Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Across the river

We explored another playground yesterday. I haven't been here in years and it's one of those playgrounds that we have to go to when it isn't sunny as there is absolutely no shade. We haven't really had much sun in July.....it felt like Summer was here in April and May as it was certainly hotter and drier. Even June was nicer.  So we stopped here before we went to Redwood, and the children loved it.  Let's face it, they just love going to any playground.  

Can you see Lucas way up there?

It wasn't very busy when we arrived there at 9:30. By the time we left around 10:30, it was getting very crowded. 

He loved this slide....he was the only one of my group who even tried it!

She is just a happy girl. Most of the time.....

Another happy little guy! Most of the time....

She is such a sweet and kind girl! 

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