Monday, November 30, 2015

Still cold and sunny!

I took this picture from Facebook.  One of my friends took it on Friday morning from Pitt Meadows, but it has been like this for the past week and all weekend. The rain is supposed to come back tomorrow, and as we all know, it warms up considerably when the rain arrives. Because my house faces North, it really does look like there is snow on my grass because the frost accumulates daily.  The children are loving it.  Me, not so much!

Psalm 79:13

Sunday, November 29, 2015

My sleepover buddy!

This little almost-17 month old slept overnight on Friday night.  We were warned beforehand that she has been waking up around 4 am and going back to sleep with her parents. Well, she has only ever slept over a couple of times in her short life, and I really didn't care if she woke up all night long. I love the extra cuddle time.  And remember, I always give the blessings back, so if I am up all night, so be it.  I can always nap later.  Such a different perspective being a Grandma, isn't it?

Well, she did wake up at 1:30 and I took her back to bed with me where she went right back to sleep.  I know I could have put her back in her crib, but she is such a good little cuddler that I decided to keep her.  And unbeknown to me, she was kicking her Grandpa in the head all night.  I had no idea, and she and I slept through it.  Oops!  Like I told him in the morning, he could have taken her back but he said he didn't want her to cry.  Pffft!  I would have taken her back if I had known, but I didn't, so I didn't. Take her back to her bed, that is.  Anyway, poor Grandpa with his sore left ear.  I really didn't know.  And seriously, I think that that this is the cutest little face to wake up to, don't you think?  Her Grandpa explained his situation to her and all she did was grin!  You are welcome back any time Baby!!

Psalm 111:4

What a great evening!

We all had a wonderful evening.  Seventeen of us enjoyed going to see Frozen at Disney on Ice.  It was the first time for a lot of our little ones, and they were so much fun to watch!  The show was excellent but the children's reactions were priceless.

Disney shows are always excellent.  We all have our favourites, but Disney blew it out of the park with this particular movie, and Disney on Ice Show.

Everyone loves Olaf.  The whole show is about sister love, not romantic love.....but this snowman really does steal the show.

Anna and Olaf.  Even though most of the little girls seem to favour Elsa, Anna really is the main character. 

Marshmallow Man.  He is the villain, and Sweetheart always covers her eyes in this part of the movie.  She held her Mommy's hand while he was on the ice.  She and I often have conversations about movies and how there is always a scary part, and always a happy ending.  In Disney, anyway.  Both of us don't like the scary parts, but as an adult, I know how instrumental they are to the plot of the show.  

Pretty Girl and Sweetheart were soooooo excited!  They loved their evening out!  The Pacific Coliseum was overloaded with princesses last night.

And these are the two lovely ladies who made it all happen. Sam mentioned Disney on Ice to me in the Summer and how they really wanted to go.  We used to do this when they were little girls and they wanted to go back, but with the fuzzins.  Now, getting seventeen people together is no easy task, but it wasn't as complicated as it could have been. I unfortunately waited until September to act on it, and know better that I should plan this sooner than later, but it still worked out well.  In the end, we had six more people join us because group rates are so much more reasonable than regular rates.  The under-2's are free, and if it was only ten people, our tickets were going to be $48 each. Group rates were $32.50 each, including service charge. So I phoned my niece and found five extra people to come, and we were set.  I actually ended up with two extra tickets and #3's friends were able to join us, so it worked out perfectly.  I will post more pictures as people send them to me, but I can already tell you that it was a fantastic evening which was enjoyed by all.  Sweet Pea was the most amazing as at 20 months old, she sat and watched the entire 2 hour production. Every so often she would look around and tell anyone who would listen, "Wowee, Essa!!"  The others would dance and sing along, and it was just so fun to watch them watch! Disney shows are always so magical!

Saturday, November 28, 2015


These two little people have the same birthday. Ethan is exactly two years older than Sweet Pea. 

