Sunday, July 31, 2016

We had the time of our lives!

This is how we started our day!  We had to wait over two hours, but it was worth it. And it goes by fast because the gondola ride and the view from the almost top of the mountain is very easy to take. I'll blog more tomorrow. It's been a long day. 

Sweetheart got out of the van at the Mountain Coaster and exclaimed once again, "This is the best day of my life!"  I have to wonder if she is going to say this every day. I sort of think that she might. 


Here are a few more pictures from yesterday. 

In the straw house from The Three Little Pigs

Grandson was a really good sport about going to see The Enchanted Forest. Especially because there was a zip lining/rock climbing place right next door. He came and had a wonderful time with his family.

He liked going inside all of the houses too. And was more than pleased to pose for me!

I think that this was Old Mother Hubbard's house. There were so many that I really can't remember. And all of these blessing's imaginations were working well!  I think it is really cute that they all had to try out the little bed. 

More imaginative play. They all loved re-enacting the songs and stories. 

Fun tree to climb up into, don't you think?  And not only did Baby keep telling us that everything was amazing, she was also sure to say, "I do it!" Many many times.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Travel Day

We left Maple Ridge this morning just before 8:30. All of the blessings are excellent travelers and after a bathroom break in Merritt around 10:30, lunch and gas stop in Kamloops just after noon, we arrived at The Enchanted Forest just outside of Revelstoke around 2:15. Sweetheart leaped out of the van exclaiming, "This is just the best day of my life!"  And we hadn't even gone inside the gates yet!  Bless her little heart.

Baby is two. And her word of the day was 'amazing'.  She loved The Enchanted Forest!  It was full of little houses and nursery rhyme characters, fairies and princesses. In a two year old's eyes, it really was amazing!  Here she is in Kamloops just after lunch, looking over the bridge on our walk through The Enchanted Forest, and giving Little Red Riding Hood a hug. 

She loved the rainbow. Here is Grandpa with one of his beautiful blessings. 

Grandson at the Emerald City. 

Sweetheart with the emeralds and the yellow brick road.

The Forest was full of little houses. Here is Sweetheart in the house of sticks from The 3 Little Pigs. The blessings went in every single house, and there was a lot of them.  It took quite a bit of encouragement to get them to come out and go up the trail to the next house. It took us 2 hours to go around the trail, and I am sure if we had walked through without all of the stops, it would have taken 15 minutes. Not really a long trail, but there was lots and lots to see and touch. And if you were two, then you had to hug and kiss all of the characters too.  

The duck pond at the end was very peaceful. At least that is what you would think, looking at this. I don't know how I timed it so perfectly because it was quite crowded.....but I somehow made it look very tranquil. Great place to visit!  The children loved it!

Vacation time!

We are leaving on a road trip in a couple of hours. I guess I should pack my suitcase.  We are driving to Revelstoke today, and headed into Calgary tomorrow. I am just a teensy bit excited. I love holidays!

Friday, July 29, 2016

The Spray Park

It was another hot Summer day. So Miracle #3 and I packed up our children and tried out the Spray Park for the first time this year. And they all had so much fun!

If you look really closely you can see #3 pushing the stroller with the two toddlers in it. 

Baby wasn't very interested in the water, so I took her over to play in the playground.  She just loves to get her picture taken.

After a while, we went back to join the others and she really didn't mind it. Until a big spray of water came up from the ground and went right into her face. She cried and that was the end of the water park for her!

Everyone had lots of fun, and it was sure hot!  It was a perfect day to get wet.

Jade wanted to show me how well she can do a handstand.  A little bit tippy, but she certainly has very good balance!  I think she is quite amazing.....after all, she isn't even quite 7 years old. 


Look who came to visit on Tuesday!  He has grown up sooooooo much in a little less than two months. He is bigger and sturdier. And he talks. Sentences. Oh my gosh, he is just so darn adorable. Don't you just love his glasses? I knew that he had to go back to the ophthalmologist in June, but this is the result of him always going cross-eyed.  He suffers from something genetic that his Daddy also has, but glasses help and/or fix the problem. He's already 19 months and by being a big brother, he isn't a baby any more. At all. Really bittersweet, and it was sure nice to see him again!

