Sunday, July 31, 2016


Here are a few more pictures from yesterday. 

In the straw house from The Three Little Pigs

Grandson was a really good sport about going to see The Enchanted Forest. Especially because there was a zip lining/rock climbing place right next door. He came and had a wonderful time with his family.

He liked going inside all of the houses too. And was more than pleased to pose for me!

I think that this was Old Mother Hubbard's house. There were so many that I really can't remember. And all of these blessing's imaginations were working well!  I think it is really cute that they all had to try out the little bed. 

More imaginative play. They all loved re-enacting the songs and stories. 

Fun tree to climb up into, don't you think?  And not only did Baby keep telling us that everything was amazing, she was also sure to say, "I do it!" Many many times.

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