Thursday, June 30, 2016

Week in Review

It was a short week. And it went by fast. Our last MyGym class until September was on Monday.

It is still one of my very favourite activities that we do as a daycare. I did my best to take photos but the children are always moving, so there aren't very many that are clear. But the children are all enjoying themselves a lot. 

Isaac was doing his best to cooperate with me but he really just wanted me to leave him alone so he could play. 

This little peanut was also having too much fun. I am actually quite surprised that I got some that she is even looking at the camera.

We had a couple of very uncooperative two year olds at Music on Tuesday. Sweet Pea and Baby make me laugh, as they really do feed off of one another. All it it takes is one to act up, and the other usually follows suit.  As their Grandma, I can see the humour in their antics, but they are just so 'two'. They sort of did their own thing for a couple of you can see though, the other children don't even seem to notice.  My theory is, as long as they aren't disruptive, we can overlook a lot.  We have to.

We had a Pyjama Day on Wednesday and the children loved being comfy. I made them pancakes for breakfast, and we played games for most of the day. I actually had 6 boys and 1 girl in attendance and the day went by really fast. This was at the very end of our day (almost 5 o'clock) and everyone else had gone home.  These two were just happy to count the marbles and spin them across the kitchen floor. Simple pleasures. 

The Park

We found a new park today. Now that we aren't playing Beat the Clock every day because school is out, we had time to venture into Port Coquitlam this morning. There were lots of people there but the sight lines are good and my children were amazingly obedient, so it went really really well. I am sure we will be going back again.

Six beautiful children, ready to go and explore. The four oldest ones each had a buddy and I stayed within arms reach of the two little ones.......but they all stayed in close proximity to one another.  We all had so much fun! (And who thinks that it is pretty cool that I only had one in diapers today?! Me too!)

The children loved these tires. And yes, Mason was jumping from tire to tire, again and again and again. I swear he is made of  And still has absolutely no fear!

My little musician really liked banging and making noise. She also liked playing in the bark mulch.

We watched Jade, Mason and Ethan line up and go zip-lining. I think Fara would have tried it if she was allowed (I told her she was too little, but that's only because I needed another adult to help spot) but the other two were more than happy to observe. 

They lined up and went a few times.....if it wasn't so crowded, I am sure they would have gone more. I have promised all of them that we will go back. After all, Summer holidays have just started!

My sweet little two year old!  Isn't she adorable? She was such a good girl.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Music Class 2016

My camera doesn't take very good pictures, but I gave it my best effort. When we arrived at Surekha's this morning I placed a few children on the step and attempted a group shot. 

So here were the first ones who were out of the van.

We added a few more as they started arriving and didn't do too badly.....its just too bad that they are so blurry.

Surekha joined us on the step and we took some more. 

And then, of course, we needed Miracle #3 to join us and we did a double daycare shot.  Spontaneity. At its finest.  That's a lot of cute little children who we love and care for.  And yes, Shannon, you are right. We do seem to have a lot more girls than boys right now, at least on Tuesdays anyway.....

Monday, June 27, 2016

Phone pictures

My favourite son-in-law takes some really good pictures. And now that Grandson has an iPad that syncs up to his Dad's iPhone, we end up seeing a lot more that he takes. #3 sent these to me, and they are so special!

This is from the other night when Grandson went to his sister's dance recital.  I love this of two of my blessings!

Baby is a little ham.  She is extremely precocious, sometimes a bit cheeky and even bossy, but she sure is cute. She sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to me today. And she has been singing the ABC song for a while. No, she does not enunciate every word perfectly, but it is certainly understandable and it sure is adorable. She is going to be two in less than 2 weeks, and she is learning new things every single day. She started to say Gamma and Gampa instead of Mamma and Pappa on the weekend.....and her letter L is pretty perfect now too.  I love listening to her talk. She is such a determined little girl, and I really do think that great things are in store for her!

SIL went to his nephew's high school graduation ceremonies on June 10th. He actually had to miss Sweetheart's Father's Day Sports day at her pre-school, and that was really tough for him. But his nephew is only going to graduate from high school once and Sweetheart will have many more Sports Days in her life.  Luckily, Grandpa was able to fill in and they all had wonderful days together, making memories. 

They make me smile, and fill my heart with such joy!

Bucket List

So I crossed something off of my bucket list last night.  And I have to was rather fun!  We went to friends for dinner and one of them has a Harley. When he found out that I had never been on a motorcycle and had always wanted to go, he was more than happy to take me for a ride. It was also on Glory's bucket list so he made two middle-aged ladies very happy!  Seriously. I really couldn't stop smiling for the entire ride!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Star is Born

Sweetheart has been waiting for this day for more than a year.  She has always wanted to dance on the stage.  When she was 3, she took some classes through Parks and Rec, and they don't have a year-end show.  So this year it was very important to her to go to dance class and prepare for a show.

Miracle #3 found a studio that had a Saturday Creative Dance class and she signed her up for the year.  This was so fun for Sweetheart, and she has always enjoyed it. She loved going to dance class and she listened and learned a lot.

