Friday, July 31, 2015

Daycare days

Miracle #3 made tapioca slime with her kids today and they loved it!  Sweetheart was having so much fun with her 'experiment'.

My children coloured, drew pictures, built Marbleworks and blocks, and played ponies, dolls and dress-up.  Lots of cooperative play going on at this house.  

Moments from yesterday

Playing on the deck.  The children love to be outside, and with the roofers across the way, it has been very fun to play, and to watch the roof progress.

I am very proud of my 4 and 5 year olds who can all hold a crayon properly.  I know a lot of people take this for granted, but I spend hours with children teaching them how.  And I just love this one of Isaac.  No, he really didn't colour the dinosaur.  But it looks like he is and did.  It was very cute when Sweetheart told him, "good job, good colouring!"

My aunt went to the IHOP with my cousins for her birthday!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wonderful evening

I had a wonderful evening out with friends and a miracle.  It has become a tradition to take Surekha out for dinner for our end-of-the-year thank-you.  And Pitt Meadows Golf Course did not disappoint. They charge $19.95 for their salad bar, pasta bar and dessert.  I am so full!  I ate way too much but it was so delicious!  And the company was superb.  

Ladies nights are always so great!  We all get along really well, and support one another in our daycare adventures.  So it was a fabulous evening with fabulous food, and fabulous company.  The evening flew by too fast, and like I said to Hubby when I got home, "I don't know why we don't go to Pasta night more often."  It really is one of the best deals in town!

Cousin love

I really do have the best work life right now.  I get paid to hang out with my very favourite friends in the world. Here are a couple of breakfast buddies.  Pretty Girl hadn't eaten before she arrived today, and it was almost 9 before she decided she was hungry.  Of course, that meant that the two toddlers thought they should join her. It was snack time for them.

And Sweetheart arrived for a few hours as her Mommy had a seatbelt issue.....she went to pick up Chase, so that meant there was only room for 5 children in the van.  So we have a whole bunch of cousins getting to hang out together.  They are all very pleased!

These two were very very excited to see one another.  Cousin love is very special.  They all get see each other quite a bit now as #3 and I hang out with each other a few times a week. Sweetheart told Lucas the other day, "Lucas, you are my cousin, and Isaac is my sister's."  Isn't she simply adorable?

Happy Birthday

My Auntie Bev is 75 years old today!  And I am ashamed to admit that I don't have any recent pictures of her and me together.  Yes, there are pictures, but they are on my camera which takes forever to download and there really aren't any of me and her.  That is because neither of us really like to get our picture taken. I will have to change that.  Here are are a few that I stole off of my cousin's Facebook profile, and they are actually better than any that I have anyway!

Happy Birthday to my mom's youngest sister!  She has always lived so far away, but we have always had a very close relationship.  I love her to the moon and back again!  Hope you have a magnificent day Auntie, with people who love and adore you!  I am sorry that I couldn't be there too!  

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Skating Lessons

Grandson had his second to last skating lesson tonight.  He is in Level 5 where he is mostly working on skating backwards and crossovers.

He is a good little skater.  Always eager to participate and eager to learn.  I thought that when he was skating backwards doing crossovers in a circle, it looked incredibly hard.  He did really well, but that doesn't surprise me. 

Our morning

This is how our morning started. The people behind us are getting a new roof.  Daycare entertainment.  

I just put Sweet Pea to bed for her nap, we all had a snack and everyone is playing sooooooo nicely.  I really do love my job!  I am even getting a coffee break.  Thank-you Miracle #3, for stopping by and bringing me was a little cold from when you dropped it off an hour ago, but that is what a microwave is for.

I say this a lot!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


We started our morning at the library today.  I chuckled at the boys who insisted on looking at Halloween books as we waited for Storytime to begin.  

And Baby was really engaged today....she really enjoyed the experience.  Until she fell asleep halfway through.....   

