Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Park

We found a new park today. Now that we aren't playing Beat the Clock every day because school is out, we had time to venture into Port Coquitlam this morning. There were lots of people there but the sight lines are good and my children were amazingly obedient, so it went really really well. I am sure we will be going back again.

Six beautiful children, ready to go and explore. The four oldest ones each had a buddy and I stayed within arms reach of the two little ones.......but they all stayed in close proximity to one another.  We all had so much fun! (And who thinks that it is pretty cool that I only had one in diapers today?! Me too!)

The children loved these tires. And yes, Mason was jumping from tire to tire, again and again and again. I swear he is made of  And still has absolutely no fear!

My little musician really liked banging and making noise. She also liked playing in the bark mulch.

We watched Jade, Mason and Ethan line up and go zip-lining. I think Fara would have tried it if she was allowed (I told her she was too little, but that's only because I needed another adult to help spot) but the other two were more than happy to observe. 

They lined up and went a few times.....if it wasn't so crowded, I am sure they would have gone more. I have promised all of them that we will go back. After all, Summer holidays have just started!

My sweet little two year old!  Isn't she adorable? She was such a good girl.

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