Thursday, March 31, 2016

Our morning out

We skipped Storytime this morning and decided to go for a walk on the dike.  Miracle #3 packed up her four children and I packed up my five and it was another beautiful day. You would think that I would have known from yesterday how warm it would be, but I still put on everyone's jackets only to take them off when we started walking. We had lots of runners too.....the children just love the freedom of running up to the next bench and waiting for the little ones to catch up

We really do live in such a beautiful place. And I don't take it for granted. 

These two blessings are growing and changing all the time. 

Sweet Pea loved playing in the gravel. By the time we were ending our walk/run, it was hard to get any of the children moving very quickly.  They were all stopping and playing on the ground.

We stopped to feed the chickens.  Which they all enjoyed very much!

If you look really close, you can see all 9 children....

And this isn't too bad.  All nine are actually looking at the camera.  It helps that they were all eating their snack. (One is just peeking out from behind the other baby in the stroller) We all had such a fun morning out!


Baby took a tumble on Saturday.  She was climbing up into her high chair and fell head first onto the tray which was on the ground.  This was two days later and it is healing quite nicely.  She will often touch her forehead and ask, "Happened?"  She is a very chatty girl. She. Talks. A. Lot.  And she is always asking questions, and repeats herself.  Sometimes I think it is just to hear her own voice.

This is her head on Saturday morning, minutes after she fell out of her chair. Immediate goose egg.

And this was about an hour later. She is starting to pose now when you ask her for a picture. She is so funny!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Another beautiful day!

It was warmer today than it was yesterday. Hard to believe that it is still March!

The only way that you know that it isn't Summer is that all the spring blossoms are blooming. I love that big white tree across the street. It looks gorgeous and it smells gorgeous too!  We had a whole lot of toddlers and one almost-5 year old enjoying the cul-de-sac this morning. 

They all started off with their jackets on.  But it was way too warm to keep them on!

I think it got up to 20 degrees today, and there are at least two more days of sunshine coming.  Yay!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Beauty of a day!

Well, the big kids went back to school today, after a 17 day Spring Break/Easter holiday. And in true end-of-holiday predictability, the sun arrived and the forecast says it is going to be like this until the end of the week.  It was 18 degrees out this afternoon and it was glorious!  These three toddlers had great fun playing at the park and sharing pretzels.

And yes, I think I have mentioned it before, but Baby is a climber. And she has absolutely no fear!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Toddler cousins

Baby and Sweet Pea spent a few hours together today, and they are really good friends. In true toddler fashion, they are learning all the time and I really do think that they are so entertaining.  Yes, they have their share of disagreements, but for the most part, they really do get along.  Baby discovered a worm on the neighbour's lawn when we were playing outside this morning.  And she was so fascinated by it!  As I was feeling nauseous because she picked it up, I had to let go of my anxiety and let her.  I watched her carefully and she was so gentle and curious. 

Isn't she so precious?  All I can think is Ewwwww...

Sweet Pea liked the worm, but she was just as happy to look at it and not touch. My thoughts exactly, Sweet Pea.  Baby held it for at least 20 minutes. It was hard for me to encourage her to leave it on the lawn where she found it so we could go in and eat lunch.

There is only a 3 and a half pound weight difference in these two cousins, but they are so different in size. Funny that there is a 3 and half month age difference too.  

And yes, they are so impressed that I let them stand on the little table while I made their snack. Both of them are climbers and both just love to test their boundaries.  I love them to the moon and back again!  

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Sweet Pea is two!  She weighs 29.5 pounds, and wears Size 3 in clothing. She fits a Size 5 diaper and a Size 7 shoe.  

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Double Sleepover

Three very excited blessings came through the door, just after 5 o'clock yesterday. The two oldest ones were happy to come and spend two nights with us because their parents were going to Harrison Hot Springs for the weekend. As Sweetheart said, "We came for a double sleepover!"  Baby didn't really understand what all the excitement was about but she was more than happy to kiss her Mommy good-bye. 

They have all been perfect little houseguests, and last night was easy. They had dinner, played for a bit and went to bed.  Grandson was the last one into bed, but this is how much of a mover he is when he sleeps. Within ten minutes of falling asleep, this is how he moved. And probably would have fallen right on his head out of bed if I had left him.  