Technically, this is his replacement. And he had a splendid first month of Daycare! He's going to do the same thing as Nolan though as his Mommy is pregnant, and due in November. He's getting a baby sister when he is 16 months old and will leave me as well. Although I have had tons of calls to replace him, so I am going to have to make some decisions about my after-schoolers. Baby Finn is taking Preston's spot, but I have 7 spots and only 6 seat belts. Mason's parents really want him to come back but I don't have a seat belt for him........and I don't really know that I like working until 5 every day. And it's more like 5:15 depending on traffic. It's tough being in my line of work, because I get so darn attached. Numbers and ages are a huge factor in my work life. I used to say that I am working smarter, not harder, but I have sort of reversed that in the last couple of years. Lots of new babies. Lots of changes. I am headed into a week of holidays at the end of today and when I get back, I will have to make some major decisions. I just don't know yet what I will do. Part of me wishes that I could be a better businesswoman but I always think with my heart before my brain. Some things never change. 

Another day, another park

This is where we went yesterday morning. It's a wonderful park in Pitt Meadows that is always shady, and never too hot or too crowded. It's a great place to spend a morning. 

I think she is part monkey. Both she and her brother are always hanging around or climbing on something. 

Here are four of the five children who I brought to the park. As usual, one isn't looking. Lol. 

And here are all five who I brought with me. Again, not everyone is looking, but you can definitely see how shady it is. There always seems to be a bit of a breeze blowing through it too. 

Singleton pics. Sort of. Isaac kept talking to me so he is making funny faces, and Lucas jumped in behind Ethan just as I clicked. Oh, these guys make me smile. 

A bike camp came and had their morning snack, and #3 joined us with her children after an hour or so of us being there. The kids on their bikes were very entertaining to watch go up and down the hills. 

And Baby Preston's Daddy dropped him off at 11, not long before we were leaving.  He enjoyed watching all the kids on the bikes go around and around too. Everyone did. It was a fun morning out!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Another day at the office

We've had a really warm week, weather-wise. So we have to go to our favourite shady parks again. It was our first time at this particular park this year, and to our isn't really shady any more. A great big tree was cut down and it is still a little bit shaded......but not like we would have liked it. 

This little peanut is way too cute!  It's a good thing, because she is so naughty! She certainly gives her Mommy a run for her money!

Playing. These guys have lots and lots of fun together. And now the tree that was cut down has become something new to climb upon.

Sweet little L is hanging out with all of the girls. He tried really hard to get up there too, but to no avail. 

Sneak attack. I was sitting on the bench watching 7 out of 10 children play in the sand. We have always loved this sandy spot and we usually bring sand toys.  I had to keep moving everyone back into the shade as the sun kept moving around.  

Three of my blessings. Plus one. 

This was so cute!

During last week's Summer Kids Club, Sweetheart took part in a team challenge and we were all very impressed with her impressions. She had to sound like Chewbacca, Darth Vader and R2D2.  And she absolutely nailed it. She is the littlest one up on the stage and she really just copied the kids who went before her, but she did amazing!  Next time you see her, ask her to sound like R2D2...... She really does sound just like him. Such talent at 5 years old!

And here's a really good picture that showed up on Facebook of all the Star Wars characters that were at church on Friday night.  The three civilians were part of the drama, but the others were friends of one of our church members. Good times!  The children are all still talking about it!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Thoughts for today!

I love social media.  There are days that I really don't have a lot of contact with the outside world so I really do appreciate my friends who live inside my iPad.  As much as I dislike technology, I truly do love what it can do for me. I have saved these over the last few weeks, so in no particular order, I am sharing them here.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Toddler Life

I love these two toddlers. To the moon and back again!  They are so enjoyable to watch and to play with.  I love how well they are getting along right now, and how much they really care about one another!  Sweet Pea and her family have headed off on a camping holiday this week, and I miss her already.....

