Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pre-school Graduation

It was an honour and a privilege to attend Sweetheart's preschool graduation this afternoon.  She was so proud!

I love these people!  To the moon and back again!

This preschool impresses me every time I attend one of their functions. It is the only one I know that actually presents several little plays as their school-leaving ceremonies. (And I know I am not an expert, but I have attended many many of these kind of things over the last 30-something years) Sweetheart played the part of the 1st little pig in the story of the The Three Little Pigs and she was perfect.  She was so excited, and if she was nervous at all, it certainly didn't show.  They also had two other stories, The Three Bears and The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and they were all so well done and the children were precious. 

Sweetheart was so funny because as usual, she says the funniest things. As she dressed for her performance, she stated that it was so good that she was wearing pink so that she could be the prettiest pig. I know; she doesn't suffer at all from low self-esteem, but her Mommy was sure to tell her that all of the little girls would be pretty. Face palm. Lol.  And then as her Mommy was doing her hair and she was looking in the mirror, she said, "My eyebrows are on point!"  Oh my goodness, she makes me laugh!

Here she is with her two wonderful teachers, Teacher Laurie and Teacher Angela. I have gotten to know them fairly well over the past four years that I have been picking up and dropping off children here, and they are both fabulous teachers with beautiful hearts for children. They love their jobs and it shows.  Sweetheart is going to miss them.

With her one of her preschool friends,  Breanna!

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