Thursday, April 30, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday!

Pretty Girl turned five today!  We went to watch her play softball tonight and she was her usual enthusiastic self.  She really enjoys playing ball, but was not in the mood for any pictures.  Thank-you DIL for posting this on Facebook so that I have a birthday memory.  I love her to the moon and back again!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

T'was a beautiful day

We made it to the park twice today.  And the afternoon sun was lovely and warm.  I joined #3 on her walk to pick up Grandson from school and the children had lots of fun.

We always start at the primary playground, but they all love the intermediate one the best.  

I think that Grandson would do the monkey bars all day long if he could.  He has terrible callouses on his hands but abs of steel. I don't know very many 7 year olds with 6-packs, but he has them, and has had them for awhile.  Around and around, back and forth he goes.  Again and again and again!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Looking good!

Sweet Pea visited Children's Hospital today and had her left tear duct unblocked.  It was a ten minute surgery, and I guess the blockage was half way down her tear duct so there was no way that it was going to correct itself.  Her Daddy was able to massage the one on her right side out a few months ago, but the left side needed surgery.  She was quite happy at her sister's softball game tonight and it looks great, don't you think?  Oh, I just love her to the moon and back again!

Monday, April 27, 2015

She stands alone

Baby has been standing unassisted for the past week or ten days now.  But this is the first time that we had the camera ready.  She will do this for a few seconds at a time or very close to a minute at a time.  She doesn't really do it consistently, and I don't really know if she is even aware of what she is doing.  She looks a little bit worried here, but I really did just place her on the lawn and she stood there for about 40 seconds while her Mommy clicked some photos.  We are at her brother's baseball game and it is towards the end, so she is getting tired.

She is growing up so fast, and because we all kind of want her to stay a baby, she doesn't really want to.  She is crawling really fast now and pulling herself up on everything.  Officially, she is table walking, but if something or someone is a few inches away, she is brave enough to reach out and step towards it.  She really is quite determined.  Even if she is sitting in the middle of the floor, she will do little hopping movements, lifting her bum up and moving her legs like she wants to stand up.  She doesn't have the coordination to do that yet, but it really is just a matter of time.  She is nine and a half months old, and she doesn't want to be a baby.  Sigh......

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sleep Training

So, all because of this sweet little one, and her Mommy's desire to sleep-train her this weekend...

......we ended up with her siblings for a sleepover last night.  Sweetheart and her sister share a bedroom, so it is kind of hard to do when there is another small person in the room.  She slept with her Daddy on Friday night while #3 stayed in Sweetheart's bed and got up every couple of hours to comfort Baby.  It was a rough night but obviously worth it because Baby went to sleep in her crib last night at 9:10 and woke up at 7:10 this morning.  Don't know what she will do tonight, but she was sound asleep in her crib at 7:45 tonight.  So far, so good.  And these two little angels slept in until 8:45 this morning.  They love coming to sleep over and we love having them.  

We went for a walk on the dike this afternoon. It was so much fun.....we fed the chickens, threw rocks into the water, found lily pads, blew dandelion puffs into the wind and enjoyed the beautiful warm cloudy day.

We were invited for a delicious ham dinner at the G house, and while their Mom and Dad finished making dinner, Hubby and I took our three grandchildren to the park.  We had run out of time earlier in the day, so it was nice to be able to get outside again, before the rain came.

And #3 decided to paint her fireplace when she ended up with a bit of free time this afternoon.  She was able to finish it after dinner while I played with Baby and Hubby, SIL and Grandson played a board game.  As you can see, Sweetheart helped her Mommy paint.  

We had such a lovely weekend.  Thanks G family, for dinner tonight and last night (they ordered pizza for us while we watched the hockey game) and the privilege of spending so much time with your precious children.  We love you all to the moon and back again!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Pretty Girl is playing softball this year, so we went out to watch her last night.  It was sunny, but it sure was cold.  She was so excited to see us and she was having lots of fun.  Of course, it was the dragon race at the end that is always the highlight of the evening.  So cute to is going to be a busy Spring!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The birthday boy

I know that his birthday was already ten days ago, but #3 sent me some pictures that I thought I should share.  He was so excited to get new video games from his parents and sisters!

I love this picture of him.  He is such a handsome little man....even with no front teeth!

Monday, April 13, 2015


It was Hubby and my 35th anniversary yesterday and we decided to postpone it until next weekend when I felt better.  I feel okay, but I know that every day is just a little bit better than the last.  And my friend Leslie invited me to a Chris Tomlin concert a few months ago......all she said was that it was in April and she really wanted to take me.  When I found out that it was on April 12th, I figured that Hubby and I still had the 11th to do something special, but I wasn't planning on getting sick.  Let's face it, it isn't something I do very often.  

