Thursday, June 2, 2016

Our morning-Part 1

We started our day at the local school, dropping off Lucas and Mason.

I was admiring 5 of my 6 children climbing.
(The girl on the top right was quite pleased to pose for a picture, but I have absolutely no idea who she

I think the girl at the top is so funny!

Tai has a little remote control car that the children really love to play with, and this morning was no different.

Sweetheart and Baby climbed into my van when we left the school.  This doesn't happen every morning but it does happen a couple of times a week. It all depends if I have seat belts, and what the plan of the day is, but the more the merrier. Miracle #3 and I often get together anyway, so the two extra girls just blend right in.

Tai has crazy hair day at school tomorrow, but he came with lots of colours sprayed into it today. And the blue eyebrows just cracked me up!  When Sweet Pea discovered a worm, all of her friends were so enthusiastic. 

I always try so hard to get the entire group of children into one single picture. I can pretty much guarantee that one or more are not looking. So here is one that no one is looking. But they are all having so much fun!

I persuaded five out of seven children to line up against the garage and pose for a photo. But there is no way that all of them would look at me at the same time. Oh well, gotta give me A for effort!

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