This song was comical.  It was about standing up if you wanted to be a princess.  I don't know if Grandson wasn't listening to the words or he just doesn't care if he's a princess.  You gotta note that the three boys beside him weren't going to be a princess.  But they had no problem at all standing up to be a knight.  Baby was just copying the children, even though she was a beat or two behind.  Gosh, these kids are cute!

Some more dance shots.  I was especially intrigued with the brothers.  Isaac copies everything Lucas does.  But the little hug in the middle of the song, well, that is precious.  

After lunch, the boys played on the iPads.  They are allowed to play for 45 minutes a day.  Technology.  I really don't love it.  But they sure do!

Nicholas left early today so by 3:00, there was just a whole bunch of cousins playing and having fun at Daycare.  I love them to the moon and back again!

She's right

Monday, July 27, 2015

Perfect Park Day

It was a beautiful morning to go to the park.  It was 22 degrees and sunny.  But not too sunny.  Does that make sense?  

I chuckle a lot at Baby who is really coming into her own right now.  She is growing up before our very eyes and is quite brave on the climber and the slide. She keeps #3 on her toes!

Lovely children having fun on a lovely day.  Gosh, I love these guys!

I love how crisp and fresh the air is after a good rain.  It only rained 18.3 mm this weekend but it was enough to clear the air and water the grass. The grass needs a whole lot more, but we'll take what we got and be happy! The forecast for this week is to get progressively warmer as the week goes on.

Birthday Party

Birthday parties are fun.  This one was bittersweet as it is the last official 'kid party' that my sister will give.  After 22 years, she is done.  I remember how I felt after 26 years of kid parties for my miracles too.  It's happy. But it is sad too....because it is the end of an era.  I started it all 38 years ago with this generation. And now my sister has ended it.  

These great-grandchildren of my Dad's always love to go to Auntie Karen's house.  Lots of toys from when her kids were young, and lots and lots of cousin time!

And sister time.  And auntie time.  And valuable family time. The older I get, the more precious this becomes.

I love my new phone.  Most of the time, no one even knows that I am making memories.

Emmi is 18.  We all talked about how we don't know how this happened so quickly.  The years have literally flown by!  And Baby Emmi has turned into a beautiful young lady!

More photos of my beautiful family!  My sister's grandson looks so much like her!

I am thankful. And content.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Thank-you T!

My sister took some pictures on her phone this afternoon.  We were celebrating my niece who turns 18 on Tuesday.  

The day went by so fast!

We started yesterday morning at the Dr's office for our yearly check-ups and prescription renewals.  Because Grandson slept over he came with us, and he got weighed and measured.  He is 64 pounds and 51.75 inches, which is a quarter inch taller and a pound and a half lighter than at home, but I will take the Dr's measurements as accurate.  Isn't he so handsome?

Afterwards, we went out for breakfast at McDonalds and then to Toys'R'Us and Staples.  We needed to buy school supplies for VBS, as they were asking for contributions for local schools for children who can't afford them.  I love that the kids camps make the children realize that there are children who are less fortunate than they are.  Burnett always has Toonie Tuesday and Food Bank Friday for their charities at their Kids Club.

We took Grandson home for lunch and I went to the chiropractor for my third visit in a week.  Ever since SKC, I have needed treatment on my shoulders.  I was a hot mess!  I am pleased to say that after my third adjustment yesterday, I am finally feeling better.  Even yoga hurt!  Walking didn't. 

There was a barbecue at MRBC after VBS that Grandson and I couldn't attend because we both had made other plans weeks ago.  Miracle #3 and SIL were having friends over for their own barbecue and Hubby and I went out for dinner and to a Canadians game with friends. We went to Sammy J's for dinner where we had Sarah Extraordinaire for our waitress (Sammy's has a new menu and it did not disappoint).