Ethan has been away in Mexico for two weeks so this was his first week back after almost three weeks.  It's interesting to me how much some children don't even skip a beat after being away and others forget the routine.  Ethan is kind of half way in between.  In some ways, he matured. In other ways, everything stayed the same.  He is an only child, so it is sort of expected that life is all about him.  But he went away with lots of cousins, so it was encouraging to listen to him talk and hear how well his speech progressed, and to see how well he can share.  Actually, he has always been good at sharing, but it was fun to listen to him tell Sweet Pea all about the little puppets.

She was showing me how she can put the toys away. This is something we all work on every day, is putting one activity away before starting on the next one.  This little 20 month old is pretty good at it!

Don't you think it is interesting how similar their hair colour looks in this particular picture? I am going to blame it on bad lighting, because when you see them together, it isn't even close.  Although Sweet Pea is blonde, she definitely has a bit of ginger highlights.  And the Mexican sun did lighten Ethan's hair a little bit, but they really do have different colour hair.


Their Mommy and Daddy had a date last night, and we babysat the blessings. Win-Win! Aren't they precious?

Friday, November 27, 2015


Friday morning

My new baby and I had another visit this morning and he starts Daycare next week.  I think I need to call him a toddler as he is walking. So cute!  He was kind of needy on Wednesday when he was here, but not today. Isn't he sweet?  And so proud of the fact that he can walk.

His hair is out of control. But at 11 and a half months, he can get away with it!

Sweet Pea really likes her new friend. She kept turning around in the stroller so that she could pat his head. 

These two boys were having fun with the ice on our way home from pre-school.  I like the ones of them smashing it.  Boys will be boys!

Tai is always wanting to be my helper.  So he was very pleased to go and get Sweet Pea from the other side of the yard and bring her back to the house.  Cute kids!  I love them to the moon and back again!

Romans 15:13

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Give Thanks

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Jesus Christ (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Today was American Thanksgiving.  Really, it was no different of a day here in Canada, except for all the posts on Facebook. And all the advertisements about Black Friday.

However, I do believe that we all need to reminded to be thankful. Even in times of trouble, there can always be a silver lining.  Whenever I pray, I always start with praise items.  Because, I can always be thankful!

Psalm 95:2

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The rest of the day

Today went by fast.  The days seem to do that right now, and seem to have been doing it for awhile now.  It is exactly one month until Christmas Day. Kind of frightening, if you actually think about it.  And how quickly it will be here and gone. 

When I went to pick up my after-schoolers, we lucked out with a parking spot on the road today.  I couldn't resist taking a picture of my beautiful mountains.  Even with very little snow, they are gorgeous. I really do think that I live in a very beautiful place.

Hubby stopped at the clinic on his way home today as his ear was hurting. He told me about it last week and never did mention it again.  So I really didn't know that it was still bothering me until he phoned me around 3:30 to tell me he would be late. He has an ear infection. I really don't know is he has coped, as I can only remember one ear infection as an adult, and it really really hurt. He has huge amoxicillin tablets to take for the next ten days.

And Grandson tested positive for strep.  The Dr's office phoned yesterday afternoon to tell Miracle #3, so he is on amoxicillin as well. He didn't go to school again today as he is still so tired, but you could tell by the end of the day that he is feeling so much better already.  He was pleased to tell his Mom today that his throat didn't hurt at all any more. Yay!


Baby, it's cold outside!  Although we didn't get the expected arctic cold front of -10 degrees, it is still chilly.  I went over to #3's this morning and she took the big kids to school and I stayed with the littles. It was only -1, but it was really nice to not have to take the toddlers. I stayed for a couple of hours before coming home and I just have two little loves today.  Tai is fighting a nasty cold and he is staying home, so this is all I have until I pick up my three after-schoolers.  They both went to sleep at 11:30, so they should be bright-eyed and awake by 2.

We went for a little walk in the cul-de-sac before going in.  It was already 5 degrees by 10:30 and it still felt cold, but almost balmy in comparison to what it felt like at 8:15.

I love these guys way too much!  Don't you adore Isaac's new cheese-face? This is what he does when I tell him to smile.  They both had lots of fun exploring and running about.

He is still one of the easiest toddlers that I have ever cared for.  It makes me smile when I see him give his Mommy a hard time because it makes him seem normal.  It isn't very often, as he is such a good boy!

