Friday, June 17, 2016

Well, that was exciting!

The Athletics finished fourth in the standings out of twelve Tadpole teams. This group of 7, 8 and 9 year olds played some good games.  And they played some bad games.  And to be honest, I as a spectator thought they were very average.  We didn't go to every game, as we shared ourselves between two blessings this year, so I think we saw our fair share of losses. Obviously, they won more than they lost. 

Well, they have been in a tournament this week which has been interesting to say the very least.  They lost their first game on Sunday by a score of 8-2. I wasn't at that game, but the score was not reflective of how well they actually played. They were rained out on Tuesday night and played last night. They won 3-2.  It was intense and the boys all played exceptionally well. 

SIL said that if their warm-up tonight was indicative of how they were going to play, then it was going to be a loss. But they came out in the first inning and shut the other team down. This was the same team that beat them on Sunday. They batted well and made some amazing plays. And before you knew it, they were going into the 4th and final inning leading 8-2. The final score was 8-6 and they play again tomorrow.  It has been very exciting!

The player of the game (as chosen by the other team) celebrated his 8th birthday today and his Mom brought cupcakes for the team. 

They all sang Happy Birthday to Easton and celebrated their victory!  It was such a fun evening!

Grandson was very happy!  And his sister was happy for him!

And I know that this has nothing to do with baseball, but I just had to share. I was in the kitchen for less than a minute this afternoon and this little monkey decided to climb up onto the tool bench. And she was sooooooooo pleased with herself. 

And then later on, she went climbing again. This time I was sitting right beside her but she is such a cheeky monkey. I really should have scolded her, but she is just too darn cute!  Instead, I just went to get my camera and took her picture. I just love being a Grandma!

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