But I didn't. I figured he must have been hot with the comforter and so after I managed to get him settled more towards the middle, I took the comforter off and he slept until almost 8 o'clock this morning.  

This little cutie has been under the weather all week, and she actually fell asleep in my arms at 6:45. I had to wake her up to put her into her pyjamas and give her her medicine.  And it is just sad to have to give her eye drops....just sayin'.  She's a trooper though and after telling me 'no eye dop, no eye dop' I had to do it anyway, and she clapped and said 'yay' through her tears after we did each eye.  She takes her Amoxicillin easily and then instructs me on where to put the Vicks. I did her feet first, and then she told me, 'chest' and then 'back'.  She was sound asleep in her crib at 7:10 and didn't wake up until 7:04 this morning.  

I just love pictures of sleeping children. Sweetheart went to sleep just after 9 and was up this morning with a huge smile on her face at 7:30. And very excited because she knew she was having Lucky Charms for breakfast. Funny little girl.  She had dance class this morning, so we were out the door at 9:20.

After Sweetheart and I came home, we all went outside to play.  Grandson was very happy to play hockey with his Grandpa.

Baby enjoyed wandering around and playing with some of the riding toys.  

And Sweetheart swept the road....

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Field trip

I took four cute children on a field trip today.  We went to Bear Creek Park and they were all very excited to go on the little train.

Although if you look at this picture, you would never know it. They all look bored sitting on the bench waiting for the train to come back to the station. Funny kids!

See?  They really were happy!  I just love Isaac's 'cheese' face!

After our ride, they were asked by the engineer if they wanted to come and blow the whistle. They were pretty pleased about that, although the littles seemed a bit nervous. 

And then we walked over to the playground.  Hubby commented after he looked at our pictures that there was no one in the park. Yes, there were lots of people with children but you would never know it from looking at this.  
The children loved the playground and I won't mention who had a major meltdown when we had to leave, but she just didn't want to go.  The others didn't think that we should leave either, but they were more easily bribed with going out for lunch at McDonalds.

They all had so much fun!  Two and a half hours really did fly by!

We are looking so forward to Spring!

Winter has seemed very long. It seems like every time we turn around, someone is sick. I don't think this year has had any more sickness than any other, but this one particular virus has been hanging around for a couple of months. And it is different for everyone.  Sometimes the fever lasts for a day or two.  For others, it hangs on for 5 days or more.  Tai has had it twice, and he is on Biaxin now for a secondary infection.  

This was taken over a month ago, and he was just getting over his first round with it.

Sweet Pea has had a runny nose since Christmas.  On this particular day, she was actually healthy, but I thought it was pretty cute that she was using her Tigger as a pillow.  She did get a fever last Wednesday, but it only lasted a day.  This time.  She had the five day fever at the end of January. 

Sweetheart was hit pretty hard.  She had a really really high fever for two days, it went away and then she got the sore throat.  She actually asked to go to see the Dr.  And just when her Mommy was about to take her, she fell asleep on my couch.  Her fever lasted for six days, although by the end if the week, it was lower than it had been. She was diagnosed with a throat infection, but even after two weeks, she still has a runny nose.  

"I'm not tired, I'm not tired."  This is what Tai said to me last week and then promptly fell asleep when he was eating his lunch. Seriously.  I moved him onto the couch, he sat and argued that he wasn't tired for a few minutes and then he slept for two hours.  He was fever-free, but you could certainly tell that he wasn't feeling 100%.

Pretty Girl had her fever for five days last week. She wanted to go to school so bad on Friday, as she was finally feeling better, and made it through until 11 o'clock.  I picked her up early and this is where she was when her Daddy picked her up from my house at 3. 

And now Baby is on Amoxicillin and eye drops. She woke up with a fever on Friday, went to the clinic on Saturday and was told she was fine.  The fever went away on Sunday but the eye infection showed up, so they went back to the clinic and got a prescription for eye drops.  Fever was back on Monday and she was so lethargic yesterday that back to the clinic she did go.  She was prescribed antibiotics, and is feeling better today but she has a horrible cough and a runny nose.  When her Mommy asks her what hurts, she says 'nose' but if you saw her you would think that everything hurts. She looks rough.  