Sweet Pea is pretty easy to take care of, as well.  She's pretty happy-go-lucky most of the time! 

I love this picture!  She reminds me so much of her Daddy!!

John 14:1-3, 27

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015

It's a Pro-D day!

I really do know that there are way more Pro-D days in this generation than any other.  And I am one of those people who love them, and embrace the change of pace.  I also love seeing the big kids.  It turned out that Tai went off to his Mama and Yaya's so that meant that once we were home from MyGym this morning we could stay.  Kind of nice, for a change.

Lucas was so excited to go to Mygym this morning.  There was a low turnout because we are only allowed to bring the kindergarteners and under, as the big kids tend to get a bit too rowdy. It isn't true of all of the older children, but all it took was one caregiver who abused it a few years ago, and the rule was made.  Miracle #3 opted to stay home as Grandson isn't allowed to participate, but as it turned out, he is feeling not so great anyway.  He went to the Dr yesterday and it is just a virus, but he is suffering from a very sore throat. Better today than it was yesterday, but it was nice for them all to have a quiet morning.

Joshua is a very happy boy today and even though he was due for a nap at 9, he stayed awake until the very end so that he could participate.  He is just so easy-going about everything.

Circle Time.  He is really holding his head up so well now, and rolling all over today too.  It is really surprising how much babies develop in a week. He is no exception.

Gotta love all his expressions. He wasn't so sure about the oball (that is what it is called), but once he figured it out, he sure liked it!

And we obviously exhausted poor little Isaac.  I was busy with the baby and I knew he headed down the hall, but I thought he went to find his brother. Not so.  I found him in the Lego room, sound asleep. It is time to wake him up soon as he has been sleeping for almost 3 hours. I love his long eyelashes!  And just so everyone knows, I removed the purse with the strap as soon as I took his picture as I am very aware that children shouldn't be sleeping with anything that could go around their neck!

Philippians 4:6-7

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Why do they go by so fast?

Working in the yard

After I went to my morning out at the church yesterday, I came home to Hubby putting the Christmas lights on the house.  He was about a third of the way done, but he took a break and we went to do a few errands and go out for lunch.  We went to the Mongolian Grill and it was delicious. 

We came back around 1:30, and he resumed what he was doing and he finished the task at hand.  

One thing that a lot of people don't know is how afraid he is to get up on the slippery roof and put the lights onto the top part of our house.  It used to really bother me as he did it for a lot of years before he stopped. Doesn't bother me at all any more.  If we didn't have the blessings, I wouldn't even care if he put lights up at all.  He would, though.  He LOVES the Christmas lights and decorations. 

After he finished putting all the lights on, he went on to mow the driveway and the road.  At least that is what it looks like, doesn't it?  Truthfully, he is blowing and mulching up the last of the fallen leaves.  The yard looks so much tidier now!

This took him right up to almost 4 o'clock, and I got picked up to go watch the Canucks beat the Blackhawks. Finally!  I have been to a lot of hockey games in the past month and had yet to see a win. That is counting the Giants too, but it was so nice to see a winning game.

While I was out, Hubby went to watch Grandson's hockey game, he vacuumed and did laundry, as well as doing all his ironing.  Because he did so much work yesterday, it has made for a very relaxing Sunday.  We went to church and grocery shopping, but it has been a very lazy afternoon. The clouds are rolling in and I like that it feels warmer out today, even though it was 8 degrees today, and yesterday.  The clouds are like a big blanket, and I like that I am not feeling as cold today!

1 Chronicles 16:34

Saturday, November 21, 2015

I love being "older"

Morning out

This is actually something that I am very good at, is taking care of myself. And as a caregiver, who takes care of children for a living, I know how important it is for me to do. For years and years, I didn't even know how, but I learned the hard way when I turned 40 and figured it out. Took me way too long, but at least I did it.  And I am off to church this morning with Jenelle to attend a ladies function. She is so cute, because she is so excited. I am excited too, just because she felt like attending.  I am enjoying walking alongside her as she is exploring and learning about her relationship with God.  As her godmother, this makes me extremely proud!