Sunday, August 25, 2013


Last month, we had a houseguests for a week.  My aunt and uncle were here with my cousin and her children.  They drove here from Calgary on the 20th and Heather and the kids left on the 26th for Seattle and Auntie Bev and Casey left the following morning.  A fun time was had by all.  Lots of pictures were taken and I am very grateful to Tessa for gathering all of us together on the Wednesday evening and taking a group shot.  But as we all know, if you try and take a group shot of 14 people, it is highly unlikely that all 14 people will be looking at the camera without making a funny face or closing their eyes.  I took the best of the bunch that were taken and added the one on the bottom because it made me smile.  You should have seen the ones that I didn't post......they made us laugh.  The faces that we made and the heads that were cut off......let's just say that none of us will ever take up photography for a profession!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Someone learned something new today!

It's been a summer for learning new things for Grandson.  Last month, he learned how to pump on the swings and today he learned how to ride a two-wheeler.  He is very impressed with himself and so are we!  And like all children who learn how to ride a bike, he didn't want to get off.  He and his sister stayed overnight last night, they got picked up at 11 to go out with friends and then they came back in the late afternoon because he preferred "the wide open space at Grandma and Grandpa's."  We do have an excellent cul-de-sac for learning how to ride a bike!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Last week

Sunset at Birch Bay, on the night we arrived

Sunset, on the second night

Tides in

Tide going out, just as we were leaving

Hot Summer Night

I took this picture off of the City of Maple Ridge website.  We were at Hot Summer Nights last month and the blessings really enjoyed themselves.  We had lots of fun with the cousins, and even though Grandson and Sweetheart seemed to like playing at the playground more than the water and the firetrucks, everyone had a marvelous time.  It has been one of those summers to remember.  So sunny.  So warm.  There have been a few days of rain in August, but nothing like what we are used to.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Being Five

When you tell Grandson that you are going to take his picture, this is what he does. He loves to "strike a pose."  It is always different and usually silly.  I love this boy sooooooo much!  He makes me smile!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Look at Me!"


So I have no idea why, but I am having trouble with words.  Words on my blog, that is.  For some reason, whenever I upload pictures, I can't make any comments.  Don't know why, and for the last two posts, this has happened.  As a matter of fact, it took some time before I was able to get the letters down on this as well. And as I muddle about, I am wondering if this will even publish. 

Summer has been flying by.  The weather has been absolutely fabulous and I am appreciating my central air conditioning way too much.  Not that it has been that unreasonable......sunny and warm every day in July........Hot, but not too hot.  The Lower Mainland set a record for the month of July with hours of sunshine and absolutely no rain.  Driest July on record.  The children and I have been enjoying the shady parks and the outdoor play as much as possible.  Lots of water play and icy treats.  I am loving that my little ones are not as little as they were last year, and are getting easier and easier to take out and about.

I have lots more to share but it is getting late.  I am working tomorrow and then I am off for ten days, so I am looking forward to my time off.  Not that I am working all that hard right now as August is always a slow month.  I managed to reschedule some children and have managed to get all my Fridays off this Summer and I really love my four day work week.  Not that I seem to be accomplishing a whole lot but I am still enjoying it.  My aunt and uncle and cousins were here for a week in July and that was lots of fun.  It was a busy, fun house and it is very quiet now that they went home.  Monday night dinner was really quiet this week too, as #3 and her family have headed off to the Cariboo for a week to go camping.  We face-timed tonight and they are having a great time.  They ended up in a motel on Saturday night as the the thunder and lightening was so they face-timed us that night as well.  Love seeing those little guys and they had lots to tell.  They went to Barkerville today and Grandson was so pleased to show us his gold.  I am sure that they will have lots more to tell when they arrive back home on Sunday.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013