Hubby had the flu on the weekend.  He came home from work on Friday, ate dinner and then threw up and went to bed.  It lingered on until half way through Sunday, and even though he says he feels okay, he is really really tired.  Of course, he has something different than everyone else.  I thought that I was getting it on Sunday as I went to bed with a horrible head-ache just before dinner. But even though I felt nauseous, it never materialized into anything and I woke up after four hours feeling fine.  

So I would like to say we are all done with being sick around here but I know that all the little guys are young and they are building immune systems.  Grandson, Lucas and Isaac all had strep at the end of January, early February. I always think that the Spring sunshine will help clear out all the germs, and yes, it helps but I have been told forever that regular hand-washing is the biggest deterrent for spreading illnesses.  We are fanatical around here but it doesn't seem to be helping. I am sure that our mild Winter hasn't helped either!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


This is the first week of Spring Break, and Daylight Savings Time was on Sunday.  I think it is really smart to lose an hour when the children don't have to be in school. We still had MyGym yesterday, and Music today, but that is the extent of our 'scheduled' activities this week.  The school agers are really enjoying each others company, and they have all been so good so far.

The sun came out this afternoon and it was very fun to get out to play in the cul-de-sac, and enjoy the break in the rain.

Sweet Pea is going to be two years old on Sunday, and in typical toddler-fashion, she looks at the world with awe and wonder.  She was quite intrigued to dissect a cherry blossom that had fallen from our tree.

Grandson spent some time visiting with us today.  He and Jade had so much fun with the skateboards.  Neither of them are big risk-takers and they were very careful.  I would have felt much better if they had helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards, but they were cautious.  And yet they still had lots of fun!

These two have been friends for six and half years. Aren't they sweet?

And these three amigos just thought it was so much fun to play in the puddle.  Not even much water to play in, but they didn't care.  Sweetheart and her cousins. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Power Outage

We had another windstorm yesterday. Actually, it was mostly throughout the night and I listened to it for quite a while before I finally got out of my nice warm bed at 6:30 am. At that point, it hadn't even started to rain, but the lights were flickering and the wind was intense.

The rain began just after 8 am and that is about when our power went out as well.  So, school was canceled and we all had a fun day at home.  We did make it to the library for Storytime because they had power, but the children made their own fun for most of the day.  They built forts, played games and entertained each other with the musical instruments. The power came back on around 1:30, just as the house was starting to get cool and I had just turned on the fireplace.  A lot of people were without power a lot longer than us, but I couldn't help but think of what happened almost seven months ago when it lasted for three days.  Luckily, that didn't happen.......but it sure has been a crazy year for wind and power outages.

Thursday, March 3, 2016


It isn't very often that we only have one grandchild at a time.  But #3 needed to take Sweetheart to the the Dr, (She has a throat infection but that is another whole blog post) and SIL was taking Grandson to a birthday party in Langley, so we ended up with our favourite almost-20 month old for a couple of hours this evening.

She's eating smarties, and loving every minute of it.  Looks very pleased with herself, doesn't she?

She was very agreeable to jump in to have a bath and play. 

This is her 'funny face.'  She was in a super good mood and was more than happy to show off.  And I know that the water distorts her a little bit, but she really does have the skinniest little legs.

I love her to the moon and back again.  She is growing up way too fast.  Which is so bittersweet. 

She played trains with Grandpa for a while.  She talks A LOT......she is a little parrot and repeats everything she hears.  I love it when she says otay. Which is okay, but it just sounds so darn cute. My other favourite word she says is Afoof, which is what she calls Olaf from the Frozen movie.  She actually started saying Olaf instead of Afoof last week and it makes me a little bit sad.  

She really enjoyed the trains. 

We read a lot of books at this house.  She was totally engaged with the Thomas the train book that Bapas was reading to her. That is what she calls Grandpa.  I am Mamma.  

Grandpa and his youngest grand-daughter.