not about presents, it is about presence.  Have a great Monday, Everyone!