Thursday, June 9, 2016


My beautiful niece, Kiera
Major in World Literature-With Distinction
Minor in Curriculum and Instruction
Certificate in Liberal Arts

We spent the morning at Simon Fraser University, honouring Kiera!

And we took lots and lots of pictures. My sister was so proud!  And the rest of us were too!

Kiera received a full Gordon Shrum scholarship when she graduated from high school.  Which means that her entire degree was paid for. (Somewhere in the neighbourhood of $24,000)  Of course, in order to keep her scholarship, certain grades were required as well. Which she maintained, no problem. 

My sister graduated from this same university in 1988, just 28 years ago.

And like her Mom, she is headed off to UBC in the Fall to continue her studies to be a teacher. Karen went to UBC too after SFU, and she has been a teacher since 1989. Kiera has decided that she wants to teach Grade 6, whereas my sister has always taught Grade 1 or 2.

Such a beautiful family!  Don't you love how they are all colour coordinated?

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