Thursday, June 16, 2016

Playing and more playing!

These girls had lots of fun this morning playing in the cul-de-sac.  Fara has just learned how to pedal, and Sweet Pea is more than happy to coast along. 

Doesn't Isaac look great?  He has recovered very well from his injuries from almost two weeks ago. And Ethan is looking taller and more mature these days....

We went to watch what we thought would probably be Grandson's last game of his baseball tournament tonight.  But they won, so they play again tomorrow night. 

And the blessings always love to go to this ball field, because there is a playground not too far from where we can see the game. Baby is way too brave. She started off on the little slide and in the tunnel, but it didn't take long before she headed up to the higher equipment.  And our little chatterbox kept telling me, "Be careful."  And then she kept climbing up and going down the "big bumpy slide."

Little Miss Brave had no problem hanging off of the edge while her sister asked me to take her picture at the top of the slide. Sweetheart isn't as brave. She peeked over the edge but didn't really like it. 

I really don't think that she would intentionally jump off, but at almost two years old, one never knows what she is really thinking. She kept telling me, "Be careful, don't fall......"  I was very conscientious, and made sure that I was always one step ahead of her.  Isn't she adorable?

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