She was always very serious about listening and paying attention. There were only two other girls in her class as most of the 3-4 year olds were in a Tuesday afternoon class. The two other girls were cousins and didn't always listen, so we know that this could have made Sweetheart go astray as well. But it didn't.  She actually took it upon herself to be the leader, and set an example. She really does love to dance.

When Auntie J asked her about her upcoming show, Sweetheart told her that she was really nervous. When Auntie questioned her about loving Dance, she told her yes, she loves dancing but she loves playing more. True.  She really is one of the best little players I have ever known. 

She had her first recital this afternoon, and you could tell that she was nervous, but she performed magnificently. I think it's safe to say that this won't be her last recital, she has already asked to take tap and jazz next year.  A star is born.

She is just so darn cute!

Friday, June 24, 2016


We actually call her dance move, The Paige. She rocks back and forth from one leg to another with her hand on her hip, and usually looks very serious because she is concentrating.  She actually keeps the beat and it's really really cute.  

But as the week has progressed, she now adds some clapping and smiling. She just gets cuter!  And she was more than happy to pose for me on Wednesday evening when we were babysitting. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

From yesterday. And Party Day.

Here are a few more pictures from Sweetheart's preschool graduation. They were on SIL's phone, and they turned out pretty good!

All of these precious children are off to kindergarten in September. They sang a really cute song about it.

SIL used his panorama setting and he got all 20 children in the photo!

Our sweet little preschool graduate with her official diploma!  She wants to be a nurse when she grows up.

Every month, there is a Party Day at the first part of the class. The children sing a few songs for their parents and they celebrate their birthdays.  Here is Sweetheart at the end of May.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pre-school Graduation

It was an honour and a privilege to attend Sweetheart's preschool graduation this afternoon.  She was so proud!

I love these people!  To the moon and back again!

This preschool impresses me every time I attend one of their functions. It is the only one I know that actually presents several little plays as their school-leaving ceremonies. (And I know I am not an expert, but I have attended many many of these kind of things over the last 30-something years) Sweetheart played the part of the 1st little pig in the story of the The Three Little Pigs and she was perfect.  She was so excited, and if she was nervous at all, it certainly didn't show.  They also had two other stories, The Three Bears and The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and they were all so well done and the children were precious. 

Sweetheart was so funny because as usual, she says the funniest things. As she dressed for her performance, she stated that it was so good that she was wearing pink so that she could be the prettiest pig. I know; she doesn't suffer at all from low self-esteem, but her Mommy was sure to tell her that all of the little girls would be pretty. Face palm. Lol.  And then as her Mommy was doing her hair and she was looking in the mirror, she said, "My eyebrows are on point!"  Oh my goodness, she makes me laugh!

Here she is with her two wonderful teachers, Teacher Laurie and Teacher Angela. I have gotten to know them fairly well over the past four years that I have been picking up and dropping off children here, and they are both fabulous teachers with beautiful hearts for children. They love their jobs and it shows.  Sweetheart is going to miss them.

With her one of her preschool friends,  Breanna!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A little of this, a little of that

This was so cute!  Baby and her friend are so two years old. And they really don't get along very often.  But in the past few weeks, they have been playing together.  Sometimes it is for just a few minutes, and sometimes it is for longer than a few minutes. I was disappointed to have to interrupt them so that we could go to Music Class, as they were having such a great time sharing and pretending to eat food.

And even when we got to Music, we had a whole lot of cooperation going on.  Doesn't always happen, so it was so heartwarming. 

They were singing Row Row Row Your Boat, and rocking back and forth. 

They were all listening so well.  Baby's little friend is almost 3 and her name is Mabel. 

And I finally made it out to Track and Field tonight.  There was a lot of conflict this Spring with Baseball, so it was nice to go out and watch my favourite grandson run, jump and throw things. 

I really do love those little hurdles!  Grandson fell at the park today so he wasn't 100%, but he gave it all that he had! I just love him to the moon and back again!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Last day of Baseball

We started our day at the ball field to watch Grandson play in his postponed game from yesterday.  They did begin a game in the morning but was called after the first inning due to the pouring rain!

And what a difference a day makes. It was sunny and warm.  They did lose their game 5-4 (with a few questionable calls) but they went out swinging and they had a great season!

They all received trophies and were so excited!

Grandson was more than happy and very proud to show me his trophy!

Father and son obligatory picture. SIL has coached him for three years in a row now, and it is an amazing bond that these two share....

Selfie time!  SIL sent me this picture that he took this afternoon and I just love it!!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Rained out

Closing day for Softball was officially rained out.  But that didn't stop a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds from gathering together at Albion Sports Park to receive their medals!

Pretty Girl was so excited to see us.  Grandpa held his umbrella up over her so that she didn't have to get wet. It was pouring out!

Their team received two medals and Pretty Girl was over the moon!  They received the second one for good sportsmanship which is voted on by all the other teams. DIL was the coach and she did a fabulous job!

Here is our very excited 6 year old!  She told me, "I never got two medals before!"

Mom and daughter picture!  Another year of softball is over, and these two had a terrific season!

The coaches and their daughters!  Everybody was really downpour of rain could dampen anyone's spirits.