Thursday, June 2, 2016

Our morning-Part 2

Sometimes I really think I am crazy. Genuinely, certifiably crazy. Grandson went on a field trip to the Children's Festival today and as all of our group watched him board the school bus, it started some planning and brainstorming between #3 and I.  So instead of just talking about it, we just jumped right in and did it.  We took nine children for a bus ride.

All we did was take a fifteen minute bus ride to Haney Place, we walked through the Mall, picked up some snacks, walked to the Bandstand and ate them, and walked back to catch the bus to go back home again. It took us a grand total of 2 hours and everyone was really good. They all just LOVED the bus ride!  It was a very fun adventure!  And we didn't document very much in photographs because 2 adults and 9 children is very hands on. Pictures are really difficult.  But I promise we all had a really wonderful time!

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