Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Perfect morning out

Pre-school was cancelled this morning because a pipe burst at the church, so it was a perfect opportunity to take the children to the Nemo park. Tai has been asking and asking ever since we went last week, so we seized our moment. 

It was actually more like an hour than a moment, and the children enjoyed their playtime. It's been really hot the last couple of days, but it has cooled down considerably.

Sweet Pea is way too brave. Fortunately, this is a slower slide. She went up and down many times.

Tai kept thanking me for bringing him here.  He makes me smile!

Isaac is cautious by nature. So he was very pleased with himself when he went up to the top. Still won't go down the big slide, but he went up to check it out more than once. 

And his owie is healing very nicely. He has forgotten all about it unless he is reminded, but I am pretty sure that this is the worst of the bruising he will get. Not much more purple, just lovely greens and yellows now.

And the park must be exhausting because while I was making their snack at 10:30, this boy fell asleep on the couch.  Isaac and Sweet Pea went down at 11:30 and my house is very very quiet right now.

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