Little did we know that the game was rained out on Friday night so it was a double-header, and there was already a game in progress when we arrived at Nat Bailey Stadium.  Awesome night with awesome friends.  Even though Vancouver lost both games to Tri-City, we had a wonderful evening being thoroughly entertained. 

And yes, this is the view from our seats which cost $15.75.  Little did we know that three of us are considered seniors and could have paid only $11 for these seats, as the Canadians consider 55+ to be senior.  Needless to say, it is a pretty good bang for your buck!

The last day

Radiator Ridge meets Survivor is over!  And I am kind of sad.  Because I didn't lead at this Kids Camp, I just got to enjoy.  And be involved in a very different way than ever before.  It was a wonderful experience.  For me, and for Grandson.

These are just some of the set decorations for VBS.  I think that they are rather impressive!

The children always started their evening with praise and worship.  It's one of the bigger churches in Maple Ridge, and the sanctuary was decorated pretty well too!

One of the games that the children played yesterday was 'throw the cheezie on someone's head covered in shaving cream'.  So fun!

As you can see, Grandson thought that it was awesome.  He loved all of the games and activities!

And I had no idea that he was going back in the pool again.  I would have made sure that he wasn't wearing jeans.  Truthfully, he didn't care at all.  

But we always knew that he was going zip lining. (That is why he brought his helmet, and ended up wearing it most of the afternoon because he didn't want to carry it around with him). It was a great camp with a tremendous program.  Grandson has already told me that he is going back next year!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

He's a leader

Grandson was part of the worship team at the close of VBS last night.  When asked for volunteers to come up and be part of the dance team, Grandson had no hesitation in getting up in front of 200 or so people and singing and dancing to the beat.

#3 and I were chatting on the phone last night as she phoned to say Good-night to our little sleepover guest. (he had 2 sleepovers this week, after Kids Club) There is no way that his mom or his dad would have had the courage to do this at his age.  Their personalities and self-confidence levels were just so different.

Just an idea of how many people were out there singing and grooving to the beat.   I know that I am on the edge of the crowd, but that is a lot of people to be in front of.  He had no problem smiling, singing and praising Jesus.  It has been so fun to enjoy this with him, and today is the last day.  It went by so fast!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Food Challenge

Grandson has had a spectacular week.  He has enjoyed going to VBS more than you can imagine.  Of course, for all that was planned, who wouldn't?  Maple Ridge Baptist has put on an amazing children's program and we feel blessed to be a part of it!

Every evening, there is a 15 minute craft time.  Everything was indoors or under cover tonight because of the rain, and Grandson made a great little sand art pendant.  

This was the 4th night.  The 4th night of a pool full of spaghetti noodles mixed with olives.  Apparently, these noodles were whole and spaghetti-like on Tuesday.  Tonight, they looked like rice.  Can you imagine over a hundred pairs of hands fishing through for black olives vs. green?  Yuck!  And it stunk like vinegar.......

The purple tapioca was fun!  And freshly made each day.  Grandson was a little bit apprehensive at the beginning.....

.......but he really got into it when they were allowed to come and play.  He really had a lot of fun!

And I really do have to give a shout-out to his leader Joey.  Trevor and Owen are good, but Joey is phenomenal.  He really reminds me of Miracle #2 at the same age.  He is so enthusiastic and is gifted with the boys.  There were only five attending this evening (I am sure it was because it was raining) so those five boys were extremely well taken care of.  Seriously, this young man has gone above and beyond what I would consider to be a fantastic group leader.  He knew sooooo many games and cheers, and this little group of 7 year olds love him!  Hey, I love him and I don't even really know him!  I want to bring him home with me so he can entertain my daycare children.  Youthful effervescence at it's finest!

The Sand Pit

The third evening at VBS was another great success. Grandson made a craft, he played games and then went to the sand pit.

He is really enjoying his week with his leader Joey (who is 21 and 6'8"), and Trevor and Owen (who both weren't there last night).  It has been so much fun getting to know new friends!