Monday, July 25, 2016

Double Sleepover

After arriving home just after midnight on Saturday night, these two slept really well (Grandson got up at 9 and Sweetheart didn't awaken until almost 10). I went to church while these two relaxed and had breakfast with Hubby, and while I was out they both told Grandpa that they wanted a double sleepover. So here they are again.  Hubby thought it was funny because they sleep like him and I.  She has the whole bed and he is squished up on the edge. He's right, but then he usually is. Lol.

They slept in two different beds on Saturday night but Sweetheart insisted on sleeping in the big bed with her brother last night, and I just think they are so incredibly precious. Oh, I just love them to the moon and back again. Thank-you #3 and SIL for sharing them for another day.  

We took them grocery shopping yesterday afternoon and then we watched an episode of America's Got Talent, before going to their house for dinner. Baby is getting used to being an only child this past week but she was so excited when we came through her door.  She always greets us with the biggest hugs!  

Our oldest three blessings really like the AGT shows, and we had so many on our PVR because we just haven't had time to watch any tv this past couple of weeks. I guess that's a good thing, but it was nice to delete a couple and free up some memory. I haven't even watched last week's Bachelorette because I was too tired, and it is already Monday and the next episode is airing tonight. It's my one guilty pleasure. Such a stupid show, but it entertains me. 

Anyway, two little boys have arrived on my doorstep and are very excited that their cousins are here to play with.  They are both still sleeping, but they should be awake soon. Happy Monday Everyone!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

An evening out!

My friend invited me to go downtown on Saturday evening. She had her niece staying with her for a few days and wondered if I had any blessings that would like to join them for dinner and fireworks. As it turned out, I had a couple of blessings that had already requested a sleepover, and their parents gave us some of their Keg gift certificates as well, so it made it a very reasonably priced evening. We all had a fantastic night out! Gotta love it when spontaneous outings turn out so perfect!

These two characters were so funny. I was quite surprised when Sweetheart requested a sirloin steak off of the children's menu, but then she paired it with seasonal vegetables and cranberry juice. So healthy!  She ate and drank all of it!  Grandson ordered cheeseburger sliders and french fries, with Sprite, and he also ate and drank everything.  I had lobster tacos and they were delicious. They thoroughly enjoyed their dinner out at a 'fancy' restaurant. And like I told their parents, I would happily take them there again as they were very well behaved.

We walked over from Granville Island to Vanier Park, which was very entertaining. They were all so excited to be in Vancouver and loved all the sights and the sounds. 

They are all fascinated by the lily pads. Even when we walked back later in the dark, Sweetheart needed to go back over and say "Good-night lily pads."

I tried so hard to get a picture of them with the city in the background, but my camera was not cooperating at all. If I got a good one of the blessings, then the city was over exposed. If I got a good one of the city, then the blessings were too dark. It was not meant to be.  

These guys played board games for over two hours while we waited for the fireworks to begin. It was so picturesque sitting on the grass enjoying our beautiful Vancouver city.  We all had so much fun!  It has been many many years since I have gone downtown to enjoy their annual Celebration of Light, and it was fabulous!  Even as tired as I felt, after being at Kids Club all week, it was definitely worth the effort!

It was the very first time that Sweetheart had ever seen fireworks and Grandson was only two when he last went (and he doesn't remember) so it really was so delightful to experience the evening with them. They were so excited and awestruck! 

Saturday, July 23, 2016


When we went to watch Ryland play lacrosse last weekend, we went a couple of hours early so that we could get seats. We knew it would be busy, and it was festival seating. 

So Miracle #2 and I took Pretty Girl out to play in the playground and Hubby and #4 went to save seats and to watch the end of the bronze medal game. 

Daddy and one of his girls!

This super circuit exercise equipment was just above where the playground was located.  Pretty Girl loved trying it out.

She's showing me her strong face!

They had lots of fun on this!

She really enjoyed playing here. Coquitlam has some really fun places to visit!