But I digress.  Leslie and I went out for dinner last night and then to a fabulous concert.  Chris Tomlin was excellent.  Rend Collective and Tenth Avenue North were the back up bands and they were great performers and were awesome.  We sang along and praised God with around 7000 other friends.  It was quite surprising how many people we actually ran into that we at least 14 people from our church.  Abbotsford Centre is a fairly big place, so that is a lot of people to actually know and say Hello to.  

I got home around 11:30 last night with ringing ears and a smile on my face.  I always forget about the ringing ears after a concert.  And even though it wasn't really as loud as it probably could have been, we were 9 rows from the stage, so that was pretty close.  Excellent seats and an excellent concert.  We had lots of fun!

And I just love this picture of Baby that #3 took on Saturday night.  SIL had gone to Sun Peaks for a friends' stag, and Grandson and Sweetheart were having a sleepover in their Mom and Dad's bed.  Baby was ready to party.  As you can see, she is feeling much better now!  I love her to the moon and back again!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Poor sick baby

Baby went to the Dr on Easter Sunday, and even though she had just finished her antibiotics the previous day for an ear infection, she now had tonsillitis. So she is on Biaxin.  Which she absolutely hates.  She ended up with an eye infection too, so between having eye drops and medicine, she is not impressed. This picture was taken last Sunday night.  Poor sad baby.  

I can relate.  I didn't go to the Dr until the next day, but having bronchitis is not fun either.  I feel much better than I did, but I am sure it has been over 20 years since I have been on antibiotics.  And these little people get better in a day with, not so much.  I feel sooooooooo much better than I did, but I have a terrible cough.  DIL mentioned that because it has been such a mild winter, the germs are more prevalent this year.  I think she is right.  

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Opening Day for Baseball

It was Opening Day for baseball today, and unlike last year when it poured rain upon us, the sun came out.  It was cold, but it was sunny so that was lovely.  First stop.  Team pictures.  

And then there was a short two inning game.  Grandson is so funny, as he is a very good hitter, but he just wants to kill the ball.  His team-mates kept calling him Smoky, because they said he was going to smoke the ball.  As it turns out, he got two great base hits, but he never did smoke it like I have seen him do before.  Maybe it was a little bit of nerves, but he was still happy with his hits.

His Dad is his coach.  SIL will often tell me that he loves baseball, it is his passion.  And judging from how many people are at the ball park on Opening Day, it is a lot of people's passions. We stayed for Opening Ceremonies and it was nice to see that 7 out of the 10 boys stayed to participate.  Looks like it is going to be a great season!  Play Ball!

Grandson and his team are at second base, just in case you are looking for him.

Friday, April 10, 2015

From last week

We had an Easter egg hunt last Thursday.  And then I got a cold that turned into bronchitis, my aunt and cousins were here for two days, Easter came and went, and I am finally feeling better. Thank God for Biaxin!   We had a lot of fun last week, and the children were delighted with their eggs!

We did a colour-coded egg hunt and they all enjoyed searching and finding.  The older ones were so enthusiastic to help the little ones, and I was quite surprised how well it turned out.  Jade didn't have school because it was Parent/Teacher interviews and I always think that helps.  She makes everything fun!  I still miss her a lot so I am always glad when there isn't school and she is able to come back and visit.  

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday!

Grandson turned 7 today!  And he had a wonderful party with lots and lots of family and friends.  We had pizza and cake, and many other goodies too!

He is getting so big.  He weighs 64.4 pounds and is 51 inches tall.  As you can see, he is missing his two front teeth......all the rest grow in fairly quickly but these two don't want to reappear.  I sort of remember his Mommy being like this too, but they have been gone for 3 months now.

He fits a perfect size 7 (but we buy him size 8) and wears a size 2 shoe.  He just had his parent teacher interview at school and is doing well in Grade 1.  His teacher wishes that all of her students were like him.  He is kind and considerate, and a very good role model.   He loves to play hockey and baseball, and could probably beat any of us at Memory.  Even though he really enjoys board games, he really loves video games too.  I love to listen to him read....because he is in French immersion, I can't understand anything he reads to me, but it is so exciting to listen to.  Happy Birthday to our first and only grandson.  We love you to the moon and back again!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

She can stand!

These pictures were taken two weeks ago.  You would never know that a couple of hours after they were taken, she came down with an ugly eye infection which turned into a right ear infection and the start of a red throat. 

She is feeling much better after her round of antibiotics.  Even though she wasn't impressed with taking her Amoxicillin, it worked and she is a happy baby once again. Her Mommy got the cold too, and I can feel a sore throat and cough coming on now as well.  Even though the weather has been fairly pleasant, just about every one of my daycare children has had this virus. So nice of them to share.....not!