Sunday, July 24, 2016

An evening out!

My friend invited me to go downtown on Saturday evening. She had her niece staying with her for a few days and wondered if I had any blessings that would like to join them for dinner and fireworks. As it turned out, I had a couple of blessings that had already requested a sleepover, and their parents gave us some of their Keg gift certificates as well, so it made it a very reasonably priced evening. We all had a fantastic night out! Gotta love it when spontaneous outings turn out so perfect!

These two characters were so funny. I was quite surprised when Sweetheart requested a sirloin steak off of the children's menu, but then she paired it with seasonal vegetables and cranberry juice. So healthy!  She ate and drank all of it!  Grandson ordered cheeseburger sliders and french fries, with Sprite, and he also ate and drank everything.  I had lobster tacos and they were delicious. They thoroughly enjoyed their dinner out at a 'fancy' restaurant. And like I told their parents, I would happily take them there again as they were very well behaved.

We walked over from Granville Island to Vanier Park, which was very entertaining. They were all so excited to be in Vancouver and loved all the sights and the sounds. 

They are all fascinated by the lily pads. Even when we walked back later in the dark, Sweetheart needed to go back over and say "Good-night lily pads."

I tried so hard to get a picture of them with the city in the background, but my camera was not cooperating at all. If I got a good one of the blessings, then the city was over exposed. If I got a good one of the city, then the blessings were too dark. It was not meant to be.  

These guys played board games for over two hours while we waited for the fireworks to begin. It was so picturesque sitting on the grass enjoying our beautiful Vancouver city.  We all had so much fun!  It has been many many years since I have gone downtown to enjoy their annual Celebration of Light, and it was fabulous!  Even as tired as I felt, after being at Kids Club all week, it was definitely worth the effort!

It was the very first time that Sweetheart had ever seen fireworks and Grandson was only two when he last went (and he doesn't remember) so it really was so delightful to experience the evening with them. They were so excited and awestruck! 

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